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Tandemworld Newsletter for September 2007


Know more about transaction activity on your HP NonStop Server with Gravic's Shadowbase Audit Reader

BrightStrand International announces its proven Virtual System Operator Service at the European ITUG

CAIL  Studio  for  SOA

ITUG BlogSpot gaining Traction

USA INC at ETUG 2007

Useful enhancements for the Stefi product

Availability Digest Humanizes Three 9s

Tributary Systems, Inc at ETUG 2007

Recycle Bin for HP NonStop Servers

Crossroads Systems Inc. at ETUG 2007

Marshall Resources September 2007 / Second User Disk


Charity Event


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Know more about transaction activity on your HP NonStop Server with Gravic's Shadowbase Audit Reader

Gravic, Inc., the makers of the Shadowbase data replication product line, announces the release of version 3844 of the Shadowbase Audit Reader (SAR). Shadowbase Audit Reader analyzes and displays all audited database activities on an HP NonStop Server. It shows what application transactions did and when they did it to database files and tables. SAR is a tool to investigate how data is being accessed and provides current and historical transactional Enscribe and SQL database change information that can be analyzed using a variety of search criteria. Operational staffs utilize SAR to find long running transactions and transactions that have damaged their databases. Developers find SAR effective as a means of detecting bugs in an application by analyzing transaction contents. Compliance personnel use SAR to review how and when data are being accessed/modified.


The new version of the Shadowbase Audit Reader incorporates the following new features:


· Support for DDL schema information for Enscribe record formatting and WHERE clauses;

· Enhanced display output for RAW, TABLE, and LINEUP formats when displaying record fields and row columns;

· Support for the HP ARLIB2 audit reading routines, improving performance and adding additional capabilities, such as suppressing partition move operation events from the output;

· Enhanced error reporting, particularly for Format 2 audit trail environments;

· Support for NonStop K, S, and H Series releases;

· Support for SQL/MX Native tables.


Visit for more information or to request a free trial. 


Shadowbase Contact Information:

Dick Davis                                                    

Gravic, Inc.                                                   

301 Lindenwood Drive                              

Suite 100                                                      

Malvern, PA 19355 USA                           



BrightStrand International announces its proven Virtual System Operator Service at the European ITUG

BrightStrand International (HP accredited NonStop reseller and services Partner) announces its Virtual System Operator Service at the European ITUG in Brighton, 8th-10th October 2007. This service is added to their comprehensive range of services and products that are available to NonStop customers throughout Europe. BrightStrand will be exhibiting at EITUG so come along to the BrightStrand booth and discuss your service requirements.

Virtual System Operator Service

Flexible, cost-effective approach to your NonStop skills and resource requirements in the area of Operations.


Resourcing System Operators to ensure that you have enough skills for project work and your ongoing critical business processing can be time consuming.

1. Resourcing is never an exact number of System Operators

2. Peaks in activities due to holidays, sickness, project work, and system problems can be extremely difficult to plan  and manage

3. Specific NonStop operator skills may be limited within your organisation

4. Requirement for operator skills on an ad hoc basis

BrightStrand Virtual System Operator Service (VSOS) offers a completely flexible, cost effective, tailored solution to your NonStop Operator skills and resource needs.

How does it work?

BrightStrand will work with you to understand your existing operations environment and then define the profile of your VSOS requirements. The requirement may be for an onsite Operator on a regular weekly or monthly basis and/or the flexibility to use the VSOS for onsite assistance of varying lengths against ad hoc project work, sickness, cover for holidays or other scheduled and unscheduled leaves of absence.

BrightStrand will assign Systems Operators to your account in order for them to understand your procedures and environment. These System Operators will then be available to resource your VSOS profile, providing you with the assurance that they have knowledge of your environment prior to undertaking the VSOS engagement. BrightStrand supplies System Operators into a number of environments that operate complex shift patterns and it has assigned System Operators available on a 24x7 basis so that they are then able to fit into these shift patterns wherever they are required.

Where customers have NonStop systems in a multi-platform environment BrightStrand extends the VSOS to supply the appropriate skilled operator resource.

Advantages to you

1. Good NonStop Operator resources are hard to find on the open market, particularly for part time or at short notice. Resourcing, therefore, is no longer an issue for you.

2. Known assigned System Operators who already know your environment and have already passed any required security clearances.

3. Cost effective solution

4. Assigned Service Manager will proactively work with you to ensuring VSOS resources are available and rostered as required.

5. The back-up and depth of the BrightStrand support organisation

6. Ease of budgeting - regular payments, regardless of peaks and troughs in your workload

7. Depth of support – more than one System Operator assigned.


Now that you have some understanding of our comprehensive offering that BrightStrand can offer in the area of Operations please call by our booth at the European ITUG in Brighton or contact BrightStrand on +44 (0)141 204 4046 and ask for Dave Stewart or email


CAIL Studio for SOA

To address new business needs and Enterprise IT direction,  CAIL enables you to leverage NonStop based information services into an SOA environment that builds on HP SOA capabilities to deliver results fast, economically, and with no risk.

More specifically, CAIL Studio is a Java Servlet and Library that is an iTP WebServer Plug-in, Tomcat based solution to extend functionality and rapid deployment of new services.  

In addition,  you can convert back-end Telnet HTML or SOAP into aggregated HTML based sessions or reusable SOAP.

As well,  CAIL Studio enables SOA services and current NonStop  programs to interact - without change to the current applications.  

For more information,  please visit and  or contact CAIL at  or call  1-800-668-5769 /  1-905-940-9000.


ITUG BlogSpot gaining Traction.

In August 2007 ITUG launched a Blog for NonStop topics with a veteran of the NonStop community contributing regular and topical discussion points. Richard Buckle, a former Chairman of ITUG, is submitting regular topical discussions relating to the NonStop platform and its' future direction. These comments are creating some interesting and useful feedback for the NonStop community and for the HP NED.

You can access the blog at

“Richard pointed out to me that as part of the ongoing relationship he enjoys with the user community and with HP, there is no intention to develop this as a formal dialogue with HP and with HP product management in particular, nor does he plan to go into any areas covered by NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) either in place between users and HP or even between GoldenGate and HP. While HP may post comments on occasion, any absence of comments cannot be taken to imply agreement with any subject material.”


USA INC at ETUG 2007



SafePoint Alarms
The Newest Product Addition to the SafePoint Suite

Real-time Monitoring of HP NonStop Security Events
SafePoint Alarms extends the capabilities of NonStop systems and Safeguard providing real-time display of security alarm events on a GUI Events Console.

User configured alarm events are also supported from OSS, and eBOSS/BOSS logs as well as Client IP events. Alarm events are reported to EMS, and can be ported to a NonStop SQL database.

SafePoint Alarms can send messages via SNMP to a centralized multi-platform event collector like EMC’s Network Intelligence product enVision.

PCI Compliance now requires an
Enterprise-wide Events Management Console

SafePoint Alarms - built upon the proven technology of
SafePoint Admin & SafePoint Reports
Developed by Baker Street Software

FBI/CSI annual surveys continue to show 80% overt & covert abuses are from internal sources, and you’re the first line of defense to stop them – USA has the solutions from end to end with our security suite.


Useful enhancements for the Stefi product

Stefi ,  the general purpose Tandem File Manager, serving for several years, has a new version (4.1) with the following enhancements:
  • The server component enhanced to easily handle lots of users

  • File browsing by alternate keys

  • Handling of File Sets: a group of files (with common record structure) can be used as if it were one file (a monthly batch of BASE24 PTLF can be easily queried!)

  • BASE24 ILFs now have the same Token Browser as (P)TLF

  • Enscribe Filter enhancements


Stefi is a User-friendly graphical interface for browsing/editing Tandem Enscribe/Sql files. It makes the file operations so simple and comfortable that is hard to compete with.

There are some videos to demonstrate the software:
A Free Personal version is downloadable from :

It can really  ease your work

Availability Digest Humanizes Three 9s

The Availability Digest’s September issue explores how people would live in a world of only three 9s. Some examples: unsafe drinking water for one hour per month and more than 15,000 babies accidentally dropped by doctors and nurses each year. Also discussed is recovery time benchmarking, the use of failure state diagrams to explain high availability, and how a web hosting service’s poorly planned server migration caused lengthy outages for hundreds of customers.

Digest editor Bill Highleyman will be visible throughout the upcoming ITUG European conference in Brighton, England. Bill’s two talks will concentrate on “Active/Active vs. Clusters” and “Advantages of Multinode Systems.” Bill also will be running an active/active panel and will host an active/active lunch table.

The Digest is free online and focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. Each issue of the Digest features articles on the following topics: Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Active/Active Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Reviews, and The Geek Corner.

Tributary Systems, Inc at ETUG 2007

Tributary Systems, Inc. (TSI) will exhibit the soon to be released LTO Gen 3 SCSI and LTO Gen 4 Fibre Channel tape technologies for the HP NonStop™ servers at the European ITUG in Brighton, England.  TSI will also have live demos of the industry-leading next generation virtual tape library solution, ViTAL™.  ViTAL has won rave reviews for its state-of-the-art GUI and user friendliness as well as its unique functionality including its capability to operate in a totally lights-out NonStop customer environment.  TSI will also exhibit the only FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified data-at-rest encryption solution available for NonStop customers for both virtual and physical tape drives.

 Please stop by stand 15-17 at the 2007 European ITUG show in Brighton, England from October 8-11.

For additional information on TSI solutions, you may also contact

Jim Elliott for EMEA at or +44 7753 806603

Axel Hahn for Germany at or +49 (0) 172 670 3753 


Larry Meyers for the U.S. at or +1 817-354-8009.

Recycle Bin for HP NonStop Servers

The OPTA-Recycle Bin from TANDsoft, provides a safety net when deleting files. 

When you delete files from your disk, OPTA-Recycle Bin automatically places it in a Recycle Bin and it remains there until you decide to permanently delete it from your computer. 

The files in the Recycle Bin still take up disk space and can be undeleted or restored back to their original location. 

When the Recycle Bin fills up, OPTA automatically cleans out enough space to accommodate the most recently deleted files. 

OPTA-Recycle Bin allocates one Recycle Bin for each disk and you can specify a different size for each Recycle Bin.

Additionally, the files in the Recycle Bin can be compressed. 

With OPTA-Recycle bin, no application source code changes are required and all Native and Non-Native programming languages are supported. 

Find out more at

If you need any additional information, please contact me.


Tandem Interception & Availability Solutions

Tel:  +1 (514) 695-2234


Crossroads Systems Inc. at ETUG 2007

Crossroads Systems Inc. (CRDS) announces that Virtual TapeServer (VTS) for HP NonStop™ Servers will be demonstrated in HP’s booth at the European ITUG event October 8-10, 2007 in Brighton, England. 

VTS is the leading virtual backup and recovery solution for NonStop K-Series, S-Series, and NS-Series servers worldwide as well as for concurrent attachment to open systems and Unisys ClearPath ™ platforms. 

VTS’ leading interoperability allows seamless integration with leading tape drives and libraries, SAN-based disk storage, and backup management applications such as HP DataProtector ™, Tivoli Storage Manager™, Symantec Veritas NetBackup ™, and Legato Networker™ among others.  

Crossroads will be attending the event in support of HP and will be sharing display space with Brightstrand International and Twinsoft AG.   

Crossroads will also be announcing TapeSentry, a 4-port tape encryption appliance and key management system for NonStop Servers that supports both VTS and physical tape backup environments.

For More information please Contact Jim Miller  or Kevin Poultney of BrightStrand International


Marshall Resources September 2007 / Second User Disk

We will continue our series of articles about the Second User Market with an update on the state of Hard Disk availability. This continues to be one of the most dynamic elements within our market as Disk Drives continue to be in high demand.

The market in 2007 remained very tight with minimal supply of most disk types. 4619 (18GB 10K RPM) disk drives are available in an abundant supply and represent the good value and performance. Both 4636 (36GB 7200 RPM) and 4637 (36GB 10K RPM) disk are currently available second user with pricing remaining stable and low. Marshall Resources also just acquired a fair amount of 4672 (72 GB 15K RPM) Hard Disk, but expect these drives to sell quickly. In general, the 72 GB and 144 GB S Series Disk are the highest in demand and hardest to supply in any quantity. Expect prices to remain high on these products.

One key factor affecting the supply of Hard Disk is the sensitivity of customer data remaining on these drives. Marshall Resources has always removed customer data during our refurbishing process, but many sellers of disk now require that data be removed by a recognized and certified data clearing process. This has and will drastically affect the availability of disk in the second user market. Marshall Resources has introduced a hard disk data deletion solution which also meets federal guidelines for disk cleaning. Please feel free to call for more information on this service.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.


ITUG Europe 2007 Hosts First Ever Executive Finance Forum

Join us at ITUG Europe 2007, to be held 8-10 October in Brighton, England (UK).

ITUG Europe 2007 is proud to host the first ever Executive Finance Forum 2007 – Banking on the Global Electronic Society on Tuesday, 9 October. Presented in collaboration with HP and the ifs School of Finance, this event is designed for senior business professionals from financial service providers, including banks, building societies, insurance and investment companies, and their service providers.

Please encourage a colleague of yours in the financial industry to attend the Executive Finance Forum 2007 to hear experienced analysts and finance sector practitioners outline innovative insights in four key areas:

  • Who is my customer? Building collective knowledge and federated trust

  • Channels for ever closer connectivity and 24/7 mobile collaboration

  • Faster payments without e-fraud, in a world of rising, industrialized e-crime

  • Controlling risk to reap greater rewards.

Continue to check the ITUG Europe 2007 Web site for the latest updates!



ITUG Europe 2007 and Executive Finance Forum 2007

Golf Tournament – Sponsored by BITUG

Interested in further expanding your NonStop or financial network base ? Or just fancy a game of golf ? Join your colleagues for a golf outing at West Hove Golf Club on Monday, 8 October to complement your visit to this years European ITUG event - UK. 

Two separate golf competitions are scheduled: 

ITUG Europe 2007 Attendees – 9 Hole competition

Monday, 8 October


Executive Finance Forum 2007 – 18 Hole competition

Monday, 8 October


Highlights and General Information:

  • Trophies, sponsored by BITUG, for each competition will be awarded for: 

    • Overall winner

    • Runner up

    • Longest drive

    • Nearest the pin

  • In addition there will be a “Special” prize – Golf jacket sponsored by this years Captain David Ross (Network Technologies International)

  • The competition will follow Stableford rules (2 points for a par, etc.), and golfers must indicate their handicaps.

  • Transport to the course if you do not have a car, will be provided (approx cost £5).  

  • Cost for entry is £30 – includes golf, Bacon Sandwich, Coffee and post round lunch / meal. Entry fee will be collected on the day by the Golf Captain.

If you would like to participate, express your interest when registering for ITUG Europe 2007 or the Executive Finance Forum.  If you have already registered, send an email to Or, contact Darren Coffey direct by replying to this e-mail.  

Kind regards,

Darren Coffey

BITUG Chairman 2007


28 November 2007 DR / Business Continuity SIG & BITUG AGM

More information can be found at


CTUG is pleased to announce our Fall Conference which will be held on October 30th with a Training Day on October 31st, 2007. The Conference and Education Session will take place at the Holiday Inn, 370 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

The theme for the Conference this year will be “SOA and HP NonStop”. Our keynote speaker will be Marty Edelman, Director of the Advanced Technology Group, for The Home Depot. Come hear Marty’s in-depth presentation on the toolkits used to implement the SOA at The Home Depot.

For an update on what’s coming for HP NonStop, Randy Meyer, Director, Product Management, NED will be available to give us the latest news. We are in the process of confirming other speakers which you will hear about in the weeks to come.

In addition to a keynote speaker and presentations related to our theme, we will also have vendor tracks and a trade show area. A separate email will follow with details regarding registration, vendor tracks, etc.

Register now!


This annual event will be on 12th - 14th November 2007 and will be held in collaboration with VNUG.

Please consult VNUG below for further information.


Suntug will host a training day on 16 November at Raymond James Financial in Saint Petersburgh, Flordia. The topic will be Quick NonStop NS-Series Server Ops & Mgmt for S-Series Operations Users.

Please email Suntug to register.


Will be holding an event on 21st and 22nd. November 2007 at the Hotel Steigenberger, Dortmund statt.

Further information can be found shortly at


The Fall 2007 Meeting will be held on 11 October and will include presentations from Idelji, Stonebranch and HP.

More information at


MRTUG will host a training day on 14 November at the HP Offices in Downers Grove, Illinois. The topic will be Introduction to OSS Programming Fundamentals for NonStop Servers. Please email MRTUG to register


Fall Meeting - October 18th

Presentations From:
Network Technologies

HP Offices
165 Dascomb Rd, Andover, MA

Click here to


N2TUG will host a training day on 2 November at the HP Offices in Richardson, Texas. The topic will be Introduction to Web Services for NonStop Server. Please email N2TUG to register


VNUG is planning their annual meeting for 7 - 8 November 2007. The event will take place on a cruise on the Baltic Sea between Stockholm and Helsinki. More information at

The time has come for the annual VNUG Event, this year in collaboration with our Finnish friends in FINTUG.

The conference venue this year is the Baltic Sea and we welcome you onboard the cruise ship Silja Serenad. VNUG members join the cruise from Stockholm on November 12, returning to Stockholm November 14. For details, see agenda below.

FINTUG members join the cruise from Helsinki on November 13, returning to Helsinki November 14. Partners have the option to join in Stockholm or in Helsinki.

As usual, the program includes HP and Partners to HP presentations as well as user presentations. Due to limited space on the cruise ship, HP and Partner exhibitions will be very limited.

For practical reasons, the annual VNUG Golf tournament and education sessions are postponed to future events.

VNUG members please register by sending a mail to


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