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Tandemworld Newsletter for November 2009


Anticipate Performance Problems. Don’t Just Fight Fires!

XYPRO® Announces Strategic Reseller Relationship with Merlon

Gravic, Inc Awarded Two US Patents

NonStop Deadlines

Insider Technologies Limited Corporate video, 20 years of creativity and BITUG

Real Time View - A Running Commentary

Megaplex: An Odyssey of Innovation

TOP Webinar

Carr Scott Software supports BITUG BIG SIG

ETI-NET, NonStop and HP StorageWorks VLS

Tributary Systems, Inc. Acquires Gresham’s Storage Director Product

Computer Security Products Inc. announces a special offer for....

Availability Digest Investigates Why Sidekick Was No Friend to a Million Smart Phone Users

XID and Blade Migration

TMF-Audit Toolkit Slide Presentation Now Available on TANDsoft Website

Ross Systems International BITUG BIG SIG Vendor Stand


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Anticipate Performance Problems. Don’t Just Fight Fires!

If you spend time fire-fighting, it’s time for Ban Bottlenecks. The Ban Bottlenecks service implements an ongoing comprehensive proactive performance and capacity management discipline for your most important mission-critical systems.  Ban Bottlenecks helps prevent fires.

It augments your existing procedures and empowers your staff. 

It provides:

·        -our free Toolkit for connectionless high-resolution data collection with low overhead;

·        - coverage of all important objects, including processes and communications;

·        - business transaction traffic analysis with service level reporting by transaction originators and authorizers;

·        - automatic daily reports covering the business, CPUs, memory, paging, disks, processes, and communications, suitable for feeding SAS;

·        - automatic weekly peak and problem analysis;

·        - ad-hoc analysis on request;

·        - analyst-scored, easily-navigated, superbly-detailed, customized Ban Bottlenecks reports with 24 month historical and forward-looking perspectives;

·        - “needle in the haystack” multi-system, multi-tier, and/or multi-architecture problem determination;

·        - web conferences to review the report, discuss our findings, understand your technical plans, and learn your business plans to plan for the future.

Ban Bottlenecks will save your performance/capacity team time and money through our 20 years experience in advising clients how to achieve “no surprises” OLTP.  We transform your team into heroes!

Contact us for a Ban Bottlenecks web conference walk-thru and a free trial.

Ban Bottlenecks®



XYPRO® Announces Strategic Reseller Relationship with Merlon

Los Angeles, Calif. (3, November 2009) XYPRO Technology Corporation, a leading provider of security software for HP NonStop™ Server environments, today announced a strategic partnership with Merlon Software Corporation of Toronto, Canada.  Effective immediately, XYPRO will represent Merlon’s database management software solutions on a global scale.

“XYPRO offers a superior security solution set for businesses running on HP NonStop servers. With Merlon’s expertise and comprehensive offering in database management on the same computing platform, this partnership made complete sense,” said Rick Pettifer, CEO at Merlon. “XYPRO is a leader in the NonStop space, offering worldwide distribution channels as well as unmatched customer service to every client around the globe. With economies of scale, this really presented itself as a natural progression and a great fit for both of us.”

 “Merlon products provide companies who rely on NonStop servers for storing and processing vast amounts of data with the means to efficiently administer even the most complex database environments.   Demand for these solutions is high because they introduce operational simplicity and consistency vital to strengthening productivity and performance,” said Sheila Johnson, CEO at XYPRO. “We are very pleased to offer their unparalleled database management solutions. By partnering with Merlon, we can offer our clients a more robust portfolio of solutions to address their mission-critical  needs.”

About XYPRO Technology Corporation

XYPRO Technology offers more than 25 years of knowledge, experience and success in providing HP NonStop information systems tools and services. Businesses that manage and transport business-critical data on a large scale turn to XYPRO for a variety of solutions, including Security & Access Control, $CMON, User Management, Password Quality, Object Security, Security Audit Reporting, Strong Encryption and ongoing Security Compliance. XYPRO’s software solutions ultimately enable businesses to better manage security risks, protect information assets and gain a competitive edge through improved efficiency.

About Merlon Corporation

Merlon Software is a Toronto-based software vendor specializing in database management software for the HP-NonStop line of servers. Our products increase availability, reduce complexity and maximize investment of HP-NonStop servers.

Press Contact

Lisa Partridge

XYPRO Technology Corporation

(805) 583-2874


Gravic, Inc Awarded Two US Patents

Gravic, Inc. is pleased to announce that Paul Holenstein, Dr. Bruce Holenstein, Gary Strickler, and Gene Jarema were awarded US Patent No. 7,613,740 entitled “Control of a data replication engine using attributes associated with a transaction” on November 3, 2009.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Bruce Holenstein, Paul Holenstein, Gary Strickler, Bill Grimm, and Bill Highleyman were awarded US Patent No. 7,603,389 entitled “Optimized statement caching for transaction replay” on October 13, 2009.

Latest Edition of the “Achieving Century Uptimes" Article Series

Part 19: Reviewing Three Years of The Availability Corner, a three-year-anniversary review of the past 18 articles published continuously in The Connection column, “The Availability Corner: Achieving Century Uptimes” by Dr. Bill Highleyman, Paul J. Holenstein and Dr. Bruce Holenstein.

The Availability Corner focuses on high availability and continuous availability – the ability of a system to provide near-continuous user services 24x7 with little or no downtime. Can we really achieve zero downtime? Of course not. But if the recovery from an outage is so short that no one notices, then in effect there has been no outage. This idea is the secret of active/active systems – let it fail, but fix it fast. Recognizing that some reading the column may not have seen our earlier articles, we thought it appropriate to briefly review the columns that have been published since this series first debuted in the November/December 2006 issue. We also would like to map out some of the future topics that we plan to address in upcoming issues.

Please Visit our New Shadowbase Webcasts Web Page

Title: Advances in Active/Active - Asynchronous and Synchronous Replication State-of-the-Art

Presenters: Paul Holenstein, Gravic Executive Vice President and Dick Davis, Shadowbase Sales Manager

Date: September 29, 2009


Title: AOL's Live Migration from 16 Sybase Servers to a Single NonStop Database - With No Application Downtime

Presenter: Rob Lesan, Principal DBA, AOL

Date: February 24, 2009


Title: Shadowbase for Business Continuity

Presenters: Paul Holenstein, Gravic Executive Vice President and Dick Davis, Shadowbase Sales Manager

Date: December 12, 2007

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit:


NonStop Deadlines

It is that time of year again. When most people are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, you are working desperately to complete projects before that perennial deadline – the end of the Financial Year. Days have disappeared and there are not enough man hours left to complete those tasks that remain outstanding.

This is where BrightStrand International can help. We have skilled and experienced NonStop consultants who can be drafted in to supplement your own staff. This can be to undertake specific tasks in a project or to undertake the day-to-day tasks in your business that will then release your staff to complete project work.

BrightStrand has consultants skilled in:

·        Systems and Operations Management

·        Performance and Tuning

·        Database Design and Administration

·        Communications Subsystems

·        Web Services

·        Security

·        IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·        NonStop Integrity Migrations

·        System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on to discover how BrightStrand can help you.


Insider Technologies Limited Corporate video, 20 years of creativity and BITUG

Insider Technologies - Corporate video

For new (and perhaps even current) TandemWorld Newsletter recipients, please allow us to introduce you to Insider Technologies Limited, the creator of highly focused and graphically advanced products for monitoring a broad range of technologies, operating systems and subsystems across HP NonStop, Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.

We hope you like what you see in the following link and that we have put across to you, who we are and what we do, as well as providing you with a sense of our flair, creativity and philosophy.

To view our corporate video, please visit our web page and click on the ‘flash’ icon within the “About Insider Technologies” box; from there, you can also download a Company Overview brochure.

Insider Technologies 20 years of creativity

Once again, we would like to say a very big Thank You to both customers and friends as Insider Technologies celebrates 20 NonStop years of software and product development for HP NonStop, Windows, Unix and Linux, including diagnostic monitoring, batch scheduling, messaging and payments tracking.

Visit Insider at BITUG BIG SIG 2009

Insider Technologies will be in attendance (both presenting and exhibiting) as BITUG holds its annual “Big SIG” on the 3rd of December 2009 at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London.

Please visit Insider Technologies at the BITUG BIG SIG where you can also attend the following presentation:

Presenter: Dave Shields (Principal consultant)

Title: Trends in Advanced Systems Monitoring

Summary: “With businesses putting IT under more and more pressure to deliver focused services, we have reached the advent of the integrated service management system (ISMS), which combines the view of things from the Transactional viewpoint (the customer's experience) with the conventional "vertical" structures of the older systems management model. Insider Technologies is building ISMS systems now, and this presentation will focus on a case study of how Logica's International Payments suite has been ISMS enabled.”

The following links provide further details:


RTLX Reactor Product Overview “Bring the Transactional Heart of your BASE24 Systems to Life”

If you're looking for a real-time, highly integrated transaction / payments monitoring WEB Browser solution to ensure your BASE24 and BASE24-eps systems are always at their highest level of availability, then you’re looking for RTLX Reactor, incorporating NonStop EMS alerting, as well as monitoring for generic log files, JMX counters and XML data feeds.

RTLX Reactor provides real-time monitoring of the transaction flow information created by ACI’s BASE24 and BASE24-eps ATM/POS applications and the HP NonStop EMS subsystem.

RTLX Reactor maintains a centralised database of transaction data from one or more BASE24 nodes and analyses the information in real-time. The outcome of the analysis will be dashboards, service level alerts, charts depicting the behaviour of nominated metrics and management reports to help set and achieve business objectives for the BASE24 world.

For further details of RTLX Reactor ATM & POS Payments Monitoring and the benefits it provides, plus a copy of the Product Overview, please access the following URL:


Reflex Product Overview “The most advanced HP NonStop Monitoring and Automation Toolset”

Reflex is a dynamic Operations and Service Management product for the HP NonStop arena and is in use in many of the worlds most demanding Financial, Retail and Telecommunications sites.

Its advanced architecture provides object based, state table monitoring of:

· Systems

· Networks

· Hardware

· Subsystems

· Processes

· Files

· Applications

· Events

· 3rd party applications

Reflex’s unique design lies in its ability to pull together a massive amount of active monitoring (objects, subsystems, events, applications) into a single set of screen objects, providing the means to diagnose a problem object in more detail via context sensitive drill-down.

For further details of Reflex and the benefits it provides, plus a copy of the Product Overview, please access the following link:


MultiBatch Product Overview “Mainframe Class Batch Scheduler for HP NonStop Servers”

While HP NonStop servers have been known for their superior performance and processing capabilities, NonStop customers are faced with inefficient batch regimes based on large, unwieldy TACL macros.

Conventional use of NonStop batch involves vast libraries of TACL macros which are difficult to maintain and practically impossible to evolve and its linear Job structure, means that Jobs are single dimensional and everything has to wait in a linear queue. The inherent parallelism of the NonStop architecture is wasted.

MultiBatch is a powerful Batch processing environment specifically designed to exploit the parallel NonStop server platform architecture, both for the Guardian and Open System Services (OSS) operating systems.

MultiBatch is used by some of the largest financial and central banking organisations in the HP NonStop

For further details of MultiBatch and the benefits it provides, plus a copy of the Product Overview, please access the following link:

Insider Technologies Limited

Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point

37 Broadway, Salford Quays


M50 2YR

United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)161 876 6606



Insider Technologies Limited is Quality Certified to ISO9001:2008 and TickIT.

All Trademarks acknowledged.


Real Time View - A Running Commentary
November, 09

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author  

I have already chronicled it elsewhere so I will not dwell on the topic for long, but I have turned my writing interests into my vocation. After all, if you do what you like to do, as Scott Healy, former ITUG Chairman reminded me recently, you’re not really working. Or something along these lines, and now I find myself gainfully employed writing stories for other companies.

It has given me cause to revisit my commitments and to scale back in some areas. As I suggested in my previous article to this newsletter, I am constantly asked where I find the time, and in all seriousness, I am now beginning to explore my limitations. However, the readership I have seen develop around my musings in this newsletter will see me continue to support this newsletter although, increasingly, I will be highlighting my other postings as well as my contributions to discussions in various online forums.

While I spent the late Autumn in Boulder I had some spare time to drive, and ride, through the front ranges that rise up out of the plains. In the two postings I made to the Real Time View blog (check I built on a common theme – in North America it’s a time to buy! As the “Fall foliage” falls earthward and gathers on the ground, so it seems we do develop a longing to part with our money. And vendors tailor product introductions to better entice us to spend.  

In the first posting, of November 13th, ’09 Fall, a time to buy? I was almost lured into a car showroom before the ride home turned colder than I had expected. However, I commented on the many product management briefings I had attended on how well Blades have been selling, and how low the prices had fallen, before adding:

“And the prices have come way down. For the NonStop community in particular, the support for Blades by NonStop has changed the pricing dynamics completely. And the product management presentations highlighting the “ramp” Blades purchases have produced, can’t escape noticing how steep the upward angle of the ramp has become! Compared with the inclines of other product lines, the ramp is more akin to looking up at a modern, Olympic sky jump platform!”

In the subsequent posting, of November 19th, ’09 A good glass of Aussie Shiraz! I was again drawn to looking at cars – this time, to the new electric Tesla coupe that has attracted so much attention of late. But priced as an “exotic” and well beyond what I would seriously consider, I begun to notice how much the times have changed and with Blades, perhaps NonStop no longer could be viewed as a technology, just as exotic. I went on to add:

“Relying on something other than NonStop for this level of oversight may prove extremely short-sighted and become a risky proposition for many data center managers. For many of these managers, the NonStop has almost been forgotten; running for many years without an outage of any kind. These same data center managers can be hard-pressed to even identify which of their servers is the NonStop - it’s in there somewhere – and no, I can’t recall what it looks like! The time may be right to re-evaluate the role of NonStop, and with so many of them deployed in critical situations it may surprise data center managers how effective a “tool” these servers have become!”

And what really connected these two stories for me was that even while the sales of NonStop Blade servers were rapidly growing, Blades lower cost wasn’t only attracting the attention of existing NonStop users but innovative ISV’s as well. Indeed, the time to re-evaluate the role of NonStop may be a worthy pursuit as with Blades NonStop was approaching levels of commoditization unheard of before. The premium for NonStop is eroding to the point where any difference between a NonStop server and a chassis of blades configured as a cluster has become marginal, and of only secondary concern to those truly interested in the best availability options.

I can see this recognition increase as we move to Enterprise Clouds – collections of servers behind the firewall within many organizations. Key middleware offerings, from manageability, to security, to workload management may increasingly find their way onto NonStop as, with potentially less servers present within a cloud, it will be imperative that such middleware offerings can find a home that absolutely doesn’t fail! It will be hard to justify the whole cloud going off-line as a result of the failure of a single Windows processor.

However, the picture for NonStop isn’t entirely without concerns. As I noted in the first post:

“What value is reducing the price of the hardware if the cost of the infrastructure in support of the hardware just keeps going up? And does HP decry the cost of ISV-provided software because it’s messing up the value proposition of the deal, or because they would like to be able to keep all the funding budgeted for the upgrade? For the most part, software for NonStop is as expensive as it is today because it really does cost that much to develop and maintain.”

What this is really telling me is that the NonStop vendor community needs to do a much better job in selling the value proposition of their offerings. In many situations, and I have seen it first hand, many users never progress beyond deploying just a single feature from a rich and diverse product set. A few reports here, an additional graphic on a display over there, and that’s about it. Whether it’s from a diminishing education budget or through simply failing to dust off the reference manuals to look what else can be achieved, many products sold into the NonStop market never get fully deployed.

Regional user groups (RUGs) were thriving with “shared experiences” and key solutions quickly generated special interest groups (SIGs) devoted solely to tracking such solutions’ many usage scenarios. But again, with the exception of one or two regions and a couple of SIGs, the number of end-users hearing the vendor’s explanations and suggestions (and of the ongoing investment being made on their behalf) has dropped off significantly. True, this has happened in part because of the economy, but it’s also time for vendors to seriously address many of the misgivings that have arisen around their products.

Fall is a traditional time to buy. And the economy appears to be on the mend. I see enormous potential for NonStop, and for the ISVs committed to rolling out new solutions on NonStop. And I will continue to write about the advancements and growth in the market as I encounter them. I have changed the title of this commentary to better connect it to both the Real Time View blog and the LinkedIn user group Real Time View. But regardless whether you are a regular reader of these commentaries and blogs, or the other communications vehicles that I support, you will see me continue to generate as much “buzz about the NonStop platform” as I always have! 

Richard Buckle

Founder, and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC


Real Time View blog:   

Buckle-Up blog:            

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:

LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:

Pyalla Technologies:        


Twitter:                                    RichardKBuckle


Megaplex: An Odyssey of Innovation

35 Years of Evolution from the TNS1 to the Integrated Data Center

by Jim Johnson, The Standish Group

Three decades and five years ago, four founders, James Treybig, Mike Green, Jim Katzman, and Jack Loustaunou, brought forth a new system, conceived in availability, and dedicated to the proposition that there will be no single point of failure. Started in 1974, Tandem Computers quickly became a poster child for fast-paced, venture-backed high technology firms. During the past 35 years, some of the brightest and most creative engineers have worked on the Tandem NonStop platform. They have contributed to the IT industry some of the most important innovations for high-end commercial computing. This report will take you on a small stroll down memory lane, looking at the current NonStop position and usage as well as how The Standish Group believes NonStop may evolve into the future. To make this journey, we investigate 10 areas of innovation and NonStop’s role in these.

We first look at the central processing unit and how Tandem initially built its own CPU from scratch, to today’s use of the Intel chip. Then we examine the evolution of the operating system and how the NonStop environment may look in the future. The report then considers innovation within programming languages and the modern development environment. Next we look at databases and their progression. In conjunction with databases, we look at the past, present, and future of storage technology.

We then move to network technology and how systems were built then, now, and how they will look in the future. Next we consider the past, present, and future of system administration technology, and we look at applications and how they will evolve into services. Last, we consider service delivery and how it has changed over the past 35 years.

While it is interesting to study the past, organizations are making decisions now and need to consider how these decisions will affect them today and into the future. Today’s NonStop is full of innovation and technology. In the future, NonStop technology will be the base for the Megaplex, a fabric of resources that will provide for application services for the next 35 years.   To read the full report click on the link:


Jim Johnson


The Standish Group International, Inc

60 State Street, Suite 700

Boston, MA 02109


FON: (508) 760-3600 Ext: 20

Cell: (508) 400-5555

Skype me: jim.h.johnson




Get your Daily Tweet at:


TOP Webinar


Last month we featured comForte's TOP product and this time we would like to draw your attention to a recorded webinar about TOP, which we recently held, entitled: "How to boost NonStop productivity with comForte’s TOP".

Go to and select the TOP webinar from the list. It includes a live demo of the product.

In case you would like to try out TOP, go to to download a free trial copy of the product.


Another highlight is the new version of comForte's Java based terminal emulator J6530. For a free trial copy of the product and a short product video please go to .


Last but not least, please do join us at the BITUG BIG SIG, December 2-3, at the IoD Pall Mall in London.


Carr Scott Software supports BITUG BIG SIG


Carr Scott Software is pleased to be attending their first BITUG BIG SIG event on 2nd and 3rd of December at The Institute of Director’s hall in London.  

At the BIG SIG we will be leading a discussion on “Tools for modernizing and automating your NonStop server applications and environment”.

We look forward to seeing our friends old and new to discuss Enscribe to SQL conversions plus answer any questions about the HP products: NonStop AutoTMF, AutoSYNC and the exciting new NonStop SDR (SQL DDL Replicator).

NonStop SDR is a ‘must have’ for customers running RDF for database replication of their NonStop SQL/MP databases. SDR automatically captures and replicates all the NonStop SQL DDL changes that happen to your database and replicate them to your RDF systems at the right time, reliably ensuring uninterrupted replication and higher replication uptimes than can be achieved through manual methods.

If possible we encourage you to visit with us at the BITUG BIG SIG or contact us via telephone +1 781 934-0989 or email (for sales or partnership inquiries contact: or for support and technical questions contact:

ETI-NET, NonStop and HP StorageWorks VLS

ETI-NET is pleased to announce NonStop support for HP StorageWorks VLS, as well with other popular StorageWorks tape library and virtual tape offerings.  

BackPak software, installed in NonStop servers, opens NonStop user’s ability to share leading technologies that HP StorageWorks offers their open system customers. 

Sylvain Tetreault will spearhead this initiative, with worldwide responsibility for our HP partnership.  Find him at 

A note to customers: Ann Gleichauf has rejoined ETI-NET after several years with Fidelity Information Systems (formerly eFunds).  As Director, Product Administration, Ann is again responsible for all customer licensing, upgrades, moves and additions.  Ann works from our Boca Raton offices, her direct dial number is +1-561-922-5685 or

Tributary Systems, Inc. Acquires Gresham’s Storage Director Product

Tributary Systems, Inc., announced that they have acquired the Storage Director business from Gresham Enterprise Storage, the U.S. subsidiary of Gresham Computing, plc (GHT – London Stock Exchange) effective October 16, 2009.

The transaction includes the Storage Director technology, product and related assets. Through the acquisition of Storage Director, TSI is able to expand its storage solution offerings to IBM servers (System i™, iSeries™, AS/400®, Power Systems™) as well as Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX® operating systems.

Prior to the acquisition, Tributary Systems used the Storage Director core software engine in their ViTAL (Virtual Integrated Tape and Library) product. The ViTAL product has been a commercial success for Tributary Systems since its introduction to the market in 2006. Many Fortune 500 customers have purchased the ViTAL product for their local and remote site data backup, backup window reduction, total cost of ownership reduction, ease of operation and to meet their disaster recovery needs.

Storage Director is a high-availability, storage virtualization and consolidation solution for heterogeneous IT environments. The solution allows customers with datacenter environments with disparate, legacy storage hardware backing up servers running different operating systems to consolidate and reduce both storage infrastructure and maintenance costs. Storage Director also serves as a state-of-the-art next generation virtual tape library (VTL) solution with an advanced architecture enabling fully automated data backup and restore operations from remote, unmanned, lights-out datacenters.

 More information can be found at or contact


Computer Security Products Inc. announces a special offer for;

File Integrity Checker (FIC) for HP Nonstop servers

To meet PCI DSS requirements, critical system files must be monitored to prevent unauthorized changes. CSP’s File Integrity Checker (FIC) detects any modifications to critical files, indicating potential intrusion attempts. FIC includes Audit Reporting and Real-Time Alerting modules to provide a complete file integrity solution for OSS and Guardian file systems.

Key Features:

· Monitors a protected list of files

· Provides alerts for unauthorized changes

· Full audit reporting capability

· Meets PCI DSS regulation 11.5

· Graphic display for file management

· Ability to compare the results data and produce activity reports

Let us show you how CSP can secure your data, save you money and provide a complete compliance solution.

For a limited time CSP is offering bundling discounts for new software purchases to help you meet the requirements of PCI DSS.

For more information on this offer or other NonStop security requirements please follow this link or email us at

Availability Digest Investigates Why Sidekick Was No Friend to a Million Smart Phone Users

Sidekick is a popular smart phone developed by a Microsoft-acquired company and marketed by T-Mobile.  On Thursday, October 1st, one million Sidekick subscribers lost all of their contacts, calendars, and photos, speculatively due to a SAN upgrade that went wrong and wiped out both primary and backup databases.  How could this happen to Microsoft, and what lessons are to be learned?  The Availability Digest addresses those questions in its November issue.

 Also in the Digest:

 ·        Our Best Practices article takes a look at chillerless data centers, the new approach to equipment cooling that uses “free cooling” - natural air flow in cooler climates – to improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).  

·        “Is the Cost of Converting to Active/Active Worth It?”  We give you the figures you’ll need to make the correct determination and provide examples of two companies who made different decisions about upgrading to an active/active solution.

·        TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1:  The Protocols is what many consider to be the bible of TCP/IP.  We review W. Richard Stevens’ very readable book and highlight the four layers of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite – link, layer, transport, and application.

The Digest is free online and focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. 


XID and Blade Migration

XID is pleased to announce the addition of Blade Migration services to our list of many NonStop services we offer.  We have been periodically called upon to provide our expertise in Blades Migration by HP professional services and other existing customers.   We have performed migrations from S-series to both of HP’s Itanium offerings, H-series and J-series.  These experiences include Guardian as well as OSS migrations.   We provide a comprehensive code and risk assessment prior to migration.  This enables XID and our customers to have clear metrics available to plan the migration of their mission critical systems.  This assessment often uncovers opportunities for performance and fault tolerance enhancements.

The knowledge we’ve gained from our past migrations allow us to side step many of the setbacks our customers would have experienced.  Compiling and linking the programs are only a part of the migrations effort.   There are several compiler defaults that have changed on the Blade systems and can result in logic problems via uninitialized variables, memory boundary issues, etc.                   

XID has over 20 years experience in HP NonStop support and consulting services.  We are employee owned and operated.  We operate as a team, not individual contractors, so we network our experiences among the group.  XID was founded and runs today on the core belief if you take care of the customer and your people, they will take care of you.  Because of our adherence to that philosophy, XID provided 9 years of continuous support services for Hertz Corporation, 11 years for Southwest Airlines and 14 years for A. G. Edwards. 

For more information on XID Services, contact Mark White at 817-510-2504 or at

TMF-Audit Toolkit Slide Presentation Now Available on TANDsoft Website

HP NonStop customers are encouraged to visit for a new Powerpoint overview of TANDsoft, Inc.’s latest product addition, the new TMF-Audit Toolkit. The presentation and an accompanying data sheet clearly outline the toolkit’s value in providing application developers a flexible, affordable alternative to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques.

The TMF-Audit Toolkit is a companion product to TANDsoft’s recently introduced Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit. Both products take advantage of our OPTA2000 intercept capability, a mature technology that has proven its effectiveness to customers worldwide for more than fifteen years.

The toolkit easily converts non-audited TMF files to audited TMF files. No changes to the Enscribe applications are necessary. The toolkit’s library includes an API that allows developers to write procedures specifying TMF transaction boundaries. Full conversion flexibility otherwise available only with manual conversion is retained, and the result is improved application database performance. With the product’s embedded Toolkit Trace, Enscribe activity can be captured and analyzed to construct TMF transaction boundaries for custom applications.

Check out the new TMF-Audit Toolkit presentation at For further information, call us at +1 (514) 695-2234. TANDsoft’s HP NonStop solutions include time-zone virtualization, time-sensitive application testing, and file synchronization for disaster recovery.

Ross Systems International BITUG BIG SIG Vendor Stand

Ross Systems International are pleased to announce that we will be taking a vendor stand at the BITUG BIG SIG.

2009 is a significant year both for Ross Systems International and their Managing Director, Rupert Stanley.

Founded in 1989 Ross Systems International is now celebrating its 20 anniversary, in these 20 years we have designed and developed products for some major European institutions which have benefited from our cost saving, high performance solutions.

Tandem was only 4 years old in 1979 when Rupert Stanley started working in Düsseldorf on one of the first Tandem NonStop 1 Systems in Europe.

In the following 30 years the core attributes of linear expandability and reliability have remained through the evolution of the platform from CISC to Blades through RISC, S-Series and Integrity (RSI), a powerful statement of stability and continuity, consciously made by the owners of the NonStop brand and essential for the continued trust and support of its user community.

Customers requirements for Cost Saving, Reliability and Performance have always been in the forefront of Tandem, Compaq and HPs mind and they have made us partners very aware of these goals. One of the results of this is the development of a number of ideas such as Rainbow, Alpha and UNIX Integrity, which although they did not survive in their original forms were very important in the development of the Guardian/OSS NSK Systems of today, the introduction of the Itanium chip and the extra functionality required in order to give the OSS personality of the current systems the capability of surviving in the demanding environment of the financial services and Telco industries.

As HP partners we are also proud to share their philosophy of providing Reliable, cost Saving and Innovative solutions which we will be show casing at the BITUG BIG SIG in London.

In short our products are aimed at:

1. Reducing Systems Management Costs

2. Improving System Manageability

3. Reducing Systems Development Costs

4. Improving the Ease of Development and Quality of Solutions

To do this we lever our many years of Tandem / HP NonStop experience which gives us a practical knowledge of the aims and methods of both system manages and developers, an insight into the problems faced by them and an appreciation of the products, tools and utilities which are needed to reduce costs, improve quality and lower the overall effort in maintaining and developing high performance transaction processing systems.

Based on these goals we have developed:

TELOS A  C++ multithreaded development application framework.
To reduces the cost of developing multithreaded applications

RSITEST Test tools suite, including PIRA language and User Programming Hooks
This reactive tool with artificial intelligent capability provides the ability to both reduce test times and costs by automatically generating test sets and analyzing the test results

R-IPPS IP Prototyping and Test Tool Suite to speed IP Application Development

HSSPOOL This is a high speed data capture and analysis tool which is specifically aimed at the capture and analysis of real time data, with special message formats to allow for the dumping and data analysis from production processes.

HSEMM HSM Emulator Suite, this is aimed at reducing the time to market and improving the development efficiency, with all the associated cost savings of HSM based products.

RSI LICENSE Program Licensing Suite. This product allows for a much tighter and at the same time flexible control of the execution of programs.

FINFO This Guardian File Information Display reduces the costs of producing management reports by allowing a detailed query of file system combined with a large variety of report formats.

We look forward to meeting you at the BITUG BIG SIG to discuss the ways in which we can help you meet your financial and technical targets

Please contact Rupert Stanley of Ross Systems International Limited at or
+44-1206-392923 for additional information.

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Tandemworld within EMEA

Tandemworld specialise in the recruitment of HP NonStop / Tandem specialists.

We Currently have a number of Highly skilled NonStop / Tandem professionals seeking new projects and assignments

within the EMEA Region.


Do you have Project Work that you need assistance on? Hardware upgrades to perform?


These professionals are available on a short or long Term Basis (1 Week to 1 year +) at Very Competitive rates.

We can also supply Permanent employees and other technical resources e.g. IBM, Unix, Unisys DEC/VMS etc.


If you have a requirement for Contract or Permanent Resources or require further information please contact us :-


+44 (0) 20 8304 7979


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User Groups

A NonStop Summit will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA, from September 26 through September 29, 2010.

For further information please contact Connect Worldwide



BITUG are holding its annual “BIG SIG” on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2009 in London.

DAY1) This Year’s BIG SIG starts on the 2nd December with a NonStop Education day to be held at the HP offices in Wood Street, London. The day will have HP’s Bert van Es delivering details about the HP Cluster IO Module (CLIM) with a focus on the IP CLIM which is available for NB50000, NS2000 and NS16x000 systems today.  See the BITUG website for more details.

Maintaining BITUG traditions, there will be a Vendor sponsored NonStop social gathering during the evening of the 2nd , between 6.30pm-9.30pm, in the Cellars wine bar within the Institute of Directors (IoD), Pall Mall building.  What a great way to meet with NonStoppers and experience the IoD before the main event the next day.  (Please note: the IoD have a business casual dress code, so no trainers, jeans or T-shirts please)  

DAY 2) The BIG SIG just got BIGGER!!

In conjunction with Connect and HPUG the main BIG SIG event on the 3rd of December takes place at the prestigious Institute of Directors premises in Pall Mall, London.

Both User Groups will come together for Opening and Closing Keynote speaker presentations.  However, most of the day will focus on BITUG and HPUG independently running their own presentation sessions.  Note that whether you’re a BITUG or HPUG member, all attendees are welcome to any of the sessions.

In addition to the Keynote speakers, the BITUG sessions are scheduled to include a full one hour presentation from solution provider ACI, end user presentations from the Bank of England and Vocalink, updates and NonStop road maps from HP and NonStop Vendor presentations.  Also, BITUG will be adding further value for their members by offering a small number of HP Certification Vouchers.

Throughout the day, there will be a large Vendor Exhibition Hall which will have allocated areas for HPUG and BITUG NonStop vendors.  Also in the Exhibition hall, courtesy of HP, there will be the opportunity to see and touch a NonStop Blade System in the flesh!

As December approaches, more details will be announced via the BITUG Winter Newsletter, TandemWorld, emails, our new twitter group ( and of course on the BITUG website    

For the full Agenda and registration, please visit now


DUST Chapter Meeting

9501 E. Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Contact: Cathy Meurer

More information can be found at



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