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Application Modernization a Hot Topic at the NonStop Symposium

NonStop - A Running Commentary - October, ‘10

New PCI DSS HP NonStop white paper


Kapiti at OZTUG 2010

GoldenGate Training and Implementation

Announcing New Shadowbase® Case Study

San Jose – let’s not forget the way……..

Hot New Java 6 Course Available From HP NonStop Education Services

Availability Digest Explains Why the State of Virginia Was Down For Days

Ban Bottlenecks®

Nonstop Audit Reporting and Encryption for FREE – Sign up NOW !!!

comForte’s SecurSSO Delivers Single Sign-On Convenience and Cost Savings to Telecom Italia Lab

Time-Zone Simulation Helps Consolidate Data Centers - Presentation on TANDsoft Website

comForte continues expansion in Asia Pacific

Ross Systems International FINFO Version 3.4

TCM Solutions Successful ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO20000 IT Service Management Audit

TCM Solutions Announces its New Brand Identity and Corporate Website


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Application Modernization a Hot Topic at the NonStop Symposium

By Harry Scott, Co-founder – Carr Scott Software Incorporated

From the opening sessions by Winston Prather and Randy Meyer, to the closing panel by The Standish Group, a recurring theme of the 2010 NonStop Symposium & Expo held in San Jose California was modernization.

Winston and Randy talked about the massive investments that HP has made to make the NonStop platform, open and industry standard.  On the more technical track, a number of HP presenters spoke about the new open development environment, highlighting Eclipse and the other tools/technologies that HP has brought to the NonStop.

Marty Edelman from Creative System Software discussed the need for organizations to be able to leverage their NonStop data ‘the heart of their businesses’ and Santino Failla from Logica discussed how they were able to modernize their BESS wire transfer application using SOA and SQL.

Wrapping your business logic in SOA is smart and in many cases a necessary path to modernization but it should not be the first step. Starting with the database is crucial for leverage. Eclipse, Crystal Reports and virtually all of the technologies you’ll need to use to modernize work ONLY with SQL. Today, as Marty Edelman eloquently said, the heart of your business is your data and to make the NonStop system a viable, long term strategic part of your infrastructure no one cannot afford to be writing interface code just to match legacy, proprietary data to the rest of the world. SQL is a common language we all need to speak and starting your modernization there makes great sense...

Contact Carr Scott - Harry Scott

NonStop - A Running Commentary

October, ‘10

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author 

For those who still view their home countries as part of the colonies, and who enjoy the occasional sporting game with the folks from the old country, it’s been hard to miss the buzz surrounding the Commonwealth Games that have just wrapped-up in New Delhi, India. The Commonwealth Games are held every four years and continue to provide a spectacle not unlike the Olympic Games, but the scope of sporting events mirrors much of what continues to be pursued across the British Isles:  sports such as field hockey, lawn bowls, and rugby sevens, familiar to few outside of the British Commonwealth.

In the weeks leading up to the event in New Delhi opinions flew around the globe as to whether the games would even be held. Some countries were even concerned enough to talk of withdrawing their teams. The games went on, and as graphical and opinionated as were the commentaries written in the lead up to the event, they turned out to be nothing more than rhetoric. India was always going to struggle to put on the games; the political powers in place were pretty much learning as they went. All of the teams arrived, and Australia won the most medals, again, tooling along “in a canter”, as one BBC commentator observed.

I wonder how it would have turned out if America hadn’t tossed its tea into Boston Harbor – instigator, and
one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams, has much to answer for! Opinions not popular with the crown, back in those times, were a capital offense that usually resulted in a hanging. If the United States had remained part of the British Commonwealth, the television contracts would have proved more lucrative although, by all counts, Indians may still have been more interested in the cricket test matches under way at the same time, between themselves and Australia. Surprisingly, India won both cricket matches extending the Australians loosing spell to three games – the nation’s longest loosing spell in more than two decades.

Everyone has opinions today, it seems, particularly when it comes to the NonStop community, to NonStop servers, and to HP. And thank goodness they do – life would be pretty boring if the only input was pages of dry analysis. The immediacy of opinions, and the willingness of many within the NonStop community to step into discussions and express a point of view, is incredibly important and extremely healthy for all involved. No more so than of late as we continue to see technologies and architectures transitioning at the rate that they are – Converge! Transform! Innovate!

I have never been shy of expressing an opinion and in the discussions I have had over the past couple of years with analysts at well respected firms, including Gartner, participation by them is proving to be challenging. How do companies that depend so significantly on their ability to produce analysis only a few times a year respond to the more readily available opinions that can be found on the Internet almost daily? How do they respond to commentary developed around headlines only hours old? As I have talked to members of the analyst community, I have begun to see changes materialize, as more than one analyst now has a presence on LinkedIn and has a Twitter account and routinely posts to a blog.

At the NonStop Symposium in San Jose, rarely did an hour go by without someone asking me what I thought of this product or that announcement. The number of NonStop community members who now read this “Running Log” and who also scan my blogs and LinkedIn forum posts has grown considerably over the past few years, such that the scope of the topics I am asked to comment on has broadened considerably. So, against the background of this most recent gathering of the NonStop community, let me throw out my three biggest picks as subjects generating the most opinions!

First up, there’s the topic of hardware and what can be headlined as “Same-o, same-o!”

In the drive to remove costs, NonStop is increasingly going to rely on commodity hardware. Indeed, any HP product line that cannot take advantage of the hardware being developed and packaged, as is happening today, will have problems surviving in the future. This is not to say NonStop is headed towards becoming a pure software play, although some talk about this did occur during the Symposium, it does mean that NonStop will see less and less specialized components on the computing packages it has to work with.

Of course, this leaves open the whole subject of pulling chips from boards and leaving sockets unpopulated, as well as slapping on custom daughter, or mezzanine, cards. This can only lead to additional costs as well as the potential to destabilize the final package, so in my opinion, this all has to go! Blades packaging, as we see today, represents the future of hardware for some time to come until, of course, everything is provided on a pen drive. Buy a USB hub, stick in a few pen drives, and voila! You have a supercomputer capable of navigating star ships to the moons of Jupiter.

And with future Blades from HP, all the sockets will come populated and there will be a follow-on technology to ServerNet, lower cost and industry standard, glued into each Blade no matter the target operating system. Whether used to cluster Unix and Linux or for NonStop’s interconnect, the physical technology is headed to a commonality that will begin to appear as more and more customers demand a cheaper solution! Standards will prevail, in my opinion …

Secondly, there’s the topic of a NonStop server as a smart controller!

As we read more about hybrid clusters, clouds, “Megaplexes”, it begs the question – where’s the oversight coming from? Who’s logging changes and incidents? Where do we go to locate important program libraries, or critical lists and tables, or sensitive resource locks of all kinds? Isn’t the very architecture of NonStop, as provided today in a NonStop server, an ideal platform to plug into any modern server chassis to ensure all of the other participants have the potential of working all the time? This is a topic that has been kicked around in blogs and online forums for some time.

And the prevailing opinions all seem to point to a future where NonStop servers may be an integral part of every major hybrid cluster, cloud, “Megaplex” that is shipped. It makes sense that the attributes, so favored by many transactional solutions providers, lend themselves to rule in more modern configurations of the future. After all, the origins of NonStop lay in dealing with unreliable components and ensuring there was no single point of failure that would ever take down a system. Surely, we haven’t reached the point where we no longer consider a hybrid cluster, cloud, or Megaplex as infallible and not subject to the same potential outages? As architecturally new as they are, aren’t they just as fragile as the systems of the past? They will continue to fail, and an external “controller system” that will assure continuation of service will be housed on a dedicated NonStop server, in my opinion …  

Finally, there’s the topic of whether NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) will develop any of this at all?

In classic warehouse tradition, will we see NED become a clearing house, or distribution point, for an arbitrary collection of third party infrastructure and middleware? Perhaps even some of the basic utilities and tools modern systems, like today’s NonStop server, depend upon? Will product roadmaps become nothing more than templates provided as guides and reference points to an ecosystem of ISVs investing their own nickels and dimes to populate?

As far fetched as this may appear at first glance, this holds so much potential for accelerating NonStop development that it’s not too big of a stretch of the imagination to think that this has already commenced! Some of the boxes in today’s roadmaps are being populated with products that never saw a NED developer click on an icon, or move a mouse, to produce! With the incredible level of absorption of NonStop talent within the ISV community it’s easy to argue that there’s now more talent outside the research labs of NED than within. This isn’t escaping any of HP’s executives where one highly placed exec was heard to say, if it adds significantly to the richness of the product offerings and it lessens NED’s costs, then going with a third party is a no brainer!

Testing a product line may be all we see within the new warehouse, or distribution point, that evolves, in my opinion …

The good thing with opinions is that they rely on almost no supporting evidence. Unlike the material that comes out of the big IT industry analysts corporations, there’s no formal peer reviews or requirements to validate within test marketplaces. In today’s fast-paced IT world, where transitioning technology is happening at an ever-increasing clip, it is the opinions generated from a broad population of thought leaders that can really make a difference. Skilled artisans, gifted in NonStop, may only need to see an issue raised or a concern expressed in order to spark the gem of an idea for a whole new product offering. And on the express anticipation that this indeed will happen, many of us will continue to speculate and posture, in my opinion …

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC


Real Time View blog:  

comForte Lounge blog: 

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:

LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:


New PCI DSS HP NonStop white paper

A couple of papers exist on the subject of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) in relation to HP NonStop environments, but never before has anyone gone into detail or advised on how native NonStop security tools can be deployed to help with achieving PCI compliance. Not until now anyway!

HP NonStop security solutions and services specialist, Knightcraft Technology, along with payment industry security specialist and QSA, Witham Laboratories, have been hard at work creating the most comprehensive HP NonStop PCI white paper in existence.

This new 100+ page paper was created with several goals in mind. Primarily, the intention is to assist NonStop users in their PCI compliance projects by suggesting how Safeguard and Guardian can be configured to meet PCI DSS and highlighting the requirements where compliance cannot be achieved without the use of third party solutions (solutions mentioned in the paper are from the XYGATE suite).

The paper is also intended to provide an insight into how a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) may approach the assessment and how you can best prepare for that assessment. Finally, the paper can assist QSAs who are unfamiliar with the HP NonStop platform, to help them provide the best and most robust assessments possible.

The paper is available to download from the Knightcraft website now.

The authors intend to keep the paper updated as feedback is received, new developments arise and as the PCI DSS evolves. For this reason, there will be the opportunity to sign up for news of when updated editions become available.

Constructive feedback is both welcomed and encouraged via the PCI DSS page on Knightcraft’s website.

About the Authors.

Greg Swedosh is a Senior Security Consultant and owner of Knightcraft Technology. He’s spent over 20 years working with the NonStop platform, in both the United Kingdom and Australia, as a system and security expert for a number of international organisations running mission critical applications.

Knightcraft Technology is a distributor of XYGATE software and a part of the XYPRO Technology Corporation support team. Greg is a co-author of the book Securing HP NonStop Servers in an Open Systems World.

Dr. Sajal Islam is a Senior Security Engineer with Witham Laboratories, a leading independent consultant in information security, with specialist expertise in the payments sector. Witham Laboratories is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), a PCI Payment Application – Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA) and one of the eight accredited PCI PIN Transaction Security Laboratories (PCI PTS) in the world. Witham Laboratories is an independent PCI QSA Company and as such does not endorse any specific commercial product. Furthermore, Witham Laboratories does not receive any material gain from any product that its clients choose to implement to assist with PCI DSS compliance or system security in general.



The overwhelming response was the conference was a success – with approximately 600 attendees, many exhibitors, lots of relevant NonStop sessions, and many networking opportunities.  Importantly, with great support from the Customer community and HP, the NonStop Symposium clearly demonstrated commitment to the platform.

In conjunction with this, there was extensive information available on -

  1. Having more trusted systems with PCI compliance / system security
  2. Application modernization
  3. Making NonStop systems more integral in the enterprise IT environment

As became apparent in various sessions and throughout the exhibit hall, improving information services in these areas is important – across all platforms, including NonStop.

In this context, since CAIL has solutions to support these initiatives, please contact us to explore your options.

This includes technical and business insights as well as no-obligation, no charge software for evaluation that includes –

  1. Enhancing NonStop connectivity, security and application modernization    -  a bundled solution with extensive interfacing capabilities  

…. with CAIL Suite          ,   

  1. Add security to current NonStop systems  -  for encrypted sessions, file transfer, etc.

…. with the CAIL Security Facility      

  1. Upgrade to an “Enterprise Connectivity and Security Solution” -   for a single solution to access all Host based applications (NonStop, UNIX, IBM, etc.)

…. with EXTRA! or Reflection                      …. integrated  Attachmate / CAIL software

 In closing, thanks to all those who attended the NonStop Symposium and the shared interest in leveraging NonStop fundamentals to deliver value for the business.


Kapiti at OZTUG 2010

At last we have a date – 9 November, and a location – Swissotel, Sydney.

We represent the following companies in Australia and New Zealand:-

Blackwood Systems

Crystal Point




Insider Technologies

So, please, come along and talk to us about how we can work together.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

If you can’t make it and would like more information regarding the products provided by the companies above please contact us:-

call: office +64 49052400   or mobile +64 21 564966 

GoldenGate Training and Implementation

In recent news, NuWave Technologies has partnered with GoldenGate (now Oracle) to provide training and implementation support of their data integration products.

These solutions enable real-time data integration and continuous data availability by capturing and delivering updates of critical information as the changes occur and providing continuous data synchronization across heterogeneous environments.

If you'd like more information on how NuWave  can improve your GoldenGate experience, or if you'd like to know which product(s) best suit your needs, feel free to ask NuWave's consulting team by emailing


Announcing New Shadowbase® Case Study

Executive Summary on Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) took a major step towards providing improved service to its customers by modernizing its active/backup data center architecture and reengineering it into an active/active network. The Shadowbase product suite was selected to provide the data replication and integration solutions. Planned outages for system upgrades were reduced from hours to minutes, and recovery time from an unplanned outage—due to a system failure or a data center disaster—was reduced by more than 95% from hours or even days to a few minutes. Most importantly, once an outage occurs, the ATM/POS application services (managed by ACI’s BASE24™ product running on HP NonStop servers) are restored to customers much faster, in many cases without the customer even realizing that an outage occurred.

Please click here for a pdf of the executive summary for the case study: “Royal Bank of Canada Dramatically Improves its ATM/POS Availability with Shadowbase® Solutions.”

Gravic at Connect NonStop Symposium & Expo 2010

We had a successful Connect NonStop show in San Jose! The turnout greatly exceeded expectations and showed the resilience of the HP NonStop market. We don’t have a final count, but the show was sold out and there were upwards of 500-600 attendees at the event. It was a great success for meeting with peers, colleagues, and HP management, and had the wonderful feel of ITUGs-gone-by.  At the show, HP announced that the HP Technology Forum will once again host the NonStop community (June, 2011 in Las Vegas), so please mark your calendars now to attend.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming 2010 Shows:

CTUG Fall Conference

Canadian Tandem User Group

HP Headquarters

Mississauga, Ontario

October 27-28


ACE Africa 2010: ACI Customer Exchange

ACI Africa User Group Conference

Hyatt Regency

Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

November 3-4

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit:

San Jose – let’s not forget the way……..

Well, the Big Event is over. The vendors have packed up their booths, the booze is all gone, and the HP product managers, developers, and execs are safely home in their remote offices.  And even though the weather was almost the same, everyone in attendance overwhelmingly preferred San Jose to that other city.  The HP NonStop Symposium and EXPO turned out to exceed everyone's expectations not only in terms of Customer attendance but also HP and Partner involvement.

Yes, this was the biggest and best NonStop event in years (and with a killer Tandem-style beer bust) where we proved beyond a doubt that there is still life in the NonStop family and the platform that runs mission critical applications for the world's largest companies. This year we were also able to spend time with customers that we have not seen in a while and the attitude was very much like the old (ITUG) days. Far more Europeans, Latin Americans and Asian customers were present than at HPTF in 2009 – several of whom were actively seeking tools to aid PCI compliance projects.

There were dozens of business and technical sessions, including standing-room-only customer how-to's, NonStop software and hardware roadmaps, and presentations from Vendor Partners. PCI compliance was a common theme throughout the event and it’s only going to increase.  Packed presentations by end-users Netherlands-based Equens and Wells Fargo Bank and HP’s Karen Copeland and Wendy Bartlett show just how in tune the NonStop Community is with the importance of PCI Compliance.  This illustrates just how much of our mission critical and confidential information is trusted to a NonStop!  It's amazing how much customers are willing to share their experiences because of the pride they have in their NonStop server applications tuned to perfection, secure and protected from disaster.

XYPRO specifically enjoyed an unprecedented amount of coverage at this event as we were lucky enough to have it take place right around the time our XYGATE Merged Audit software solution begins automatically shipping on all new H and J systems.  The interest level is extremely high and we are thrilled at the positive response!

Yes, a pleasant time was had by all and I hope that we remember it for a long time. The level of international customer attendance was inspiring!  The XYPRO customer dinner was very well received and we would like to thank everyone who attended.

It may initially seem disappointing to hear that next year’s event will be part of the HP Software / Tech Forum conference at the Venetian hotel in Vegas, but your voices may have been heard. In his keynote, Winston Prather said that this event would be restructured to retain the strong community feel that this Symposium displayed. The big question is whether or HP will be sending the same number of NonStop product managers and developers and it will be interesting to see how the big tent event achieves the incredible dynamic we all experienced in San Jose.  The amount of interaction with HP staff and customers was simply something we hadn't enjoyed in years and everyone seemed to revel in the long overdue opportunity. 

But hey, the next event is 9 months away and if customers take the time to communicate their preference - another NonStop Symposium in San Jose? You never know... In the mean time, here are other places that XYPRO will be exhibiting, networking and spreading the word about NonStop Security Compliance:

2-4 Nov. Bali -  ACE Conference Asia Pacific

2nd Nov.  Scottsdale -  DUST Meeting      

3-4 Nov. Johannesburg -  ACE Africa (ABUG)

25th Nov. Amsterdam -  PCI Europe annual meeting

2nd Dec London -  BITUG Big SIG Annual meeting

Lisa Partridge

XYPRO Technology Corporation


 Hot New Java 6 Course Available From HP NonStop Education Services

So new that it’s not yet in the catalog is “Java 6 API Programming on HP NonStop Servers.”  This five-day course, designated HP Product #HF867, prepares developers to deploy and/or port Java applications with JToolkit to a NonStop server.  Topics include an overview of the Java language, an introduction to NonStop server for Java, coding client/server programs, accessing Pathway applications, Enscribe and NonStop SQL database access, JDBC, stored procedures, and debugging.  “Java 6 API Programming on HP NonStop Servers” includes 70% lecture and 30% hands-on labs using HP servers.  System designers, application developers, and support personnel comprise the audience for this intermediate-level educational offering.   

Delivery of course content will be via RAIL (NonStop Remotely Assisted Instructional Learning).   Java 6 API Programming is also available upon request at customer sites or at HP-designated classrooms. 

“Java 6 API Programming on HP NonStop Servers” currently has two start dates:  January 24, 2011, and April 4, 2011.  Tuition per student is $3,000 USD, and open enrollment applies.  To register or to review training options and schedules, visit  

For further information, contact Ben Wood, Program Manager for NonStop Education Delivery, at   


Availability Digest Explains Why the State of Virginia Was Down For Days

 On August 25, 2010, the Commonwealth of Virginia simultaneously lost dozens of its computer systems.  One week later, many systems were still down, severely impacting the operations of over twenty-five state agencies and the lives of tens of thousands of Virginia residents.  The Availability Digest examines the chain of events that led to this major outage – a maintenance error on a large storage area network (SAN), poor backup procedures, the lack of recovery-procedure testing, and too little oversight and too much dependency on the company to whom Virginia outsourced its data-center operations.

Other topics in this month’s Digest include a review of the winner and runners-up of the 2010 NonStop Availability Award; a peek at Megaplex Modeling: The Future of NonStop Demand, the third in a series of Standish Group papers on the history and future of NonStop technology; and the Geek Corner’s “Simplifying Failover Analysis.”

This month, Digest Managing Editor Dr. Bill Highleyman will be teaching a two-day seminar on “System Availability: Theory and Practice” to IT staff at Capital One.  Bill tailors one-day and multiple-day seminars to the specific needs of a group.  Seminars can be presented online or onsite.  Visit the Digest’s website for more information.

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at  Our new “Useful Links” page is a great resource for use in the online research of products and services focused on high- and continuous availability and mission-critical systems.  The Digest’s Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn now includes a thread on “Does Active/Active Mean That You No Longer Have to Do Backups?”


Ban Bottlenecks®

San Jose:

It was great to see so many old friends and clients at the NonStop Summit in San Jose this month. The event confirmed that there is a vibrant community focused on the NonStop technology. Clearly events like this are needed and we will continue to support them.

CTUG Toronto:

Continuing that theme, please come visit us at the CTUG Fall Conference near Toronto next week.  We’ll be there looking to meet old and new friends and talk about the challenges facing all of us as system managers.

The Holiday Season Approaches:

The holiday season stresses every system involved with retail transactions. Let me take a moment to remind you why Ban Bottlenecks is different.

·        It’s a process, not a single shot.  Traditional performance analysis is problem-oriented, rightly so.  A guru or team comes in, works for a couple of days, and then leaves after solving the problem. BB provides the long-term view (24 months) with continuous coverage, every minute, 7x24x365, with daily reports and frequent conferences.

·        It’s broad-based.  We look at every appropriate statistic, including every process, IPU, disk, every comm. interface including legacy comm. and IP.

·        It integrates application statistics (the demand on the system) without which one cannot do effective capacity planning.  We do peak and problem analysis with 24-month trending.

·        It’s affordable: From $300 per month per node.

Contact Us For A Free System Audit.

Did I mention it’s free?


Nonstop Audit Reporting and Encryption for FREE – Sign up NOW !!!

With increasing complexity of today’s compliance requirements, IT Security is getting a lot more attention, and even more importantly requires continuous improvement in order to address the risks of data breaches and avoid the high costs of non-compliance.

Audit Reporting and Encryption are two fundamental aspects of monitoring system activities, ensuring uncompromised data transmission and demonstrating compliance with security policies and regulations. This is no longer an option or “nice to have” – any system has to provide that capability without major efforts or manual intervention.

CSP is providing the following very unique offering to all HP Nonstop customers: 

CSP is providing licenses for it’s well proven Audit Reporting Solution AuditView and the well known and accepted encryption product CSP Client Shield for Nonstop systems of any model free of charge!     

Yes – free, no limitation on systems, whether used for production, D/R, or test purposes – no limitation on age of systems, whether they be the 10+ years old S-series or the new NB50000c model.

Sign up by contacting and secure to get your free AuditView licenses today!

CSP – We offer Complete Security to Protect your systems !

 Find more at !


comForte’s SecurSSO Delivers Single Sign-On Convenience and Cost Savings to Telecom Italia Lab


When it comes to routine tasks such as log-ins, even a little inconvenience can add up to a lot of cost over time. That’s why Telecom Italia Lab turned to comForte SecureSSO. With SecurSSO, Telecom Italia Lab can integrate NonStop access controls with the corporate authentication infrastructure—and deliver true single sign-on convenience to users. As a result, users enjoy more productivity and convenience, and the company realizes significant, ongoing cost savings.


The Challenge

A long-time NonStop customer, Telecom Italia Lab has around 20 NonStop servers in operation. Given the sensitive nature of the data and applications residing on these systems, the security team had to comply with a host of security requirements, both at the legislative and corporate level.

To guard against unauthorized access to the company’s NonStop platforms, the security team at Telecom Italia Lab had employed strong authentication, using mobile one-time password (MOTP) mechanisms. However, these authentication mechanisms were unique to the NonStop platform, and were implemented on a server-by-server basis, which meant that each time a user wanted to access a NonStop based application, they’d have to request a password specific to the associated server (using SMS, IVR, or Web), receive the password, and submit their credentials. Given many users frequently had to log in and out of various servers, this cumbersome process led to inconvenience and wasted time.

Consequently, Telecom Italia Lab sought a smarter, more efficient authentication method. They wanted to simplify the process for end users, and reduce the time it takes people to gain access to the systems they need to do their jobs. In addition, they wanted to leverage the centralized authentication processes and platforms that were already deployed at the corporate level.


The Solution

To achieve their objectives, the team at Telecom Italia Lab selected SecurSSO from comForte. SecurSSO is a true single sign-on solution for HP NonStop systems that uses the Kerberos authentication protocol to integrate with Microsoft's Active Directory.


The Benefits

With SecurSSO, users at Telecom Italia Lab can enjoy the benefits of true single sign-on convenience, which saves them time each time they need to access a NonStop-based system. Given the number of users and the rate of system usage these time savings amount to significant cost savings for the company.


About Telecom Italia Lab

Telecom Italia Lab is the Research, Testing and Engineering area of Telecom Italia Group that guarantees continuous development in the ICT services and technology field. Its researchers are committed to progress in the access and transport network areas by developing services and new platforms. All of these are based on a careful analysis of end-customer and business needs. Among the research activities currently underway, mention should be made of mobile communications, from 4G network to mobile-payment; new solutions based on sensor networks; emergence of new solutions to enjoy multimedia contents on TV or mobile device, and also OSS new solutions. Thanks to its close ties with Italian and other universities and research centres and industry, Telecom Italia Lab is bringing the future nearer with advanced services in many sectors for the home and business, guaranteeing quality and security.

Time-Zone Simulation Helps Consolidate Data Centers - Presentation on TANDsoft Website

 Members of the NonStop community unable to attend the recent NonStop Symposium are encouraged to review the presentation on “Time-Zone Simulation Helps Consolidate Data Centers.”  Presented in San Jose by Grant Lowe, RBC’s manager of its Tandem System Support Team, and by TANDsoft president Jack Di Giacomo, the presentation focuses on efforts to consolidate data centers as a cost-saving measure.  The presentation is available at

 A major challenge was determining how to run critical 24x7 online banking applications that needed to run in the Pacific Time Zone on a system with a clock that was set to the Eastern Time Zone.  The presentation highlights the solution for handling time-zone sensitive applications and also discusses other issues that are needed to solve before a successful migration could take place.

 TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions.  They include FileSync for automatic file synchronization and replication, the OPTA2000 clock and time-zone simulator, the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits, and the new Command Stream Replicator (CSR).  CSR automatically replicates DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail.   For more information, visit

Or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234


comForte continues expansion in Asia Pacific


comForte GmbH, a global provider of connectivity and security solutions for the HP NonStop platform, today announced the formation of comForte Asia Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore.


"We are very excited about establishing comForte Asia in Singapore as it is further proof of comForte's successful global expansion strategy", says Dr Michael Rossbach, CEO of comForte. "Asia is a very important growth market for comForte and by opening the new office in Singapore we are increasing our geographical foot print and are getting closer to our customers and partners in the region."


comForte established an office in Sydney, Australia in 2009 and with the new office in Singapore comForte continues to invest in the Asia Pacific channel in order to better service its customers and to fuel its growth in the region.


Come and see us at the following events:

·        CTUG, Oct 27-28, Mississauga, Canada

·        ACE Asia Pacific, Nov 2-4, Bali

·        GTUG, Nov 16-18, Wiesbaden, Germany

·        BITUG BIG SIG, Dec 2, London UK

Ross Systems International FINFO Version 3.4

There are times when a product seems to come alive and take a direction of its own.

Such is the case with FINFO. I remember only to well standing up before BITUG and saying that the natural course of things is data produces information which then produces action. Never, realising the events which would unfold this year.

There have been several conversations this Autumn about using the information to be gained from FINFO to steer NonStop systems and it appeared useful to prototype these ideas before committing them using a SPI interface into the various system programs within the NonStop architecture.

This task has been made much easier by the fact that every utility on the NonStop platform has both a command line and a SPI interface and the command line interface always has an obey file capability.

Thus it is possible to produce obey files to configure the system from FINFO by means of a fairly simple change and also then using this functionality to prototype the corresponding SPI functionality for a whole range of NonStop system applications, more about this later.

The second hurdle which needed to be crossed was to adequately answer the question of whether the file selection parameters within FINFO were adequate for this task?

Having taken advice the answer to this question was a conditional YES except I have not allowed for negative conditions i.e not safeguard, not file codes...

Having taken this step, for completeness, I also gave the file sort command -O the capability of reverse sorting.

The changes were implemented as follows:

1.     All the selection parameters can now be accompanied by a not (!) condition
So whereas -SG means select safeguard files -!SG or -S!G, means select all files not safeguard protected.
This was included because, if you want to have control over the files selected it is really necessary to have the ability to select files over the whole range for instance -!sc100 -!sc500 -!sc700 all on the command line will result in the selection of all files except program object files, i.e. data files.


2.     All the print order parameters can now be accompanied by the not (!) condition -> reverse order
So whereas -OD means display in ascending date order -!OD means display in descending date order

3.     A new display type -C(ommand) has been included, this has the format:
-Cpnt where
p = position B(efore) or A(fter),
n = line number from 1 - 20 must be sequential ascending
t is the text in quotes "text", this can be anything, and if a quote is needed in the text a double quote is used ""

All of this is a preamble to round trip engineering for SAFEGUARD and other products, since it enables a command/obey file to be generated from the current disposition of the data store infrastructure. The next step is of course to put the safeguard SPI command interface in and to develop further flags for building the ACLs etc.

Thus, it is now possible to express in a FINFO command line the following:

FINFO -S<cond1> -!S<cond2> ... -CB1"ADD " -CA1"<user permissions> &
                         -CB2"ALTER " -CA2<acl 1> -CB3"ALTER " -CA3<acl2> ...

which would result in the generation of for each file found

ADD <file> <user permissions>

ALTER <file> <acl1>

ALTER <file> <acl2>


This can be fed straight into SAFECOM to set up the safeguard protection of the system, it can also be envisioned that this functionality could also be used to feed information into EDIT, FUP and other HP NonStop utilities..

It is a small change in FINFO but it has the capability of saving system administrators a huge amount of time in securing a system containing many different types of files for which the FILE-PATTERN  directive is not adequate.

What we have here is a full patterns directive over the entire range of file attributes which gives the system administrators a much finer control over securing the system, without the hassle of having to repeat the setup for every single file.


However, the fact that it is possible to generate control information for not only SAFEGUARD but also for a whole host of other HP NonStop utilities raises the possibility of linking FINFO using the SPI interface to all these utilities and of generating a very comprehensive dashboard facility based on it.

In conclusion this is good but it will get better with the SPI interface(s), round trip engineering and the GUI interface to go. Life is getting exciting!

So, request a test licence for FINFO Version 3.4 (S-Series) or 5.1 (Itanium & CISC), available now.

Email: Rupert Stanley,

Telephone: +44-1206-392923



TCM Solutions Successful ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO20000 IT Service Management Audit September 2010

TCM Solutions is pleased to announce their recertification to ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO20000 IT Service Management standards following recertification audit. The assessment of TCM’s Quality and IT Service Management Systems was completed at TCM’s Glenrothes, Scotland HQ on September 17th, 2010, and included assessment of all special capabilities necessary for the provision of hardware and software managed services in support of TCM Solutions customers IT systems.

Going forward TCM Solutions is also committed to attaining ISO27001 Information Security Management certification.


TCM Solutions Announces its New Brand Identity and Corporate Website

TCM Solutions announces the release of its new website and brand identity. Completely redesigned with a new look and updated with information about TCM Solution’s latest products and services, the site will include a customer portal, providing support and information to customers' most common questions.

"We wanted a website and corporate identity which highlights our continued commitment to delivering worldclass IT Platform Services" says Tony Craig, TCM Solutions CEO. "At TCM Solutions, we are successful when our customer receives benefit from our solutions in very real and tangible ways - so Delivering Business Benefits Through Innovation is at the core of everything we do".

Mr Craig continues "We wanted to highlight our strategic focus areas of IT Platform Support, Healthcare IT, and Financial/Banking IT. We are one of the UK's leading providers of Cerner Millennium application services and we provide a complete range of managed services for HP's NonStop and Integrity NonStop platforms."

About TCM Solutions Limited

TCM solutions is one of the UK’s leading IT Applications and Platform Service companies - bridging unique and complex requirements with strategic and operational services which help organisations retain customers, add new customers, grow revenues, reduce risks, and grow bottom-line profits.

Today, TCM works with some of the world’s largest financial and healthcare organisations, providing costeffective, low-risk services to our customers. Our services answer the difficult questions posed by today’s IT environment challenges.

Our business is driven by the collective talent, experience, spirit, and commitment of our experts and a global network of partners and subsidiaries.


Christeen Thomson

Corporate Communications

TCM Solutions Limited

Tel: +44 (0)1592 770081


BITUG (British Isles Tandem User Group) are holding their “BIG SIG” on Thursday 2nd December 2010 in London and we would like to invite your company to be a part of the Vendor exhibition.

This event is being held at Trinity House in London ( and we have booked the venue exclusively for this special event.

The vendor area will be in a central room, with all refreshments and lunch served in the exhibition.

Each vendor participating will have a vendor table in the exhibition room and a 25 minute speaking slot.

We have grouped all of the vendor speaking slots together, so you won’t be competing against any key note tracks, simply other vendors.

Power and wireless internet access will be provided at no extra charge, although we do warn against the obvious risks of running live demos over the internet on what will only be a small domestic type wireless service.

Places will be allocated on a first come (read here, first to pay) first served basis and we are only accepting 12 vendors due to space restrictions. Your booking will not be confirmed until BITUG have received payment in full.

BITUG have remained completely independent for this event and as such fees have risen this year. Please contact Sean Bicknell for information on pricing and to obtain payment information. BITUG is not a profit making organisation at all, we are just covering the costs of the show. This cost allows you to bring two attendees.

As with all BITUG events, it is free to attend for our members and we are expecting approximately 90 end users. The day will be split into three tracks with HP taking one track. The other two tracks will consist of Security related topics and a NonStop solutions orientated track. These track topics were picked by our members and are what we feel will bring the greatest attendance.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sean Bicknell

Tandemworld & LinkedIN

Tandemworld have created a Group on LinkedIN through which you can view the latest Tandemworld eNewsletter.

Please view this at

User Groups


01 Dec              Education Day

02 Dec              "Big SIG"


We will be gathering November 9th 2010 at HP, Andover, MA starting at 8:30 AM.

The agenda for presentations is underway and you will be notified when it is firmed up.

Please register using the following:

Bring a friend!

For further information, contact:

Jere Douglass

Darla Vaughn

Larry Yates

OZTUG 2010

Well the date has finally been fixed by HP for Tuesday 9th November in Sydney.

There will be no charge this year for vendors to participate but we need confirmation as soon as possible of who will be attending.

Vendors will receive space within the expo area with a table and two chairs. You will need to bring your own backdrops, banners etc. Vendors will also be given the opportunity to present.

Please forward your presentation abstract and speaker biography to I will pass to HP for approval.

They are looking for vendors to present on something new and topical i.e. recent success stories, changes in technology, new products to meet new requirements etc.

For you overseas vendors, hopefully you will be able to come on down and participate. We hope to see you all there



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