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BrightStrand host a visit from Crystal Point 23 – 26 August

TapeLabs Announces Virtual TapeServer Self-Serve Software Portal

Cornerstone Software Partners with WhiteCap Applications Inc.

Discover the Advantages of Business Process Management

Backup/Restore data encryption

Insider Technologies Limited Update

Extending Fault Tolerance to Voice

TSAI reports revenues of $78.0 million and planned acquisition of S2 Systems

TSI introduces a scalable mid-range tape library

Improve Your Business Tomorrow with Liemur

ACI Worldwide, Completes Acquisition of S2 Systems

Data security solutions for HP NonStop, Windows, and Unix.


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BrightStrand host a visit from Crystal Point 23 – 26 August

Prior to a number of new product feature releases Crystal Point are visiting the UK on 23rd to 26th August.  

  • OutsideView 7.3

OutsideView terminal emulation is available in either Desktop or Enterprise versions.  The Desktop version is a comprehensive host connectivity suite intended for your standalone (non-networked) users.  In addition to the functionality of OutsideView Desktop, the Enterprise version has many features to facilitate deployment and administration of host connectivity software over your networks. SSL/TLS encrypted sessions with support for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates are be available in OutsideView versions 7.2 and greater

  • AppView XS 2.0

A Powerfully Simple Way to Renew Host Applications and Integrate for the Web. The AppView screen-based approach to renewing legacy applications is faster, more powerful, and more versatile than modifying trusted host software or writing new code. 

  • Security Suite

Crystal Point’s Security Suite protects your valuable data, providing server and client side SSL/TLS encryption components for securing OutsideView or HTTPS access to your NonStop system.

If you would like to hear about these new product features or see a demonstration please contact BrightStrand at or + 44 [0]141 204 4046.

TapeLabs Announces Virtual TapeServer Self-Serve Software Portal

Tape Laboratories announces that the Virtual TapeServer self-serve software portal is now open to all VTS users with support contracts. 

The portal is the gateway to a specialized site where users can download VTS software version updates, peruse release notes, and browse the VTS Knowledge Base. 

The portal site login is located at and is also accessible from the TapeLabs website. 

Anyone can browse the Knowledge Base, which provides a repository for VTS FAQs, specifications, ideas, how-to suggestions, and other VTS-oriented topics of interest. 

VTS is sold and supported by HP. 

For more information, contact TapeLabs at +1 310.577.1700 or visit

or BrightStrand International on +44 (0) 141 204 4046 or

Cornerstone Software Partners With WhiteCap Applications, Inc.

As a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Companies Combine Key Products to Deliver First-Ever

Data Virtualization Solution for HP NonStop™ Enscribe and Oracle Databases

Nashua, NH – July 6, 2005 – Cornerstone Software, a leading developer of database connectivity tools for the HP NonStop™ computing platform, and WhiteCap Applications, Inc. today announced that WhiteCap has been appointed as a VAR and technology partner for Cornerstone’s DynaScribe software. Under the terms of the agreement, DynaScribe, a component of Cornerstone’s DynaAccess product suite, will be distributed as part of WhiteCap’s Periscope data virtualization application for Oracle databases. Periscope will be marketed to the worldwide HP NonStop market through a partnership between WhiteCap Applications and Network Technologies International (NTI).

“We are excited to be working with WhiteCap to distribute our products throughout the HP NonStop and Oracle communities,” said John Rindone, president of Cornerstone Software. “WhiteCap’s marriage of DynaAccess and Periscope as a bundled product provides HP NonStop and Oracle customers with an innovative, simple and transparent solution for accessing their data, regardless of the database in which it resides.”

Cornerstone’s DynaAccess allows Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) access to NonStop servers from client applications or Web servers running on Windows®  systems. Cornerstone’s DynaAccess product is used within Periscope to link HP NonStop Enscribe and SQL databases real-time into the Oracle database. The solution is the first-ever data virtualization tool for Oracle databases accessing HP NonStop data. 

Contact James McFadden, President     or    John Rindone,Ceo            

(402) 968-3674                                                    (603) 595-7480 Ext. 214

Discover the Advantages of Business Process Management

 No matter what industry you are in, organisations across the globe all have one thing in common: to be successful, they must operate smarter, faster and more effectively while concurrently reducing costs. To achieve this, many organisations are turning to business process management (BPM) solutions to help them immediately respond to changing business needs, reduce operational costs and streamline processes. 

BPM solutions help organisations define, model, execute, monitor and manage critical business processes. By addressing end-to-end processes, BPM unifies departments, applications and users. BPM also links business directives with IT development and puts power into the hands of the people who need it, when they require it. 

A Solution You Can Count On

WorkPoint Advantage(tm) from Insession Technologies is a comprehensive BPM solution suite that coordinates all aspects of a process - people, rules, tasks and systems - into a cohesive whole. It incorporates a powerful rules engine to help organisations build best practices for key business decisions. 

WorkPoint Advantage has been used to execute thousands of processes in numerous industries. A small subset of customer uses include the following: 
* Automation of testing processes 
* Invoice and contract routing and management 
* Loan origination and foreclosure processing 
* Approval and production of digital assets and content 
* Healthcare organization order routing and results endorsements 
* Application integration 

Organisations from diverse markets are realising the benefits of BPM. In fact, WorkPoint customers represent industries ranging from financial services, health care, social services, government, manufacturing, mortgage, not-for-profit, case management and many more.

Representing more than a decade of development and customer deployment, WorkPoint Advantage executes manual or electronic business processes from simple to the most complex, linking people and systems across the enterprise. 

To learn more about business process management and WorkPoint Advantage, 

visit or email

alternatively you can phone and ask to speak to a representative on +44 1923 812721

Backup/Restore data encryption

GreenHouse are proud to announce a new security product: The Backup/Restore Cryptographic Library, which brings a bunch of DES variants to the BACKUP and RESTORE programs. The library enables you to encode data before it is backed up to tape, and to decode it when it is restored.

For details, please read the draft documentation here.

In case you like to get an evaluation copy, please contact me any time.

Carl Weber
GreenHouse Software & Consulting
Phone    +49 2363 72566
FAX      +49 2363 66106
Mobile   +49 172 23 18248

Insider Technologies Limited Update

ITL – Finalist in ‘Microsoft Tech•Ed Europe 2005’ Messaging Category
ITL are pleased to announce that we were one of four finalists in the ‘Messaging’ category, at the recent Microsoft Tech-Ed conference. See latest news from our website:

Insider Technologies Ltd, Sentra product automatically monitors your messaging environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whether they on HP NonStop, Windows™, UNIX, or Linux.
It provides the alerting, querying and reporting tools to maintain the highest levels of availability and performance for the business-critical services provided by your messaging infrastructure.


ITL are currently in the process of validating our HP NonStop products (incorporating Guardian and OSS functionality) on the Itanium platform.
Insider Technologies has enrolled as a member of Club NSAA (NonStop Advanced Architecture). HP is introducing the HP NonStop Advanced Architecture as the foundation for its next-generation NonStop servers to be implemented over the next few years. NonStop servers based on this architecture will set a new standard for availability in commercial computing while leveraging HP technology for better price/performance.
Insider Technologies Limited is registered with HP as a member of the Itanium validation program, enabling ITL to validate our solutions and ensure solution in readiness by First Customer Ship (FCS).

New-look ITL website

Take a look at ITL’s new-look website: where you can find:

Latest news

Download flash demos & white papers

Investigate solutions for all your systems management needs

The above information relates to multiple platforms and environments where our products run, such as: HP NonStop, Base24™, MQ, Messaging, Financial Tracking, Microsoft Exchange™, Microsoft Windows™, UNIX and Linux.

You can also subscribe to a newsletter, keeping you abreast of ITL’s latest news and developments.

For further information please contact Bernie Doyle or on +44 (0) 161 876 6606

Extending Fault Tolerance to Voice

Many years ago a group of ex-Tandem engineers worked for a company called Celsius. The company was later acquired by Cisco and their product became Cisco CallManager – the market leading VOIP solution. For many customers their telephone system is the most mission-critical system they have and five-9’s availability the minimum requirement.

These engineers knew of Integrated Research from their Tandem days and PROGNOSIS became the first IP Telephony management solution to be certified by Cisco.

Since then Integrated Research has extended it’s blue-chip customer list through this new area of technology. In the last year we have won prestigious customers such as Boeing, Airbus, British Airways and T Systems in Germany. In addition to these new customers, existing PROGNOSIS customers who are deploying Cisco CallManager are seeing the additional benefits of having an integrated management solution.

For more information please see or contact Steve Douglas ( on +44 (0) 1344 386666.

TSAI, parent company to ACI Worldwide, reports revenues of $78.0 million
and planned acquisition of S2 Systems

Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. (Nasdaq: TSAI), the parent company of ACI Worldwide,  today announced financial results for its third fiscal quarter ended June 30, 2005.  Results for the quarter include revenues of $78.0 million, operating income of $15.2 million, net income of $10.0 million, diluted earnings per share of $.26, and operating cash flow of $18.0 million. 

During the quarter, ACI Worldwide added six customers.  Highlights include the signing of Smart Chip Manager (SCM) for a national identity program in a Middle Eastern country; the addition of four ACI Proactive Risk Manager(tm) (PRM) customers in the U.S., Latin America and Spain, bringing the Company's PRM customer count to over 90; the licensing of 14 capacity upgrades which included three top 500 financial institutions and a major international payments network; and new applications with seven existing customers including BASE24-es(tm) to a top 20 financial
institution for a pan-European ATM deployment solution.

"We are pleased with our strong financial performance during the quarter," said Philip G. Heasley, CEO.  "These results, combined with new customer signings and our planned acquisition of S2 Systems, provide for continued profitable growth for TSA.  We're also celebrating ACI Worldwide's 30-year anniversary this year, and we are pleased to recognize more than 30 of our customers who have been with us for 20 or more years.  Our success has been made possible by these longstanding customer relationships."

For full details of the financial highlights please visit: 

TSI introduces a scalable mid-range tape library

Tributary Systems Inc. (TSI) announces the immediate availability of the StorageTek SL500 tape library on the S-Series servers.

The LTO based library starts with a two tape drive, 30 user cartridge configuration, and can scale up to 14 tape drives and over 500 user cartridges with modular add-ons in one industry standard 19" rack. The S-Series servers are being supported with directly attached LTO Gen2 SCSI drives, giving the base library configuration a native capacity of 6 terabytes and a compressed capacity of 12 terabytes. The library's native capacity will scale to over 100 terabytes.

For additional information about this new library, contact Larry Meyers, TSI, at +1 (817) 354-8009, ext. 32 or email TSI at

Improve Your Business Tomorrow with Liemur

Liemur specialises in assisting businesses realise greater value from their IT software development through measuring their current performance and developing and implementing customised solutions to allow these organisations to meet their strategic needs.

Liemur provides a complete range of managed services to bring the business and IT closer together to achieve strategic objectives that will ensure your company is business led with the correct level of IT support.

Contact Liemur now to arrange an appointment for us to understand your business needs and focus IT development to meet these objectives.
Telephone:     +44 (0) 1243 372999


Transaction Systems Architects, parent company to ACI Worldwide, Completes Acquisition of S2 Systems

(OMAHA, Neb.-July 29, 2005)-Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading global provider of enterprise e-payments solutions and parent company to ACI Worldwide announced today that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of S2 Systems. 

About Transaction Systems Architects, Inc.
The Company's software facilitates electronic payments by providing consumers and companies access to their money.  Its products are used to process transactions involving credit cards, debit cards, secure electronic commerce, mobile commerce, smart cards, secure electronic document delivery and payment, checks, high-value money transfers, bulk payment clearing and settlement, and enterprise e-infrastructure.  The Company's solutions are used on more than 1,755 product systems in 79 countries on six continents.

Visit Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. on the Internet at

Data security solutions for HP NonStop, Windows, and Unix.

Dais Associates produces secure data transport and data extraction software, used by financial services and banking clients in 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

We initially developed the SecurityBlanket software to protect payments interfaces, ensuring the multi-platform end to end security, integrity, and confidentiality demanded by our banking client. It now secures the transfer of International Payment Instructions across 10 countries.

SecurityBlanket delivers all the functionality required for automated encrypted file transfer to assure data privacy and integrity for any entity that routinely transmits confidential material over vulnerable networks. SecurityBlanket runs on Windows, HP NonStop, Linux, and most varieties of Unix.

Our latest plug and play security solution, SecurityNet, is to be launched later this month. In a few simple steps you can set up your own private encrypted communications network, even over the Internet. The data you share with your colleagues, customers, and business partners will be absolutely secure.

Previously, we developed the Integrated Solutions family of data extraction tools for the Enscribe environment. We wrote IS to automate and simplify the data extraction process, using the Windows desktop. IS now serves financial institutions in numerous countries to feed interfaces, populate data warehouses, produce user reports, and generally meet the demands of users for data from a variety of NonStop applications.

If you are still using Enscribe, you will want to try IS.

Our products are ready for your evaluation by download from the Dais Web site.

In addition, all of our software has recently completed the NonStop Solution Validation Program for Itanium. We are Itanium-ready.

For more information please contact:
Ian Zatman, Dais Associates Ltd
Tel: +44 20 7526 4626



We are pleased to introduce you to SPECTRA, an international dealer that buys Compaq/Tandem Himalaya S7400, S7600, S70,000 S72,000 S74000, S76000, S86000. To that end, we are interested to purchase any surplus or residual Compaq/Tandem equipment you may have available.


Please call SPECTRA at (714)970-7000 or email ( ) a configuration of the available equipment you wish to sell and we'll respond to your request in timely fashion. To learn more about SPECTRA, please visit and print (.pdf spectra flyer 228Kb) (.doc spectra flyer 397Kb) for your files.


In closing, we respectfully request that you retain our contact information for future reference for any other data processing or communication equipment opportunities that may arise in the future. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call, otherwise; we again, thank you for your interest in SPECTRA and look forward to our future communication.


All the Best!

Johnny Tourino, VP
(714) 970-7000, X-309
(714) 970-7095, FAX


User Groups

ITUG Hot News

1. New NonStop Leader to Present at ITUG Summit 2005

Martin Fink, Vice President and General Manager of the HP NonStop Enterprise Division and Open Source & Linux Organization will speak at ITUG Summit 2005 on Monday, 24 October in San Jose, California. Don’t miss this chance to hear from the new leader of HP NonStop!

Martin Fink is responsible for leading the overall open source and Linux strategy across HP and for the development, delivery, and marketing of the NonStop family of servers, database, and middleware software and solutions based on the NonStop Kernel operating system. His ITUG Summit presentation will include exciting news about the early implementations of the recently launched Intel Itanium-2 based HP Integrity NonStop server.

Plan to attend ITUG Summit 2005, 23-27 October in San Jose, California. It’s not too late to save! Register before 31 July for only $1175 and save $350 off the full registration price! Visit the ITUG Summit 2005 Web site for conference information including exhibitor marketing opportunities, registration, and housing details.

2. RUG & SIG Meetings and Events

VNUG: The Viking NonStop Users group will hold their fourth annual conference event on August 30-31, 2005 at Friiberghs Herrgĺrd, Sweden, close to Stockholm. The two-day event will include an education day as well as a golf tournament. For more information, visit their Web site.

BITUG : Following the recent success of the Security SIG on 28th July (report to follow shortly), BITUG have 2 more popular events scheduled for this year :-

28th September 2005 – Comms SIG

1st December 2005 - ITUG Announcements, Performance SIG and BITUG AGM

The Diary for next year lists more SIG’s and will feature more diverse topics. This is because there will be no BITUG Conference since ETUG is coming to Londonon the 15th May. Diary dates for 2006 will be announced soon. In addition, this year, BITUG have teamed up with HP for a number of ad-hoc announcement meetings. Another one due on 13th September. See the web site for more details.

RUG & SIG Calendar
For a complete look at the 2005 calendar of meetings and events, please visit the Web site.



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