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Tandemworld Newsletter for October 2005


Fusion95 -- PC To Unix connectivity

Communication on NonStop from Martin Fink

Who Guards the Guardian?

Castle Systems

Considering a migration to IP version 6 ?

TapeLabs Announces Virtual TapeServer Certification with HP Integrity NS-Series NonStop Servers

WAN to LAN and back again: A success story

TapeLabs Announces Encryption for Virtual TapeServer

Authorised Training from HP Education
Itanium® 2-based solutions

CSL.NET integrates Pathway with Microsoft.NET

Address your Security needs with SafeTGate.

Network Technologies International and WhiteCap Applications to demonstrate Periscope at the ITUG Solutions Theater

Network Technologies International Partners With Legato Solutions & Services Pte. Ltd. For Distribution of Periscope in Asia

TOP from Gresham Computing

Insider Technologies Limited – ITANIUM Update

TheView 2.7 beta release from River Rock Software is now available

An easy way to replicate BASE24 transactions

PROGNOSIS® adds Integrity

TSI introduces a new mid-range tape automation solution

TSA Inc. Restructures

ITUG User Group News



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Online Version

Fusion95 -- PC To Unix connectivity

Fusion95, for file and print sharing, brings the power of Windows 98/NT/2000/XP editors and development tools to the NonStop Himalaya environment. Fusion 95 allows the NonStop Himalaya server to appear in your Windows workstation's Network Neighbourhood and its file system to appear as a network disk. So Windows hosted programs such as web publishing tools, editors, compilers and development tools can access files without the inconvenience of explicit uploads and downloads of the file.

Features and Benefits
O Use programs such as Windows Explorer to browse the NonStop Himalaya file system.
O Read and write access to Guardian Edit (101), C Data (180) and Unstructured files.
O Read and write access to NonStop Himalaya files from Windows applications without separate upload or download of the files.
O Uses native Guardian NSK security for all file accesses (the system administrator maps Windows Users to Guardian User IDs using the system administration program.)
O Printers attached to the NonStop Himalaya system can be used by Windows applications.
O Read and write access to all OSS files.
O Easy installation. No need to install any additional client software on individual workstations.


About April System Design - since the company was formed in April 1989 it has been know to design advanced connectivity products that 'integrate PC's with UNIX', based on market standards. April has sold over 500.000 software licenses in more than 60 countries. info@april.se or www.april.se             http://www.april.se/english/tandem.asp 

CMS Software Ltd are April System's authorised dealers in the UK and they can be contacted at 01708 640382 or sales@cmssoft.co.uk

Also see April System Design on www.tandemworld.net

Communication on NonStop from Martin Fink

To our valued HP NonStop customers and partners:

The HP NonStop Enterprise Division has recently made significant and far-reaching improvements to our organizational structure, business strategy, and execution models. The purpose of this message is to share with you the new management structure and the strategic product initiatives that will drive enhanced NonStop revenue, profitable growth, and overall success in the coming years.

The NonStop server is widely recognized as the premium fault-tolerant processing engine for the world's most critical applications. We recently introduced the new Intel® Itanium® 2 processor–based Integrity NonStop server and NonStop Advanced Architecture, positioning us even more firmly in the open standards environment. But in order to remain competitive and grow the NonStop business, we must also begin to leverage our rich intellectual property more effectively. To this end, we have created an organizational structure that places enhanced focus on growth while maintaining our core business—and doing all of this with real-time vision, value proposition, and attitude.

The HP NonStop Enterprise Division is now organized as follows:

Martin Fink – Vice President and General Manager, NonStop Enterprise Division and Open Source & Linux Organization
Mike Dowers – Real-time Software Development
Hal Massey – Real-time Platform Development
Craig Wagner – NonStop Enterprise Marketing
Randy Meyer – Product Management, Strategy & Technology
Joanne Brown – Total Customer Experience
Chris Whitener – Atalla Security Products
Bob Taylor – Chief Technology Officer
Ron Bartels – Worldwide Business Operations

The NonStop sales regions are led by:

Tom Moylan – Americas
Neil Pringle – EMEA
Herbert Zwenger – Asia-Pacific
Tsutomu Asano – Japan

In addition, we have restructured NonStop Enterprise Marketing to sharpen the focus on our key vertical industries: Finance; CME (Communications, Media, and Entertainment, formerly Telco); and Emerging Markets. We believe this new structure will be effective in quickly identifying winning solutions and bringing them to market in a cost-effective and timely manner. It will also improve operating efficiency, speed decision-making processes, reduce complexity, and improve accountability throughout the organization.

We are very excited about the future of NonStop. Since the product launch at the ENSA conference held in Copenhagen June 2005, the new Integrity NonStop server has enjoyed sustained visibility and very positive reviews. Our connections with Linux — and the exciting opportunities to exploit the synergy of NonStop technology and Open Source software, for reliable and scalable solutions with lower total cost of ownership — is generating both internal and external excitement. CEO Mark Hurd is paying particular attention to NonStop and has asked us to focus on some new market segments, where he believes we have significant potential for competitive advantage.

We will continue our investment in core Integrity NonStop technologies, which comprise the heart of our business. At the same time, we will innovate with new products, leveraging fundamental NonStop attributes and key industry standards to deliver the most value with the best cost structure. We believe that we are well positioned for success in 2006 and beyond.

The central tenet of our long-term strategy is, of course, ensuring that we continue to meet the most demanding needs of our customers as they face existing and new business challenges. HP remains very committed to the NonStop platform and understands the value this technology brings to the HP portfolio and its customers. More information will be provided on these topics at the upcoming NonStop Partner Summit and ITUG Summit conferences in October 2005. We look forward to seeing you there!


Martin Fink
Vice President and General Manager
NonStop Enterprise Division
Open Source & Linux Organization


Who Guards the Guardian?

Castle Systems

Quality service and NonStop Hardware, with a price that fits into today’s budget is Castle Systems, guarantee.

For almost 20 years Castle Systems’ staff have been keeping their promise of ensuring your complete satisfaction.

We promise when you call Castle Systems you will speak with a knowledgeable staff that knows how to handle every part of your transaction, from recommendations on cost saving solutions to safely shipping your product anywhere in the world.

We promise your product to be of excellent quality, handled with care and competitively priced at savings from 50% or more.

We promise you will find an extensive inventory of over 18,000 parts in stock that include everything from TXP’s to the latest in ServerNet technology. We provide complete systems, upgrades and peripherals.

We promise our dependable service will keep you coming back for more. We care about your business, you make us who we are.

Please visit www.castlesystems.net to learn more about us. Or contact our sales office directly for current specials on processor, controllers,
tape drives, internal/external disk drives and more.

Castle Systems, Inc. (216)-738-3000

Considering a migration to IP version 6 ?

With the enhancements to IPv6 on the HP NonStop™ platform, such as performance improvements and single IP host are you considering a migration away from the mature IPv4 ?  With consultants having over 20 years experience on HP NonStop™ servers BrightStrand International has the skills to assist you.  

Whether a full migration to IPv6, or a gradual migration using the dual-stack capability then BrightStrand can assist using a flexible approach, for example :

         §    Initial planning to help you do the migration

§    Remote support during the planning and migration

§    Work alongside you at assigned stages of migration

§    Full end to end migration for one or all of your HP NonStop hosts

 For further information please contact BrightStrand International  

Tel:              +[0]141 204 4046

Email:           info@brightstrand.com

Web:            www.brightstrand.com

TapeLabs Announces Virtual TapeServer Certification with HP Integrity NS-Series NonStop Servers

Tape Laboratories announces that the Virtual TapeServer is now certified for use on HP Integrity NS-Series NonStop Servers.

The recently announced Integrity Servers use industry-standard Fibre Channel interfaces for connectivity to external resources such as disk and tape devices. TapeLabs completed certification of its Virtual TapeServer for use with Integrity server’s in three different connectivity schemes: direct connect to the Integrity server, through an NonStop S-series I/O enclosure, and through the M8201 Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router solution. Virtual TapeServer is sold and supported by HP.

For more information, contact TapeLabs at +1 310.577.1700 or visit http://www.tapelabs.com.

Or Contact BrightStrand International at +44 141 204 4046 or info@brightstrand.com


WAN to LAN and back again: A success story

Painted into a corner by legacy WAN protocol dependencies? Whether you are bound by your application’s legacy communications layer or by a need to support embedded WAN transport and/or device infrastructure, you CAN move towards the future…now, and with ease!

A major Asia-based energy company wasn’t willing to “wait for the paint to dry”. They embraced their production environment’s evolution with ComNet, the cutting edge protocol conversion solution from Digital Presence.

The 2 challenges:

Expedient migration of next generation devices to a LAN-based topology… without changing a single line of code in the original WAN-based application.

- Reduce or eliminate further hardware topology complexities.

The 1 solution:

ComNet protocol conversion software provided a quick and simple software appliance to convert, not encapsulate their X25 data stream to and from the original application!

“…setup for using <ComNet> was very simple, as we have come to expect…”

“One thing I should have mentioned before is how efficient I found ComNet to be in terms of CPU time - very impressive…”

The net result:

Thanks to ComNet, a new IP-centric infrastructure and device landscape, served by the original and unchanged WAN protocol-based application, is now in production…at a fraction of the expense, migration window and administrative headaches of alternative encapsulation and hardware solutions.


ComNet provides simple and affordable “WAN-to-LAN-and-back-again” options for today’s NonStop customers with their eye on the future of data communications.


For further information please Contact Us

TapeLabs Announces Encryption for Virtual TapeServer

Tape Laboratories announces VTS SecureExport, an encryption feature for Virtual TapeServer.

Data security is one of today's leading priorities for enterprises, often driven from the board of directors level. Data security encompasses more than data safeguarding, and must comply with regulatory requirements including SEC record retention, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HiPPA.

VTS SecureExport uses a 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt files to tape; a highly secure biometric device is used for key management.

VTS SecureExport encrypted files are portable across all supported operating systems and processors. VTS SecureExport is available beginning October 2005.

For more information, contact TapeLabs at +1 310.577.1700 or visit http://www.tapelabs.com.

Or Contact BrightStrand International at +44 141 204 4046 or info@brightstrand.com

Authorised Training from HP Education Itanium® 2-based solutions

Effective training can be crucial in accelerating your transition to Itanium®. HP has tapped the knowledge of our Itanium experts in HP Labs as well as our partners to develop the best training available for this new technology. We offer an online curriculum that covers overview and administration on all three operating systems: HP-UX 11i, Windows, and Linux. We can help you bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to know, allowing you to make more informed decisions and move forward more quickly.

Web-based classes include:

Introduction to Itanium (H8361aae)
This web-based, self-paced training provides an overview of the Itanium architecture, its technical innovations, and how those innovations address today's computing challenges. A case study, numerous examples and high-level explanations ensure that both technical and non-technical students can appreciate the strategic relevance of this important new platform in today's marketplace.

New features and functions of HP-UX 11i for Itanium (H8362aae)
This web-based, self-paced training presentation provides an overview of the changes in the HP-UX operating system for the Itanium architecture. In particular, the new EFI and boot process, the Veritas volume manager, and changes in HP-UX/Itanium kernel configuration and logging.

Linux on Itanium (H8363aae)
This web-based, self-paced training presentation provides an overview of the design goals for 64 bit Linux on the Itanium platform together with changes from the IA-32 version. Major Linux distributions and IA-64 project members are listed.

Windows on Itanium (H8364aae) 
This web-based, self-paced training presentation provides an overview of the Windows operating system for the Itanium architecture. Features and benefits of the 64-bit environment are presented with other useful sources of information.

Software functions and algorithms on Itanium (H8367aae)
This web-based, self-paced training presentation provides an overview of the low level elementary functions and algorithms for the Itanium architecture, in particular floating point. An associated book "IA-64 and Elementary Functions" by Peter Markstein (ISBN 0-13-018348-2) is a useful addition for further study.

HP NonStop Education Programme

HP Education now offers the HP NonStop curriculum. This curriculum is designed to match the requirements of specific job role functions, namely application design and development, server system support, data communications, integrity systems, and systems and operations management.

HP NonStop Education provides authorised training using only the best of breed trainers. All trainers are fully experienced in the delivery at the highest level. They bring with them real life knowledge developed from consulting and managing across the NonStop product family, often providing additional information that can only be passed on through vast experience.

To access information of the full range of authorised NonStop training courses please visit: http://h41156.www4.hp.com/HPEduUK/available.asp?m=courses&groupname=NonStop

In addition, HP Education is more than happy to work with you to customise your NonStop training around your business needs, time constraints and staff availability by offering flexible training options. Please contact me for any further information.

Update your address book

Tim Lydiatt has now left HP to study for a degree at University. For those of you who know Tim and have dealt with him in recent years I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing him all the very best in his ventures. Please take this opportunity to update your address book with my details and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

To discuss all HP NonStop training enquiries please contact HP Education NonStop Portfolio Manager Jamie Williamson on 01344 362795, or alternatively by e-mail Jamie.williamson@hp.com

CSL.NET integrates Pathway with Microsoft.NET

comForte, a leading provider of web-enabling and legacy integration solutions for HP NonStop Servers, has extended its product line to support seamless integration of NonStop server applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework.

CSL.NET extends comForte's CSL (Client Server Link) product, which provides Pathway Server connectivity for existing RSC clients, as well as new clients written in C/C++, Delphi or Java clients, with a client API completely written in .NET Managed Code. With CSL.NET, developers can build multi-tiered .NET enterprise applications integrating NonStop Pathway Servers as a back-end. CSL.NET is designed to allow high transaction rates. Other than a SOAP interface, communication between .NET and NonStop server is performed by a fast light-weight protocol without any time- and bandwidth-consuming XML data transfers.

CSL.NET supports full TMF transaction management, connection pooling, unsolicited messages (sending requests from the NonStop server to .NET components), as well as conversion of the inter-process messages, making data easily accessible as .NET objects.

For more information, please go to http://www.comforte.com/post?a=op_tcsl&t=COMFORTE_csl

comForte GmbH

Phone Germany: +49 3391 4557 0

Phone US: (614) 441-9602 

Email: info@comforte.com

Web: www.comforte.com


Address your Security needs with SafeTGate.

SafeTGate SSL has enabled HP Nonstop users around the world to secure their TCP/IP communications and could be the solution for your own organisations security needs.

Insession Technologies understands how important the security of your network is to the success of your business and as a result we have enhanced, SafeTGate:SSL to include the following support:-

Certificate Management
SafeTGate:SSL has extended its certificate management capabilities to support both Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) and Positive Certificate Authentication.

SSL Library
SafeTGate:SSL is now available in library form. The SafeTGate:SSL Library can be bound into any native NonStop application to provide an additional layer of security with built-in SSL support. ACI is integrating this support into XPNET for BASE24 users.

SSL Client Support
SafeTGate now includes a client component, SafeTGate:SC, for those remote applications that require SSL support. SafeTGate:SC runs on the Windows platforms, and provides transparent protection of those applications' sensitive data.

New Ciphers
SafeTGate:SSL now supports the latest in encryption algorithms, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). New configuration options allow greater control over allowed cipher-suites.

For additional information on the full range of security options available with SafeTGate:SSL, please visit http://www.insession.com/safetgate/mailing

For a no obligation demonstration of SafeTGate:SSL, please register online at http://www.insession.com/safetgate/mailing/request_info.asp

Alternatively call +44 1923 816393 and ask to speak to an Insession Representative.

Network Technologies International and WhiteCap Applications to demonstrate Periscope at the ITUG Solutions Theater

Network Technologies International (NTI) and WhiteCap Applications are pleased to announce our participation in the new Solutions Theater at ITUG 2005 to be held in San Jose California October 24 thru 26. The Solutions Theater is a new feature at this year’s show where Software Vendors will be able to demonstrate technology that integrates the new HP NonStop Integrity with Linux and Unix.

NTI and WhiteCap will be demonstrating our Periscope technology, which seamlessly links the entire NonStop file system into the Oracle database. During a brief 30 minute demonstration we will show you how easy it is to update the SQL/MX database from Oracle, and how easy it is to access SQL/MX data from Excel and Crystal Reports.

Periscope Virtual Oracle Integrator is a JAVA based software product that installs inside of the Oracle engine and gives Oracle the ability to link most databases and file systems virtually into the Oracle database. With Periscope, data remains distributed yet can be accessed real-time from the Oracle engine just as if the data were actually hosted within Oracle. Periscope/Oracle access is full function and supports real-time connections to Enscribe, SQL/MP, SQL/MX, as well as over 50 databases and file systems. For more information about Periscope, visit us at:

Demonstrations will be offered at the Solutions Theater in the Vendor Hall on the following schedule:

Monday October 24th

2:00 PM     6:30 PM
2:30 PM     7:00 PM
5:30 PM     7:30 PM
6:00 PM     8:00 PM

Network Technologies International Partners With
Legato Solutions & Services Pte. Ltd.
For Distribution of Periscope in Asia

Companies expand their current distribution relationship to include Periscope.
The first-ever Oracle database link for HP NonStop™ platforms

Westerville, Ohio – September 1, 2005
– Network Technologies International (NTI), the leading provider of Data Replication for the HP NonStop™ computing platform, and Legato Solutions & Services Pte. Ltd. today announced that Legato has been appointed as a distributor for NTI’s Periscope product. Under the terms of the agreement, Periscope will be added to the existing distribution agreement, and will be marketed thru Legato to the Asian HP NonStop™ market.

“We are excited to be working with Legato to introduce Periscope to the Asian HP NonStop communities,” said Michael Nee, president of NTI. “Legato’s stellar reputation and proven track record gives us an excellent partner as we introduce this exciting new technology.”

Periscope is a software product that links distributed databases into the Oracle database. With Periscope, Business Data that is hosted across multiple database platforms and vendors can be linked virtually into the Oracle database. Periscope links the complete HP NonStop™ file system (SQL/MX, SQL/MP, Enscribe) into Oracle with no programming modifications to the NonStop. The solution is the first-ever data virtualization tool for Oracle databases accessing HP NonStop™ data.

According to Loreen Teo, president of Legato, “As Legato expands our platform expertise beyond the NonStop market, we saw an excellent opportunity to work with many of our clients on important cross enterprise database projects. Periscope gives Legato the leading edge technology our customers are looking for. This partnership opens up the benefits of Periscope to HP NonStop customers in Asia and will help them maximize their investments in Oracle.”

To learn more, contact Network Technologies International at +1 (770) 382 0598, or visit

About Network Technologies International
Network Technologies International is a privately held company headquartered in Westerville Ohio. NTI develops, markets, and sells the DRNet data replication suite of products for the HP NonStop™ computing platform. In early 2005, NTI entered into a distribution relationship with WhiteCap Applications for the worldwide distribution of Periscope for the HP NonStop™ market. NTI’s products are distributed through International distributors, value-added resellers and direct marketing efforts. For more information, please visit www.network-tech.com.

About Legato Solutions & Services Pte. Ltd.
Legato Solutions & Services Pte. Ltd. (www.legato.com.sg) is a privately held software company supporting the HP NonStop market in Asia. The company has since built a name for itself as the preferred business partner in the region for high-end software solutions for both the HP NonStop™ NSK customers and customers with Open Platform systems.

About WhiteCap Applications, Inc.

WhiteCap Applications (www.whitecapapplications.com) is a privately held software company that markets and sells Periscope Virtual Oracle Integrator. WhiteCap has partnered with NTI for delivery of Periscope into the worldwide HP NonStop™ market.

TOP from Gresham Computing

TOP provides an interface for many different NonStop subsystems - from TMF to Safeguard, EMS to OSS.

If you haven't seen TOP, visit us at the ITUG Summit in San Jose, or visit http://top.gresham-computing.com and fill in your details for a trial license key or

contact top@gresham-computing.com.

Insider Technologies Limited – ITANIUM Update

ITANIUM Accredited Products

Insider Technologies has successfully completed an Itanium accreditation test exercise at the HP UK Itanium test centre in Reading.

Insider products successfully accredited:

Reflex 80:20 - The HP NonStop Operations and Service Management facility.

MultiBatch - The Mainframe Class Batch Scheduler for the HP NonStop environment.

“Itanium ready” versions of ITL products:

Reflex 80:20 (Version 4.7H)

MultiBatch (Version 9.3D)

Both products will be available from October 2005.

Version of the HP NonStop Integrity operating system, the products were verified against:


Copies of Test Scripts and an Accreditation Statement can be obtained from: support@insidertech.co.uk

ITANIUM Migration – Source Scan Utility

Insider Technologies is in the process of creating a source code reporting tool that will be able to assist you with the forward migration of your HP NSK applications.

The tool will be PC based and it will scan nominated directories containing your Tandem source, reporting on obsolete function calls and their arguments.

The output will highlight areas of risk, together with the module names and the code line numbers involved. Users will be able to then view or print the output of the review together with accompanying statistics.

The tool can be used to investigate the amount of change required to migrate your source code to forward versions of the NSK Operating System, ranging from the use of old C-series based function calls and language constructs through to the HP Integrity platform at H06.

The C, C++, COBOL, TAL and DDL languages will all be supported.

The proposed release date for this utility is December 2005.

If you think that there would be interest within your organisation for such a reporting facility, then please contact Insider Technologies at:
support@insidertech.co.uk .

HP NonStop Training from Insider Technologies Limited

Insider Technologies Limited provides a range of HP NSK (Tandem) training courses which can either be presented on-site, or at ITL’s Manchester premises.

ITL’s professional instructors, with their many years experience in HP NonStop environments, provide these courses, utilising their skills in Development, Systems / Network Management and Consultancy, to deliver the courses in an approachable and knowledgeable manner.

Training course material, along with practical hand-on exercise labs, enables the student to easily assimilate the knowledge and put to good use their new found skills.

The range of HP NonStop training courses available from ITL are:

Tandem - Security Management

Tandem - Basic Operations

Tandem - Concepts, Basic Operation and Security

Tandem - TACL Programming Course

Introduction to ServerNet

Introduction to Integrity NonStop


TheView 2.7 beta release from River Rock Software is now available

River Rock Software, a leader in tools for accessing NonStop servers, has released a new version of TheView, a graphical user interface (GUI) that is efficient and easy to learn.


This new release offers the Common Server feature, which allows users to view spool files owned by a different Guardian user ID. Using Common Server, a user or user group is configured to view reports for a specific Guardian user ID that match a preconfigured batch name, report name, form name, or location.


Common Server provides increased security by avoiding risks associated with allowing users broad access to other reports or to the Pathway subsystem itself. Up to five Common Servers can be configured per NonStop server, and wild cards can be used for spool file attributes.


For more information or a 30-day evaluation version of TheView, visit ITUG Summit 2005 booth 714 or contact sales@RiverRockSoftware.com or +1 (888) 966 6746.


An easy way to replicate BASE24 transactions

In the previous Newsletters, Audit Profit introduced some useful utility software: Stefi and GetTandemFile.
This time we would like to share some information about another software that enables BASE24 users to mirror/replicate their (P)TLF transactions into Windows and Tandem destinations.
With Windows destination you have great flexibility: the database operations are handled through an open API. Currently there are two plugins, one for MS Sql tables and one for txt files (for demo purposes). These plugins comes with source code and are easy to tailor to your specific needs. You can make plugins for any database management system you are familiar with in your Windows environment.
With Tandem destination the transactions are inserted into enscribe files with standard (P)TLF structure.
The system is easy to manage, you can get email notification about communication/database handling issues.
Both destination's client software uses the same server on the Tandem side, which is the same as Stefi's/GetTandemFile's server. This diagram  shows the relationships between the modules.
You can download a full function Demo. It is easy to install, requires very low hardware/software resources.
To download the install set click here  
Sale information: gbc@gbc.hu  

PROGNOSIS® adds Integrity
The PROGNOSIS on HP Integrity NonStop

Sydney – October 13, 2005 - Integrated Research (ASX:IRI), further confirmed PROGNOSIS as the preferred monitoring and management solution for HP NonStop systems with HP granting their HP DSPP Partner Certification to PROGNOSIS for the new HP Integrity NonStop platform.

“PROGNOSIS is synonymous with HP NonStop, and has been trusted since its release in 1988 to provide precise performance monitoring and management of HP NonStop systems,” said Andrew Moran, PROGNOSIS product manager. “The HP DSPP Partner Certification for HP Integrity servers sees PROGNOSIS move forward with HP Integrity in supporting the world's business critical computing environments."

“HP Integrity NonStop is generating enormous interest in the marketplace,” said Keith Andrews, CEO Integrated Research. “However, PROGNOSIS will continue its commitment to provide the most precise performance management solution for existing HP NonStop networks, while taking advantage of the opportunities HP Integrity NonStop will inevitably bring.”

Media Contact:

Belinda York
VP Global Marketing - Integrated Research
+61 2 9921 1565

TSI introduces a new mid-range tape automation solution
TSI introduces, through HP, the MRL50 – a new mid-range tape library that is a modular and scalable automation solution available on both the HP Integrity and S-series NonStop systems. 
The MRL50 provides both SCSI and FC configurations. The M8520 SCSI Base Unit with N1522A (LTO II SCSI) tape drives provides a highly scalable base for the tape automation solution on the S-series platform.  The M8521 FC Base Unit with M8504 (LTO III FC) tape drives is the equivalent base for the tape automation solution on the NonStop Integrity platform.  Both of these mid-range tape automation solutions are extremely cost-effective, highly scalable solutions offering NonStop customers the flexibility to start with a configuration as small as 2 drives with 50 tape cartridge slots. 
Customers may then buy additional modules as their backup storage environment grows all the way to the maximum configuration of 18 tape drives (14 on S-series) or 530 tape cartridge slots.  The FC based MRL50 has a native storage capacity scaling from 20 terabytes (40TB compressed) to over 200 terabytes (400TB compressed). 
For additional information about this new library, contact Larry Meyers, TSI, at +1 (817) 354-8009, ext. 32, or email TSI at salesusa@tributary.com


TSA Inc. Restructures

Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSAI), today announced a restructured, highly focused organization, combining its three business units into one operating unit under the ACI Worldwide name.

ACI Worldwide had been TSA's largest business unit, with nearly 78 percent of the Company's revenues over the past twelve months.

"In my seven months with the Company, we have been working hard with the Board of Directors to assess how we best organize to leverage the market opportunities in front of us," said Philip Heasley, Chief Executive Officer. "In examining the market, our opportunities and our organization, we felt that creating a single operating unit would give us the best opportunities for focus, operating efficiency and strategic acquisition integration."

"As the financial services market moves towards more convergence of electronic payments, TSA is uniquely positioned to serve that trend, with solutions for consumer payments, corporate payments and heterogeneous systems connectivity and management," added Heasley. "The assets of ACI Worldwide, IntraNet Worldwide and Insession Technologies represent market-leading solutions for supporting enterprise-level electronic payments needs. We believe this new organization will position us to better focus these assets to deliver end-to-end payments solutions to banks, retailers and payment processors."

ACI Worldwide will be the Company's market brand and global footprint. Staff from the IntraNet Worldwide and Insession Technologies units will be integrated into the new organization, to be organized into the following line and staff functions:

1. Line organizations

  • Product, to be headed by Mark Vipond. Mr. Vipond is a 20-year veteran with the Company, and served previously as President of ACI Worldwide.
  • Americas, to be headed by Anthony Parkinson. Mr. Parkinson is a 21-year veteran with the Company, and served previously as President of Insession Technologies.
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), to be headed by Richard Launder. Mr. Launder is a 12-year veteran with the Company, and continues in his role as EMEA channel head.
  • Asia/Pacific (A/P), to be headed by Donald McLarty. Mr. McLarty is a 12-year veteran with the Company, and continues in his role as A/P channel head.
  • A new "Software as a Service" group, with a new leader to be identified.

2. Staff organizations:

  • Technology Strategy, to be headed by Charles Linberg. Mr. Linberg is an 18-year veteran with the Company, and continues in his role as Chief Technology Officer.
  • Marketing and Business Development, to be headed by Jeffrey Hale. Mr. Hale is an 18-year veteran with the Company, and previously served as Chief Marketing Officer for ACI Worldwide.
  • Finance, to be headed by David Bankhead. Mr. Bankhead has been with the Company since 2003, and continues in his capacity as Chief Financial Officer.
  • Legal, to be headed by Dennis Byrnes. Mr. Byrnes has been with the Company since 2003, and continues in his capacity as General Counsel.
  • Administration, to be headed by David Morem. Mr. Morem joined the Company in 2005, previously serving in operational roles at GE, Bank One and US Bank.

Each organization will be tasked with supporting the complete range of the Company's products and services, either globally or in their geographic theater. The new "Software as a Service" group will be expected to develop new businesses and market-entry vehicles where the Company sells a service directly to end-user banks, retailers or processors. The Company's proven software assets and expertise are expected to give this new group the leverage necessary to develop new revenue sources and customers for ACI.

"We are integrating the three business units across key operating functions, including product, sales, marketing and support," said Heasley. "We believe the efficiencies we gain from these changes will position us to yield enhanced operating margins, better process standardization and allow for increased investment in solutions research and development. Specific areas in which we are currently seeking to invest include enterprise fraud detection, chip-based solutions and our new "Software as a Service" business. Enterprise payments convergence, risk management and deployment of new services are key priorities for our customers."

The Company currently expects annual pre-tax savings from this move to be in the range of $6.4 million to $6.7 million. During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005, the Company currently expects one-time charges from this restructuring of approximately $1.2 million. During fiscal 2006, the Company expects to incur an additional $2.1 million to $2.8 million in one-time restructuring costs offset by first year savings of $5.8 million to $6.0 million.

In addition, the Company announced that Dennis Jorgensen, President of IntraNet Worldwide, will be retiring, coincident with the restructuring. "We will miss Dennis and want to thank him for his service to the company," said Heasley. "I leave the TSA corporate family with nothing but good memories," said Jorgensen. "I wish the company, along with its employees, customers and partners, the very best."

"In my brief tenure as CEO of TSA, I am even more firmly convinced that TSA offers a unique value proposition to the largest payment processing entities in the world," added Heasley. "We believe these organizational changes will better position us to take advantage of the market opportunity, and distance ourselves from other market alternatives."

TSA currently anticipates providing revenue and earnings guidance for fiscal 2006, including the estimated effects of these changes, during its fourth quarter earnings call on October 25, 2005

For More information on TSA Inc. Please goto www.tsainc.com

ITUG User Groups

ITUG Hot News

1. ITUG Summit 2005 Features Variety of Networking Opportunities
2. SIG Sessions at 2005 Summit
3. Upcoming RUG Events


1. ITUG Summit 2005 Features Variety of Networking Opportunities

No one knows more about the needs and challenges of HP NonStop users than fellow users, which is why ITUG continues to build more networking opportunities into ITUG Summit.

Welcome Reception in ITUG Summit 2005 Exhibition: Products and Services Showcase: Kick-off the conference week with ITUG and the ITUG Summit 2005 exhibitors at the Welcome Reception. Enjoy a selection of hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer, as you travel through the Exhibit Hall, visiting with vendors, and old friends, as well as making new ones! This is a great chance to see the extensive array of HP and third-party partner products and solutions in a comfortable and social atmosphere.

New for 2005! Networking Centers in Exhibition: Products and Services Showcase: ITUG Networking Centers have been added throughout the Exhibit Hall. These Networking Centers, with couches, conference tables, computer and wireless access, are the perfect spots to relax and socialize with fellow attendees during the busy conference day. The ITUG Summit 2005 Networking Centers are sponsored by Simdesk.

ITUG Summit 2005 Party (sponsored by HP and Intel) at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation: By popular demand, the ITUG Summit 2005 Party is taking place at to the inventive Tech Museum of Innovation -- an easy one block walk from the conference center and conference hotels. Enjoy a host of high-tech interactive exhibits, live entertainment and delicious food and beverages in this fun, unique setting.

Special Interest Group Sessions: Meet face-to-face with other users and specialists in your area of interest during the Special Interest Group Sessions planned for ITUG Summit 2005 including:

•  Consultant
•  Disaster Recovery/Business Contingency
•  Java 
•  NonStop SQL
•  Open Source
•  Operations Management
•  Performance
•  Security & Audit

Register for ITUG Summit 2005, taking place on 23-27 October in San Jose, California. ITUG Summit 2005 provides an educational experience focused on the latest in HP NonStop enterprise solutions, business continuity, and heterogeneous solutions.

2. SIG Sessions at 2005 Summit

The SIG Sessions at the 2005 ITUG Summit have been scheduled and are listed below:

Consultant - Tuesday, 25 October, 11:45 - 12:45pm
Open Source - Tuesday, 25 October, 2 - 3pm
Non-Stop SQL Server - Tuesday, 25 October, 3:15 - 4:15pm
Security and Audit - Tuesday, 25 October, 5:30 - 6:30pm
Java - Wednesday, 26 October, 11:30 - 12:30pm
Performance - Wednesday, 26 October, 2:45 - 3:45pm
Operations Management - Wednesday, 26 October, 4:15- 5pm
Disaster Recovery - Wednesday, 26 October, 5:15 - 6:15pm

3. Upcoming RUG Events

INUG: The next meeting for the Iberian Non-Stop Users Group will be held Thursday, 20 October. The focal point will be Enterprise Application Integration. For more information please see their Web site.

FTUG: The French Tandem Users Group will have a meeting on 24 November at HP France (Les Ulis). For more information please see their Web site.

BITUG: The British Isles Non-Stop Users Group will host a Performance SIG Meeting on 2 December in London, England . For more information please see their Web site.

RUG & SIG Calendar: For a complete look at the calendar of meetings and events, please visit the SIG & RUG Calendar Web site


Technical Focus Group 2005

This years TFG will take place on the 14th-16th November at the Hilton Hotel in Watford.
The delegate fees have been held at the same level as last year - 320 GBP (+ 17.5% tax).
The draft agenda is available here.
Details of the hotel can be found here.
REGISTRATION is open here.

MEBUG 2005

MEBUG are delighted to announce that the 2005 MEBUG conference will take place on 4-7 December at the Sheraton Hotel, Bahrain.

The draft agenda is available for perusal here.

REGISTRATION is now open here.

HOTEL bookings can be made here.



And Finally.........

Tandemworld’s proprietor is taking part in a Charity Event on 19th November 2005. The event is being held by Back2Front (more information at www.back2front.net) as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Dave will be having his hair dyed Pink for the occasion and his Wife’s employees have held an auction to decide who has the dubious honour of dying Dave’s hair Pink!!!! The highest bid was only £27 and will be carried out on the morning of 19th November 2005. However, this is a good start to this fundraising activity. As part of the auction process all the employees requested that Dave meet with some of his Clients, Colleagues and Friends in the City on the following Tuesday with Pink hair!!!

To this end Dave (with Pink hair) will be in the Crosse Keys, 9 Gracechurch Street, City of London at 12:00 on 22nd November 2005 to sup a few beers with Clients, Colleagues and friends. However, Dave will only do this if donations to this worthy cause are forthcoming. All donors will be automatically entered in the prize draw.

Pictures of course will be published on the website for all to laugh at. We will also keep you informed of how much we have raised.

To make donations please contact Dave via email at charity@tandemworld.net



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