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Tandemworld Newsletter for January 2007


NonStop AutoTMF OSS & Java Automatic TMF Support

“CSP’s PassPort®"

Availability Digest Promotes Recovery-Oriented Computing

Tributary Systems, Inc. (TSI) is pleased to announce a New European Partner

CAIL  Security  Extensions

TB/hr Backup with ETINET’s BackHome/Ultra(tm) & NonStop Integrity

HP & Crossroads to showcase VTS at 2 upcoming conferences

Audit-Profit Announcements

Daylight Saving Time testing with OPTA2000-Time-Zone simulator

Take Advantage of Safeguard’s new Features with the Most Robust OSS Management Solutions



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NonStop AutoTMF OSS & Java Automatic TMF Support


NonStop AutoTMF now supports automatic TMF transaction protection for OSS programs developed in C, COBOL and Java classes that use the JEnscribe EnscribeFile class on NonStop Integrity Servers.


Further details on this feature can be found in the support document “Using NonStop AutoTMF under OSS and Java”, available at http://www.carrscott.com/autotmf_for_oss_java.pdf


“CSP’s PassPort®"

has been enhanced to provide improved user accountability and command control capabilities, for your NonStop servers. Our product:

·        Provides user and command control, password quality enforcement and comprehensive auditing

·        CSP PassPort® allocates and filters user access to systems, programs and commands.

·        Also monitors all user terminal input/output operations and provides an early warning for errors and non-permissible functions.

·        Merged Audit: interrogation using the Safeguard reporting tool AuditView®

Version 5.21 provides is Itanium® ready and, in addition to its already impressive features, it now includes:

·        OSS support

·        Tighter Guardian system integration

·        OBEY / EXEC file validation

·        Significant Security improvements

Contact CSP at sales@CSPsecurity.com or visit us at www.CSPsecurity.com and enquire about an evaluation copy.


Availability Digest Promotes Recovery-Oriented Computing

The Availability Digest’s February issue examines how rapid recovery times promote user perception of a faultless system. Also highlighted are transaction replication, failover time’s role in NonStop system availability, and how Murphy’s Law sabotaged a well-designed but untested recovery plan.

Edited by Dr. Bill Highleyman, the Digest focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. Each issue of the Digest features articles on the following topics: Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Active/Active Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Review, and The Geek Corner.

The free Digest is published on the second Tuesday of each month. It includes useful article synopses as well as some complimentary articles. The detailed content of others is available by paid subscription. For more information, visit www.availabilitydigest.com.

Tributary Systems, Inc. (TSI) is pleased to announce a New European Partner

Tributary Systems, Inc. (TSI) is pleased to announce MeR.ITS GmbH as a distribution and support partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for its VITAL (Virtual Integrated Tape and Library) solution, TE 2000/2200 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption products and TSI's direct-attached tape storage and automation solutions. 

The CEO of MeR.ITS, Dr. Michael Rossbach is also the CEO of comForte GmbH.  TSI is also pleased to announce that comForte will also recommend the TE2000/2200 tape encryption hardware solutions worldwide as a complement to its own security products.

Please contact Axel Hahn at MeR.ITS at 
ah@merits.de or +49-611-3411730 for additional information on TSI solutions in Europeand Larry Meyers at lmeyers@tributary.com  or 817-354-8009 for inquiries in the U.S.


CAIL  Security  Extensions

CAIL  extends your security capabilities with full TLS 1.0 / SSL 3.1  and  SSH secured Telnet and FTP sessions. 

This enables organizations to easily and quickly improve system security -  at no extra cost with current CAIL licenses,  or  as an upgrade for other software.   

More specifically, CAIL / Suite enables you to securely connect to NonStop systems with TLS 1.0 / SSL 3.1 and SSH that is easy to install and configure.   

In addition to authentication and encryption for both Telnet and FTP sessions between the PC and the NonStop Host,  CAIL / Suite now also includes a TLS 1.0 / SSL 3.1 based NonStop FTP Client Proxy for secure file transfers between NonStop Hosts,  or to other Hosts that support the FTPS standard.    

For more information on enhancing system security and improving user productivity,  please visit   www.cail.com/techhigh


TB/hr Backup with ETINET’s BackHome/Ultra(tm) & NonStop Integrity

ETI-NET’s BackHome/TSM™ software virtual tape product has been in customer use on K-series and S-Series for many years, permitting NonStop systems to share use of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup infrastructure with other systems. But the product has recently taken on new life with a special ultra-high performance version for use with TMF on HP’s NonStop Integrity systems.

Appropriately named, BackHome/Ultra™ achieves TMF online dump and restore rates well in excess of 1 Terabyte per hour on a 16 processor NS Integrity system, leapfrogging what can be achieved with conventional hardware virtual tape products, even via Fibre Channel!

Both Backup/Restore and TMF backups are supported by BackHome/Ultra, but the greatest performance improvement is realized with TMF. Benchmarking with HP demonstrated throughput in the range of 22-27 MB/sec per TMF online dump stream, with 16 streams simultaneously active from a single system. And initial customer experience has shown a 50% throughput improvement with the Ultra option compared to BackHome/TSM on NS Integrity.

No, it’s not magic! The keys to this unprecedented NonStop backup throughput are in BackHome/Ultra’s techniques for use of NS Integrity’s powerful Itanium CPUs and reduction of TCP/IP traffic by means of compression. This compression also results in optimized TSM media utilization and enables more efficient application of data encryption.

To ensure that normal transaction processing on the NS Integrity systems is not impacted, BackHome/Ultra provides controls over CPU overhead, and transfers can be paced by the user, based on time of day for instance.

Upgrades to BackHome/Ultra are available for existing BackHome/TSM customers who are migrating to NonStop Integrity and need rapid backups of massive databases.

For more information, contact your ETI-NET sales representative, or email information@etinet.com .


HP & Crossroads to showcase VTS at 2 upcoming conferences

HP will be exhibiting their Virtual TapeServer solution in cooperation with Crossroads Systems, Inc. at the upcoming GE Healthcare Technology Conference (January 28 -31) in San Antonio, TX and at the RSA Conference (February 5 -
9) in San Francisco, CA.

The GE Healthcare Technology Conference is held annually for users of GE Healthcare's solutions.  Many users of their Carecast solution, host this application on HP NonStop Servers.  VTS has proven to be valuable to many healthcare providers, who need guaranteed access to stored information for long periods of time.  For information regarding the GE Healthcare
Technology Conference, please visit: www.gehealthcare.com

RSA Conference 2007 is recognized as the premier international event for technology security, attracts 300 organizations to demonstrate and show their new product to a variety of vendors, analysts and journalists.  HP and Crossroads will take advantage of their combined presence at RSA to offer live demonstrations of solutions designed to ensure the accessibility,
resiliency and security of vital data. For information about the RSA Conference, please visit: http://www.rsaconference.com/2007/us/

For more information about Virtual TapeServer, please visit the HP website
http://h20223.www2.hp.com/NonStopComputing/cache/79759-0-0-225-121.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN and the Crossroads website at:

Audit-Profit Announcements
Earlier there were announced by Audit-Profit some software products, now there are some enhancements about them.
The earlier announced products are:
Stefi is a User-friendly graphical interface for browsing/editing Tandem Enscribe/Sql files. It makes the file operations so simple and comfortable that is hard to compete with.
Netti is a browser-based version of Stefi, with read-only functionality.

An FTP-like commandline program, copying Tandem Sql/Enscribe files directly into Ms Sql table, Ms Excel file, html or simple text file


Mirroring/replicating BASE24  (P)TLF data  into Windows/Tandem destinations.The mirror process can manage up to 100 transaction/sec


The enhancements we announce now:

1. There is a new  utility that can can convert (DDL) Cobol Record Definitions into Stefi Structures. If you have enscribe files you have cobol record definiton to, you can use this utility to convert it into Stefi Structure definitions. Than you can browse and edit the file with Stefi. The Structure also can be used with the Netti/GetTandemFile products.

During development of this utility, the BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) data format got supported. To test the utility we converted also the cobol definitions of the 12 DDL Dictionary files.

2. The BASE24 PTLF/TLF Structure Definitions has been enhanced to be able to digest into the Chip tokens.

3. There is a new output format for GetTandemFile: the HTML format. Now it is easy to copy Tandem files into this popular format. The program can also be used as a CGI script, so the HTML output can be sent directly into the Web Browser.

The products together can give you a great help in handling Tandem files. There is a good  diagram  that shows the relationships among them.

Each product has a new version with some minor enhancements/bug fixes.

The free, personal versions are downloadable:

Have them and they will ease your work.

Tibor Peák

Audit Profit Ltd.

Daylight Saving Time testing with OPTA2000-Time-Zone simulator

The OPTA2000-Time-Zone simulator product from TANDsoft, simplifies Daylight Saving Time testing.

NonStop applications can be tested for the new Daylight Saving Time transitions for 2007, without changing the NonStop Server system time. 

With OPTA2000-Time-Zone, multiple Time Zones can exist on a single NonStop server, no application source code changes are required and all Native and Non-Native programming languages are supported. 

Find out more at http://www.tandsoft.com/Products.html.


Take Advantage of Safeguard’s new Features with the Most Robust OSS Management Solutions

In addition to the standard SafeGuard features SafePoint 2007 OSS Security Solutions Include:

SafePoint OSS User Administration

Enhance OSS User Administration by integrating into the Safeguard environment

Use SafePoint Admin to administer OSS User and Alias parameters not normally included with Safeguard. 

Configure OSS initial directory owner, group, and permissions as you add or alter Safeguard users.

Supports new Safeguard DISKFILE-PATTERNS, drastically reduce ACLs you maintain.

Personnel data can be incorporated into Safeguard User & Alias data.

SafePoint OSS File Security Snapshot Reports

Supports OSS auditing and enhances it by using “OSS resolve mapping” showing path names no cryptic internal file names.

OSS Snapshot Report produces Excel spreadsheets that show OSS file permissions and ownership.  These spreadsheets generate shell scripts, with commands necessary to install the security parameters displayed in the report. 

SafePoint NSK Security Event Console

Now you can watch security events, as reported by Safeguard, OSS, and eBOSS/BOSS, in real time.

Based on configurable event filtering parameters, security events from the NSK appear in a scrolling event console window on your PC.

Configurable alarms trigger action events, like writing to an event console, generating EMS messages, or sending email notification to a PC or a Blackberry.

NSK Virus Check

Allows you to generate compliance reports on object files that insure that the correct sets of object programs are maintained.

Developed by Baker Street Software for USA

For Further information Please email us here or contact Meredith on 001 610 296 2633


Save the Date for ITUG Europe 2007

Plan to attend ITUG Europe 2007 8-10 October in Brighton, England. You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to attend Europe’s premier event for NonStop users.

For ITUG partners planning to exhibit at ITUG Europe 2007, please view the ITUG Europe 2007 Sponsorship and Advertising Contract. For more sponsorship information, please contact Sara Matthys, ITUG Sales Manager at 1.312.673.4779 or at smatthys@itug.org.

BITUG - Ops Management SIG to be held on 13th February 2007. High attendance is expected for this first Special Interest Group of 2007. We have a good spread of presentations, focusing on Various Ops Management Issues with a selection of HP, User and Vendor presentations – not forgetting the Oh so useful Group Discussion session. For more information please consult www.bitug.com

OTUG  - Time for another OTUG meeting.  Please mark your calendar now for an OTUG Meeting on March 16th.   This is a Friday.   It will be held at the Chase Bank (used to be Bank One) Polaris location in  Columbus,  Ohio

SATUG 2007 Summit & AGM
The SATUG 2007 Summit & AGM will be taking place on the 20th and 21st February 2007, followed by a Security training day on the 22nd.This year we will be joined by HP Senior Representatives
Randy Meyer, Director of NonStop Product Management and Neil Pringle, Director NED, EMEA. SATUG 2007 Delegate and Vendor Registration forms can now be downloaded from this website.



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