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Tributary Systems, Inc. will be participating at the NonStop Symposium

Attention NonStop Users: Symposium Approaching

BrightStrand NonStop Services

comForte at the CONNECT NonStop Symposium & Expo

Ban Bottlenecks® - Meet Us in San Jose and Enter To Win:

White Paper – Turbo Charge Your Legacy Migration Project

comForte Webinar: Web services on NonStop made easy - Demo and presentation

NonStop - A Running Commentary - September, ‘10

Options to increase NonStop value ….

Please Visit Gravic at the Connect NonStop Symposium & Expo 2010

Check Out NuWave's Games at the NonStop Symposium

Computer Security Products is looking forward to meeting you at the NonStop Symposium in San Jose.

"Path to SOA" Webinar Recording Now Available

TANDsoft Announces New Command Stream Replicator

Availability Digest Highlights Wells Fargo’s Active/Active ATM Network

French User Group

XYGATE Software Exceeds Regulatory Auditing Requirements for HP NonStop Systems

Ross Systems International SAFEGUARD Reporting Feedback

Crystal Point Introduces OutsideView 8.1 - a Major Advancement in NonStop Host Connectivity

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Tributary Systems, Inc. will be participating at the NonStop Symposium

Tributary Systems, Inc. will be participating at the NonStop Symposium & Expo in San Jose, California, September 27-29, 2010. 

Please stop by Tributary’s booths 13-16 to see our comprehensive suite of backup storage, backup virtualization, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 data encryption, remote backup and disaster recovery solutions for HP NonStop and open platform customers. 

Tributary will also be displaying the following NEW products:

·       Release 3.0 of the highly acclaimed ViTAL™ backup virtualization solution featuring

    Enhanced site-to-site replication with data de-duplication

    Advanced Recovery Option (ARO) for fault tolerance

    New web-based GUI for seamless integration with IE, Firefox and Safari web browsers and zero footprint deployment

    HP Open VMS support

    LTO 5 back-end tape support

    Back-end SAN and NAS connectivity

·       New product concepts

       VAL – Virtual Auto-cartridge Loader, a D2D backup appliance

       SANSlide, a high performance connectivity solution for high latency WANs for long distance remote backup and DR

Backup Storage solutions from Tributary Systems will be featured in two presentations at the show:

1.     ViTAL™ 3.0 – The Next Generation Backup Virtualization Solution on Tuesday, September 28th, at 1 PM by Tributary Systems

2.     HP NonStop Tape Storage Solutions on Tuesday at 4:30 PM by HP

Please stop by and see what is new from Tributary for your IT environment and ask questions!  In addition, we will be participating in the Passport to Prizes giveaway, so come by our booth for a chance to win a top of the line portable GPS navigation system

We look forward to seeing you at the NonStop Symposium & Expo. 


Attention NonStop Users: Symposium Approaching

As you may know, the expo hall at this year's NonStop Symposium is already sold out! This just shows you how excited the NonStop partners are to have this type of NonStop-focused event back in a smaller venue. Not only can attendees focus on enhancing the value of their NonStop servers without all the clutter and craziness of a larger event, but this year's NonStop Symposium will be even better than previous San Jose events. HP has planned pre-conference seminars, hands-on labs, a number of breakout sessions, and a chance to meet the developers (go to the event page for more information).

In addition to all of the opportunities for NonStop education, users will get a chance to see the latest products, upgrades, and services from the following vendors:

  • ACI Worldwide
  • Ascert
  • Attunity
  • BlackWood Systems
  • CAIL
  • Carr Scott Software
  • comForte
  • CommitWork/GreenHouse
  • Computer Security Products
  • Crystal Point
  • ESQ Business Services
  • Financial Software & Systems
  • Gravic
  • Idelji
  • Integrated Research
  • Marshall Resources
  • Merlon Software
  • Network Concepts
  • NuWave Technologies
  • Odyssey Information Services
  • Quality Systems Associates
  • Resource 1
  • River Rock Software
  • System Connections
  • TANDsoft
  • TIC Software
  • Transaction Design
  • Tributary Systems

This is the special event that the NonStop community pushed for, so don't miss out! The fact that the expo hall is sold out makes the Symposium easier to justify, but if you need help, just email Gabrielle for a powerpoint to show your superiors.


BrightStrand NonStop Services   

BrightStrand International continues to deliver NonStop Services to its customer base. Its consultants have the skill and experience that make it the premier service deliverer in the sector. Services are tailored to individual customer needs.

Also by working closely with customers BrightStrand develop products to address customers’ needs, such as BrightStrand Netbatch/DR. This is a product that allows the customer to create a simple, automated disaster recovery solution for the HP NetBatch environment. 

BrightStrand continues to deliver a full range of services that include:

·       Systems and Operations Management

·       Performance and Tuning

·       Database Design and Administration

·       Communications Subsystems

·       Web Services

·       Security Reviews

·       IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·       NonStop Integrity Migrations

·       System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

·       Ad hoc skills and resources

All, or some of these elements can be brought together in a Fully Managed Service that can be tailored to the particular needs of the customer – including remote bridging, hosting or operations support, adding further value to the BrightStrand quality services.

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com for more information


comForte at the CONNECT NonStop Symposium & Expo

If you are going to visit the event in San Jose end of September please stop by our stand (booth number 26, 27, 28, 29) and take the opportunity to speak to our executive management and account executives.

Join us at the following breakout sessions:

Application Modernization and Enterprise Integration with comForte

Monday, Sept 27, 1:00 – 1:45 pm

Brad Poole, Solution Architect, comForte, Inc.

Security Solutions from comForte - The Natural Choice

Tuesday, Sept 28, 1:00 – 1:45 pm

Brad Poole, Solution Architect, comForte, Inc.

Data in Motion Protection

Tuesday, Sept 28, 10:45 – 11:45 am

Karen Copeland, HP and Michael Horst, Chief Architect, comForte GmbH

Converging Networks: Have we finally seen the Last of Legacy Architectures?

Monday, Sept 27, 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Richard Buckle, Founder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, Llc

Megaplex Trifector Panel Discussion

Wednesday, Sept 29, 10:45 – 11:45 am

Panel led by Jim Johnson, The Standish Group

Panelists represent four of the leading NonStop ISVs

We are looking forward to seeing you in San Jose.

Come and see us at the following events:

·        INUG, Sept 21-23, Goa, India

·        Connect NonStop Symposium, Sept 26-29, San Jose, CA, USA

·        CTUG, Oct 27-28, Mississauga, Canada

·        ACE Asia Pacific, Nov 2-4, Bali

Follow us:

Join the NEW comForte Lounge Blog and discussion group - check it out!


Ban Bottlenecks® - Meet Us in San Jose and Enter To Win:

Come visit our booth in San Jose at the Connect NonStop Symposium & Expo, Booth #1. Leave (or send us) your card for a chance to win a Flip Ultra HD Video Camcorder.

Our Mission:

·        Show clients how to stabilize, tune, balance, and manage their systems to provide excellent service.

·        Assist clients in anticipating and preventing any factor from causing a slowdown or other service disruption.

·        Show clients the service they are receiving from outside partners and in-house services and how it affects their own service delivery.

Our Deliverables:

·        Frequent web-based dialogues during which we discuss:

o   The status and history of the systems as shown by the Ban Bottlenecks® audit report;

o   Any issues or concerns which we have uncovered;

o   Any issues, concerns, or technical plans that the client may have;

o   Any client business plans which may affect the systems.

·        The Ban Bottlenecks performance/capacity audit report which is an analyst-created, finely-detailed, comprehensive audit of the computer systems and associated business demand.

Contact Us For A Free System Audit





White Paper – Turbo Charge Your Legacy Migration Project

Turbo Charge Your Legacy Migration Project

Upfront Benefits Using an Incremental Process


Many businesses know from experience that projects for:

• Legacy Application Enhancement
• Legacy Application Migration
• Legacy Application Integration with Web Services (Web Portal)


can be quite daunting and expensive.

These projects require a huge investment in time, effort and money. The costs incurred to complete major work in a large core-business application – to make it deployable and functional in a production environment - can be quite substantial. Depending on the time it takes to finish developing, testing, and deploying the entire application, return on investment for the new application is often delayed for years.

For businesses that need to transition or enhance their monolithic legacy applications to a more agile environment where they can mix and match business logic into new applications, Crystal Point’s transition-by-stages solution using AppViewXS 2.0 and the Struts Framework provides a nice answer. By overcoming the traditional inherent challenges of legacy application projects, businesses can decrease their cost before benefit gap, identify performance issues upfront, match development process to budget cycles, modernize and extend the life of their existing application.

Download the Full White Paper Here


comForte Webinar: Web services on NonStop made easy - Demo and presentation


Today, many IT organizations are faced with ever changing business requirements and are pressured to provide more services with the same or less resources. Emerging trends like cloud computing, converged infrastructure and vertical integration of the enterprise pose some interesting challenges for anyone managing IT systems including NonStop.

You may ask yourself ...


o   How can I securely access and unlock the mission critical information on the NonStop system in a rapid and cost-effective way?

o   How can I speed up the time-to-market for new business services?

o   How can I make the best of my investment in NonStop applications?


Attend this upcoming webinar and get insights into these and other important issues. In this webinar, we will explore and show you:


o   How to modernize your NonStop applications

o   How to integrate NonStop applications (partly or entirely) in the wider IT enterprise

o   How to expose an existing Pathway Server as a Web Service [demo]

o   How to implement a COBOL program that consumes a Web Service from a different platform [demo]


Webinar Details

Choose from one these two events:


Webinar for the Americas and Australasia:

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM GMT

Register Now:



Webinar for EMEA:

Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT

Register Now:



NonStop - A Running Commentary

September, ‘10

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author 

A good friend of mine is in the construction business and an expression he frequently uses goes along the lines “if you want it bad, you will get it bad; and the worse you want it, the worse you’ll get it!” I have been having coffee with him on a Saturday morning when his cell phone rang and as he was finishing with the call, he looked at me and just smiled - “they want it bad!”

It took me a moment to figure out that what he was really suggesting was not that the workmanship would be poor, or that to complete the job he would take short cuts, but rather, the price went up to compensate for the impact it will have on all the other work he’s managing and sometimes disruption to schedules which in the construction business can have dire consequences.

For the past couple of weeks I have immersed myself into discussions on the subject of SOA, SOAP, XML, and Web services. I have a series of postings on the subject in the vendor blog I maintain, comForte Lounge. This can be found at http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/ and pretty soon, I will introduce a label called Legacy Integration where all the material addressing SOA that I post to the blog can be easily accessed. As for my history with SOA it goes back more than a decade. For many years at ITUG Summits and regional events I would spend as much time evangelizing SOA as I would discussing any particular products I may have been promoting at the time.

Following my early posts, I have received some very good comments. As my early concerns were about the size of messages, particularly when it comes to SOAP envelopes and XML payloads, the comments concerned the use of some of the basic building blocks. This was followed very quickly with some further commentary on what I really wanted to cover and that had to do with the increasing almost religious zeal within some corporations that SOA should be adopted every time there’s a need to pass information between participants, no matter the circumstance.

Keith Dick, a former architect within the NonStop Distributed Systems Management development organization, was among the first to comment, asking the question “is the problem inherent in the SOA design approach, or is it just that the protocols used to implement SOA are inefficient?” Keith then went on to ask whether the problem was “message sizes becoming much larger when using SOA, which sounds like a protocol efficiency problem, which might be easy to address. However, if there is something about SOA that requires messages to contain much more information or that requires many more messages, that probably is a much harder problem to address.”

Yes, message size is a big part of the problem from my perspective and one I have spent years trying to dust under the rug – following years, if not decades, of education about the design of programs, storing data, and passing messages, the finer the grain the better! Rather than locking ourselves into a corner and reducing the flexibility and options for possible future re-use, most of us tended to break everything down into extremely small fields. However, when it comes to deploying SOA, the price we pay for such an approach can really hurt us in ways we should have all anticipated.

The response from Dave Finnie of Infrasoft goes into this aspect in a little more detail and I found his comment particularly relevant and re-posted them to the comForte Lounge blog. Dave suggests: “I think that XML is an incredibly powerful, flexible solution which has the advantage that it is human readable … I think we (as a computing profession) need to always consider horses for courses.” Dave then follows with “The flexibility of XML is unquestionable … but is XML the only flexible message exchange pattern? What if you have a message protocol that you are pretty certain will change very infrequently, if at all? Surely a compact binary message with a single version number at the beginning is a good candidate for the message definitions?”

Dave concludes with the interesting observation of how  “TCP/IP headers are not in XML format, and there is a very good reason for that – performance … Although hardware and compiler technology have improved by orders of magnitude over the years, so have transaction volumes and functionality requirements. Performance is still an important consideration in any computing project.”

I can almost hear my good friend Brian whispering “the worse you want it, the worse you will get it!” Sure, we can go with SOA – do you have enough log space? CPU resources? Network bandwidth? Is it really SOA, or are there options? I have often written about how many new technologies appear to be silver bullets, magic slippers, whatever, but all of them call for judicious usage and wary, baby-steps, approaches before throwing the full weight of a corporations IT resources behind whatever it is that has just caught our eye.

Among the comments is another very good observation posted by Stephan Amsbary to the discussion on SOA that kicked-off on the Tandemworld.net group on LinkedIn: “comment on SOA and Web Services? You are making a common mistake - they are not synonymous … SOA is just that, a Service Oriented (based) Architecture, (and) it can use any exchange vehicle it likes. Web Services (and XML-messaging) is just one way to execute it. SOA continues to get a bad rap because of this confusion. I am running into this misconception …”

Technically, Stephan is correct, and I have talked with many developers who have delighted in educating me about this aspect of SOA and pointed out my frequent bluring of the lines. However, nothing has fueled the acceptance of SOA more than the tools that have appeared that made deployment as easy as it is today, and these tools center on simplifying the exposure of the client - server “contract” (WSDLs) and the populating of SOAP envelopes with XML messages. It all comes pretty much out of the box these days!

But why as much excitement as is becoming apparent across the NonStop community over SOA? What’s changing the perspective about the value proposition? In Stephan’s post he wraps up with an interesting observation: “SOA is the ‘current best’ model (when applied to) loosely-coupled / reusable architectures. Yes, it’s a natural for Tandem, (oops, I mean NonStop) ... We were doing this already with Pathway's Requestor/Server model,” he said in closing.

Long before IBM added the Terminal-Owning Region (TOR) / Application-Owning Region (AOR) properties to the CICS transaction processing (TP) monitor, Tandem had already implemented Pathway along similar lines with its requestor / server model. And the separation of the functions in this manner has made the job of externalizing current business logic as a service so much easier. Perhaps this is why we are seeing now the uptake of SOA so broadly – it’s a natural for the NonStop platform!

However, before you want it bad enough and no matter how worse the feeling becomes, take a real close look at why you want it the way you do. The appearance of SOA (and essentially, if you like to follow the dots, of Cloud Computing as well) has come as a godsend to the NonStop community. Just be careful, however. As Dave notes so rightly, even today after everything we have seen and have access to, “(as a computing profession) need to always consider horses for courses.”

After all, even as Intel continues to pump up the power to the Itanium processor, isn’t there more business problems we can address with the power than to parse our next XML message? Let’s just get a whole lot smarter here and, as always, check out our options before we run headlong into barriers and obstacles that end up making the situation bad, or worse, than it really needs to be!

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Email:                                      richard@pyalla-technologies.com

Real Time View blog:            http://real-time-view.blogspot.com

comForte Lounge blo :           http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:   


LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:



Options to increase NonStop value ….

Interested in improving system security, modernizing applications, having more satisfied users, or leveraging information on NonStop to address new requirements ?

Want results fast ? 

Have you considered the important advantages of better positioning NonStop within corporate IT and increase value to the business ?

…. with no system or application changes

To explore your options to move systems forward, please visit the CAIL exhibit at the NonStop Symposium to learn more -

  1. Embed 6530 sessions / information within applications to simplify systems for Users
  2. PCI compliance / system security
  3. Better integrating NonStop information services in enterprise IT infrastructure (and being part of a corporate standard for Host access and security)

www.cail.com/adapt        800-688-5769     905-940-9000              info@cail.com

Please Visit Gravic at the Connect NonStop Symposium & Expo 2010

Please join us at the Connect Worldwide HP NonStop Symposium & Expo 2010, September 26-29 at the Fairmont Hotel & Resort in San Jose. This show is similar to the ITUG shows of the past, designed specifically for NonStop practitioners and managers, to hone your technical skills, sample HP and partner solutions, network with your community, and celebrate 35 years of NonStop innovation.

Please stop by Booth 22 for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle.

While at the show, we hope that you can attend these presentations:

·        Shadowbase Data Replication Case Studies for Mission Critical Business Needs by Paul J. Holenstein and Dick Davis of Gravic

·        State-of-the-Art Async and Sync Replication: Advances in High and Continuous Availability Architectures for NonStop Systems (Two Parts) by Paul J. Holenstein and John Hoffmann of Gravic

·        Active/Active Failover by Bill Highleyman, Availability Digest

·        Active/Active Networks, a preconference seminar by Bill Highleyman, Availability Digest

·        The HP-AOL Modernization Success Story by Rob Lesan of AOL

·        Leveraging SQL/MX: Better-Cheaper-Faster by Jon Healey, Stream Phase3, a SunGard Company

Please Visit Gravic at these Fall 2010 Shows:

CTUG Fall Conference

Canadian Tandem User Group

HP Headquarters

Mississauga, Ontario

October 27-28


ACE Africa 2010: ACI Customer Exchange

ACI Africa User Group Conference

Hyatt Regency

Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

November 3-4


BITUG National NonStop Meeting: The BIG SIG

British Isles NonStop User Group

HP Offices & Trinity House

London, England

December 1-2

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


Check Out NuWave's Games at the NonStop Symposium

I know you're all wondering: is NuWave Technologies attending the NonStop Symposium?

Of course we are--it's the first big NonStop-only event in years!

We are very excited to have this event back in San Jose and to see that the focus is back on Tandem.

We look forward to connecting with all the users as well as our fellow vendors.

Not only is NuWave exhibiting, but we're also bringing along some new goodies.

We'll raffle off a remote controlled helicopter AND we'll have a helicopter simulation computer game to play during the exposition, so come visit us at booth #36! 

For those of you interested in learning about enterprise services buses (ESBs) and how your NonStop environment can benefit from the use of one, come to our vendor session "Moving Beyond Web Services" on Tuesday, September 28th from 1-1:45pm.

Computer Security Products is looking forward to meeting you at the NonStop Symposium in San Jose.

This year CSP will be addressing how to extend security beyond NonStop servers.

We will show how CSP products are designed to provide security administration and audit reporting capabilities to other platforms in the enterprise. Security management for GUARDIAN and OSS continues to be CSP’s core focus, however managing your security policies is now becoming even easier by bringing the same concept to managing your UNIX environment.

Learn, what CSP is doing to help organizations efficiently manage their security policies across platforms in the enterprise.

We look forward to seeing you at our presentation on Monday at 1:00PM #407 in the Crystal room to hear how NonStop servers can play a key role in Enterprise security.

3 Reasons to join us in San Jose

    * learn how common security administration tools can be used for multiple platforms.

    * understand, how CSP products help to reduce the risk of unauthorized system access

    * hear about development projects and product news, in particular aiming to help organizations meet their audit requirements

In case you would like to reserve your individual meeting slot and discuss this with CSP in greater detail, please contact sales@cspsecurity.com.


"Path to SOA" Webinar Recording Now Available

In this webinar, NuWave's president gives a high-level presentation on the fundamentals of SOA and how HP NonStop users can benefit from web enabling their applications. He also describes the business drivers for this technology, the challenges associated with it, and how to develop an implementation strategy. Topics include: 

§  Planning an SOA initiative

§  Moving beyond web enabling (including automating business processes)

§  Transforming the role of Tandem

§  Steps to SOA enabling your applications

§  Best practices  and a recipe for success

To watch the video, just register. Or, to see a list of all recorded webinars, try out some online tools, and learn more about the best NonStop web enabling software, visit our resources page


TANDsoft Announces New Command Stream Replicator

Command Stream Replicator (CSR) is the latest addition to the TANDsoft product suite. CSR automatically replicates DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail. CSR supports Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases as well as FUP, SQLCI, MXCI, SCF, and TACL utilities. Efficient command-only replication ensures minimal requirements for operator intervention.

Command Stream Replicator information will be available in Booth #33 at the upcoming NonStop Symposium and Expo in San Jose, California. The Symposium will include TANDsoft President Jack Di Giacomo and Royal Bank of Canada Manager Grant Lowe co-speaking on “Time-Zone Simulation Helps Royal Bank of Canada Consolidate Data Centers.”

Also new from TANDsoft is increased functionality for the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit’s support of dynamic SQL.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. They include Command Stream Replicator, FileSync for automatic file synchronization and replication, the OPTA2000 clock and time-zone simulator, and the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits. For more information, visit www.tandsoft.com. Or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234.

Availability Digest Highlights Wells Fargo’s Active/Active ATM Network

From its 19th century operation of the American Wild West’s Pony Express to its current position as one of the top four banks in the United States, Wells Fargo has been a pioneer in bringing banking convenience to its customers.  The Availability Digest’s September issue highlights Wells Fargo’s early adoption of ATM technology and the bank’s current use of active/active architecture and NonStop systems to avoid the hassle to patrons of ATM downtime.   

Other topics in this month’s Digest include examining the cause of American Eagle Outfitter’s eight-day website outage, updating the findings behind WestHost’s fire- suppression test fiasco, and exploring the most current techniques to detect and resolve or to avoid altogether the data-collision threat arising from the use of asynchronous replication.

Digest Managing Editor Dr. Bill Highleyman will be a presenter at the upcoming NonStop Symposium in San Jose, California, USA.  On September 26th, join Bill for an all-day, preconference seminar - “Achieving Continuous Availability with Active/Active Networks.”  You can also hear him speak on “Active/Active Fast Failover” on Monday, September 27th, at 2pm. 

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Our new “Useful Links” page is a great resource for use in the online research of products and services focused on high- and continuous availability and mission-critical systems. 

French User Group

In case you do not know or remember myself, just let you know I have been working 3 years at Banamex/Mexico on Tandem systems and then 23 years at Tandem/Compaq/HP in France at various technical positions.

I left HP 4 years ago to create my own consulting company (NSAS) and with this job I would like to organize, in the autumn this year, a one day meeting for French NonStop customers dedicated to NonStop partners tools and products.

This could be the restart of the French tandem Users group which has been dissolved 5 years ago and a good opportunity for you to (re)connect with french customers. The exact date is not yet fixed as I am looking at NonStop events being organized around Europe to reduce travel costs for people possibly coming from USA or Canada and also to avoid agenda conflicts.

Let me know if you are interested in participating to this event and what you would like to do. Depending on the number of answers, this event can be one room with tables to let you present yourself and your products. If required we may have access to NonStop server for specific demos.

Depending on your requirements and the number of answers , if could be free or I may request a small fee (100 Euros?) for you to participate.

I have done a small survey during the customer meeting at HP France in may and every answer was very positive.

I also have support from European Nonstop presales manager Esther Sanchez and from Connect president Chris Koppe.

For your information I will be at Connect NonStop event in San Jose within a few weeks, so if you are there too, this could be a good opportunity to talk about this project, but before this I would like to have an idea of people interested in participate.

Please email me here to express your Interest.

I will keep you informed on the conclusion of this "survey".

Best regards

Yves Tournier 

NSAS NonStop Availability Services


Tel +33(0)6 1480 3175

XYGATE Software Exceeds Regulatory Auditing Requirements for HP NonStop Systems

State of the art auditing & compliance solution to ship
with latest HP Integrity NonStop operating system

(September 14, 2010) Simi Valley, CA – XYPRO Technology Corporation, a leading provider of security software and services for HP NonStop server environments, today announced its audit and reporting solution, XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) software, will be included in the HP NonStop Operating System Mission-Critical Edition software package.

This XMA software addition will allow customers to better monitor the state of their mission-critical systems.  XMA collects, filters, normalizes, and writes audit data from a variety of sources across dozens of systems in an HP NonStop system network.  The software then writes data to a consolidated NonStop SQL database.  These advances will allow security administrators to efficiently produce reports based on audit data from one or multiple sources, create real-time alerts for specific events, and feed many off-box central audit logging devices or SIEMs (Security Incident Event Monitor), such as the HP Compliance Log Warehouse (CLW), facilitating Integrity NonStop server participation in an Enterprise Security Program.

“Security has changed drastically over the last five years,” said Sheila Johnson, XYPRO’s CEO.   “Starting in September, customers who purchase new HP NonStop servers running on the J Series or H Series platform will receive XMA on their system.”

HP NonStop customers who wish to upgrade their existing systems can purchase an OS upgrade package that includes XMA software and entitles them to new versions of the product going forward.  XMA software also continues to be available for individual purchase and direct support from XYPRO.   

“In the current climate, many businesses are under increasing pressure to comply with regulatory audit standards – all while protecting their mission-critical data and resources,” said Randy Meyer, Director of NonStop Product Management, Strategy and Technology at HP. “HP is working with XYPRO to provide clients with solutions that simplify risk management and increase effectiveness of system monitoring in complex information security environments.”

“Bundling XMA software as part of the OS distribution provides customers with greater consistency, significant savings, comprehensive audit consolidation, and reporting,” said Lisa Partridge, XYPRO’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “We are excited to work with HP to bring best-of-class security to the HP NonStop user community.”


XYPRO Technology offers more than 27 years of knowledge, experience and success in providing HP NonStop information systems tools and services.  Businesses that manage and transport business-critical data turn to XYPRO for a variety of solutions. XYPRO helps businesses to better manage security risks, protect assets and gain a competitive edge through compliance while improving efficiency.  www.xypro.com

XYPRO Contact:

Lisa Partridge

Ross Systems International SAFEGUARD Reporting Feedback

Our article in last month’s Tandem World was very well received with a huge number of readers, Thank You.

We also receive some very valuable and interesting feedback the gist of which was that it was not just the determination of how the system was protected by SAFEGUARD, which was the subject of my last white paper, which you can still download using the link below, but also how to set up SAFEGUARD on a database.

The general moan seemed to be even with the most recent point and click interfaces and the inclusion of DISKFILE-PATTERNS in the SAFECOM  and SPI interfaces the job of protecting a system using SAFEGUARD was very messy and did not really represent the way in which most system managers think.

The problem can be likened to trying to paint a picture and rather than having broad brushes to spread many different types of paint on over the broad range of the canvass one is limited to having a small brush which can paint only one pixel at a time and a paint a square tool.

The problem is thus encapsulated in the poorness of the SAFEGUARD descriptive language whether expressed directly or in the form of point and click favoured by many GUI interfaces which are all constrained by the problems of granting or denying access to a file to a given user under a given set of conditions.

Would it not be nice to have a descriptive language where once could say for instance:

BELONGING TO USERS user_pattern_list OR
GRANT ACCESS TO user_acl_list


Or something like that and then having an engine which could compile this into the corresponding SAFEGAURD commands. It would also be even more revolutionary to have a decompiler which could look at a system and generate a description of the SAFEGUARD status of the system from what it found:

EXCEPT pattern FILES ON DISKS CALLED name_pattern_list
BELONGING TO user_pattern_list AND
ACCESS GRANTED TO user_acl_list

The terms round trip engineering and object modelling spring immediately to mind with the quantum leap which always accompanies the transition from purely context free declarative and imperative languages into context dependant natural languages of which our own is an example.

It also has the property of combining the GUARDIAN and SAFEGUARD environments into a holistic whole, which is what they are in reality.

We are working with our partners to further this idea and decide what is required for it to be a success. Your ideas too would be more than welcome.

In the meanwhile you will simply have to manage with the existing facilities which are contained your favourite package or in our current version of FINFO as shown by last month’s white paper.

Download:  WHITE PAPER

Product:     FINFO Version 3.3

Availability: Now.

Trial:          30 day trial license available on request.

Email:        Rupert Stanley, rupert@rsi-ns.com

Telephone: +44-1206-392923

Web: http://www.rsi-ns.com/


Crystal Point Introduces OutsideView 8.1 - a Major Advancement in NonStop Host Connectivity

Crystal Point, the world’s leading provider of PC connectivity software for NonStop™ systems, today introduced a new release of OutsideView, the company’s popular host connectivity solution. OutsideView 8.1 was designed to become a stronger tool; targeting time savings and increased productivity through new features and enhancements that include:

·       Microsoft® Windows 7 Certified

·       Modernized look and feel with user selectable themes and live thumbnail views

·       Identity Caching for rapid login, session cloning (and a real time saver)

·       Enhanced Failover/Failback capabilities for core Enterprise architecture and individual sessions

·       Extended context recognition for dynamic, user definable tool bars

·       Advanced .Net API to create new automations or custom tools

·       Host-to-Host file transfer

·       NonStop-aware text editor integrated with SFTP/FTPS/FTP file transfer

·       Upload files to Multiple Hosts

·       Enhanced Logging

“Our goal is to always stay in touch with our customers’ needs and requests, and bring the latest connectivity technology to the NonStop market.  I think customers will see in OutsideView 8.1 that we have done just that.  The new features and functionality will make their jobs easier, more productive and efficient.” said Chris Smith, President and CEO, Crystal Point.   

“What I like about OutsideView 8.1 is the advances with secure file transfer handling, such as file attribute control, and lateral host-to-host transfers. I also really like the ease of configuration of the new function key toolbars”, says Wili McKinney of Ericsson.

OutsideView 8.1 is available now. Contact Crystal Point for additional information and to learn more about other Crystal Point solutions.

About Crystal Point
For more than twenty years, Crystal Point has been recognized as the worldwide leader in PC-to-host connectivity software for NonStop systems. Crystal Point developed the original Tandem terminal emulator (TTE) and evolved it into its flagship product, OutsideView.
OutsideView continues to be the #1 NonStop 6530 connectivity solution, used by more Fortune 500 companies than any other product of its kind



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Tandemworld within EMEA

Tandemworld specialise in the recruitment of HP NonStop / Tandem specialists.

We Currently have a number of Highly skilled NonStop / Tandem professionals seeking new projects and assignments

within the EMEA Region.


Do you have Project Work that you need assistance on? Hardware upgrades to perform?


These professionals are available on a short or long Term Basis (1 Week to 1 year +) at Very Competitive rates.

We can also supply Permanent employees and other technical resources e.g. IBM, Unix, Unisys DEC/VMS etc.


If you have a requirement for Contract or Permanent Resources or require further information please contact us :-


+44 (0) 20 8304 7979




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Connect NonStop Symposium and Expo, September 27-19, San Jose, California.
Don't miss this opportunity to meet the NonStop experts, hear about the future of NonStop from HP executives and talk one-on-one to partners at the expo!   The event will feature pre-conference seminars, technical sessions, keynotes, community lounge, expo and networking opportunities - all focused around NonStop.

Call for papers open until May 30th.  Submit a paper today! 


Registration open!  Register by June 30th to save $200! 


Exhibit space is SOLD OUT! 

For sponsorship opportunities contact Norm Wisler nwisler@mrvica.com or phone: 856.768.9360 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting      856.768.9360     

For more information, visit the website:


06 Oct               Migration and Solutions SIG

01 Dec              Education Day

02 Dec              Big SIG


2010 CTUG Fall Conference

Conference Overview

CTUG's theme this year is "Modernization"

— Wednesday, October 27th, 2010, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
— Wednesday, October 27th, 2010, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Education Session - Quick Intro to Java Servlets/NSJSP
— Thursday October 28th, 2010, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Hewlett–Packard Canada Head Quarters, 5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, Ontario

CTUG is pleased to announce their Fall Conference which will be held on October 27th with an Education Day on October 28th, 2010. The Conference and Education Session will take place at HP Canada, 5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, Ontario.

This year’s event theme is “Modernization” in the NonStop arena and promises to provide a complete day of informative and interesting topics, followed by a day of HP Education.

The main CTUG Sessions will include keynote speaker Jim Johnson of The Standish Group Intl., providing guidance and ideas on leveraging NonStop as a key platform in the next generation enterprise; and Randy Meyer of HP, bringing all the latest technology, information trends, and direction for the HP NonStop Enterprise Division.

Meet and network with industry peers as well as HP and the many HP Partners who will be providing the latest news and information about their respective areas of expertise including performance, database management, development, security, connectivity, storage, and more.

More Information at www.ctug.ca



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