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Stress Test System Capacity with FASTress and Save 15%*

ACI Worldwide has provided standards compliant SSL/TLS support


Announcing NonStop Low Pin Optimizer

“CAIL Bundling” – for superior connectivity, security and Web Services / SOA / BPM

NonStop AutoTMF now supports TMF audited Q-files!

NonStop AutoSYNC supports OPEN for update file replication, OSS "BIG" files &  OSS PURGE option!

New NonStop AutoTMF & AutoSYNC training available!

ACI Worldwide and GoldenGate introduce GoldenGate Veridata

Tributary Systems, Inc. Announces VITAL™, a Virtual Tape Enterprise Solution

“RTLX REACTOR”, the missing part of your BASE24 architecture!

Nexsion introduces the NxVTAPE virtual tape facility

Marshall Resources - June 2006 / Second User Ethernet Modules

comForte and Ingrian Networks Join Forces to Deliver World Class Data Encryption Solution on HP NonStop Servers

ITUG User Group News


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Stress Test System Capacity with FASTress and Save 15%*

Determining your system capacity is critical when you are converting to the new Integrity series, adding new devices or transactions, or are concerned about system capacity at peak volume times. Paragon Application Systems’ FASTress is a Java-based stress testing application that enables you to determine overall system capacity and identify bottlenecks—so you don’t experience them in production. Now you can experience the benefits of FASTress at a reduced price. Save 15% off the list price of leasing or licensing FASTress when you respond to this offer by August 31, 2006.

FASTress thoroughly tests device handling, network throughput and communications bandwidth by processing enormous volumes of simultaneous transactions from multiple sources. And because FASTress is installed on a PC, instead of your host platform, it doesn’t steal processing cycles from your system.

“Paragon’s FASTress enabled us to significantly reduce the number of test hours with our service provider,” says Ray Zapata, Senior Vice President and Manager of Technology Strategy for Frost Bank. “As a result, we have cut our outside testing costs and are using our time more efficiently.”

FASTress provides realistic simulation of each device or agent in your network, including ATM and POS devices, switch issuers and acquirers. During testing, FASTress allows you to increase or decrease transaction volume and provides a real-time graphical view of transactions per second for the consolidated system and for each testing agent.

“With FASTress, we can adjust the transaction rate during testing to find the upper limit. This allows us to determine if software upgrades will really work in production.” Ed Cook, Programmer Analyst at BB & T.

Experience the benefits of FASTress at a reduced price. Save 15% off the list price for the following versions of FASTress when you respond to this offer by August 31, 2006.

FASTress for ATMs including NCR, Diebold, Triton and Wincor

FASTress for SPDH POS Device

FASTress for Visa, MasterCard, STAR, FDR or NYCE

For more information on the 15% off the lease or license of FASTress offer, contact Kathy Cameron at kcameron@paragonedge.com or Steve Lund at slund@paragonedge.com before August 31, 2006.

* Offer expires on August 31, 2006 

ACI Worldwide has provided standards compliant SSL/TLS support

"From late 2005 onwards, ACI Worldwide has provided standards compliant SSL/TLS support for XPNET TCP/IP communications through the SSLCLI and SSLSRV processes. "

These processes are built on, and can be used in place of the tried and tested TCPCLI and TCPSRV processes to provide reliable, secure communications with TCP/IP connected devices. Additionally, the SSL functionality is based upon the SafeTGate:SSL product that has been used in many mission-critical NonStop environments since 2001.

The ACI Worldwide integrated SSL/TLS support is fully tested and supported by the people who wrote XPNET, and is the only BASE24 certified SSL/TLS solution available on the HP NonStop platform.

With support for both client and server certificate authentication, a broad range of popular ciphersuites, and highly configurable security parameters, enterprise XPNET customers now have access to authenticated and encrypted communications that will help them secure their networks, and help them meet regulatory compliance requirements such as the Payments Card Industry (PCI) standard.

Nathan Brown
Product Management
ACI Worldwide
+61 2 9512 0200  


First Middle East Bank to Announce Instant In-Branch Card Issuance

 (Watford, England - 22 May, 2006) - ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise payment solutions, today announced the licensing of its ACI Smart Chip ManagerTM software to Al Rajhi Bank (ARB).  ARB, which owns the Middle East's largest ATM and branch network, will use ACI's software to manage the issuing and acquiring processes of its smart card deployment of 4.3 million cards over its 1,500 ATMs and 400 branches.

Smart Chip Manager will enable ARB to issue a new generation of debit cards that will support secure international EMV payments as well as the smart card enabled domestic SPAN2 payments framework.  In parallel, Smart Chip Manager will be used to migrate the credit card portfolio of ARB to the EMV standard. ARB chose Smart Chip Manager for its comprehensive functionality as well as ACI's proven record of delivering mission-critical solutions.  The system will pave the way for ARB customers to receive more convenient bank-issued card services.

ARB will be the first bank in the region to instantly issue smart cards using the innovative in-branch issuance solution offered by Smart Chip Manager.  Soon, ARB's customers will be able to pick-up their cards at any branch instantaneously.

Suliman Al Obaid, general manager of the IT and shared services group at ARB, said, "ACI quickly proved it had the right solution.  Its Smart Chip Manager software ticked all the boxes we needed it to, from instantly issuing EMV cards to providing an integrated risk management environment.  We now feel confident we have a robust and future-proof system.  Furthermore, we wanted a vendor with strong roots in the Middle East and consequently would be able to offer good local support.  With ACI we got exactly that.  We have worked with ACI now for 16 years, and I think it is a testament to their products and services that we have chosen their software to help us move our cards into the future."

James Lotz, regional manager at ACI, said, "ACI is a key player in the Middle Eastern cards market.  With EMV deployment now mandatory, ACI offers the Middle East years of experience in deploying and managing EMV-compliant solutions.  We are also looking ahead where chips will be able to hold a wider variety of functions and look forward to supporting Al Rajhi Bank in the rollout of such programmes."

ACI Smart Chip Manager, part of the ACI Payments Framework, received the 2003 Frost & Sullivan Global Market Excellence Award in recognition of its performance in the smart card market and ACI received the 2004 technology award for smart card services provider of the year from The Banker magazine. 

Visit the ACI Worldwide stand (no. 33) and don't miss our enterprise risk workshop at Cards Middle East the week of 22 May. 

For more information contact:

John Walker
ACI Worldwide
+44 1923 81 2741

Jim Maxwell
ACI Worldwide

 Announcing NonStop Low Pin Optimizer

TANDsoft, a provider of enabling software products for NonStop and Integrity Nonstop systems, has announced the availability of a new product, OPTA-LowPin Optimizer. 

Low Pins are a very limited Nonstop system resource (255 per CPU) that disrupt application environments, when not used efficiently. 

OPTA-LowPin Optimizer significantly reduces Low Pin Process creation failures by automatically selecting a better CPU, one with available Low Pins.  With NO application changes, OPTA-LowPin Optimizer ensures that all available Low Pin system resources are used efficiently. 

 Get more information about OPTA-LowPin Optimizer

“CAIL Bundling” – for superior connectivity, security and Web Services / SOA / BPM

To improve the user experience with systems plus provide more powerful tools for technical personnel, CAIL Suite is an all inclusive solution to address important new system initiatives.

By bundling extensive capabilities to improve information, provide a more secure systems environment and support SOA / Web Services / BPM initiatives – organizations can easily and economically move information services forward. Analogous to “MS Office” for general PC applications, CAIL Suite addresses requirements to improve NonStop connectivity and security plus evolving systems towards an SOA architecture.

For further information, please visit www.cail.com/adapt or contact CAIL at info@cail.com or 800-668-5769 or 905-940-9000.

NonStop AutoTMF now supports TMF audited Q-files!

In the latest release of NonStop AutoTMF, support for TMF auditing of queue files has been implemented. Q-files are very useful in many NonStop server applications and through popular demand, NonStop AutoTMF has been enhanced to allow the automatic TMF auditing of Q-files for non-TMF aware applications. 

To read more about NonStop AutoTMF, NonStop AutoSYNC and HP’s other business continuity products, visit: http://h20223.www2.hp.com/nonstopcomputing/cache/76753-0-0-0-121.aspx

Or Contact



NonStop AutoSYNC supports OPEN for update file replication,

OSS "BIG" files &  OSS PURGE option!

NonStop AutoSYNC now supports replication of files that are open for update. Previously, only closed files or files opened in read-only mode were replicated. With OPENUPDATE, files can be replicated if they were not updated during the synchronization. OPENUPDATE is very valuable for always open files that are infrequently updated. 

NonStop AutoSYNC has also been enhanced to allow synchronization of OSS files larger than 2 gigabytes. No special configuration is necessary to take advantage of this feature. Additionally, the PURGE option is now supported for OSS files and directories, to allow the deletion of files in the destination file set that are not present in the source.

To read more about NonStop AutoTMF, NonStop AutoSYNC and HP’s other business continuity products, visit: http://h20223.www2.hp.com/nonstopcomputing/cache/76753-0-0-0-121.aspx

Or Contact


New NonStop AutoTMF & AutoSYNC training available!

HP has recently updated business continuity products training and in addition to NonStop TMF and RDF training, HESP is now offering NonStop AutoTMF and NonStop AutoSYNC training both in in-house at HP training centers and at customer locations.

Contact Henk Spiertz, HP NonStop training at henk.spiertz@hp.com or visit: http://www.hp.com/learn/NonStop



ACI Worldwide and GoldenGate introduce GoldenGate Veridata.

GoldenGate Veridata is a high-speed data comparison solution that identifies and reports data discrepancies between databases without interrupting ongoing business processes. Using Veridata, companies can audit and verify large volumes of data across different business applications with absolute certainty. Veridata reduces the amount of time and resources required to compare data, minimises the impact of human errors, and ensures that potential problems can be instantly identified and addressed. By using patent-pending technology, Veridata allows users to compare large databases extremely quickly. individual fields are selected for comparison, ensuring only pertinent data is processed and relevant differences are highlighted.

GoldenGate Veridata is a stand-alone product that can be used independently of the core GoldenGate Transaction Data Management platform to verify the integrity of critical databases, regardless of how they are being synchronised, so it is appropriate for use by any organisation that is required to validate their data, either for internal audit purposes or to ensure compliance with industry mandates.

To find out more about GoldenGate Veridata please contact your local ACI representative,

email mbox-emea-marketing@aciworldwide.com or click on the following link http://www.goldengate.com/technology/veridata/


Tributary Systems, Inc. Announces VITAL™, a Virtual Tape Enterprise Solution


At ITUG Europe 2006 in Amsterdam, Tributary Systems Inc. (TSI) introduced and demonstrated VITAL™, a virtual tape solution for both the Integrity NonStop and S-series servers.


VITAL, standing for Virtual Integrated Tape and Library, has a June general availability and with its industry leading features, offers a foundation and solution to solve the most demanding backup, restore, and disaster recovery requirements.


For additional information, contact Larry Meyers at (817) 354 8009, ext. 32, or email TSI at salesusa@tributary.com


“RTLX REACTOR”, the missing part of your BASE24 architecture!

RTLX Reactor has been developed with the help of BASE24 users and was launched at EBUG 2006 in Lisbon.

Your BASE24 TLF, PTLF, Journal and other transaction logs contain your most valuable Business information, yet reacting to this data in real-time is not always possible, due to the performance implications it may have on your BASE24 system.

Insider’s new RTLX product is a whole new extension to the BASE24 engine, containing a uniquely fast method of streaming data off your BASE24 host onto a dedicated Reaction Server, running Microsoft Windows SQL Server.

Based on Insider’s proven and successful SENTRA architecture, RTLX lets you probe and analyse the real-time flow of your business data by setting Rules and Triggers via point and click techniques.

Alerts can be activated for any rule combination, e.g. “Alert me if an account has activated multiple transactions within a short time-period”; “Show me the next time any cards within this range are used in this / these locations”; “Alert me if an interchange switch has not been heard from or a group of key ATMs have not seen any transactions inside N minutes”.

Rules are processed against data on arrival, ensuring ultra-high performance of the data-driven environment and removing overheads from your BASE24 host. Since all the (P)TLF data is relayed to a relational database, any of the columns can be used as a key for querying offering considerably more power than existing green-screen approaches.

Various reporting tools are supplied with RTLX, including drill-down graphical output and a dynamic Management Information reporting subsystem. Service Rules are also provided which trigger visual, SMS, Pager, or e-mail alerts, incorporating certified support for major Enterprise Management regimes.

Please visit our website to obtain the following product documentation, or to request copies of the ‘Flash’ demonstrations:

White Paper


Insider’s RTLX product link: http://www.insidertech.co.uk/html/messaging_rtlx.html

Insider Technologies Limited, Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point, 37 Broadway, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 2YR, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 161 876 6606. www.insidertech.co.uk Quality Certified to ISO9001 / 2000 (DNV). All Trademarks acknowledged.

Nexsion introduces the NxVTAPE virtual tape facility

Nexsion announces a virtual tape facility. Perform system backups and other tape functions directly to inexpensive disk storage. NxVTAPE is software based solution to virtual storage. NxVTAPE functions as a virtual device on the HP NonStop system and communicates to a back-end storage system via TCP/IP. The back-end component may be Linux, Windows, or NSK based. As this is a software based solution, the user has control of where and how the data is archived.

Fully integrated compression and encryption are available. The high performance encryption provides for safe data transport and storage, while the compression reduces hardware requirements.

Based on the time tested NxLIB environment, NxVTAPE provides a high performance and flexible solution to tape reliability required by mission critical applications.

Because NxSSLSRV is based on the NxLIB environment, all the configuration and logging options from NxLIB are available in NxSSLSRV. The maximum number of connections supported by a single process is limited only by CPU processing ability and available memory. Depending on which encryption method and options are specified, this could be hundreds of connections per process.

Contact sales@nexsion.com for a no cost, no obligation 30 day evaluation copy.

For more information, contact sales@nexsion.com. Distributor inquiries welcome.

Marshall Resources - June 2006 / Second User Ethernet Modules

We continue our series of articles from Marshall Resources about the state of the Second User Market with a look at S Series I/O Boards. Ethernet Controllers have been, and continue to be, the most desirable of all the S Series controller boards.

The 3861 E4SA is a four SAC 10BaseT Controller. Having only the 10 Mbps speed, one would assume this controller would be obsolete. The E4SA does have four dedicated IP ports on a single board, consuming just a single I/O slot, so it remains popular. Also, the 10 Mbps speed is sufficient for SWANs and other devices, so the 3861 remains a viable product with sufficient demand. We have these boards in stock and their availability is predictable and steady. Pricing is also stable due to the consistent demand for this product.

The 3863 FESA is by far the most popular and highly demanded I/O controller in the S Series market at the moment. With just a single 100 Mbps port, it does occupy a significant amount of I/O Slots per SAC, but the speed is attractive. Currently, supply is very sporadic. At this time, we have FESAs available for immediate shipment, but as a rule, supply seems to be 2 weeks to 30 days.

The 3865 GESA, 1 Gbps Ethernet Controller is still not available in our used equipment market. We hope to see more of these become accessible as Users migrate to the Integrity platform, probably late in 2006.

There are the other network controllers that are readily obtainable. The 3860 ATM controller and the 3862 TRSA Token Ring Controller Boards are both available for immediate delivery at bargain prices.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at www.marshallresources.com for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.

comForte and Ingrian Networks Join Forces to Deliver World Class Data Encryption Solution on HP NonStop Servers

comForte announces interoperability of the Ingrian data encryption offerings on HP NonStop servers
OLD TAPPAN, New Jersey, and REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—May 1, 2006— comForte Inc., a market leader for network encryption solutions for HP NonStop servers, and Ingrian Networks, Inc., the leading provider of data privacy solutions, today announced a partnership that will allow applications running on HP NonStop servers to easily integrate with Ingrian DataSecure Platforms.

“Driven by regulatory standards in several vertical markets, we see an increased demand for data-at-rest encryption for HP NonStop servers,” said Michael Horst, CTO of comForte. “Partnering with an industry leader allowed us to focus on the specifics of the NonStop server rather than having to ‘reinvent the wheel’. Bringing the Ingrian offerings to the NonStop server results in a world-class cross-platform database encryption solution becoming available to NonStop users around the world."

HP NonStop servers “own” the business-critical infrastructures fueling the vast majority of the world’s electronic commerce. Companies that rely on NonStop technology include the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Rabobank, Target Stores, Sabre Holdings, and Sprint Telecommunications. The Ingrian DataSecure Platform integration with HP NonStop will fully leverage the fault-tolerance and load balancing capabilities of the HP NonStop server. A simple API will be available to provide access to the cryptographic operations being carried out in the Ingrian devices enabling a smooth transition for existing applications.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with comForte and expand our offering across HP NonStop servers,” said Karim Toubba, vice president of product management and corporate strategy, Ingrian Networks. “Adding NonStop to our portfolio of supported platforms achieves a new milestone in our roadmap and deepens our expertise in the electronic commerce market.”

About DataSecure Platforms

Ingrian DataSecure Platformsprovide an intelligent, cost-effective way to protect critical data from both internal and external threats. Featuring dedicated hardware appliances and patent-pending cryptography software, Ingrian’s solutions deliver capabilities for granular encryption, seamless integration, and centralized security management.
With its solutions, Ingrian supports:

  • Retailers, financial institutions, and payment processors in adhering to card issuer security policies like the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.
  • Organizations around the world seeking to comply with privacy legislation, such as California SB1386, the Europe Union Data Protection Directive, and many others.
  • Financial institutions seeking to comply with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
  • Government agencies striving to adhere to the Federal Information Security Management Act

For More Information Please goto www.comforte.com or contact c.winterstein@comforte.com


ITUG User Group News

ITUG Summit 2006: Early registration benefits
ITUG Summit 2006, to be held October 15-18 in San Jose, California, will bring together NonStop technology and business professionals under one roof. More information can be found here HERE

BITUG: The British Isles NonStop Users Group will hold a Solutions/Middleware SIG on July 12 in London. In addition, presentations from the BITUG Roadshow 2006 are now available for download. For SIG sign-up information or to download presentations, visit the BITUG website.

HUG: The Houston/Austin User Group will hold a meeting on June 29 at the HP office in Austin, Texas. Information can be found here

OZTUG: The Australian NonStop User Group will hold its 2006 ITUG Australasia and OZTUG Conference on July 24-25 in Sydney. Information can be found here.

VNUG: The Viking NonStop Users Group will hold a VNUG Conference on September 6-7. More information can be found here


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