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Tandemworld Newsletter for June 2008


25 Years for Spectra

comForte on shopping spree

PROGNOSIS ready for HP’s new NonStop blade servers

Availability Digest Asks, “How Many 9s in Amazon?”

CAIL / HPTF  Update

Castle Systems Inc - Your largest source for Used HP / Tandem Hardware

NonStop - A Running Commentary

Insider Technologies and Software Integrators partnership

Gateway 2 – a Simplified Approach to Update Cross-Platform Tape Handling



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25 Years for Spectra

By way of background; since 1982… SPECTRA is an international dealer that trades “globally” in commercial use, Enterprise level, mainframe/midrange servers, disk/tape storage and network equipment.

In our over 25 years in business, we have many customer relationships with companies utilizing Tandem NonStop Systems; many of which have migrated to… or are migrating to… the new NonStop Itanium series. However; much of our NonStop customer base has not yet opted for the new Itanium and in fact, require system upgrades and peripherals from the now legacy, NonStop S88000s, S86000s, S7800’s, S7600’s and the like.

That said, should you have any of this equipment available for sale, now or in the future, we ask that you contact us at your convenience, such that we may organize a generous purchase offer.

In closing, should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. Otherwise; we thank you for your time, your consideration, your interest in SPECTRA, and look forward to future opportunities to do business with you.


All the Best!
Johnny Tourino, VP
4420 East Miraloma Ave, Suite M
Anaheim, CA 92807
(800) 745-1233, x-309
(714) 970-7000, x-309
(714) 970-7095, Fax

comForte on shopping spree

ComForte GmbH, a global leading provider of Host Connectivity and Security Solutions for the HP NonStop platform announced at the HP Technology Forum and Expo in Las Vegas, that they have entered into an agreement to acquire Unlimited Software Associates, Inc and the Intellectual Property Rights for the security solutions from Baker Street Software, Inc. and Cross-El Software Solutions, Inc.

For more information see





PROGNOSIS ready for HP’s new NonStop blade servers

Following HP’s (NYSE:HPQ) launch of the industry’s first fault-tolerant blade server running HP NonStop, Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) today announced that its PROGNOSIS performance monitoring software is ready to support the needs of customers adopting this new server technology.

The new HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c BladeSystem supports high transaction volumes with all the advantages of the NonStop platform. These new systems now offer twice the performance of existing NonStop server offerings at half the footprint, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership of any server in its class.

"Management of the HP NonStop server environment is a major part of our business and we are committed to ongoing support of new technology in this market," said Ben Berger, PROGNOSIS product manager for HP NonStop and distributed server product lines.

"Some of our customers handle transactions valued at trillions of dollars a day, so these NonStop blade servers will be deployed into the most business critical and complex IT environments. These companies simply cannot tolerate downtime or reduction in server performance. By supporting this new server platform, PROGNOSIS will allow companies using this hardware to have the best NonStop performance management solution available."

Integrated Research has now commenced a Beta program with a number of key customers, including many world-leading financial exchanges in the US and Asia.

"We have long used PROGNOSIS to monitor the performance and availability of our critical applications," said Charles Tang of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – a participant in the PROGNOSIS Beta program. "Knowing that we can continue to rely on PROGNOSIS from day one if we decide to migrate to the new blade servers is a great comfort."

Support for the new blade servers will be generally available following successful completion of the Beta program.

About PROGNOSIS and Integrated Research

Integrated Research – the people behind PROGNOSIS - is a publicly listed company with a 19-year heritage of providing performance monitoring software for business-critical computing and IP telephony environments.

For more information visit the PROGNOSIS website: www.prognosis.com

Media contact:

Belinda York

Vice President Global Marketing

PROGNOSIS – by Integrated Research

t: +61 (2) 9921 1565 e: belinda.york@prognosis.com w: www.prognosis.com


Availability Digest Asks, “How Many 9s in Amazon?”

July’s issue of the Availability Digest analyzes the February failure of Amazon Web Services’ EC2 and S3 services.  The massive computing and storage infrastructure boasts thousands of customers, many of whose lack of providing a back-up to Amazon’s utility computing services felled their businesses for hours.   

Also in the Digest is a product review of xkoto’s Gridscale, a virtualized distributed database for today’s popular three-tier architecture.  In “Jim Gray – In Memoriam,” we remember the computing legend and his contributions to the fields of transaction processing and massive databases.  The Digest also concludes its review of the sixty-four Rules of Availability, which serve as best practices for achieving continuous availability with redundant systems.  

The Digest is free online and focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. Issues of the Digest feature articles on such topics as Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Availability Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Reviews, and The Geek Corner.  www.availabilitydigest.com 


CAIL / HPTF  Update

While there were a lot of great topics covered at the recent HP Technology Forum, we would like to focus on the following -

    1. Strategies to move systems forward and address new business needs

    2. The high value of Web Services and supporting SOA initiatives

    3. The need for secure systems and PCI compliance

Because of the importance of satisfying these requirements and evolving information services,  CAIL provides the following -

    1. CAIL Studio for NonStop Web Services     

    2. The CAIL Security Facility for PCI compliance

    3. New CAIL Suite Rel. 9 includes - CAIL Studio,  the CAIL Security Facility,  and enhancements for NonStop connectivity

    4. Integrated CAIL / Attachmate software (EXTRA! X-treme)  -  a single solution for access and security with all Host based applications - including NonStop

Since CAIL Suite is a "bundled solution",  Customers are able to -

    1. Deliver results quickly

    2. Make it easy to manage change and evolve information services

    3. Extend relevance of NonStop information services in the enterprise

    4. Comply with corporate security guidelines and to support enterprise IT strategies

    5. Satisfy new business needs and increase the value of information on NonStop systems

For further insights on your options to improve information services, please visit  www.cail.com/adapt.

To evaluate CAIL software, go to  www.cail.com/demo.

Should you have any questions, please send a message to  info@cail.com


Castle Systems Inc - Your largest source for Used HP / Tandem Hardware 

   Hard to find hardware now in stock:


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     S-Series Disk Drive, 72GB - 15K RPM
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     LTO-2 Tape Drive
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          All equipment certified by HP and guaranteed acceptable for HP (Tandem) Maintenance






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Eastlake, Ohio  44095
t: 440.918.9933 | f: 440.918.0400
e: sales@castlesystems.net | w: www.castlesystems.net




NonStop - A Running Commentary

July, ‘08

This years HP Technology Forum and Expo (HPTF&E) was a great success, but key to its success for me, was the turn out from the NonStop community. Everywhere I went, the “I love NonStop” badges were highly visible and it was particularly encouraging to me to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. By now it’s a matter of record that HP used this event to take off the wraps on NonStop on Blades and to demo it on their stand.

The move to blades is just another step down the path of embracing open and industry standards. Also getting considerable attention was the announcement of the upcoming availability (early 2009) of a deep port of SASH – and that I briefly referenced as something to anticipate – in a TandemWorld column back in February 2008. Again, further evidence of NonStop’s continuing support of open and industry standards. These are very important elements being brought to NonStop that will ensure its ongoing success.

But I wasn’t only looking through back issues of the TandemWorld newsletter, I was also digging around (electronically) into old issues of the ITUG Connection magazine where I stumbled onto a couple of related issues, all on the subject of SOA and Web services - a subject I continue to follow even now that I am at GoldenGate.

If you are curious about the relationship between data integration and SOA, you may want to download a very good paper, as a pdf, on this very topic “The New Mainframe: Data Integration and Service-Oriented Architecture, Big Iron Style” at: http://www.goldengate.com/resources/GoldenGate_SOA_MRS.html

Back in the March / April 2002 issue, Neil Coleman, of ACI (formerly Insession),wrote a piece that he called Web Services - Broadening Interoperability” where he said “Web Services allow application components to interoperate using standard Web protocols, without distinction regarding the native operating environment of such components. In this context, an application component should be viewed as an independently deployable unit, its internal architecture being dependent only upon its native environment.”

He then made a very interesting observation, “Certainly the above definition does not preclude offering software as a service; however let's not confuse functionality and charging model … Pathway serverclasses are the implementation of the component, and the message buffers passed between the Pathway servers and the requesters are formatted according to the DDL structures used to reflect the serverclass interface. Externalizing the Pathway application, specifically the serverclass interface, according to Web Service standards means that other, heterogeneous application components can easily integrate with the services implemented by the Pathway application.”

And then he closed with the comment “in today's heterogeneous world, the importance of enabling the integration of disparate platforms in a standard, simple manner cannot be underestimated. The attributes of the NonStop system that first popularized its usage - availability, reliability, and scalability - are equally as important in the new world of ‘anytime, anywhere’ access.”

Coming forward three issues, in September / October 2002, Brad Poole, now with comForte, wrote, “Deploying NonStop servers as Web Services greatly simplifies the development process and reduces the time to execute the solution. Client developers can be isolated from the details of "the plumbing" (i.e., HTTP Server and SOAP Server) and even the idiosyncrasies of the host server (i.e., Pathway) and can focus on the business solution.”

Brad then pointed out “A key strength of SOAP is its interoperability which allows users to choose from a broad range of client environments (for example, JAVA), and still expect the same degree of accessibility to the Web Services.”

Two years later, in the July / August 2004 issue, Mike Clemens, then of VISA DPS, co-wrote an article “From Transaction Processing Monitors to Application Servers – The Drive to Improved Total Cost of Ownership” he reported on how “at VISA DPS, the decision was made to continue with Pathway and to develop new applications in C. Essentially, for VISA DPS, Pathway has now evolved to become a NonStop server "container" for its C language applications.” Mike then added, “In going down this path, VISA DPS greatly simplified the transition and made it very easy for Pathway users to migrate to open access protocols, such as IP, HTTP, and XML/SOAP.”

Mike wrapped up the article with a couple of additional references, “. Almost 100 Pathway C language transactions have now been exposed as Web Services via WebGate's SOAP protocols … This application represents new development on the NonStop server, with the Pathway container supporting the new Pathway server classes implemented in C. The files are NonStop SQL databases, and GoldenGate is used for replication across databases … By developing new code in C, VISA DPS has benefited from the open application development model and from the lower costs that come with this approach. They leverage the Pathway skills already in place, and integrate the NonStop server with the rest of their platform infrastructure.”

I really had to remind myself that I was reading Connection magazine articles four and even six years which, in our industry, is a lifetime ago. But it’s curious to me, with all the talk about the growth in adoption of SOA and Web services, that so many of us may have missed how much of this open architecture was pioneered within the NonStop community.

I recently posted a blog entry “Behind the Pit Wall”, http://itug-connection.blogspot.com/2008/07/behind-pit-wall.html where I talked about this topic, and of HP NonStop’s deep port of the SAHS stack, and what it means for NonStop customers.  I concluded with the questions “Could we really be pursuing something completely at odds with what the rest of IT is pursuing, only to leave us looking foolish? I just don't think so! What are we waiting for – with proven technology and applications running for almost a decade, what more are we looking for? But re-reading these articles I realize that many in the NonStop community have already begun to exploit the tremendous potential for integrating NonStop within the technology framework that supports their business.

Driving back home this evening, I listened to another song by Alanis Morissette “All I really want to know” and while I can’t ever recall listening to it before, I am sure a reader will point out that its ten or twenty years old. But the opening few lines included:

Do I stress you out …
I don't want to dissect everything today
I don't mean to pick you apart you see”

It is not my intention to get everyone stressed or to become anxious about the speed with which they are adopting this critical architecture. And I certainly don’t want to come off looking like I am going after any one particular user or even vendor. However, all of us want to see the report card on our use of NonStop to include the phrase “plays nice with others”, but without SOA and Web services, anchoring such integration across our heterogeneous deployments, I cannot see such a report card being produced.

On the other hand, as Alanis writes,

“But I can't help it
There I go jumping before the gunshot has gone off …”



Insider Technologies and Software Integrators partnership

Insider Technologies and Software Integrators have announced a partnership to develop a service management and tracking facility for the STAR financial application.  STAR is an automated messaging system designed for sending and receiving financial messages across public and private networks. Data sources within this application will be tracked by the Insider Technologies Sentra product.

Insider Technologies specialises in lifecycle tracking and automated messaging management and has customers and partnerships throughout the financial and government messaging sectors.

The objective of this joint development is to provide real-time web based views of the STAR queue processing, rules based analysis of these key system values and management information reporting of the data.

Further details and demonstrations will be available at the SIBOS conference in Vienna and at the forthcoming SI User Group session. Both events will take place in September 2008.




Gateway 2 – a Simplified Approach to Update Cross-Platform Tape Handling

Many NonStop systems still exchange end-of-day account data or receive start-of-day database data on physical tape.  This approach is slow, personnel intensive, prone to media errors, and depends on tape drives that are nearing their end-of-life.

Gateway 2 uses the proven technology of ETI-NET’s BackBox™ to now permit NonStop applications to exchange virtual tapes with IBM Mainframes.  Application and operations interfaces continue to use the tape passing design, but the hardware infrastructure supporting the design is updated to use the latest channel technologies.

Gateway 2 is also appropriate as an upgrade from BackHome Classic, when NonStop backups are consolidated on Mainframe-managed storage.  NonStop virtual tapes are automatically migrated into the IBM Mainframe for long-term storage and retrieval on demand.

Gateway 2 attaches to NonStop systems via SCSI or Fibre Channel, and to Mainframe systems via ESCON or FICON.

Gateway 2 Features:

  • Channel speed transfer – faster with less overhead
  • Frees IP network resources for transaction processing
  • Replace “sneakernet” operations,  no personnel required
  • Simple to implement - no application changes
  • Scalable to handle massive transfers
  • Configurable for fault tolerance

 Visit www.etinet.com, call us at 1-650-343-2780 x26, or email us at information@etinet.com


Community Connect Europe 2008
10-12 November 2008
Mannheim, Germany

Register for Community Connect Europe!

Register now to attend Community Connect Europe 2008, presented by ITUG, HP-Interex EMEA, and Encompass - your HP user communities. This first-ever event, scheduled for 10-12 November in Mannheim, Germany, provides the first-ever opportunity for users, prospects, and third-party vendors of ITUG, HP-Interex EMEA, and Encompass throughout the EMEA region to gather in one place for learning, networking, and sharing individual and corporate experiences.

The event will provide the traditional HP NonStop content that prior ITUG Europe attendees have come to expect, and it will also provide educational and networking opportunities for users of other HP Enterprise platforms.

NEW! Download this postcard and pass along to your colleagues or friends who might be interested in attending.

Interested in Presenting at Community Connect Europe 2008?

Share your expertise with other HP users just like you. Community Connect Europe 2008 is still accepting presentation proposals for the following topics:

  • Blades
  • Business Continuity
  • Linux
  • Security
  • SOA

Submit your presentation proposal by 21 July and be recognized among your peers as a leader in your area of expertise.  

OZTUG Summit 2008 to be held in Sydney.

When: Tuesday 26 August 2008
Time: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Location: Westin Hotel
1 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

For information and registration, please visit the HP website:

BITUG 17 September 2008 SOA & Open Source Development SIG www.bitug.com

CTUG Are in progress of making plans for this years Fall Conference.  Please stay tuned for details www.ctug.ca

Desert USers of Tandem (DUST) Next Meeting September 9th! Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 9th, at Caremark. Gary Stevens will have a presentation on Blades and Khody Khodayari will present Web ViewPoint and Nonstop Management and Analysis for further information click here

GTUG 12 November 2008 More information will be available shortly at www.gtug.de

VNUG 9-10 September 2008 A VNUG Event in collaboration with HP and FINTUG More Information



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