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Crystal Point Introduces Major New Release of OutsideView, Company’s Flagship 6530 Terminal Emulation Product

HP VTS at ETUG/Community Connect Europe


CAIL - At Community Connect Europe

Prognosis - The Future

Leveraging Business Advantage via Real-Time Business Intelligence

Merlon Preview Next Release of SQLXpress

Carr Scott and HP Available to Discuss SDR at Connect Community Europe

Change or No Change

 Longevity for Legacy NonStop Tapes

- from ETI-NET

NonStop - A Running Commentary - November, ‘08






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Crystal Point Introduces Major New Release of OutsideView, Company’s Flagship 6530 Terminal Emulation Product

Crystal Point, the world’s leading provider of PC connectivity software for NonStop™ systems, today introduced a major new release of OutsideView, the company’s popular 6530 terminal emulation solution. OutsideView 8.0 has features unmatched by competitive products and delivers the high levels of performance, security, productivity and control required by today’s demanding NonStop business operations.

New features and enhancements in OutsideView 8.0 include: 

  • Unparalleled performance for NonStop users and developers. Crystal Point customers can realize up to a 5x performance improvement compared with OutsideView 7.3.   OutsideView 8.0 is twice as fast as competitive products.*   
  • Additional security options, including SSH2, SSH-secured File Transfer (SFTP), and SSL/TLS, are now available for encryption, authentication and authorization.  OutsideView security options satisfy the most current regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy.
  • Dynamic Input Assistance (DIA) technology brings a new level of productivity to NonStop system communications. This unique technology enables features such as inline editing, on-demand spell check, command auto-completion and the ability to maintain a dynamic command history list that is context sensitive.  Each of these features boosts efficiencies for system administrators and programmers.
  • Administrators can maximize security while preserving user preferences through a new Detailed User Privileges Matrix. It is now possible to selectively restrict or enable user manipulation of individual security and functionality features.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2008 are supported in OutsideView 8.0.

“This release of OutsideView, the most functionality-packed release to date, continues to lead the competition," said Chris Smith, President and CEO, Crystal Point. "It demonstrates Crystal Point’s long-term commitment to NonStop users who require the most advanced performance, security and productivity capabilities from their terminal emulation solution.” 

“OutsideView 8.0 is an indispensible piece of our IT strategy in terms of addressing our need for SSH security and keeping current with the latest technologies”, said Paul Watson, System Manager for NetWorks Inc.  “We’ve beta tested OutsideView 8.0; anyone who needs SSH for compliance or regulatory purposes should go with it!”

Bon-Ton Store, Inc. relies on OutsideView to provide user connectivity to their IBM and HP NonStop systems.  Cress Edwardson, Systems Programmer for Bon-Ton, says “We have hundreds of employees using OutsideView each day - system administrators, application programmers and store personnel.  We have found OutsideView to be the most flexible, easiest to use and the simplest to configure among all of the terminal emulation solutions. That, combined with Crystal Point’s excellent support and online help, is why we have been a Crystal Point customer for more than a decade.” 

OutsideView 8.0 is available now. Contact Crystal Point for additional information, and to learn more about other Crystal Point solutions.

About Crystal Point
For more than twenty years, Crystal Point has been recognized as the worldwide leader in PC-to-host connectivity software for NonStop systems. Crystal Point developed the original Tandem terminal emulator (TTE) and evolved it into its flagship product, OutsideView.
OutsideView continues to be the #1 NonStop 6530 connectivity solution, used by more Fortune 500 companies than any other product of its kind.

* in conversational mode

BrightStrand International is the preferred Crystal Point partner to provide first level support for customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In addition BrightStrand is the preferred reseller for all Crystal Point products in UK and Ireland.

 For further details contact BrightStrand.

HP VTS at ETUG/Community Connect Europe

Crossroads look forward to meeting with you and demonstrating the HP VTS (Virtual TapeServer) at the ETUG in Mannheim, Germany on 10th-12th November 2008.

HP with HP VTS Partner Crossroads (and their EMEA agent BrightStrand) will have experts available to discuss the many opportunities for VTS within your NonStop, IBM i-Series, Unisys, and other environments.

Please visit us at Stand 53 for more information and demonstrations, or call at the HP booth and they will point you over to us.

Alternatively, email us here to book a time with a Crossroads/BrightStrand representative.

Jim Miller -       

Kevin Poultney -


Signup for the BITUG Education Day - Signup for the BITUG Big SIG - Signup for the BITUG Tandem30 Buffet

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Join us at the BITUG Big SIG

Join us at the BITUG Big SIG on December 4th, as we both celebrate past achievements (Tandem in the UK is 30 years old this year) and learn about future developments for the HP NonStop platform.

The event is being held at the headquarters of Trinity House in London. Trinity House is the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. Their Grade I listed building provides an elegant environment for the BIG SIG, combining historical context with tastefully modern decor.

On the day you'll be able to:

See an HP NonStop Blade System in person

Hear all about HP's roadmaps for Hardware and software.

Attend exciting presentations from keynote speakers plus in-depth HP, vendor and user presentations to give you a high quality SIG experience - this is the BIG SIG of the year.

Compare products and product features in the vendor exhibition area

Get educated or perhaps even certified - subject to confirmation, BITUG is offering certification exams on site

Download BITUG Big SIG Agenda here

To register for the BITUG Big SIG click here


A blast from the past

To help celebrate Tandem UK's 30th anniversary, we want to showcase YOUR Tandem related memorabilia - anything Tandem related that you've collected along the way and that you're happy to show off to your platform peers !

Please bring your Tandem mugs, posters, VLX's or whatever along on the day - and don't hesitate to get in touch with any BITUG Committee member or email Richard Farrow to discuss any issues on this.


Additional Events

Wednesday December 3rd

BITUG Education Day, 9:30 for 10:00, Wood St, London

BITUG members can also take part in an education day, to be held at HP's Wood Street offices, London. HP's very own Dave Sly will take you through a one day performance workshop - updated with the latest Blades information. Please register for the Education Day here.

Map of Wood Street

"Not the City Lunch" 12:00 Royal Ocean Racing Club, London

December 3rd also sees the famous "Not the City Lunch" at the Royal Ocean Racing Club (to keep up the nautical theme).
Please email to register for Not the City Lunch. Latecomers will be very welcome to drop in. Show & Pay as per usual for NTCL.

"BITUG Tandem30 Buffet" 17:00 Royal Ocean Racing Club, London

Following on from NTCL is an HP sponsored buffet to keep your hunger at bay and enable the discussions and enjoyment to continue into the evening. Please let us know you will be attending the evening event by registering for the BITUG Tandem30 Buffet here.

Free entry for BITUG members

Entry to the "BIG SIG" or to any of the BITUG events is free for BITUG Members and you can become a member of BITUG or keep in contact via the website.

As a member, you will receive Newsletters and e-mail information as well as being able to talk to anybody on the committee, contact details for whom can be found on the BITUG website.

Signup for the BITUG Education Day - Signup for the BITUG Big SIG - Signup for the BITUG Tandem30 Buffet

Check education day bookings - Check Big SIG or Tandem30 buffet bookings

CAIL - At Connect Community Europe

Speaking of risk, the last issue of TandemWorld discussed the economy and ramifications of the current economic crisis. I don’t think the author then realized how truly international this crisis really is. We seem to be turning the corner together now and let’s all hope that the worst is over. This month, we are at the Community Connect Europe event and, CAIL will be there in booth #48 to help customers get the best bang for their (NonStop) Euro. If you have any Scobol clients in your Pathway application framework (and over 50% of Pathway customers do), please take a look at CAIL Studio Release 2. Talk about reducing risk, CAIL Studio can let you keep your existing business logic and Scobol client software, add security with CAIL encryption, and, without changing anything on your NonStop servers or, adding any software into your company’s NonStop QA mix, you can have the following Open Web Services and SOA capabilities:

1.   CAIL Studio is both an iTP WebServer Plug-in (if the customer has OSS, NSJSP and iTP Web Server on your NonStop), or a Tomcat based solution (Win, Unix, Linux, etc…) which extends functionality and rapid deployment of new services and which can be extended with Axis2 using Eclipse to create Standard Web Services. 

2.   Access Host Telnet (current NonStop based applications) with:

- A Java Library

- HTML or SOAP or Ajax over HTTP 

3.   Integrate SCOBOL applications (existing requestors) into an SOA environment. – With no change to the business logic / programs. 

4.   Enable NonStop services to interact with other Web Services.  

5.   Produce NonStop Axis2 based mashups and Web Services – from "sessions"   or from TMF and Pathway "transactions"

This capability is a key component of moving NonStop systems and applications forward as SOA and Open Web Services is the direction that the industry, and most likely, your company is heading.

Use CAIL Studio, keep your existing application unchanged and help your business move forward into the new world of “mashups”, full Open Web Services, NonStop Scobol clients, servers and most of all, your data, performing their best in this exciting new environment.

Risk? Reduce your risk…

AND, if you currently use CAIL Suite and have a current support agreement with CAIL, you will get CAIL Studio release 2 for free as part of our appreciation for your continued support. Let’s discuss at Community Connect Europe and let us optimize your systems and applications, get Web Services and SOA enabled, don’t change or add anything to NonStop and, keep it simple but elegant! Let CAIL help.

Please, come and see us at Community Connect Europe in booth #48

Rick Hunter, VP CAIL

Prognosis - The Future

The team from PROGNOSIS would like to invite you to stop by our stand at this year’s Community Connect Europe (ETUG) event in Germany.

Joining us this year will be the General Manager of Product Management, Pierre Semaan who will be happy to let you know what new and exciting PROGNOSIS products we are developing.

He will also want to hear what you have planned and how PROGNOSIS can continue to help you keep your systems running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Leveraging Business Advantage via Real-Time Business Intelligence

In today’s competitive environment with high consumer expectation, it is decisions that are based on the most current data available that will improve customer relationships, increase revenue, and maximize operational efficiencies.

The speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real time. The result is real-time business intelligence. Business transactions are fed as they occur to a real-time business-intelligence system that maintains the current state of the enterprise. The RTBI system not only supports the classical strategic functions of data warehousing for deriving information and knowledge from past enterprise activity, but it also provides real-time tactical support to drive enterprise actions that react to immediate events. As such, it replaces both the classical data warehouse and the enterprise application integration (EAI) functions.

Real-time business intelligence is also known as event-driven business intelligence. In order to react in real time, a business intelligence system must react to events as they occur – not minutes or hours later.

In this white paper, we track business intelligence from its early days as a strategic tool to today’s real-time capabilities for tactically responding to events as they happen. We conclude with an example of a set of products that are available today for achieving real-time business intelligence – the Shadowbase suite of products from Gravic, Inc. We describe several case studies of deployed systems using these products.

With real-time business intelligence, an enterprise can establish long-term strategies to optimize its operations while at the same time reacting with intelligence to events as they occur. Click here to view this white paper from Gravic, Inc.

We look forward to seeing you at Community Connect. Please stop by Stand 42 or attend the following Shadowbase presentation for more information:

Tuesday, November 11th from 14:00-14:30 in room Ignaz Holzbauer 2

Speaker: Paul Holenstein, Executive Vice President

Title: Advances in Active/Active - Asynchronous and Synchronous Replication State-of-the-Art


Merlon Preview Next Release of SQLXpress

Merlon Software Corporation is please to announce that they will be attending the Community Connect Europe 2008 (formally ETUG) November 10 through 12.

Please drop by the D5 location for a sneak preview of the next release of SQLXpress, the premier solution for managing all aspects of HP SQL/MX including support for MP Tables.”


Carr Scott and HP Available to Discuss SDR at Connect Community Europe

Bob Loftis, HP's Product Manager for NonStop Business Continuity products and Harry Scott from Carr Scott Software will be on hand at the HP booth at the Community Connect Europe 2008 conference, 10-12 November 2008 in Mannheim, Germany.

We will be available to discuss the new HP NonStop SQL DDL Replicator, SDR, with customers and partners interested in this exciting new technology.

The product was developed by Carr Scott Software and is being distributed and supported worldwide by HP.


Change or No Change

In these current economic times everyone is looking for ways to save money, spend less and get the most from their investments. 

One way to maximize your investment in computer hardware is to keep your current platform and not upgrade to new technology.  Looking at the auto market it is clear that people are retaining their current automobiles and not trading-in their vehicles for newer models.  This is a perfect example of how people are squeezing as much value as possible from their current assets.  A lot of the new technologies, such as the new Integrity servers, are coming from manufacturers that require complete forklifts, (replacing all of your equipment), of your current environment.  This may also require you to port your application at an additional cost.  Moving onto new technologies also brings additional risk from hardware, software and application failures.  These manufacturers are encouraging their customers to move to new technology even though the current platform more than meets the needs of the application and customer.  Manufacturers are absorbing the older technology to increase the pressure on customers to move onto new platforms in order keep supported maintenance from only the manufacturer.  This hurts their customers and business partners by forcing them to spend and invest into new technology that is not necessarily needed. 

The old term if it is not broken then don’t fix it comes into play.  I

t’s great to offer new technology for those companies who are in a growth business and need newer and better systems to run their business.  You may not need or want to move your applications to new technologies at additional costs to your business.  Please remember that there are companies like System Connections who can provide options to this problem.  Seek out all of your options before making a final decision.

System Connections is a leader in the “third-party hardware and maintenance” market with a long-standing reputation of reliable performance and service to Tandem/HP NonStop hardware users since 1993 with over 70 customers.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with unmatched service and responsiveness in the industry.    

Please visit our website at for our company information. We can be reached at 800-925-5226, or by e-mail

Longevity for Legacy NonStop Tapes

- from ETI-NET

Many NonStop tape drives have become unsupported by HP this year.  And few S-Series system tape drive models can be moved to NonStop Integrity systems.  Fewer still to NonStop Blade systems.  New tape drive technologies are expensive and don’t allow access to the data on your inventory of legacy tape media. 

ETI-NET has solved these problems with the BackBox™ Legacy Tape Server.  Now you can cable any media-compatible open system tape drive to the Legacy Tape Server and access legacy tape media from NonStop systems via it. Or you can have the Legacy Tape Server reconstitute this media onto your choice of storage, from which you can later retrieve it without changes to your NonStop catalogs.

The Legacy Tape Server is a great way to ensure continued access to vital archived data, and an excellent tool to migrate those archives onto modern storage subsystems.

Come see us at Community Connect Europe 2008 in Stand 41 for a demonstration of legacy tape support.

For more information call 1-650-888-8949, email us at, or visit

NonStop - A Running Commentary - November, ‘08

The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author
and shouldn’t be viewed as reflecting any views
of his current or past employer

I have been re-reading earlier articles written for this publication as I prepared an upcoming blog posting for Real Time View: Back in the September ’08 issue, I looked at the slow uptake across the ACI community of the offer to move from the NonStop platform to IBM’s System z, and I asked the question “how long will IBM stay excited about figures like that?” And in the July ’08 issue, I looked at how open the platform was becoming and pointed to the potential productizing of a deep port of the SASH stack as a sign of the commitment by HP NonStop to open computing.

In other words, is the HP NonStop platform’s open story really beginning to develop traction with the user community and is it doing so at a time when IBM is starting to reveal cracks within its own mainframe community ranks? Could IBM be looking at many more desertions from within its rank of mainframe users at the very time it’s trying to appeal to new communities, like NonStop? In email exchanges with Jim Johnson of the Standish Group, we continue to see IBM System z attacking the traditional “availability” story of NonStop, and position some cluster-configurations of this product family as being “almost as good as a NonStop”, yet with all of IBM’s marketing muscle, it still doesn’t seem to be generating the migrations away from NonStop IBM had expected.

Martin Fink’s blog on the HP web site, “Musings on Mission Critical Computing”, is quickly becoming a must-read site for me these days. Check it out at: Martin lambasts a number of official IBM statements, and delivers a slightly different perspective on IBM’s marketing efforts. Two such postings, Mainframe Claims (October, 13th, ’08) and Convergence (July 30th, ’08) were ones I found particularly informative with Martin stating “See, a few month ago, IBM decided to combine their I-Series (AS/400) with their P-Series systems … Just wanted to make sure the facts were a tad more visible to you than IBM wanted you to see.” He also wrote “In looking at IBM’s website I have noticed a number of claims about our product and their offerings that frankly aren’t true … My advice is don't take what they are saying for granted. Kick the tires and look under the hood to make sure the claims are actually true.”

It was comments like this that led me to dig into the numbers, found in a recent newsletter supported by the IBM SHARE user group, and post the blog entry “Reserve some ‘Whoa!”” (October 26th, ’08). In that posting I noted how “I was particularly intrigued by the story filed under the heading ‘Mainframes Brightest Spot in IBM Server Line with 25 Percent Sales Jump’ that reported ‘revenues from System z mainframe server products increased 25 percent compared with the year-ago period’…  and what intrigue(s) me here was that, comparing System z sales to a year-ago, glosses over the fact that twelve months ago the figures for System z were very low. All the smart CIOs, fully aware that the new z10 would be announced early in 2008 … had held back the purchase of additional mainframe MIPS, depressing sales figures in the process.

But IBM continues to put as good a spin as possible on its dwindling mainframe deployments. It continues to talk up a great story about consolidating servers, distributed throughout a company, onto a single mainframe and often points to a number of successful implementations. The OS of choice is often the more “fashionable” mainframe version of Linux, and not the traditional zOS (aka MVS) many of us remember. But for most companies, mainframe mips are too expensive for Linux deployment, and the CIO’s aren’t all that amused as taking this ride does very little to reduce their staffing levels!

Again, it was Martin who most recently pulled apart this “faulty assumption”, when he wrote “(IBM’s claim that)
mainframe reduces IT staff requirements over ‘distributed’ environments. I honestly can't believe they are serious here. Any time IBM uses ‘distributed’, their basis for comparison is servers that are 5 years old, grossly under-utilized (roughly 5%), non-virtualized and running one application per server.  This is the only way IBM can show TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) saving versus the mainframe.”

Last week, HP issued a News Release that pulled all these comments together in an extremely profound manner. In the October 29th, ’08 release “Businesses Achieve Cost Savings of up to 70 Percent by Migrating to HP Integrity Servers” it opens with “HP today announced that 40 European customers have successfully migrated in the past year from legacy mainframe systems to HP Integrity servers, achieving data center cost savings of up to 70 percent.” The release then goes on to add “HP expects to help migrate an additional 125 European companies in the next 12 months.” Finally, it includes a quote from Ruud Vrolijk, HP’s Vice President and General Manager, Business Critical Systems - EMEA that says “HP also promotes better investment protection through its open, modular HP Integrity server solutions that are much more economical and flexible in adapting to changes in business.”

If you combine these numbers with what I know is occurring in the other GEO’s, it’s becoming fairly obvious that IBM has lost more than a hundred mainframe customers – possibly more. I am sure IBM will downplay these migrations as being associated with customers with much older systems or as a result of  recent M&A activity but either way, the pool of IBM mainframe customers is definitely in decline. The proprietary nature of the mainframe is finally sowing the seeds of its downfall. The enormous cost of mainframe software – in particular, the pricing of infrastructure software – continues to be a major stumbling block in almost every move-to-the-mainframe discussion.

Not every IBM mainframe customer is moving to the Integrity NonStop server line and perhaps there’s very limited engagement with NonStop. But in the battle over whether NonStop applications should be moved to System z, this migration story remains very significant - there’s little credibility left for any CIO moving off of NonStop to the main frame only to plead for additional funds to then migrate to more open platforms! But with a shrinking pool, how can IBM possibly keep up? How can IBM lay claim to being an industry-leader in any category whatsoever?

The truth is that the IBM marketing machine will continue to crank out messages for some time, but customer testimonials and references will become a lot harder to find – and we may just see the same names rehashed time and time again. Perhaps, as Martin advises, for this ride it really has come time to “kick the tires!” And by all means, “look under the hood to make sure the claims are actually true.” After all, platform desertions have a tendency to spiral and no CIO will find it amusing jumping on this roller-coaster as it heads straight down!

Richard Buckle

HP – ITUG:            Board of Directors (2000 – 2006)    Chairman (2004 & 2005)

IBM – SHARE:      Board of Directors (2007 – 2008)

Real Time View blog: 





Community Connect Europe 2008
10-12 November 2008
Mannheim, Germany

Register for Community Connect Europe!

Register now to attend Community Connect Europe 2008, presented by ITUG, HP-Interex EMEA, and Encompass - your HP user communities. This first-ever event, scheduled for 10-12 November in Mannheim, Germany, provides the first-ever opportunity for users, prospects, and third-party vendors of ITUG, HP-Interex EMEA, and Encompass throughout the EMEA region to gather in one place for learning, networking, and sharing individual and corporate experiences.

The event will provide the traditional HP NonStop content that prior ITUG Europe attendees have come to expect, and it will also provide educational and networking opportunities for users of other HP Enterprise platforms.

NEW! Download this postcard and pass along to your colleagues or friends who might be interested in attending.

Interested in Presenting at Community Connect Europe 2008?

Share your expertise with other HP users just like you. Community Connect Europe 2008 is still accepting presentation proposals for the following topics:

  • Blades
  • Business Continuity
  • Linux
  • Security
  • SOA

Submit your presentation proposal by 21 July and be recognized among your peers as a leader in your area of expertise.  

BITUG December 3rd Dec, Wood Street - Education Day (Performance Update - includes Blades)
                             4th Dec, Trinity House - SIG on Platform futures, AGM, look back at 30 Year of 'Tandem' in Europe

CTUG Are in progress of making plans for this years Fall Conference.  Please stay tuned for details

GTUG 12 November 2008 More information will be available shortly at



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