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Tandemworld Newsletter for June 2007


HPTF/ITUG and Carr Scott 

Unlimited Software Associates at HPTF/ITUG

CAIL  -  Update

Ross Systems International Releases Program Licensing Suite

CSP enters Distribution agreement for CAIL Products. 

Availability Digest Promotes Availability Benchmarks

Crystal Point and Aleri

Marshall Resources - June 2007 / System Upgrades

Backup Replication – Complete the DR Challenge

Architecture and Economics of real-time access to BASE24-eps Transaction Data

Win With NTI

NonStop™ NearShoring




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HPTF/ITUG and Carr Scott 


Please visit this month's TandemWorld sponsor Carr Scott Software who will be featured in the exhibitor showcase on Stand #134 at the HPTF/ITUG exhibition.

Carr Scott Software will also be presenting a seminar that all Enscribe users must attend on the topic of SQL Middleware for Enscribe Applications which will be held Wednesday - 20 June,  11:45am - check your onsite schedule for meeting room details.

Once again, thanks to Carr Scott Software for sponsoring this month's Tandemworld Newsletter"



Unlimited Software Associates at HPTF/ITUG


Win an iPod @ HP Technology Forum 2007


ITUG 2007

HP Technology Forum and Expo 2007
Special Souvenir Monday Night to Booth Visitors

PCI Compliance – It’s Hot – and we have the solutions

Compliance to regulatory requirements got you down?
USA provides end to end solutions!

NEW Requirement
Enterprise Wide Centralized Event Management Console
Our PCI show case customer is the first to link NonStop events to the leading Network Intelligence Suite - learn how visit booth 448

(VISA CISP & MasterCard SDP - Bank, Merchant, Service Provider Requirements!)

Build & Maintain Secure Network

Protect Cardholder Data

Maintain Vulnerability Management Program

Implement Strong Access Control Measures

Regularly Monitor & Test Networks

Maintain An Information Security Policy -

We've got you covered from end to end with compliance

P.S. FBI/CSI studies show 80% of breaches & abuses are from internal sources, and you're the front line of defense to stop them with USA's security suite!



CAIL  -  Update

To address new requirements, CAIL enables you to leverage current information services with - 

  1. Enhanced system security - easily, quickly and economically with - 

            -  the CAIL Security Facility   (as an added layer to current IT infrastructure)

            -  CAIL Suite for an integrated security and connectivity solution  (with both Server and Client software)

  1. Seamless operation between Guardian and OSS environments
  2. Support for Web Services / SOA / Web Enabling initiatives
  3. An  " Enterprise Solution "  to improve user productivity and save money  -

-  for access to NonStop and all Host based applications - consistently across platforms

-  to make it easier to address new needs across the organization  (including security, SOA, etc.)

            -  better integrate NonStop based information services into Enterprise IT infrastructure

To summarize,  CAIL enables you to move information services forward with enhanced system security,  an improved user experience with systems,  and provide more powerful tools to technical personnel with the following - 

 A.   CAIL  Security  Facility    -  for more trusted systems         

                                                    - For more details,  please visit  www.cail.com/security   

  B.  CAIL  Suite                        -  superior connectivity and security with NonStop Systems   

                                                   - For more details, please visit  www.cail.com/specs     

 C.  CAIL Studio                        -  For SOA architecture /  Web Services  / BPM / Web Enabling initiatives  

                                                   -  For more details please visit  www.cail.com/wsintro   

 D.   EXTRA! X-treme             -  Enterprise Connectivity & Security Solution    (integrated Attachmate / CAIL Software) 

                                                  - For more details, please visit   www.cail.com/cabenefits  and  www.attachmate.com     

In closing,  hope you can make it to Las Vegas to learn more about improving information services.   

Please contact CAIL if you have any questions about moving systems forward.

Ross Systems International Releases Program Licensing Suite

Ross Systems International, has pleasure in announcing RSI LICENSE, the second major offering in RSI’s cryptographic product range.

As with HSEMM, RSI’s HSM Emulator Suite, RSI License has been developed to make advanced cryptographic techniques available to corporate solution providers who want and need to use security based solutions in the development and rollout of their products, but do not have the time or cryptographic know how to implement them.

The RSI LICENSE Product is a set of HP NonStop  programs and libraries that provide a simple, easy to use, flexible and effective method of setting up a program licensing environment, enabling program licensing control, issuing licenses, in  the form of encrypted files, and maintaining those licenses for multiple HP NonStop Systems over time.

RSI LICENSE is designed as a hierarchical licensing system in which Ross Systems International can grant licenses to licensors who can then grant licenses to their product users

It has the following benefits:

◙ The licenses issued are very secure

It is very easy to modify the licensing system for a new program or program group

◙ Licensing Libraries exist for C, C++, TAL, pTAL and COBOL programs.

It is very easy to add licensing to a program

◙ You can wild card a program to operate with any of your licenses.

Issuing licenses with LICENSE is secure, simple and flexible.

◙ Multiple Systems Can be licensed in one license file.

Optional wild cards in the license file enable you to determine how the licenses operate.

◙ You can determine what happens when a license is infringed.

Infringement reporting on EMS log and home terminal.

◙ It is very easy to maintain license files using the VIEWLICE utility

Please contact Rupert Stanley at Ross Systems International Limited at rupert@rsi-ns.com or
+44-1206-392923 for additional information.

Information on RSI’s other products can be found on http://www.rsi-ns.com/


CSP enters Distribution agreement for CAIL Products.

CSP is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for a newly branded family of Encryption Products for the HP NonStop® Server Family from CAIL Systems Inc.

CSP will complement it’s own line of Security Products for the HP NonStop® server with the following CAIL offerings:

·       CSP Client Shield

·       CSP FTP Shield

·       CSP Enterprise Shield

 For additional information contact:


Maurice Rivas.

Partner relationship Manager

Computer Security Products


+1 (905) 568 8900 Ext 226


Ron Thompson



CAIL Systems Inc.

+1 (905) 905 940-9000 Ext 24

Availability Digest Promotes Availability Benchmarks

System availability has become as important a matter with customers as system performance. The Availability Digest’s June issue promotes the value of availability benchmarks. Also discussed is a virtual tape solution for NonStop data centers, a Geek Corner review of redundant nodes in NonStop systems, and why Fire in the Computer Room. What Next? is a recommended read for those concerned with how to recover from a total system and file loss.

The Digest focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. Each issue of the Digest features articles on the following topics: Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Active/Active Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Reviews, and The Geek Corner. www.availabilitydigest.com

Digest editor Bill Highleyman also will be visible throughout the upcoming HP Technology Forum & Expo, this year to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) in mid-June. Make time to sit in on Bill’s talks on “Active/Active Versus Clusters” and “Active/Active in Action.” Take part in his panel discussion on “Active/Active Replication for SQL/MX.” Bill also will serve as co-moderator (along with SIG leader Richard Buckle from GoldenGate) of the Business Continuity SIG, formerly known as the Disaster Recovery SIG.


Crystal Point and Aleri

Europe’s largest banks now able to modernize applications using secure web-based interface and enhanced functionality from Crystal Point

Crystal Point today announced that the company’s application modernization technology has been integrated with the Aleri Global Banking System (GBS) back-office banking solution.

Aleri Global Banking is one of the world’s largest providers of software solutions for the wholesale banking industry. More than $10 trillion worth of transactions are processed every month on systems from Aleri Global Banking. This latest advance to Aleri’s GBS application is already installed at one of the world’s largest banks, and is being evaluated at another. All Aleri customers now have the opportunity to upgrade their operations.

Crystal Point’s AppViewXS provides a powerful way for companies to modernize their business operations by transitioning host applications to a browser-based interface. AppViewXS offers a secure, browser-based, modern interface into Aleri’s GBS, their premier back-office banking solution used globally by many banks. AppViewXS helps Aleri customers leverage their IT investment by improving functionality, accessibility, security while enhancing the user experience with a graphical user interface. It enables Aleri’s customers to quickly, efficiently and transparently, get their information over a browser such as Internet Explorer, without changes to Aleri’s underlying GBS application.

Unlike a basic ‘screen scraper’ application, AppViewXS offers the ability to implement secure communications and application customization as well as provide the look and feel of a web front end, or GUI interface. In Aleri’s case, AppViewXS replaces their in-house developed desktop-based Advanced User Interface (AUI), with pure browser access to deliver a more robust, flexible and maintainable user experience.

As a 100% Java application, AppViewXS can tightly integrate Java technology without any changes to the legacy application engine. Craig Morris, Aleri’s Director of Customer Support, Maintenance & Enhancements said, “The architecture of our wholesale banking application has withstood the test of time but the user experience was limited by old fashioned green-screen terminal emulation-based access. AppViewXS has provided a fresh, modern look and feel as well as enabling us to develop new user functionality - and all without changing application code!”

More information on AppViewXS and Crystal Point’s complete portfolio of host connectivity solutions is available at www.crystalpoint.com .

Crystal Point, Inc.

Since 1986, Crystal Point has delivered efficient, cost effective solutions to organizations looking to leverage their NonStop enterprise application investments. From traditional host access products performing terminal emulation, to SSL or SSH2 encryption of data communications and file transfers, to host publishing applications that rejuvenate, repurpose and integrate multiple legacy applications, Crystal Point offers a full range of host connectivity solutions. The majority of NonStop users worldwide use Crystal Point software.

Marshall Resources - June 2007 / System Upgrades

We continue our series of articles from Marshall Resources about the state of the Second User Market with a look at S Series I/O Enclosures and other expansion hardware. Both Servernet One and Servernet Two compatible IOMF Controllers are now readily available in our market. This is also the most cost effective means of adding capacity to the S Series system, both in terms of hardware and software costs.

Adding an I/O Cabinet to the S70K, S72K, S7000, S7400, S7600, and even S7800 does not require Servernet Two technology. This upgrade involves one Enclosure and two 1952 IOMF Controllers. Adding a Servernet Two compatible I/O Cabinet is slightly more expensive as you need one Enclosure, two 1980 IOMF-II Controllers, plus the added cost of a 7360 Power Shelf, and two 6750M-C PICs and Cables. Both IO Enclosures do not require Servernet Boards in the I/O slots, so you have use of all four I/O bays for peripheral devices as well as the 16 disk slots.

Adding an I/O Enclosure also provides the footprint for an easy CPU upgrade in the future. There is an abundant amount of this hardware available, so pricing is very attractive and should remain so.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at www.marshallresources.com for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.

Backup Replication – Complete the DR Challenge

ETI-NET is the leading supplier of data de-duplication technology for NonStop Systems and we now bring a new approach to completing the DR dilemma. BackBox can compress local data 30x or more and transparently replicate this data to BackBox repositories at other locations via low-cost WAN connections. Massive compression multiplies the cost effectiveness of a given disk storage unit and it greatly reduces the WAN bandwidth required for inter-site replication of this data.

BackBox implements replication without NonStop Host involvement, and stages the DR data in a “standby” storage at the remote site. Upon primary site failure, ETI-NET’s DR activation processing restores the primary site’s DSM/TC catalog contents onto the designated DR system, enabling instant restores of the backup data already present on virtual tapes at the DR site.

Active-Active, Many-to-One or Off-Line DR topologies are supported.

Take the pain out of DR. No tapes to transport or risk of loss. No worrying about whether DR copies are up to date. No complex tasks to figure out what is on which tape and how to get it to the DR system to restore it.

This solution is available now. To learn more, see a live demo in Booth 349 at the HP Technology Forum / ITUG Summit in Las Vegas June 18-21. Contact ETI-NET by telephone at 1-800-546-9101 or by email at information@etinet.com.


Architecture and Economics of real-time access to BASE24-eps Transaction Data

Steve Tanham (Managing Director, Insider Technologies Limited) provided the above named presentation to an audience at the May 2007, EBUG Conference in Istanbul.

This presentation covered the following areas:

1. The importance of real-time access to transactional data

2. Logging real-time information and how to access it, both for BASE24 and BASE24-eps environments

3. The requirement for fast and flexible access to real-time log and journal files

4. Real-time business performance dashboards to monitor BASE24 health

5. Transaction Monitoring to provide Business and Technical intelligence

The presentation invited attendees to consider the importance of real-time access to their BASE24 transactional data, whether it is resident in BASE24 TLF/PTLF log files or within the BASE-eps Journal files (JLF).

Very valuable transactional information has been written to these ‘logs’ and Insider have developed products and strategies to enable Business Service teams and Technical teams to access this data in order to provide:

1. Transaction Monitoring for Business and Technical intelligence – “the 2nd line of defence against fraud”

2. Service Management for ‘top n merchants’

3. First warning of system faults, attempted fraud, slow transaction rates

4. Extract data from the TLF, PTLF, JLF files and other key sources

5. Fast access without imposing any overheads on the log / JLF files

6. Secure and encrypted extraction of ‘log’ information to a dedicated Insider reaction engine

The key to all this, is making this complex information visual to enable the Business and Technical community to:

1. Monitor BASE24 and BASE24-esp via web based graphical views

2. Obtain a summary of the Business Health

3. Drill-down to real-time transactions and alerts

4. Query the real-time transaction flow

5. Receive alerts for attempted fraud

6. Display and receive alerts for abnormal Business metrics

7. Create Management Information Reports

Migration strategy for BASE24 to BASE24-eps

For users wishing to migrate their ATM/POS monitoring from BASE24 to BASE24-eps, users can tailor their own schemas to feed to a third party product, such as Insider’s RTLX Reactor engine.

Alternatively, Insider can develop an Extraction Layer to extract the BASE24-eps transaction data and populate the RTLX Reactor engine, where the above Business and Technical functions can be utilised.

If you would like to see the RTLX Reactor product in ‘action’, please visit the following link where a ‘flash’ demonstration can be downloaded, along with copies of a Datasheet and White Paper.


Insider Technologies Limited, Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point, 37 Broadway, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 2YR, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 (0) 161 876 6606.


Quality Certified to ISO9001 / 2000 (DNV). All Trademarks acknowledged.

Win With NTI
Register to Win an
iPOD shuffle or Handheld Navigation System.
Click here to learn about NTI's affordable disaster
recovery solutions, real-time Oracle access, and
flexible data loading could make you the Big Winner!

Win again with NTI -For Disaster Avoidance solutions and proven data protection, please call:


David Ross

Network Technologies International

Sales UK & Europe

Office:  + 44 (0) 1494-771981

Mob:    + 44 (0) 7799-673582


NonStop™ NearShoring

Cracow – new nearshoring hub & its NonStop nearshoring services at a glance

Cracow, Poland is becoming trendy not only because of its beauty as a medieval city, it also grows us a high-tech hub for European operations for many companies. It’s location with easy reach to many European cities and availability of highly skilled resources as well as investors’ friendly climate gives unmatched advantages to prospective investors.

HyperSquare is currently building a NonStop Development Center of Excellence in Cracow. The center is going to be a near shoring services shop; providing help to companies in Europe and US. Our consultants have proven knowledge and expertise in NonStop platform. They were part of various large projects including very high volume transaction system.

We are planning to leverage them as our core consulting team and build our center with top notch resource from excellent technical universities.

HyperSquare is innovative technology company specializing in delivering IT services and technology products to small and medium sized businesses. In order to fully fulfill our clients' needs we have based our structure on three divisions: Marketing & Graphics Design, Enterprise Solutions and Mobile Solutions. By leveraging various skills we have created unique offering that provides solutions for every aspect of modern enterprise.

HyperSquare also provides Outsourced Product Development services within all three divisions to companies worldwide. Combining various skills, proven expertise in IT field and low cost location gives HyperSquare position to provide unmatched proposition to companies worldwide. We are based in Cracow, Poland, center of Polish high tech industry, city with several technical universities that provide unmatched skills and expertise. Poland is ranked third best country in the prestigious TopCoder competition. We are just 2 hours away from UK and we overlap most of our working hours with US business day. It gives us opportunity to interact with our clients on daily basis and schedule face to face meetings with no delays.

For more information about our center or for advice on nearshoring possibilities please contact HyperSquare via EMAIL or visit us at http://www.hypersquare.com


A client-server application with a user-friendly GUI interface is designed to help you manage and monitor scheduled tasks or batch streams utilizing the HP NONSTOP NETBATCHTM scheduler. BATCHPOL allows you the ability to Design, Configure, Edit, Share, Operate, Monitor, Alert and Optimize your NetBatch operations.

The latest version (145.028b) of the product has the following notable enhancements:

Job Definition Import - BATCHPOL is able to import your existing NETBATCH batch streams. The attribute configuration of the jobs to import can be retrieved from either the scheduler or from an associated obey file compliant with one of two (2) different job definition standards.

Business Continuity –The ability to resynchronize the NETBATCH scheduler of your contingency system from your primary site scheduler in just a few seconds; the ability of the BATCHPOL client to produce a job control file containing the latest NETBATCH object status. In case of a disaster this job control file can be reloaded. Think of it as a built-in TMF for NetBatch.

Job filtering via Subsets - BATCHPOL is now able to manage and monitor subsets of your job population. Filtering can be achieved based on the job class or the job name.

“My Favorite Commands” Facility - You can manage and execute your critical obeys and commands using the BATCHPOL “My favorite commands” window. Complicated commands, critical for your business continuity, can be stored and organized so you don't have to look for them when they are needed the most.

In addition, BATCHPOL is now able to read Entry-Sequenced files as scheduler output files.

Developed by Nathan-Eliott Software for USA, Inc.

For Further information Please email: Meredith@usahero.com or contact her at 001 610 296 2633


ITUG Summit 2007 June 18-21 – Register for Education Sessions Now!

If you have already registered for HP Technology Forum & Expo, take advantage of the opportunity to plan your educational session agenda today.

The new session scheduler allows registered attendees to register in advance for educational sessions. It is strongly recommended that you sign up before the event, so register today!

Still thinking of registering for ITUG Summit 2007 at HP Technology Forum & Expo? View the session catalog for a complete list of session offerings during HP Technology Forum & Expo.

You can also view NonStop-specific educational offerings, networking opportunities, and general sessions on the ITUG session schedule grid. We encourage you to make the most of your conference experience and register for a pre-conference seminar.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend ITUG Summit 2007

#8 – HP NonStop Certification Overview Sessions and Certification Exams help existing HP Certified Professionals and candidates improve their skills. Certification exams are free for current certification members and available for candidates at 50 percent off of the regular exam price.

View more reasons to attend ITUG Summit 2007.

ITUG Europe 2007 Hosts First Ever Executive Finance Forum

Join us at ITUG Europe 2007, to be held 8-10 October in Brighton, England (UK). Register early to save 200 Euro off of the regular registration price.

ITUG Europe 2007 is proud to host the first ever Executive Finance Forum 2007 – Banking on the Global Electronic Society on Tuesday, 9 October. Presented in collaboration with HP and the ifs School of Finance, this event is designed for senior business professionals from financial service providers, including banks, building societies, insurance and investment companies, and their service providers.

Please encourage a colleague of yours in the financial industry to attend the Executive Finance Forum 2007 to hear experienced analysts and finance sector practitioners outline innovative insights in four key areas:

  • Who is my customer? Building collective knowledge and federated trust

  • Channels for ever closer connectivity and 24/7 mobile collaboration

  • Faster payments without e-fraud, in a world of rising, industrialized e-crime

  • Controlling risk to reap greater rewards.

Continue to check the ITUG Europe 2007 Web site for the latest updates!

BITUG Special Interest Group
S to Integrity NonStop & Data Centre Management

Date: Wednesday 11th July 2007
Venue: HP Offices, 88 Wood Street, London EC2

More information at www.bitug.com

.....and while at the show, please visit this month's TandemWorld sponsor Carr Scott Software who will be featured in the exhibitor showcase (stand #134) and Carr Scott Software will also be presenting a seminar that all Enscribe users must attend on the topic of SQL Middleware for Enscribe Applications which will be held Wednesday - 20 June,  11:45am - check your onsite schedule for meeting room details.
Once again, thanks to Carr Scott Software for sponsoring this month's Tandemworld Newsletter


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