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TSI Significantly Enhances Its Storage Solutions Product Portfolio

Who Guards the Guardian?

PROGNOSIS customers top HP NonStop Availability Awards

PROGNOSIS ready for HP’s new NonStop blade servers

comForte provides SOA Solution to BASE24 customers

CAIL Studio

Spectra and S88000's

Computer Security Products announces improved OSS file management and security

NonStop - A Running Commentary - Aug 08

Ross Systems International’s  Cryptographic Test Suite (HSEMM)

Availability Digest Reviews a Cellular Provider’s Use of Active/Active



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TSI Significantly Enhances Its Storage Solutions Product Portfolio

Tributary Systems Inc. (TSI), the supplier of almost all of the direct attached tape storage products for the NonStopTM systems over the last ten years, has significantly enhanced its storage solution product portfolio and will be displaying and talking about these enhancements at the upcoming Community Connect Europe 2008 in November.   

ViTALTM 2.0 Highlighted Enhancements

TSI installed its first ViTAL (Virtual Integrated Tape and Library) solution in 2006 and now has many successful implementations where every customer is willing to be a reference account. Now TSI has introduced ViTAL 2.0 at this year’s HP Technology Forum in June. With a focus on lights-out multi-platform enterprise computing environments, the highlights of the industry leading product upgrade include the following:

- Integrated business intelligence capabilities to provide industry leading  

  reporting, analysis, and capacity planning

- An upgrade of the product foundation to utilize the industry’s latest technology


- Added clustering capabilities to eliminate single points of failure for higher 


- Increased performance and scalability

- Extended data security through a broader choice of FIPS 140-2 Level 3

  appliances with Global Key Management

- Three distinct models to address the differing enterprise, mid-range and entry

  level functionality and price requirements

LTO Gen4 Upgrade

While having provided a comprehensive product portfolio of Gen2 and Gen3 products in the past, TSI now offers an enhanced portfolio of Gen4 based products (a subset of which will be incorporated into the HP/NED Price Book) with manual table top, rack and table top ACL’s, drives for L700, L1400, SL500, and SL8500 libraries along with the libraries themselves. With a native capacity of 800 GB (1.6 TB with a 2:1 compression), TSI is enabling users to benefit from the latest benefits of the industry’s leading tape technology.

Tape Encryption

TSI introduced its portfolio of tape encryption appliances (the TE2000 SCSI, the TE2000 FC, and the TE2200 FC) at ETUG in 2006. Now with the addition of the TD5000 SCSI, the TD5000 FC, and the TD10000 FC, along with enterprise key management solutions for these appliances, TSI now offers an enhanced choice of encryption solutions to NonStop customers.

Come Talk To Us

If you are planning to attend the Community Connect Europe 2008 conference, make sure you stop by Stand 34 for the latest information on all of TSI's storage solutions now available for NonStop systems. Additionally, you can also contact Larry Meyers, TSI’s Director of Sales and Support, at or 817-354-8009 for any inquiries you may have.


Who Guards the Guardian?

Security procedures and often audit requirements state that privileged passwords are retained securely until required. Typically this requirement is for exceptional circumstances and often at short notice. BrightStrand International has developed a NonStop™ utility SIMPLE to make management of privileged user ids simpler. This utility removes the need for any person other than the one logging onto the sensitive user id to know the password for that user id and allows the security departments of organisations to manage these passwords without knowing any technical details or to have experience on the NonStop™ Servers.

Key features :

        §    Single use passwords generated as required

§    Controlled password usage

§    Full audit to include password requests, usage and illegal events

§    Auto timeout of passwords if not used

§    8 character random alphanumeric password generation obeying (optional) password quality rules. 

§    Compatible with Safeguard and all major third party NonStop™  security products

For more details or request a free trial visit

Or contact BrightStrand International

Tel :             +44 [0]141 204 4046

E-mail :   


PROGNOSIS customers top HP NonStop Availability Awards

Sydney, August 1, 2008 – Integrated Research (ASX:IRI), makers of PROGNOSIS performance monitoring software, are pleased to announce that all six organizations named in the 2008 HP NonStop Availability Awards are valued PROGNOSIS customers.

The HP NonStop Availability Awards recognize Connect ( member organizations that have proven best practices and success with HP NonStop servers. The award-winning PROGNOSIS customers were MasterCard WorldWide, Belgacom, BV Zahlungssysteme GmbH, First Data International, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and Visa. MasterCard was named the overall winner.

These organizations all received special recognition according to numerous criteria, including system and network availability, complexity of environment, quality of outage data, and best practices.

"We are really pleased to see that once again teams who have chosen PROGNOSIS for critical systems management have swept the board in the availability awards," said Ben Berger, Product Manager for NonStop and Distributed Systems at Integrated Research.

"Sustaining complex high availability systems requires a combination of world class operations teams, robust hardware and excellent software. The winners deserve huge respect from the industry and we’re proud to be part of their leading high availability environments."

For more than 20 years, PROGNOSIS has been the product of choice for proactive monitoring, management and optimization of HP NonStop system performance and availability. PROGNOSIS also offers integrated management of ATM/POS networks, IP telephony systems and Windows, UNIX and Linux server environments.

For more information visit the PROGNOSIS website:

Media contact:

Belinda York

Vice President Global Marketing

PROGNOSIS – by Integrated Research

t: +61 (2) 9921 1565 e: Belinda

Performance monitoring software for business-critical systems


PROGNOSIS ready for HP’s new NonStop blade servers

Following HP’s (NYSE:HPQ) launch of the industry’s first fault-tolerant blade server running HP NonStop, Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) today announced that its PROGNOSIS performance monitoring software is ready to support the needs of customers adopting this new server technology.

The new HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c BladeSystem supports high transaction volumes with all the advantages of the NonStop platform. These new systems now offer twice the performance of existing NonStop server offerings at half the footprint, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership of any server in its class.

"Management of the HP NonStop server environment is a major part of our business and we are committed to ongoing support of new technology in this market," said Ben Berger, PROGNOSIS product manager for HP NonStop and distributed server product lines.

"Some of our customers handle transactions valued at trillions of dollars a day, so these NonStop blade servers will be deployed into the most business critical and complex IT environments. These companies simply cannot tolerate downtime or reduction in server performance. By supporting this new server platform, PROGNOSIS will allow companies using this hardware to have the best NonStop performance management solution available."

Integrated Research has now commenced a Beta program with a number of key customers, including many world-leading financial exchanges in the US and Asia.

"We have long used PROGNOSIS to monitor the performance and availability of our critical applications," said Charles Tang of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – a participant in the PROGNOSIS Beta program. "Knowing that we can continue to rely on PROGNOSIS from day one if we decide to migrate to the new blade servers is a great comfort."

Support for the new blade servers will be generally available following successful completion of the Beta program.

About PROGNOSIS and Integrated Research

Integrated Research – the people behind PROGNOSIS - is a publicly listed company with a 19-year heritage of providing performance monitoring software for business-critical computing and IP telephony environments.

For more information visit the PROGNOSIS website:

Media contact:

Belinda York

Vice President Global Marketing

PROGNOSIS – by Integrated Research

t: +61 (2) 9921 1565 e: Belinda


comForte provides SOA Solution to BASE24 customers

A leading card processor and BASE24 user in Poland has taken comForte’s Client Server Link  (CSL) software solution to integrate key BASE24 modules as Web Services Endpoints in their enterprise wide Services Oriented Architecture.

Choosing to use CSL’s JCA interface, they will achieve J2EE client integration to interface with the BASE24 Pathway servers using native Pathway messages.

For more information please go to

CAIL Studio


·        The smart-Path to NonStop, Open Web Services and SOA

·        Go at your own pace, open and extend your NonStop applications

·        Achieve results quickly, without complexity or risk


Business Benefits of CAIL Studio Release 2


ü    Many NonStop IT and business personnel are missing the benefits of SOA by resisting change and attempting to keep their existing applications unchanged. SOA ROI can be perceived as difficult to achieve but the business benefits are compelling. 

ü   Using CAIL Studio, you can utilize current applications and the associated data while migrating to Open Web Services (OWS) and SOA at your own pace – with no change to your systems. 

ü    By easily aggregating and integrating data from multiple servers and OS environments, organizations can now take advantage of the capabilities of SOA with an open, easy to manage and stepped implementation approach – for an evolutionary strategy to improve information services. 

ü      By using open technologies including Apache, AJAX, Axis2, etc. to migrate information services, customers are finding that applications on NonStop systems can easily be opened and externalized – allowing new business “mashups” and opportunities.  This enables IT to be more responsive to new business demands. 

ü   With CAIL Studio, any open web components can be easily incorporated for reuse with your existing NonStop environment.

Now you can apply unlimited resources in HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, Open Web Services and other state of the art methods while re-using current NonStop screens and Pathway/Scobol applications and data. This is because CAIL Studio provides extensive systems interface flexibility between your current applications and other technologies - including open source and third party components, to a CAIL Studio directory on a web server – OSS/iTP or other.

Anything that the interface designer can imagine or find on the internet today, or in the future, can be achieved by adding open source or third party components to a CAIL Studio directory on a web server.


As an example, Pathway based 6530 or Scobol clients and application data (including Base24, Bess, etc.) can be quickly and easily migrated to OWS and SOA.  Also, using a new and simple XML-RPC method provided by CAIL,   XML integration into Pathway and TM-MP environments is easy while providing new business functions and capabilities.

CAIL has many Customers around the world and is a long time HP and NonStop partner.  The CAIL focus is improving the user experience with systems and delivering business advantage with innovative solutions that compliment and extend NonStop capabilities.

As an extra bonus, organizations currently using CAIL Suite and on the CAIL Annual Support Program will receive CAIL Studio Rel. 2 to make it easier to move systems forward and better position NonStop information services as more integral in enterprise IT infrastructure.

Please see  or contact CAIL for more insights on your options to leverage current systems to improve information services.


Spectra and S88000's

SPECTRA is an international dealer that trades “globally” in commercial use, Enterprise level, mainframe/midrange servers, disk/tape storage and network equipment.

In our over 25 years in business, we have many customer relationships with companies utilizing Tandem NonStop Systems; many of which have migrated to… or are migrating to… the new NonStop Itanium series. However; much of our NonStop customer base has not yet opted for the new Itanium and in fact, require system upgrades and peripherals from the now legacy, NonStop S88000s, S86000s, S7800’s, S7600’s and the like.

We currently have a high demand for S88000's. Please contact us should have equipment available.

That said, should you have any of this equipment available for sale, now or in the future, we ask that you contact us at your convenience, such that we may organize a generous purchase offer.

In closing, should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. Otherwise; we thank you for your time, your consideration, your interest in SPECTRA, and look forward to future opportunities to do business with you.


All the Best!
Johnny Tourino, VP
4420 East Miraloma Ave, Suite M
Anaheim, CA 92807
(800) 745-1233, x-309
(714) 970-7000, x-309
(714) 970-7095, Fax

Computer Security Products announces improved OSS file management and security

OSS File Security manager

CSP has developed a new utility for managing security on OSS files. It allows users to browse OSS files much in the same way as Windows files. Files may be selected and copied to/from multiple systems. OSS security attributes can be set for a single file or groups of files. This OSS file manager is scheduled for release at the end of 2008 and may be extended to support an OSS Policy module for manipulation of large numbers of OSS objects.

ProtectXP Version 4.0 and Auditview Version 8.50 Released

New versions of Protect XP (4.00) and Auditview (8.50) were released last month. These versions support all Safeguard enhancements up to and including H06.12.00 and G06.32.00. Included is support for longer passwords, static failed logon count, last unsuccessful attempt, privileged-logon feature, HMAC256 encryption option, the OSS Administrator Safeguard security group and more. Protect XP 4.00 contains a new module, Guardian file browser, to assist in the management of security for non Safeguard protected files.

Please contact for more information on these products or any questions you may have about Nonstop system security.


NonStop - A Running Commentary

The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author
and shouldn’t be viewed as reflecting any views
current or past of his employer

I have been watching the NonStop marketplace even more closely these days than I have ever done in the past. The move to the Integrity platform is taking place at a pretty rapid clip – something that I would have really liked to have seen happen when I was a product manager at Tandem. Both, the architecture and the price points, are proving attractive and continue to draw users’ attention.

But I have also been turning to Google to see who are the desired candidates on the recruiters lists, and I see some placing advertisements for NonStop skills, and I’ve been connecting the dots back to the customer. There’s a couple of really interesting ones where NonStop is making a first appearance, and that I just cannot mention at this time as formal announcements have yet to be made – but I hope that this clears up after the Community Connect Europe 2008 event (CCE) in Mannheim this coming November. But if you are curious…it is amazing what you can deduct from the job postings! 

But speaking of user events and migrations to new platforms, it’s been three months since I have written about ACI! 

As it happens, I will be travelling to Scottsdale in a few days time, to attend the annual ACI Customer Exchange (ACE) event, and to catch up on all the news from the former “world’s biggest” HP NonStop alliance partner. After participating in the European event in Vienna earlier this year, the news coming out of Omaha, or should I more correctly now say, New York, continues to puzzle me. 

Perhaps the single biggest message that came out of Vienna was that ACI was going to be flexible with the looming 2011 sunset date for its NonStop Base24 Classic product, and be open to one-on-one negotiations with anyone who needed extra time. The reason for this, and it was a pretty pragmatic as well as dramatic development, was that ACI just couldn’t adequately resource all the projects that would be created if everyone elected to migrate right now! 

Over drinks, I heard one well-placed source mumble, “if we gave the customers 30 years to migrate, when it came down to the wire and there was only a year to go, there still would be some complaining that they hadn’t been given enough time! Of course we will keep working with our customers – no one will be seriously disadvantaged because of the 2011 deadline!” So, for public consumption, the message is “it’s all about System z”, whereas in the real world, “it’s all about business as usual for HP NonStop”! 

The puzzlement has been fueled even more by the flurry of news reports surrounding the Q2 financial reports – and the interviews ACI executives provided at the time. No one missed the item about Mark Vipond leaving at the end of August, or that Richard Launder would be following him early in 2009. It was interesting reading the transcript of the earning’s call, now available on the web as of August 12 at: and how Phil Heasley brought up the topic. “… we are now seeing the departure of Richard Launder who is going to be leaving (at) the end of February 2009. Until his departure, he’s going to be working closely with me and we’re going to be concentrating on our major relationships around the world, and I’m also announcing Mark Vipond’s departure at the end of the month after 23 consecutive years and most of his adult life.” 

But perhaps overlooked by many was the response Mr. Heasley provided when asked about improvements being made within ACI to get implementations out of backlog. According to Mr. Heasley, “the efforts we have going with IBM is what we’re calling the payments transformation team, and what we’re doing is we’re going through an environment I said in the beginning, where 50% of our deals are now on IBM platforms, both p and z, and at this time, more p than z platforms.”

And isn’t this ironic? With all the marketing efforts in place, that half-way through the year, the deals built around System p are greater than those being done on System z! Furthermore, expressed another way, fully half the deals being done are still on traditional NonStop platforms. Digging even deeper into the numbers, where ACI reported that globally, eight new customers were signed with twenty existing customers licensed new applications (such as Proactive Risk Management, ACI Retail Commerce Server, etc.) then this suggests that there was likely to be four new customers on NonStop (potentially even more) and that in all likelihood, only two new platform z’s customers. And it would be a reasonable assumption to suggest that the new System z’s customers likely just added more MIPS to an existing System z complex whereas the new NonStop customers added a completely new NonStop server.

In other words, all the excitement around the decision by ACI to develop a strategic relationship with IBM it’s likely, when all is said and done, that just two existing System z customers became new ACI customers. When you also consider Mr. Heasley’s ongoing concerns about how long these deals take – and how they are trying to shorten the “time-to-close cycle” that continues to lengthen – and how this quarter he reported that “lengthened, traditional selling cycle … in the last year and a half to two years, we’ve been in the 9 to 12 month cycle, we’re probably in the 15 – 19 month closing cycle right now.” 

Put even more bluntly, almost two years to develop a pipeline yielding two new customers per quarter on probably existing System z platforms. Pretty spectacular stuff, all up, you reckon? How long will IBM stay excited about figures like that? And how long will it be before the System p folks begin to realize that, perhaps, they have an equal or bigger opportunity?

In closing, what this really does suggest to me is that most of the decisions favoring one platform or the other – NonStop versus System z – were made many years ago. And having been made, the likelihood to go back to the platform that lost out, doesn’t seem to be a strong likelihood. However, migrating to an industry standard, open platform, like the System p, seems to be about the only driver for change at this level that I would consider reasonable.  

And that brings with it a lot of costs, particularly infrastructure costs, that marginalizes any immediate cost savings while introducing a level of risk many financial institutions aren’t prepared to take. As another well-placed source mumbled in Vienna, “it was very timely getting the investment money from IBM, but I am not sure anyone within ACI thinks its going to change anything much”! The customer continues to be king (see TandemWorld  May, 2008 - , and now it is beginning to appear, a lot more savvy than originally thought possible. It’s going to be very interesting to hear what comes out of Scottsdale and I will be as anxious as anyone to hear what’s coming next! 

Richard Buckle

HP – ITUG:            Board of Directors (2000 – 2006)    Chairman (2004 & 2005)

IBM – SHARE:      Board of Directors (2007 – 2008)

Real Time View blog: 


Ross Systems International’s  Cryptographic Test Suite (HSEMM)


Host Security Module (HSM) based projects using bespoke cryptographic firmware (e.g. Thales) are difficult to develop & test because:

            Quality requires transparency BUT Host Security Modules require secrecy

Transparency means it is possible to visibly demonstrate every step of the process. It is possible to solve this dilemma if we realize that HSM usage can be divided into two phases:

Research and Development (Transparent) – Production (Secret)

This can be achieved if we implement the following usage scenario:

HSM Emulator for Research and Development AND the real HSM for Production

RSI have developed a Cryptographically enabled HSM Emulator for HP NonStop Computers


QUALITY     1.            HSM Specification is verifiably correct since iterative development is possible
2.            HSM can be thoroughly tested by parallel running with the Emulator

SPEED          1.            Application code can be tested as soon as it is written
2.            HSM specification is 100% correct first time, no misunderstandings no delays
3.            HSM firmware coding is normally in C, the emulator code is in C.
               There is virtually no effort for the firmware developers, so faster turnaround.
4.            HSM Test is very fast because it can be fully automated.

SECURITY   1.            HSMs are not available to the test teams, so no master keys compromised.
2.            You know that it will be right first time because you can prototype

Your product is cheaper and earlier to market giving you sooner ROI.


§         Emulation of a variety of HSM and Firmware, this can be switched by console command.

§         Range of Standard Host and Console Commands available

§         Bespoke commands can be implemented in days

§         Host Interfaces. Multithreaded IP (TCP & UDP) and $RECEIVE available

§         Loadable Master Key and HSM Configuration Files

§         Large Cryptographic Library

§         Full Cryptographic Trace available as standard, with tools for real time capture.

§         Console Terminal Emulator Programs for: UDP/IP and $RECEIVE.

§         Host Command Scripted Driver Programs for: TCP/IP and $RECEIVE


Please contact Rupert Stanley of Ross Systems International Limited at or
+44-1206-392923 for additional information.

Information on RSI’s products including FINFO can be found on

 Availability Digest Reviews a Cellular Provider’s Use of Active/Active

The Availability Digest’s September issue will be published on the second Tuesday of this month.  Included will be an overview of a two-node, active/active system employed by a large cellular provider to ensure continued availability of its Prepaid Front End (PPFE). Gravic’s Shadowbase data-replication engine is used for active/active synchronization. Find a sneak preview of that article at

The August issue of the Availability Digest discusses HP’s new NonStop Multicore Architecture (NSMA) system.  Porting a NonStop server to an HP c-Class BladeSystem, an NSMA system delivers twice the power of an NS16000 in half the footprint. 

In August’s Never Again section is a review of the some of the most interesting computer failures that befell companies in the first six months of 2008.  Our Best Practices topic focuses on “Can You Trust the Compute Cloud,” with an analysis of what cloud customers can do to protect their businesses from outages over which they have no control.  For those who do not consider themselves “mathematically challenged,” our Geek Corner calculates how system failure intervals measured in centuries can be achieved with today’s heterogeneous systems technology.

The Digest is free online and focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology.    

Community Connect Europe 2008
10-12 November 2008
Mannheim, Germany

Register for Community Connect Europe!

Register now to attend Community Connect Europe 2008, presented by ITUG, HP-Interex EMEA, and Encompass - your HP user communities. This first-ever event, scheduled for 10-12 November in Mannheim, Germany, provides the first-ever opportunity for users, prospects, and third-party vendors of ITUG, HP-Interex EMEA, and Encompass throughout the EMEA region to gather in one place for learning, networking, and sharing individual and corporate experiences.

The event will provide the traditional HP NonStop content that prior ITUG Europe attendees have come to expect, and it will also provide educational and networking opportunities for users of other HP Enterprise platforms.

NEW! Download this postcard and pass along to your colleagues or friends who might be interested in attending.

Interested in Presenting at Community Connect Europe 2008?

Share your expertise with other HP users just like you. Community Connect Europe 2008 is still accepting presentation proposals for the following topics:

  • Blades
  • Business Continuity
  • Linux
  • Security
  • SOA

Submit your presentation proposal by 21 July and be recognized among your peers as a leader in your area of expertise.  

BITUG 23 September 2008 Opening up NonStop Development SIG. For More information and to sign up please visit

BITUG December 3rd Dec, Wood Street - Education Day (Performance Update - includes Blades)
                             4th Dec, Trinity House - SIG on Platform futures, AGM, look back at 30 Year of 'Tandem' in Europe

CTUG Are in progress of making plans for this years Fall Conference.  Please stay tuned for details

Desert USers of Tandem (DUST) Next Meeting September 9th! Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 9th, at Caremark. Gary Stevens will have a presentation on Blades and Khody Khodayari will present Web ViewPoint and Nonstop Management and Analysis for further information click here

GTUG 12 November 2008 More information will be available shortly at

VNUG 9-10 September 2008 A VNUG Event in collaboration with HP and FINTUG More Information



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