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What’s New at Network Technologies International

NetBatch/DR - BrightStrand

Attention NonStop Users: Symposium Approaching

Insider Technologies Limited - "Providing the Bigger Picture"

SOAP/AM Quickstart Program Free For a Limited Time

Gravic Presents at VNUG Conference in Sweden

Register Now For "Improve Your Projects: Learning From Past Mistakes"

ACI Worldwide and Integrated Research Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Payment Service Management

NonStop - A Running Commentary - June, ‘10

Ban Bottlenecks®

Availability Digest Examines VocaLink’s Faster Payment Service

Preview - the comForte Lounge !!

Computer Security Products announces

Intelligent Log Management for Nonstop Servers

The importance of starting with a SQL database when modernizing your NonStop applications…

When A Global Bank Migrated to Blades, So Did OPTA2000

User Group News

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What’s New at Network Technologies International

·       NTI welcomes back Mark Hight

We are pleased to announce that Mark Hight has rejoined NTI to manage our Western US sales efforts. About a dozen years ago Mark worked for us, hunting for business in Asia and Europe. He wandered off to pursue other business interests. We are pleased to have him back onboard.

·       DRNet/OPEN continues to grow in popularity

Many of our Customers are replicating NSK data to OPEN datamarts. DRNet/OPEN is a natural “bolt on” to DRNet allowing data to flow to these databases. More and more of our Customers are selecting this as a standard option.

·       Big surge in NonStop Customers evaluating DR solutions

WOW… I guess the economy is starting to recover. Lots of new names on our list. The big theme is LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP. Everyone seems to be looking for a way to implement DR with affordable pricing terms. We are happy to help.

·       Nice uptick in NonStop Customers migrating to Blades platforms

A growing list of our Customers are actively planning NB50000 migrations. Some are jumping from S to NB in one giant leap.

·       NTI investing in RUG social events

NTI has a new initiative underway to invest in local RUG chapters. See the below article for details.


OUT with the New and IN with the Old

In recent years ITUG has gone thru a bit of a rough transition. Our tightly connected membership is now merged into a much larger CONNECT organization. The annual conference went from the familiar San Jose showcase to the much larger Las Vegas venue. You have to look pretty hard to find the 500 NonStop members lost among the 7,500 HP members. As members have migrated away from the NonStop, and as processing environments have diversified, local RUG memberships have dwindled. It gets harder and harder to get members to attend a local meeting, and it gets harder and harder to find funding for your meetings. Yet, we know that it’s in these local meetings that ideas are shared and new NonStop opportunities are hatched.

With this in mind, NTI is announcing a new corporate initiative to invest in the rebuilding of local NonStop RUG groups around the world. We are interested in sponsoring RUG social events that let local users gather and have fun.

Not every NonStop User can get company permission to attend the annual conference. We think it’s important that local RUGS have fun ways to gather together a number of times throughout the year. We know that when everyone is relaxed, and conversations flow, that new relationships form. These new beginnings can be the long term strength of the NonStop community.

How about a baseball game? Maybe there’s a fun harbor or dinner cruise?  Maybe a fun night out for some Blues & BarBQue? It doesn’t have to be fancy. What fun venues are found in your local communities that you think would be the ideal setting to get your membership out for an afternoon or an evening?

We will be contacting RUG representatives to offer our sponsorship. We are not trying to sell software. We are trying to get the membership back together to have FUN! If you read this message and we have not called you yet, please give us a call. We’d like to invest in your local NonStop RUG.

James McFadden

Director of Business Development

Network Technologies International - Proven data protection

Mobile:  +1 (402) 968-3674

Office:   +1 (614) 794-6000

Email:   Jim.McFadden@Network-Tech.com

W :       www.network-tech.com

Double Brace: BrightStrand





 HP NetBatch user?

Ever wished for a simple DR solution, but found none?

 Introducing BrightStrand NetBatch/DR 

¨     Fully automated HP NetBatch recovery on Backup system*

·       Adjusts System names embedded in HP NetBatch scheduler files to reflect the Switchover / DR situation

·       Works in conjunction with HP NonStop AutoTMF (pre-requisite) to allow HP NetBatch to utilise TMF audited files

·       Designed to operate with HP NetBatch schedulers working across Expand networks. 

¨     HP NetBatch Switchover / DR no longer ‘a special case’

·       One less thing to worry about 

¨     Last known HP NetBatch status from Primary system available on Backup system

·       Which jobs completed?  Which jobs failed?  Which jobs / job suites were in progress?*  

¨     Rapid Install / Test / Deployment

·       Quick return on investment                             

* If manual intervention is currently required to recover HP NetBatch failures in your environment, then this will still be the case. BrightStrand NetBatch/DR provides HP NetBatch on a Backup system with the same information it would have available to it on the Primary system.

 For further information please contact BrightStrand International @: 

Email: sales@brightstrand.com 

Tel: +44 141 0204 4046 

30 day evaluation copies available on request.


Attention NonStop Users: Symposium Approaching

As you may know, the expo hall at this year's NonStop Symposium is already sold out! This just shows you how excited the NonStop partners are to have this type of NonStop-focused event back in a smaller venue. Not only can attendees focus on enhancing the value of their NonStop servers without all the clutter and craziness of a larger event, but this year's NonStop Symposium will be even better than previous San Jose events. HP has planned pre-conference seminars, hands-on labs, a number of breakout sessions, and a chance to meet the developers (go to the event page for more information).

In addition to all of the opportunities for NonStop education, users will get a chance to see the latest products, upgrades, and services from the following vendors:

  • ACI Worldwide
  • Ascert
  • Attunity
  • BlackWood Systems
  • CAIL
  • Carr Scott Software
  • comForte
  • CommitWork/GreenHouse
  • Computer Security Products
  • Crystal Point
  • ESQ Business Services
  • Financial Software & Systems
  • Gravic
  • Idelji
  • Integrated Research
  • Marshall Resources
  • Merlon Software
  • Network Concepts
  • NuWave Technologies
  • Odyssey Information Services
  • Quality Systems Associates
  • Resource 1
  • River Rock Software
  • System Connections
  • TANDsoft
  • TIC Software
  • Transaction Design
  • Tributary Systems

This is the special event that the NonStop community pushed for, so don't miss out! The fact that the expo hall is sold out makes the Symposium easier to justify, but if you need help, just email Gabrielle for a powerpoint to show your superiors.


Insider Technologies Limited - "Providing the Bigger Picture"

Dave Shields, Principal Consultant, Insider Technologies presented at the recent BITUG "Performance and Management SIG.

The theme of his presentation was "Providing the Bigger Picture", where it was shown how Businesses can see what is occurring not only within their infrastructure but also what is happening in real-time, to their transactions and payments.

Two Insider product examples of "Providing the Bigger Picture" were included in the presentation:

  RTLX Reactor (ATM / POS Real-time monitoring Solution)

  Sentra BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

The latter of which, has been incorporated into Logica's LAPS (Logica All Payments Solution) product; now live at SBSA (Standard Bank of South Africa).

A copy of the presentation, both in PDF Form and in Powerpoint (which includes a notes section for each slide) can be found via the following link:


Further details on RTLX Reactor and Sentra BAM can be found via the following links:

RTLX Summary

Sentra BAM now Live with Logica LAPS

For more information on any of our products, please visit our website at www.insidertech.co.uk where you can also sign-up for our FREE newsletter.

Insider Technologies Limited

             Spinnaker Court

             Chandlers Point

             37 Broadway

             Salford Quays


             M50 2YR

             United Kingdom


             Tel:           +44 (0) 161 876 6606

             Website:  www.insidertech.co.uk

             Email :     support@insidertech.co.uk


            Insider Technologies Limited is Quality Certified to ISO9001:2008 and TickIT.


Al        All Trademarks acknowledged.



SOAP/AM Quickstart Program Free For a Limited Time

NuWave's SOAP/AM Quickstart Program (a $1600 value), is currently being offered for free. This program includes a full day of training and services to help you accelerate your Web services project, and for a limited time is included with the purchase of SOAP/AM Server or SOAP/AM Web Service Client.

The Quickstart Program includes:

  • Production Readiness Planning
  • Product Training
  • Design Review & Consultation
  • Application Development

If you are still wondering if SOAP/AM® is the right SOA product for your company, please check out our customers' enthusiastic testimonials. To learn more about SOAP/AM® or this opportunity, just email eguerrera@nuwave-tech.com or give Ernie a call at (603) 594-9896 x251.


Gravic Presents at VNUG Conference in Sweden

Gravic was pleased to attend and make two presentations at the Viking NonStop User Group (VNUG) Conference held from May 25-27 in Stockholm, Sweden. On the first day, a wonderful golf outing was held that allowed both vendors and customers to join in a fun event. The following two days were very intensive and Gravic made a Shadowbase-focused product presentation as well as a more in-depth customer experience presentation that reviewed various approaches now being implemented to increase system availability. (This second presentation is vendor-agnostic. Please contact us if you are interested in having it presented at your local RUG show.) We were pleased that both presentations were well received. The VNUG event is unique and a truly great experience. The location, facilities, attendees, and hosts make this one of the best regional user group events. 2011 will mark the 10th anniversary of VNUG and Gravic will certainly be participating. Our congratulations and appreciation goes out to all the VNUG committee members and HP staff that supported this event. WELL DONE!!!


Presenter: Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President
Title: State-of-the-Art Asynchronous and Synchronous Replication: Advances in High and Continuous Availability Business Architectures
Abstract: As businesses’ needs have driven higher and higher application availability requirements, various high and continuous availability architectures have evolved to meet those needs.  We describe the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) model businesses use
to quantify their needs, discuss the factors (and trade-offs) that affect each objective, and review various architectures in use today to attain these stringent goals. We also look out over the horizon at the next wave of technological advances in the development pipeline to understand how (hopefully) the technology is evolving to eventually deliver true continuous application availability with zero data loss in the event of a disaster.

Presenter: Dick Davis, Shadowbase Sales Manager

Title: Shadowbase Solutions for Application Modernization and an Update on New Shadowbase Enhancements

Abstract: Many of you are familiar with the Shadowbase data replication and integration solutions for providing high and continuous availability for business continuity projects, real-time data warehouse and business intelligence feeds, and heterogeneous application integration capabilities. This talk will highlight Shadowbase solutions for performing application modernization. Examples include the Shadowbase ability to modernize access to your legacy data by replicating it to open and readily accessible standard SQL environments, the Shadowbase ability to dramatically improve your availability profile by upgrading tape-based or active/passive disaster recovery architectures into active/active disaster tolerant architectures, and the Shadowbase ability to provide continuous access to your application services while the modernization project is implemented. Several case studies of successful application modernization projects are presented, along with an update on the new and exciting enhancements now available with Shadowbase solutions.


Gravic Attends MATUG Meeting in Washington DC

Gravic was pleased to attend the Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group (MATUG) Meeting held June 2 at the AOL corporate offices in Sterling, Virginia. The keynote presentation was delivered by Jim Johnson, Chairman of The Standish Group, covering the new Megaplex II paper entitled “Road to the Megaplex.” This report will soon be distributed to the IT community. (Please contact Gravic for copies at sloeliger@gravic.com.) It covers the practical implementation approaches to architecting a Megaplex infrastructure. The Megaplex dovetails with HP’s new converged infrastructure architecture, and Jim’s presentation describes at least six customer success stories depicting how customers are evolving their IT environments to mesh with the new paradigm. In addition to the excellent vendor presentations, Rob Lesan of AOL presented a great overview of AOL’s NonStop systems and applications. The event was well attended by customers from the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas. The next MATUG Meeting will be held in the Philadelphia area to make the event more accessible to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware customers. These events are an excellent way for customers to learn about new HP products and services as well as interact with fellow HP NonStop users.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming 2010 Shows:

HP NonStop Symposium & Expo 2010
Connect Worldwide

Fairmont Hotel & Resort
San Jose, CA
September 26-29


CTUG Fall Conference
Canadian Tandem User Group

HP Headquarters

Mississauga, Ontario
October 27-28


BITUG National NonStop Meeting: The BIG SIG

British Isles NonStop User Group

HP Offices & Trinity House

London, England

December 1-2


For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


Register Now For "Improve Your Projects: Learning From Past Mistakes"

NuWave's upcoming webinar, targeted at IT project managers, will be held on June 30th at 1pm EST.

During the conclusion of a typical phased project, management standards require documentation of project "lessons learned" to encourage improvement of methodology and processes over time.  

This webinar will review suggestions and steps that a project manager can take and tools they can use in creating a lessons learned process for all projects within their own organization.

Not only is this an educational opportunity, but this is also an opportunity to save $1000 on your project since each attendee will receive a voucher for IT services from NuWave.

Go to https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/186235073 to reserve your seat for this one-time event.


ACI Worldwide and Integrated Research Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Payment Service Management

Integrated Offering Ensures High Availability of Payment Processing

ACI Worldwide, Inc, a leading international provider of electronic payments software and solutions, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Integrated Research, developer of market-leading PROGNOSIS® performance monitoring solutions. The partnership will jointly offer ACI Payment Service Management™ powered by PROGNOSIS, which is immediately available for ACI’s BASE24® and BASE24-eps® payment processing environments.

This partnership introduces payment service management, which closely aligns the IT services of payments with the payments line-of-business, helping business and operations personnel understand how the financial institution’s payments business is performing at every level. ACI Payment Service Management powered by PROGNOSIS provides increased and correlated visibility into the payments business through in-depth monitoring and analysis of transactions, applications, supporting IT infrastructure, and payments devices. It goes beyond simple monitoring of the technology or infrastructure to deliver a complete view of the payments environment from a business, as well as IT, perspective.

Gonzalo Diaz de Valdes O, Operations Manager at UST Transbank, Redbanc and Nexus Chile said, “We have used BASE24 from ACI for almost 20 years and found it to be a solid base on which to run our critical payments business. We also use PROGNOSIS to get real-time visibility into the transactions flowing through BASE24, allowing us to see the performance of the business, ensure the system meets all service levels and provide our customers the outstanding service they expect from us. PROGNOSIS and ACI working together can help us achieve even better monitoring and insight into our payments environment enabling us to move forward with confidence.”

The PROGNOSIS solutions from Integrated Research currently provide deep insight and complete visibility across the entire BASE24 or BASE24-eps infrastructure, enabling customer issues to be identified and addressed proactively and in real time before they become widespread. The detailed level of data PROGNOSIS provides assists stakeholders to make informed business decisions quickly from all perspectives and increase the profitability of payments channels and customer relationships.

For more information, visit www.prognosis.com/aci

NonStop - A Running Commentary

June, ‘10

Last month, in the May issue of this eNewsletter, I looked back on how my new business pursuits have evolved, consuming more of my time, and yet I still continue blogging and providing commentary on all things, NonStop related. Little did I anticipate, however, that my commercial commitments and my support for social media would intersect – in the next few days I will be launching a blog site for comForte that will be called the “comForte lounge”.

Readers of postings to the Real Time View group on LinkedIn may recall a discussion I started under the heading of “Coffee with Richard!” where I wrote of how I was looking at ways to kick-off a vehicle that would support two-way discussions and of how “many of the community would like to drop in on an open ‘live’ discussion held once every two weeks”. I even suggested that “while blogs, forums, user groups are of interest to many of us - why not ratchet it up a tad and have a virtual discussion among ourselves on regular basis?”  

As much as I tried I to get a two-way discussion launched, I continued to let other interests, including the commercial commitments referenced earlier that keep me in the lifestyle I so enjoy, interrupt and distract me. However, in talking with the management at comForte, we are going to develop a dialogue that may prove to be the first proactive steps I take along this path. After all, laying the foundation for something like this will have me setting aside time – something that I have had difficulty committing to, as I rarely was in the same town two or three weeks running. It may not support the same level of interaction I had envisioned within a virtual coffee shop, but the posts will provide a less formal, more engaging, approach than otherwise has been provided.

I have spent a number of days in Cupertino over the past few weeks. I have met with current HP executives, followed up with emails to former HP /Compaq/Tandem executives, and met with current and former employees. I have even enjoyed a brief exchange with Jimmy Treybig and gained some terrific insight into the current views on NonStop from Martin Fink. For more details on these exchanges, check out the most recent posting to the Real Time View blog:

Don’t be thrown by the title, “What’s in your garage!” as it has nothing to do with cars. This time, at least! Rather it’s a look into innovation (as so many great inventions started in the proverbial garage) and at what really makes NonStop as relevant today as it ever has. It’s also been a testament to just how many readers have been following the feature articles I have posted to the Real Time View blog

What has come out of these exchanges with current and former NonStop folks is the real sense of the value that comes from running mission-critical applications on NonStop. Vendors appreciate this, even though at times they have felt like they alone are championing the technology. Just as often some of the NonStop customers have felt the same way – talking up the value proposition to find themselves evangelizing a technology they have committed to almost as fervently as any southern preacher would at a summer’s revival meeting! And the material that vendors and customers have provided me has allowed me to post the feature stories to the Real Time View blog.

I am looking forward to developing the new blog for comForte, the comForte Lounge, as it will be a site where the opinions and commentaries I will provide will be briefer, likely between 500 and 750 words (compared to the 1500 – 1700 word features found on Real Time View). Check out the site – you will find it at: http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/

Bookmark it!

 I will continue to post feature stories to the Real Time View blog, but trim to only two or three a month depending on the subject(s) involved. I will continue to drop in on LinkedIn groups of all sorts whenever I see the opportunity to challenge popular opinion that errs in discounting the relevance of NonStop, or when I see attempts to trivialize the importance of almost permanent availability that comes only with NonStop.

In last month’s commentary here on Tandemworld.net I asked for email feedback on the value this commentary provided and was pleased that a number of you took the time to write to me. With your feedback, I developed the post “Social media – part of everyday life?” to the Real Time View blog:

Within this post you will find an interesting observation from Steve Saltwick, who heads HP BCS/NED marketing. Social media is now “becoming a tool of communication, person to person and organization to person, and good communications is always a high value activity … it is just amazing to see who reads, and who responds, to posts! I do not think the true value has been crystallized - kind of like the iPad. We will only know in the future, when it is just part of everyday life.”

Obviously I am thrilled to be blogging for comForte. I see it as the foundation for further social media developments – as Steve observed, the true value has still to be crystallized! Will it be part of everyday life, as Steve concludes, is almost a certainty as already timely content is always valued. So, as your daily routines allow, check out the new site and feel free, again, to drop me an email at: richard@pyalla-technologies.com and let me know of the value you derive from these commentaries and posts!

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Email:                                     richard@pyalla-technologies.com

Real Time View blog:            http://real-time-view.blogspot.com

Buckle-Up blog:                     www.buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:   


LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:



Ban Bottlenecks®

Quality of Service Consulting

In our industry Quality of Service (QOS) is the mandatory mantra everyone’s reciting.  However, in practice many organizations don’t have time to figure out:

  • What Quality of Service are they receiving from their partners and/or supporting SOA services?
  • What Quality of Service are they providing to their clients?
  • Is it stable and consistent over time?
  • Is their computing complex adequate to handle the expected demand?

Quality of Service Process

We will put a Quality of Service process into place which will answer these questions and ensure that you are providing excellent QOS now, and in the future. One system or hundreds; NonStop and other architectures.

Contact Us For A Free System Audit

Can we help you understand your system, and show you how to fix problems before they hurt? Absolutely!  Call us. 




Visit us at the NonStop Conference in San Jose in September!

Availability Digest Examines VocaLink’s Faster Payment Service

The Faster Payment Service (FPS) is a major application of the VocaLink Real-Time Payments Platform.  Operating round-the-clock, FPS provides near real-time interbank transfers for Internet and telephone-banking payments in the U.K.  In “Faster Payments – Bringing Payment Processing into the 21st Century,” Availability Digest guest author Damian Ward summarizes FPS’ development and implementation and also describes how FPS operates at 100% service availability. 

Also in the Digest’s June issue:

-  The U.S. Air Force’s inadequate testing procedures disabled 10,000 military GPS receivers following a major software upgrade. 

- “What is Reliability,” an overview of the very active discussion on the Digest’s Continuous Availability Forum at www.linkedin.com, suggests a simple method to quantify system reliability by focusing on recovery. 

- Neverfail counts on data replication and automated failover procedures to ensure continuity of services for users of Microsoft Windows applications.  

Digest editor Bill Highleyman will present a pre-conference seminar at HPTF on June 21st in Las Vegas.  “Achieving Continuous Availability with Active/Active Networks” will cover a range of topics, including “how active/active networks compare to other fault-tolerant technologies,” “Never Again horror stories from those who ignore disaster tolerance,” and “why continuous availability and disaster tolerance are different than high availability and disaster recovery.”  Register for Bill’s seminar at http://www.connect-community.org/?page=HPTF2010.  

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Our new “Useful Links” page is a great resource for use in the online research of products and services focused on high- and continuous availability and mission-critical systems. 

Preview - the comForte Lounge !!

Social media is everywhere reaching from blogs to LinkedIn to Twitter and its importance as a communication channel is rising. Now, comForte created the comForte Lounge and we are developing our first blog postings as we speak.

We are very pleased that Richard Buckle agreed to exclusively write blogs for the comForte Lounge. Richard has been very active and successful in creating numerous blogs reflecting on the NonStop market place. Richard will be our 'master blogger' but needless to say that key comForte folks will add their contributions to the comForte Lounge too.

So, the comForte  Lounge is the place to look for news on anything 'comForte' and 'NonStop'. Sit back and make yourself comForte'able!! Come and visit the comForte Lounge at www.comfortelounge.blogspot.com. The first blogs will be posted shortly.


The new comForte Lounge blogs will be complemented by a new group in LinkedIn called 'comForte Lounge'. Visit www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3129511&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr and join the group.

Computer Security Products announces

Intelligent Log Management for Nonstop Servers

To meet the growing need to consolidate Audit information on centralized data warehouses, CSP has released “Nonstop Log Manager” for Nonstop servers. With Nonstop Log Manager  you can extract all, or a pre-selection of Audit information from Safeguard and other sources so that data can be forwarded to a centralized warehouse such as Sensage, Netcool, RSA Envision, Tivoli, HP’s Compliance Warehouse or any other data warehousing product. 

Beyond its capabilities to forward any type of event messages from Nonstop servers to central log management systems in real time, comprehensive filtering and alerting capabilities are available to detect and react to unwanted or unauthorized activities on the system.

Nonstop Log Manager runs in real time on your Nonstop server so that information can be instantaneously processed and forwarded to the data warehouse for batch reporting.  Currently Nonstop Log Manager can be used in conjunction with SAFEGUARD, CSP PassPort, CSP’s Compliance Reporting Module or File Integrity Checker as well as any EMS messages so all important system events can be handled.    Further plug-in adapters for other data sources are planned for the product.  With Nonstop Log Manager, your Nonstop servers can easily integrate with any enterprise wide compliance reporting tool.

For more information please contact us at: sales@cspsecurity.com


The importance of starting with a SQL database when modernizing your NonStop applications…

By Harry Scott, Co-founder – Carr Scott Software Incorporated

We are asked frequently in our business of modernizing NonStop customers, ‘Why does it matter that we start the project with getting the database into SQL?’

Like many complex questions, the answer is simple but not always obvious.

The answer is that in order to do more and save costs, you need to have less code after your modernization than you do today and this is a natural result, if you start with the database.

Let me explain.

Today, if you have an Enscribe application you really do not have any opportunities to leverage 3rd party tools, technologies or system features – everything you need to do, you have to design, build, test and maintain yourself. This is extremely expensive and ultimately cost prohibitive for most organizations. It is also one of the major factors in some people’s perceptions that NonStop is expensive. But it’s not NonStop’s fault. HP has worked hard and done a great job of moving the NonStop platform to industry standard components and technologies – the problem is that if your application is Enscribe based, you really can’t take advantage of these new technologies.

Let’s define a ‘typical’ application to see the effects of moving to SQL instead of Enscribe and the possibilities for saving this offers. Our ‘typical’ application we’ll say has:

·        1000 Core Enscribe based applications programs equaling 1 million lines of code

·        300 Reports built in a combination of COBOL/other 3rd generation language and ENFORM, which would be at least another 150,000 lines of code

·        100 ‘data transformation’ programs used for converting Enscribe data for other system/platform use, another 100,000 lines of code

·        100 Enscribe ‘database’ files

·        We’ll use a conservative cost estimate for maintenance of 50 cents per line of code or $625,000 per year (1.25MM x $0.50) to maintain this application.

If you were to modernize the above but not start with conversion to SQL, say instead you attack the GUI first, there is virtually no opportunity to reduce the application footprint (i.e., the number of programs/objects you have to maintain), in fact you may end up building even more Enscribe code to link applications data such as your NonStop data and data from another platform that you now want to combine on a screen.

If instead you do convert from Enscribe to SQL as the first step in the modernization, you can immediately start benefiting from having an industry standard database and start shedding code. No longer will you need most, if not all, of the 100 ‘data transformation’ programs. Once the data is in SQL, +90% of all systems out there will know how to natively understand SQL data without you building and maintaining these types of translation programs. Savings of $50,000 per year minimum.

Once the data is in SQL, you no longer have to hard code reports or be limited to ENFORM. You can jettison all this legacy code, and instead bring in an off-the-shelf report-writer like Crystal Reports or an open source tool (see a small list of them here). Savings of another $75,000 per year.

We’ve already saved 20% of your budget and we haven’t even touched your main application yet!

So, now let’s look at modernizing your core application.

First, now that you are SQL based, you can start using the Eclipse SDK for NonStop. We run into many people still today who don’t realize that there is no, zero, nada, support for Enscribe in Eclipse. If you have an Enscribe database, you’re left out of using not only Eclipse but virtually every other 3rd party development, report or business function products written in the last 15 years. Net-net is that everything on the market whether they are commercial or open source products support SQL databases, only two, ENFORM and ENABLE, support Enscribe. If your management and shareholders are fine with you building everything by hand or using only ENFORM and ENABLE for the next 10 or 15 years, you are in the tiniest of minorities. For everyone else it’s time to modernize and moving from Enscribe to SQL is the obvious first step.

If you are ready to take that first step, clearly we think you should look at our Escort SQL forward database gateway technology[i]. In a soon to be released whitepaper entitled ‘The Road to the Megaplex’ by The Standish Group, they too suggest that moving off Enscribe and to a SQL based database should be the first step in modernizing your legacy NonStop applications.

While at first it may seem paradoxical, you can save more by doing less. In the context of modernizing your NonStop applications, that’s exactly what converting from Enscribe to SQL as your first step allows you to do. The Standish Group calls the realization of ending up with less code to maintain as a result of your modernization ‘an asymmetrical modernization’, the two do the same thing or maybe more but with less cost and who wouldn’t be in favor of that!


[i] For anyone interested in the technical details of database gateways, the out-of-print book, Migrating Legacy Systems by Brodie & Stonebraker is required reading. For the first ten (10) companies who respond via email – we would be happy to send you one of the copies we have acquired.


When A Global Bank Migrated to Blades, So Did OPTA2000

 One system clock, multiple current times, multiple time zones – on all HP NonStop Platforms!

 A major U.S. East Coast bank runs global NetBatch environments from its central data center. The bank's NetBatch jobs are responsible for preparing market-closing reports that must represent the local time with which reports are associated. Because the NetBatch environments are production environments, the system clock cannot be changed without dire consequences. Therefore, the bank uses TANDsoft's OPTA2000 to run each NetBatch environment in its own virtual time zone. Thus, a systems operator working on the U.S. East Coast at 10am EST (Eastern Standard Time) can monitor the market reports generated by his systems for the 4pm CET (Central European Time) market close in Paris.

When the bank decided on a major migrations from NonStop S-Series to Baldes (NonStop NB-Series), a major concern was how the migration would impact not only critical applications but also the in-house and third-party software needed to enhance those applications. OPTA2000 supports all HP NonStop platforms; therefore, migration of this virtual clock and time-zone simulator was effortless.

OPTA2000 allows multiple applications operating in a consolidated environment to each have their own virtual system clock or function in their own virtual time zone with date/time specifications that are different than that of the system clock. All this is made possible by TANDsoft's innovative intercept technology. Thousands of time-sensitive, time-different applications on a single server can be accommodated. OPTA2000's free trial copies install easily without the need for application modifications.

TANDsoft's "best of breed, best in price" philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft's solutions. They include FileSync replication and sychronization software and the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits.

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