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Logica & Carr Scott - modernizing legacy customers

USA at HP Tech Forum

FileSync-Audit for HP NonStop Servers

TSI’s ViTAL™ Just Got Smarter!

NonStop - A Running Commentary

ETI-NET Introduces BackBox Express

To Address NonStop Tape Drive End-of-Life

GreenHouse announces SECOM Version 625

Ross Systems International Releases FINFO Version 2.2


Merlon Software Corporation Releases MARS Version 2.13

Availability Digest Reviews Business Continuity Survey

Ross Systems International Releases Program Licensing Suite Version 2.0



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Logica & Carr Scott - modernizing legacy customers

Logica and Carr Scott Software have teamed to modernize legacy NonStop customer applications using Carr Scott’s Escort SQL, Enscribe to NonStop SQL database middleware and Logica’s extensive expertise in applications/project management for Logica BESS high-value payments customers.

For more see: http://www.carrscott.com/cssi_compendium.pdf#page=20



VISIT us at BOOTH 112 at the HP Tech Forum

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Safeguard Audit Reporting & Administration

Secure Terminal Emulation (Telnet & Web based)

User Authentication & Authorization

Secure FTP Transmissions

SSH / SSL Encryption

Secure Web Printing (NSK or Unix)

Real-time Alarms sent via SNMP to a Central Event Collector

Report Distribution via email, fax, FTP & Printers

Secure Telnet Communications

Automated Tape Management

Password Quality Control


EMS Message alerts via email & Pager

Enterprise SSO IP Portal

Netbatch Management & Administration


USA Inc., 318 East King Street, Malvern, PA 19355 | Phone 610-296-2633 | Fax 610-296-0511 | usasales@usahero.com | usasupport@usahero.com | www.usahero.com


FileSync-Audit for HP NonStop Servers

FileSync for Disaster Recovery, provides automatic replication, distribution, and synchronization of NonStop application environments (Guardian and OSS), setup/configuration files, source/object code, and database files.  FileSync is also an essential component for keeping systems synchronized during system upgrades and migrations. 

FileSync-Audit now provides support for the adaptive, real-time enterprise with efficient replication of Large Database files that are opened for update. 

Other File Synchronization products replicate the entire file, very inefficient for Large database files.  When synchronization of Large Database files is required, FileSync-Audit replicates only the File modifications for synchronization and not the entire file. 

FileSync-Audit replication operations are performed in the correct sequence; thus guaranteeing the backup database is logically the same as the primary database.  FileSync offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in its class.

Find out more at http://www.tandsoft.com/Products.html


TSI’s ViTAL™ Just Got Smarter!

And you can find out how at the HP Technology Forum & Expo in Las Vegas in June, 2008 where Tributary Systems Inc. (TSI) will announce and demonstrate ViTAL 2.0 for HP NonStop™ Servers.

ViTAL 2.0, with integrated business intelligence, is the next generation of the highly successful ViTAL storage virtualization solution and includes many other significant enhancements.

In addition, TSI will be displaying

·         a totally new LTO Gen4 based tape product portfolio for HP NonStop servers, and

·         an enhanced line of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Tape Encryption Appliances with enterprise key management solutions.

If you are attending the HP Technology Forum, TSI would also like to highlight two presentations on the topic of tape virtualization solutions:

•             Todd Robinson of Syniverse Technologies will be giving a talk titled “Storage Virtualization Implementation at Syniverse Technologies” on Wednesday, June 18 at 9:15 AM in Room Jasmine E.

•             Mike Allen of Verizon Communications will be giving a talk titled “Case Study in a multi-site migration from S-series to Integrity NonStop while integrating a multi-site Virtual Tape Library System and while protecting the legacy assets” on Wednesday, June 18 at 1:00 pm in Room Banyan E.

While at the conference, make sure you stop by Booth 127 for the latest information on all of TSI's product solutions now available for NonStop systems. Otherwise, please contact Larry Meyers at lmeyers@tributary.com or 817-354-8009 for any inquiries you may have.


NonStop - A Running Commentary

I have begun to get back into the swing of things after a time off for vacation. There was some business mixed in with the time off, as I caught up with a number of outstanding items, but generally it was good to kick back and take a breather. However, as we head into June I am expecting the pace to pick right up.

The big item in the coming weeks is the HP Technical Forum and Expo (HPTF&E) in Las Vegas and if what I saw last year is any indication of what to expect this time around, I am sure we are going to see a significant turn out. While many attendees had expressed some concerns over participating in an event that embraced more than NonStop, most had been pleasantly surprised at the overall balance that was achieved. Yes, they could still network with other NonStop users – and the party at the House of Blues certainly helped in that respect – but they were also able to listen to Mark Hurd, Ann Livermore, Randy Mott, and many other HP executives which was just not possible with the previous format.

Back in September 2001, I was the Co-Chair of a combined summit held in Anaheim, California. While it’s not really fair to make comparisons between that event and what was held last year – the tragedy of the attack on the World Trade Center overtaking all other considerations – there’s still many of us who recall the problems conducting a collocated event where two cultures, at the time, just didn’t really quite hit it off. One group wanted to open the cabinet doors and insert their own cards and test electrical interfaces while the other group preferred operating the same server from a distance not caring one bit what was on the boards inside or how it all was connected. In fact they were happy to run their servers unattended, miles away from their operational control centers.

But times have changed. Commoditization is close at hand. And I wonder how many of you saw two news stories these past couple of months, and began to connect the dots.

First up, on April 7th 2008 IBM announced that they were combining the System I and System p onto a single hardware platform, and had elected to use the COMMON user group meeting to do so. As the press release went on to state “IBM introduced a new generation of POWER6 servers last week at COMMON and consolidated the System i and System p brands onto one hardware platform. The new servers, to be packaged under the umbrella title of IBM Power Systems, will run one or all of the company's three major SMB operating systems: i5/OS (the OS of the System I that has its roots back into the AS400 and the S/38 before that), AIX, and Linux. The company's flagship integrated platform i5/OS, whose name was more closely affiliated with the POWER5 chip, has been renamed simply IBM i.”  The press release then went on to add “when running one of the three available operating systems, the servers will become known as the i Edition, AIX Edition, or Linux Edition.  Customers will be able to order à la carte and mix and match i, AIX, and Linux operating systems on a single Power server.”

The following month, the results of HP for the second quarter of fiscal year 2008 were released, and there were some very interesting data points. According to the reporting agency Morningstar, “the Enterprise Storage and Servers (ESS) unit, responsible for 17 percent of HP’s income in the second quarter of fiscal 2008, recorded 4 percent year-over-year growth with revenue of $4.8 billion. This achievement was driven by a 68 percent gain in HP BladeSystem server sales. The blades market continues to ramp quickly as both enterprise and midsize customers adopt the technology. Gartner’s figures show that HP held 52.9 percent vendor revenue and 46.3 percent units shipped for the first quarter of calendar year 2008. Businesses are relying on Integrity server blades, including the recently announced HP Integrity BL870c, to lower the costs of powering their large, business-critical and memory-intensive workloads. Additionally, thousands of enterprise and midsize customers have embraced the award-winning HP BladeSystem c-Class design to accelerate their business growth and keep their infrastructure costs in check.”

Perhaps more importantly, however, was the other item in this same Morningstar report “Customers continue to recognize HP’s worldwide server leadership by buying more servers from the company than any other vendor, as reported by Gartner in first quarter calendar year 2008 figures released Thursday. With a 30.1 percent total unit shipment share and 29.6 percent vendor revenue share, HP maintained the No. 1 volume position and took over revenue leadership with support from its HP ProLiant, Integrity and BladeSystem lines.”

For the full story from Morningstar, check out:


Looking at both of these stories, and connecting the dots, we see that (1) HP has overtaken IBM as the largest shipper of servers and that (2) IBM is electing to combine all server platforms around a single chip-set package.

Before I go any further here, IBM is not electing to center this packaging on blades, but rather, around a basic module that can be used in blades packages as well as in more traditional packages. As the Morningstar report went on to say “(IBM) introduced three new servers as part of the announcement, including the IBM Power 520 Express, the IBM Power 550 Express, and the i Edition Express for BladeCenter S model JS12. The Power 520 will be available on April 18, the Power 550 on May 23, and the JS12 Blade on May 30. IBM said the new servers will provide both IBM System i and System p clients with a "single, unified line of servers with simplified pricing, increased application choice, and reduced energy administration costs."

But I think we all see where this is headed. One of the worst-kept secrets within the community has to be the upcoming announcement of some sort of new Itanium-based blade package that will support NonStop, Unix, Linux (and I expect, OpenVMS and Windows), and that the pricing will be even more competitive than what IBM has come up with for its new combined System i and System p offerings. Why less expensive? From my initial observations simply as there’s far fewer packages to support – not the three server lines as is coming from IBM, but just a blade-based line from HP. And this commoditization will lead to even greater savings attractive enough to push IBM even further back. The announcements from IBM have to be viewed as a preemptive move but unfortunately, the more you look at them the less compelling the story becomes.

For the user community about to head for the major user conference of the year, and doing so as a community coming together, as a unified body, perhaps its appropriate to consider how this is coming about at exactly the point in time when HP is unifying its server line. Maybe there’s little left that will separate the cultures of the former communities, or detract from open dialogue on all sides. After all, we will have common external storage solutions, common manageability, the support of common languages and potentially the same open frameworks and containers. What will remain different will always be the availability, scalability, and data integrity attributes and isn’t it reassuring to us all that HP continues to preserve and expand our opportunity to run the premier server available. The Integrity NonStop – on something bladie!

I hope to see you all at the CONNECT party. The combined HP user community party on Tuesday night returns to the House of Blues – this year opening more of its rooms to accommodate an even bigger crowd.

ETI-NET Introduces BackBox Express

To Address NonStop Tape Drive End-of-Life

HP’s discontinuance of support for several common NonStop tape drives presents a challenge for customers.  ETI-NET has adapted its popular BackBox™ virtual tape product to solve this problem.

Priced competitively with new HP NonStop tape drives, BackBox Express™ offers the advantages of virtual tape subsystems along with the ability to retrieve data from previously archived physical tape.

BackBox Express also provides a solution for low-end NonStop systems that cannot justify the entry level costs of other virtual tape products for NonStop systems.  Why pay for a new NonStop physical tape drive and all of the associated media and operational costs, when you can have an affordable fully-automated virtual tape solution?

BackBox Express Features:

·         Field-proven BackBox technology.

·         Fully integrated with NonStop tape catalogs.

·         Built-in tape drive for retrieval of archived NonStop tape media.

·         Automated “virtualization” and mounting of physical tape media.

·         Built-in disk array, or use your own SAN storage.

·         Packaged for simple installation.

·         Uses HP servers for convenient field service.


BackBox Express is available now. Call us about our “try-and-buy” program to get up and running quickly and affordably with virtual tape on your NonStop system. 

To learn more, visit www.etinet.com/evolve , or contact ETI-NET at 1-650-343-2780 x26 or by email at information@etinet.com.

GreenHouse announces SECOM Version 625.

SECOM can be started as a Telnet service, where the user has to authenticate himself before he gets controlled access to the system.


System users (GUARDIAN as well as Alias) use their ID and password, and get access to SECOM resources.

The new version of SECOM supports Generic users as well.

A generic user is known to SECOM only: His credentials (ID and password) do not qualify to get access to any other system resource, such as TACL, or FTP.

Generic users are very meaningful to allow non system users controlled access to system resources, e.g. the shift leader can re-start a PATHWAY terminal, a clerk in the HR department can manage system users, etc.

The profile of generic users is as rich as the one of SAFEGUARD controlled system users, including a complete password attribute management, and auditing.

The new functionality is free, but requires iWAMS (integrated Web Administration Management System) to get managed.

The product is available now.


More information can be found at http://www.greenhouse.de/products/secure-command-manager.html



Ross Systems International Releases FINFO Version 2.2

Ross Systems International, apologises to anyone who tried to download FINFO Version 2.1 owing to the wrong page being put on the site, a new version FINFO Version 2.2 is now available for downloading.

FINFO is a utility to be used on HP NonStop ™ Systems to display Guardian file information. The file information can be selected by a number of criteria, it is then sorted on a specified key and displayed in one of a number of formats. User Totals showing file usage are also displayed at the end of each subvolume, volume and system displays.

FINFO V2.2 is a trial version for Version 2.0 which enhances the functionality of V1.4 by adding the capability of exporting file information to a spreadsheet using a semi-colon separator (;) between the columns, and adding column headings. The file can then be transferred to a PC and imported into a spreadsheet package for later analysis. All possible fields which can be generated by FINFO are included for display in the spreadsheet. User and other totals are suppressed. It is invoked by using the –X parameter.

FINFO V2.2 is a trial version of 2.0 and will cease to operate after 30th June 2008.

Please contact Rupert Stanley of Ross Systems International Limited at rupert@rsi-ns.com or
+44-1206-392923 for additional information or to order .

Information on RSI’s products including FINFO can be found on http://www.rsi-ns.com/.


 CAIL Studio for NonStop Open Web Services and SOA ....

Open Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are very important as an industry direction, in the NonStop community as well as with CAIL and HP.

This is because of the increasing demands to address new business needs - quickly and economically, with minimal risk.

To support these requirements, CAIL Studio enables you to move towards a SOA architecture and open your environment to Open Web Services by leveraging your current NonStop systems, including the associated applications and information.  

For example, you can -

1.  Improve reporting by better integrating and aggregating information (mashups) with data from NonStop and other platforms

2.  Utilize newer and open technologies with current systems for seamless solutions

3.  Have displays with a modern presentation style to enhance the user experience with systems

4.  Be more responsive to new business requests - with no changes to current systems

5.  Increase the value and relevance of NonStop based information services in the enterprise

As you can appreciate, these are significant advantages.  

From a technical perspective, there is increasing interest in understanding how to use Open Web Software including Java, Apache, Ajax, Axis2 and the new HP supported SASH stack (with or without iTP Web Server, NS-JSP, NS-SOAP and OSS) - using CAIL Studio. Utilizing these technologies, in conjunction with current information services,  better positions you to deliver new services - within your organization and for Customers.  

Given the significance of these advantages, it becomes clear why moving toward NonStop SOA  - especially with CAIL Studio,  is important.

Further, when you can "reuse and repurpose" information with an open solution and have SOA capabilities, the ability to realize these benefits is easily attainable.

For more insights and examples of NonStop SOA with CAIL Studio,  go to  www.cail.com/nonstopsoa  or refer to the Connections Magazine (May/June 2008 issue).

For a CAIL Overview, please visit  www.cail.com/adapt .

To receive more information on CAIL Studio,  go to  www.cail.com/wsintro  or contact  Rick Hunter.

To discuss the options to move systems forward, NonStop SOA and CAIL Studio, please visit the CAIL exhibit (Booth 240) at HPTF.

In conjunction with HPTF,  please join us for the CAIL Studio Presentation on Wed. June 18th at 2:15 PM.



ITUG Summit 2008

ITUG Summit 2008 at HP Technology Forum & Expo, 16-19 June in Las Vegas, Nevada is the premier event for user training and technical information for the NonStop community.

ITUG Summit 2008 will again showcase an array of HP NonStop sessions. Download the track descriptions.

Stay tuned to www.itug.org for the latest program details.

BITUG 9 July 2008 S to Intregity SIG, ITUG Summit Report. More Info at www.bitug.com

CTUG We are in progress of making plans for this years Fall Conference.  Please stay tuned for details www.ctug.ca

GTUG 12 November 2008 More information will be available shortly at www.gtug.de

VNUG 9-10 September 2008 A VNUG Event in collaboration with HP and FINTUG More Information



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