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Tandemworld Newsletter for March 2007


Availability Digest Highlights Migration to Active/Active

Have you upgraded your NonStop Consoles to OSM yet?

Technical Update for Customers - Unlimited Software Associates

Zip on Tandem


Useful enhancements for BASE24 users in the Stefi product

CAIL  -  Rel. 8   Announcement

Marshall Resources - Second User PMF CPU Modules





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Availability Digest Highlights Migration to Active/Active

The Availability Digest’s March issue is a must-read for those who want to migrate old applications into an active/active environment. Other topics include microrebooting for fast recovery, Telecom Italia’s active/active mobile services, a Geek Corner discussion on failover faults, and a review of the book Migrating Legacy Systems: Gateways, Interfaces, & the Incremental Approach.

Edited by Dr. Bill Highleyman, the Digest focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. Each issue of the Digest features articles on the following topics: Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Active/Active Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Review, and The Geek Corner.

The free Digest is published on the second Tuesday of each month. It includes useful article synopses as well as some complimentary articles. The detailed content of others is available by paid subscription.

The Availability Digest is always looking for good article content, especially in the topics of Never Again and Case Studies. For more information, contact Bill Highleyman at

Visit to get both past and current issues of the Digest (in HTML or in PDF), to sign up for your free monthly copy of the Digest, or to subscribe to the detailed articles.

Bill Highleyman also will be busy at the upcoming HP Technology Forum & Expo, this year to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) in June. Make sure to sit in on Bill’s talks on “Active/Active Versus Clusters” and “Active/Active in Action.” You are encouraged to take part in his panel discussion on “Active/Active Replication for SQL/MX.”


Have you upgraded your NonStop Consoles to OSM yet?

The TSM software for the NonStop Console will become obsolete in January 2008. This means that customer-reported defects are still analysed but actions are limited to existing fixes, workarounds and responses to set-up, usage and configuration queries. New NonStop hardware on the S-Series servers will not be supported.

It is recommended that customers move to the new OSM software, if they have not already done so. The benefits of this software are:

1) Support for all new hardware on the S-Series and Integrity NonStop Systems

2) OSM Service Connection is browser based

o All it needs is a LAN (Public or Private) connection to the NonStop Server

3) HP ISEE (Instant Support Enterprise Edition) support

o Provides a LAN based alternative to the existing telephone dial-up support interface from the    Notification Director

4) Open-standards-based interface

o Offers an infrastructure to support external and multi-platform manageability and serviceability application add-ons

5) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) support

6) Improvements in data collection

7) Improvements in fault diagnosis

OSM is a requirement for Integrity NonStop systems and modular I/O and is the current software for your S-Series NonStop Console.

BrightStrand International provides a flexible OSM Migration Service adapted to your requirements to make the transition from the TSM to OSM software a smooth and seamless operation and helps you to maximise the benefits of the new OSM software. BrightStrand International will help you to understand the hardware and software prerequisites for OSM, design and set up the interface to ISEE and review security, before installing OSM and instructing your staff on the changes and improvements of OSM. The most cost effective upgrade path for some older NonStop Consoles may be replacement.

New NonStop Consoles, the OSM software and the OSM Migration Service are all available from BrightStrand International, please email for further details


                            Technical Update for Customers - Unlimited Software Associates

In this issue:
1)             Announcements
2)             Latest available product releases     
3)             Technical Support Numbers/Emails
1.) Announcements
BOSS 7.1
A new release of BOSS 7.1 will soon be available. This updated version of BOSS will provide better performance and increased speeds. Contributing to the better performance, BOSS will have an enhanced upgrade path to the new HP/NSK Itanium hardware. BOSS audit trials have also been improved: they now include more specific, granular data for better capture of program activity. The addition of alternate keys provides increased speed, i.e., transactions are accomplished much faster. These updated features are just a few of the many changes that have been made for BOSS 7.1. Look for the new release to be available sometime in March 2007.

SafePoint Alarms
SafePoint Alarms provides real-time monitoring of NonStop security events that are logged to the Safeguard audit trails.  This includes Safeguard, OSS, and audit client events;  BOSS and eBOSS events are supported as well.  SafePoint Alarms monitors the audit trails for any events matching custom-configured alarm criteria.  When alarm events occur, configured actions will be taken, such as showing the event in real time on a GUI console, reporting the event to the Event Management System (EMS) and logging the event to an alarm log file. 

2)Latest Available Product Releases
BOSS: 7.1 Product upgraded and enhanced.  Please visit or contact USA Support for more information
EMS EmPower:
Secure FTP:
Secure CS:
SafePoint Admin & Reports: Some product upgrades.  Please visit or contact USA Support for more information
Spool EmPower:
Spool EmPower HOST:
3) Technical Support Numbers/Emails
Phone:  610-296-2633
Email: (the more detailed the email on your problem is, the quicker the response can be from our technical support team!)
For more information on these products or to download the latest release of the USA product you use, go to
If you know of others in your company who should receive this Technical Update, please have them email and request to be added to the Technical Update Email

Zip on Tandem

On request by a GreenHouse customer,  ZIP/UNZIP was ported to Tandem Itanium. It is available - along with the sources - at:

No warranty is given. Use it at your own risk.

In case you stumble into problems, please let us know


Server Oriented Architecture is an amazingly flexible way of incorporating new services into an IT system, enabling applications using it to become the best and most cost effective of their type.

There is however a downside to this evolutionary approach to IT systems and this is that there is a need for the fully automated testing of systems using SOA because it is no longer practicable to spend 2 to 3 weeks testing an application which is to be implemented tomorrow.

To obtain further information on the PIRA Script Language please visit or Contact NonStop Specialist Ross Systems International Tel: +44(0)1206-392923            


Useful enhancements for BASE24 users in the Stefi product

Stefi,  the general purpose Tandem File Manager, serving for several years, has received a new BASE24 PTLF/TLF Token Browser.
It was always an issue to handle the tokens, but it is over now. With this tool it became very easy and comfortable to overview the tokens, for lots of them even the inside structure is defined (among them are the Chip tokens).
It is possible to filter the records on the presence and contents of the tokens.
Stefi is a User-friendly graphical interface for browsing/editing Tandem Enscribe/Sql files. It makes the file operations so simple and comfortable that is hard to compete with.
This enhancement is a good demonstration of the nice plugin system of the product. The new functions are not in Stefi itself, but in the plugin (in the form of a windows DLL) that defines the PTLF/TLF record structure and its handling. Such enhancements can be developed for other important files, too.

A Free Personal version is downloadable from :

I can really  ease your work.

CAIL  -  Rel. 8   Announcement

To leverage the investment in current systems,  new CAIL features enhance system security and connectivity with NonStop based information services. 

To summarize,  CAIL Release  8 improves systems with -

  1. Visual,  Configuration, and Functional extensions

  2. Communications enhancements

  3. Added Security capabilities in 

            -  the CAIL Security Facility   (as an added layer to current IT infrastructure)

            -  CAIL Suite for an integrated security and connectivity solution  (with both Server and Client software)

  1. Seamless operation between Guardian and OSS environments

  2. Option to upgrade to an "Enterprise Solution"   (to better integrate NonStop based information services into Enterprise IT infrastructure)

For information on new CAIL capabilities, please visit,  or

Marshall Resources - Second User PMF CPU Modules

We continue our series of articles from Marshall Resources about the state of the Second User Market with a look at S Series Processor Boards. Availability of S Series PMF Modules is the single most important factor influencing this market.

Currently, there is significant demand for S86000 and S88000 type of CPU Modules. Marshall Resources does have a limited and sporadic supply of the S86000 PMFs, and there have been some rumblings in our market about the possible availability of S88000 PMFs in the early summer of 2007. Prices for S86000 remain stable, and availability is 30 to 60 days for delivery of smaller quantities. The S88000 should still be considered as being difficult to find. Please call for availability and pricing for these “high end” CPU Modules.

Both the 2 GB and 4 GB varieties of the S74000 PMF Boards represent the most active product in this market. Our availability is very good for these CPUs, and pricing is low and stable. These S74000 Boards represent the best value for any customer who is able to take advantage of this technology.

The mid-range CPU Modules, such as S7400 and S7600, remain difficult to find. S7800 PMFs are still not available in the second user market. The S7600 is available, but in very limited quantities, with delivery anywhere from 30 days to six months. Timing in the market is critical when placing an order for this type of product. After a long and substantial availability of S7400 CPUs, the entire second user market is now completely out of stock for this product. Marshall Resources just fulfilled a 6 week old back order for this style PMF, but we had to move product back over to the USA from our warehouse in France. We expect availability to come back soon, but it is interesting that some of these older generation CPU Modules are also becoming scarce.

We also continue to see tight availability of S72000, S70000 and S7000 type PMF Modules. Overall, you can see that all CPU Modules have availability issues in the Non-Stop market. Even the older style Boards are scarce, due to the effect of third party maintenance companies consuming them for replacements and spares.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.


We are HP DSPP  and long standing Tandem Alliance partners specialising in Tandem system solutions.

We have developed a new version of FILEINFO called FINFO which allows selection and ordering of the results and a summary report by subvolume, volume and system by user to be produced

If you are interested,  you can download a trial version, licensed for 2007 from the news page on:


Any other queries, please contact us on:


Tel. +44-(0)1206-392923

Fax. +44-(0)1206-392321


Save the Date for ITUG Europe 2007

Plan to attend ITUG Europe 2007 8-10 October in Brighton, England. You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to attend Europe’s premier event for NonStop users.

For ITUG partners planning to exhibit at ITUG Europe 2007, please view the ITUG Europe 2007 Sponsorship and Advertising Contract. For more sponsorship information, please contact Sara Matthys, ITUG Sales Manager at 1.312.673.4779 or at

SATUG 2007

The 2007 SATUG Annual Conference will be at the Emerald Resort and Casino at Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa. For more information please consult

SUNTUG Social Event

For More information Click Here

FINTUG Seminar

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DUST Meeting

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CTUG Spring Technical Session

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Mid-Atlantic Meeting

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BITUG Security Sig

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EBUG are delighted to announce that the 2007 EBUG conference will take place on 1-4 May 2007 at the Moevenpick Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.

Further Information can be found at




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