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Tandemworld Newsletter for February 2008



Gresham Software Labs have released version 4.6.0 of TOP

GoldenGate Software Inc and Shazam

Merlon Software Releases SQLXPress Version 2

Availability Digest Revisits Failure State Diagrams

Marshall Resources, Inc. -State of S Series CPU Market with S88000 Now Available.

NonStop - A Running Commentary

comForte Updates SecurTN: Eases Telnet encryption


CSP announces LDAP compliant User ID management for HP NonStop Servers

Product PRO FILE - From the Standish Group

CAIL NonStop Security Update

47th ACI World Congress – 29-31 May 2008, Austria Center,Vienna



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By way of background; since 1982… SPECTRA is an international dealer that trades “globally” in commercial use, Enterprise level, mainframe/midrange servers, disk/tape storage and network equipment.

In our over 25 years in business, we have many customer relationships with companies utilizing Tandem NonStop Systems; many of which have migrated to… or are migrating to… the new NonStop Itanium series. However; much of our NonStop customer base has not yet opted for the new Itanium and in fact, require system upgrades and peripherals from the now legacy, NonStop S88000s, S86000s, S7800’s, S7600’s and the like.

That said, should you have any of this equipment available for sale, now or in the future, we ask that you contact us at your convenience, such that we may organize a generous purchase offer.

In closing, should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. Otherwise; we thank you for your time, your consideration, your interest in SPECTRA, and look forward to future opportunities to do business with you.

All the Best!

Johnny Tourino, VP


4420 East Miraloma Ave, Suite M

Anaheim, CA 92807

(800) 745-1233, x-309

(714) 970-7000, x-309

(714) 970-7095, Fax



Gresham Software Labs have released version 4.6.0 of TOP.

The TOP product provides a configuration, command and control interface to many NonStop subsystems (File system, Pathway, TCP/IP, Safeguard, TMF, Netbatch, OSS, KMSF, Spooler...).

The code editor in TOP has been enhanced in so that it can run compilations from within the editor, displaying the compiler output in a pane in the editor and providing navigation in the code pane between compilation errors. This works for the older compilers (such as TAL, COBOL85, TNS C) as well as the native mode compilers. It works in both the the Guardian and OSS environments and can be integrated with existing compilation and build macros.

Downloads and requests for a 60-day evaluation request can be accessed through:


Some examples of using TOP as a development tool are shown at:


Thanks for reading

GoldenGate Software Inc and Shazam

GoldenGate Software Inc., a leading provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions, today announced that the SHAZAM network, which operates the seventh largest electronic funds transfer (EFT) network in the United States, has expanded its use of GoldenGate® solutions through an enterprise license agreement. The SHAZAM network has standardized on GoldenGate solutions to integrate data in real-time for both business and customer-facing applications, as well as to support high availability of mission critical applications for the SHAZAM network, nationwide.

The SHAZAM network processes millions of transactions per day, and supports more than 10,000 merchants in 42 states and nearly 1,600 financial institutions in 30 states, providing convenient and cost-effective electronic payment processing. By standardizing on GoldenGate solutions, SHAZAM has been able to streamline its operations, preserve resources, and gain better visibility into enterprise-wide transactions.

"From day one, we experienced exceptional value using GoldenGate," said Terry Dooley, senior vice president of information technology and CIO for SHAZAM. "With a distributed processing environment, a significant amount of data is moved between applications. This requires we use a product that can integrate with different databases and different hardware platforms. Integrating data across the network was a complicated, resource intensive, and time-consuming project. GoldenGate was initially licensed to provide replication support for our HP NonStop systems; but as we gained experience with GoldenGate, we quickly found additional uses and began phasing out older technologies including internally written code.

"Whether we deploy it for application and system migrations or for real-time data integration for reporting, GoldenGate has proven to be very flexible and easy to use. The value of this type of technology is that it can scale and operate in a diverse infrastructure with minimal overhead."

A major factor in SHAZAM's initial selection of GoldenGate was the solutions' support for heterogeneous databases. SHAZAM's environment requires capturing, transforming and moving large volumes of data in real-time between IBM DB2, Oracle, HP NonStop, and Microsoft SQL, as well as making fresh data available to business intelligence tools. Standardizing on GoldenGate solutions allowed SHAZAM to focus development resources on new product development.

"To address some of the most demanding business needs, we continue to see our customers deploy GoldenGate technology across complex, heterogeneous infrastructures," said Sami Akbay, vice president of product management and marketing for GoldenGate. "The SHAZAM network isn't only a showcase for our continuous availability offerings for business critical systems; it also shows that our real-time data integration solutions are becoming the new standard for the world's leading organizations

For further information please consult www.goldengate.com

Merlon Software Releases SQLXPress Version 2

Merlon is pleased to announce the release of SQLXPress version 2, a comprehensive Database Management solution for NonStop SQL, now supporting both MX and MP tables.

Version 2 supports Database Administration, Execution Plan Management, an SQL Scripting Language, a Visual Query Builder, Data Browsing and Editing, and a new Copy SQL/MX Statistics function.

Please visit www.merlon.com for complete details.


Availability Digest Revisits Failure State Diagrams


The Availability Digest’s February, 2008, issue weighs intuitive versus formal approaches for the calculation of system failure probabilities in both large and small systems. Our Never Again section promotes the value of a backup plan when severed cables kill the Internet.

Also examined is the MapReduce function that drives Google’s massive parallel computing facility and the use of logical clocks in distributed systems that don’t require NTP accuracy for time synchronization.

The Digest is free online and focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. Issues of the Digest feature articles on the following topics: Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Availability Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Reviews, and The Geek Corner.


Marshall Resources, Inc.

State of S Series CPU Market with S88000 Now Available.

The Second User market has finally seen some availability of high end S Series hardware as more customers have begun the migration to the Non-Stop Integrity platform. Hewlett Packard’s trade in programs have also allowed for some of this availability.

Marshall Resources does have some 1974-D 4 GB S88000 Processors in stock. We have seen significant demand for this product, and we anticipate these to sell very quickly as these are the first of their kind to enter into this market. We are also seeing an increased demand for high end S Series processors since some customers have decided to stay with the S Series in the short term. These customers are now looking for cost effective ways to increase power on these systems.

Currently, there also seems to be a good amount of S86000 CPU’s available. These represent the best value and performance of any CPU type selling in the S Series market. There is also a very healthy and sustainable availability of both 2 GB and 4 GB S74000 CPU’s available. These represent the most cost effective Processor type. We have also seen better availability in the mid range CPU market. The S7800 CPU is still hard to find, but it is available currently in our inventory. The S7600 is also available and represents a very cost effective alternative.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at www.marshallresources.com for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.

NonStop - A Running Commentary

I have just returned from Johannesburg where I participated in the annual SATUG user event. I have to admit, the folks down there really do know how to put on an event, and how to treat their visitors well. I have attended eight of the nine events held since 2000 (missing only the 2001 event), and I have totally enjoyed every one of them. The SATUG community manages to attract many of the ISV leaders as well as a good number from HP NonStop Cupertino and, in the laid-back casual atmosphere of the Emerald Safari Resort, the exchanges around each dinning occasion was well worth the trouble of getting there.

In my last commentary I wrote about the decision by HP to produce a common bladed architecture – fully supporting all of BCS division’s Operating Systems from Windows on through different Linux distributions as well as HP-UX, on up to NonStop. I further commented on the flexibility this would provide and how having the potential to deploy configurations optimized for the mix of solutions being supported was very much a case of providing a “disruptive technology” no less than we saw when Tandem was first produced back in the mid ‘70s.

But what really caught my attention at SATUG was the presentation provided by Randy Meyer where he walked the audience through a number of hardware and software roadmaps. Buried within the Powerpoint slides was the reference to a deep port of SASH – open source support for a Java Spring Framework (for business logic and component wire-up), Apache Axis (for SOAP support), Apache Struts (for web application development) and Hibernate (for object-relational mapping and data abstraction). You may want to check out the web site of SourceLabs at: http://www.sourcelabs.com/ for more info – that’s where I went to come back up to speed on this topic.

Why I was excited by this was that, during my last year at ACI, we began to take a serious look at whether we should bring in a supported open source stack – and our research was steering us towards the SASH stack. The beauty of this approach is that you only require the support of Java and the availability of a Tomcat container. And if you plan your usage of data base and keep the access pretty standard and not embrace, too fervently, the various vendors extensions to the SQL standard, then you may get to a point where the applications you deploy can be easily moved between environments.

The port of SASH on NonStop will be deep, so that the Java applications will fully inherit the NonStop properties:

“Having availability issues running in a Unix environment, are we? - well, let’s just fire it up on the HP NonStop server, and see the availability levels improve out of sight!”

“Not enough resources left on the System z and the cost of additional Mips / LPAR licensing is way off the charts? – well, let’s use the NonStop we have and save money!”

I really believe that this is a bold move by HP NonStop and a big step in the right direction. Having the flexibility that comes with a bladed architecture is all well and good, but if there is still an issue about supporting different development environments where exposing NonStop subsystems scares off the younger development crowd, then this is certainly going to help out a lot.

In the weeks to come I am going to be covering more of this in the ITUG community blog (www.itug-connection.blogspot.com), and I am working on getting to Cupertino next month for further discussions with HP NonStop Product Management.

Should you have any questions or topics you think I should dig into a little deeper just let me know. (email)

 I can’t tell you when last I was this excited about the HP NonStop platform.

comForte Updates SecurTN: Eases Telnet encryption

The comForte SecurTN product enables secure, scalable, and manageable Telnet access to HP NonStop applications.

Now available, the latest release of SecurTN features an SPI inferface, which streamlines integration with a range of third party products as well as SCF.

Also, the audit messages written by SecurTN are no longer written in a proprietary format and are sent to EMS instead.

For more information see: http://www.comforte.com/ecomaXL/index.php?site=COMFORTE_SecurTN_eases_telnet_encryption

 comForte GmbH

phone +49 (0) 3391-45570




News: HP is not planning any serious enhancements to either NetBatch or NetBatch-Plus in the future and will, in all probability, mature both products this year (2008). So, it might be the perfect time to look at our Batchpol offering.


A client-server application with a user-friendly GUI interface is designed to help you manage and monitor scheduled tasks or batch streams utilizing the HP NONSTOP NETBATCH(TM) Scheduler. BATCHPOL allows you the ability to Design, Configure, Edit, Share, Operate, Monitor, Alert and Optimize your NetBatch operations.

The latest version (145.028b) of the product has the following notable enhancements:

Job Definition Import - BATCHPOL is able to import your existing NETBATCH batch streams. The attribute configuration of the jobs to import can be retrieved from either the scheduler or from an associated obey file compliant with one of two (2) different job definition standards.  

Business Continuity –The ability to resynchronize the NETBATCH scheduler of your contingency system from your primary site scheduler in just a few seconds; the ability of the BATCHPOL client to produce a job control file containing the latest NETBATCH object status. In case of a disaster this job control file can be reloaded. Think of it as a built-in TMF for NetBatch.

Job filtering via Subsets - BATCHPOL is now able to manage and monitor subsets of your job population. Filtering can be achieved based on the job class or the job name.

“My Favorite Commands” Facility - You can manage and execute your critical obeys and commands using the BATCHPOL “My favorite commands” window. Complicated commands, critical for your business continuity, can be stored and organized so you don't have to look for them when they are needed the most.

In addition, BATCHPOL is now able to read Entry-Sequenced files as scheduler output files.

Developed by Nathan-Eliott Software for USA, Inc.

For Further information Please email: Meredith@usahero.com or contact her at 001 610 296 2633


CSP announces LDAP compliant User ID management for HP NonStop Servers

CSP is pleased to announce that its PROTECT XP® solution for security management on HP NonStop Servers will support the LDAP standard for User Identity management in version 4.50 of the product scheduled for release later this year.  LDAP, which stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is the emerging standard for User Identity Management on cross platform systems.  Microsoft’s Active Directory is an example of an LDAP compliant application.

This announcement follows on from the announcement made at the HP Forum in Las Vegas in 2007 where Radiant Logic and CSP formed a strategic partnership. At that event, Radiant Logic, the market leader in virtual directory solutions, and CSP, a leader in the field of HP NonStop data security announced plans to integrate NonStop with Radiant Logic's RadiantOne™ Identity Management Solution. 

Radiant Logic's expertise in the area of directory integration combined with CSP's LDAP compliant interface as well as CSP’s experience and knowledge in the NonStop Security field will provide customers with a single source solution to their identity and security requirements

Virtual directory technology allows our customers to go further with their investment in NonStop by allowing them to incorporate it into other corporate-wide security, identity and information integration initiatives.

With Version 4.50 of the existing PROTECT XP® solution, customers will now be able to manage HP NonStop users using a single consolidated view of the entire Enterprise Security infrastructure.

By providing LDAP compliant support for HP NonStop servers, PROTECT XP® Version 4.50 will allow users to rationalize and streamline the entire Identity Management process.  This greatly simplifies the task of absorbing new users and applications into the Enterprise and offers a single point of control for adding and changing policy roles as well as integrated Audit.

For more information about the NonStop and RadiantOne integration, go to http://tandemsecurity.com/news_article_8.html


Product PRO FILE

From the Standish Group

Products: Readiness Gap Fillers

Vendor: Carr Scott Software Incorporated

5 Windy Hill Lane

Duxbury, MA 02332




During the month of February we will be publishing a new research report on IT readiness. As we state in the report, “readiness” programs are based on a comprehensive approach to maintaining a consistent high quality of IT availability in the face of all of life’s uncertainties.

However, such readiness does not come about without a lot of hard work and essential products that fill the gaps that system vendors often lack and sometimes are unable to fill. Currently HP’s NonStop systems are the most reliable in the world. We can say this with much authority since we track system and application downtime. However, they often need a little help from their friends to maintain this reliability and one of their friends is Carr Scott Software.

Four Major Features

1. Escort SQL: Provides Enscribe (flat-file) redesign and conversion to NonStop SQL (relational) database as well as an object-code plug-in (DLL) that translates Enscribe database calls into SQL open database calls.

Net-net it provides conversion from flat files to SQL with no reprogramming required. Escort Journaling is used in conjunction with Escort SQL and allows databases to be loaded online, while the “source” data files are being accessed and updated.

2. AutoSYNC: Provides automatic replication, distribution, and synchronization of NonStop application environments, including setup files, source/object code, and other nondatabase files. AutoSYNC is also very useful for system upgrades/migrations.

3. AutoTMF: Provides automatic “begin work” and “end work” transaction and data protection for applications using HP NonStop division’s NonStop TMF products. No change to existing programs is required.

4. SDR: Replicates the SQL/MP DDL operations that are not currently replicated by RDF. It works very closely with HP’s RDF to ensure that data replication and DDL replication operations are performed in the correct sequence; thus guaranteeing the backup database is logically the same as the primary database. Like RDF, SDR operates efficiently and invisibly, requiring no operator intervention.

Four Usages

1. One main use of these gap fillers from Carr Scott is to provide a leap in technology from a legacy to an open database environment, enabling the use of modern readiness methods, and to provide for continuous availability of the NonStop infrastructure during changes to applications and databases.

2. A second use of the gap fillers is to protect the data from intentional or accidental deletion/corruption by providing automatic change logging.

3. The third use is to provide an automatic second or multiple site synchronization in cases of disasters to a computing installation, as well as valuable aid in system upgrades/replacements.

4. One of the services this gap software provides is reduced administration staff time to make changes, so these gap products can reduce cost.


Much of Carr Scott software fades into the background and just works. Since the developers are ex-Tandem employees, they know how to create products that not only make the most of the NonStop environment, but are very efficient and of high quality.


The biggest weakness of Carr Scott’s software is that it only works on HP’s NonStop systems and databases. The products do not work on any other platform.


Like many small software firms, Carr Scott Software has a niche and a loyal client base. They execute well, have great customer focus, and their references speak highly of them.

Many of their products have a high rate of return on investment. To paraphrase a popular ad, they don’t make the NonStop they just make the NonStop more nonstop (and more open), and those are gaps worthy of filling.

For more information on Sample Research from the Standish Group please click on this link:


Or click here to Email for further information EMAIL


CAIL NonStop Security Update

This is a quick update on improving NonStop system security - quickly and easily.

For those exploring security options,  you will find CAIL addresses this need - with the best value in the industry.  

For those already utilizing CAIL for system access,  simply activate the security capabilities built into CAIL Suite.

To summarize,  CAIL provides extensive encryption and communications features so you can easily address PCI compliance and other security requirements plus improve information access as follows - 

A.   CAIL  Security  Facility   -  for more trusted NonStop systems   

   1.  Session encryption with  -

               -  Browser or Windows clients 

               -  Host to Host communications

-  Pathway, RSC, ODBC communications 

     2.  Secure File Transfer (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, IXF, CAIL) and Audit capabilities  

     3.  Range of encryption options  (ie:  SSL, SSH, AES, DES, D-H, etc.)

     4.  Operates with CAIL and other Clients

     -          For more details,  please visit  www.cail.com/security   

B.    CAIL  Suite   -  superior connectivity and security with NonStop Systems   

      1.  Selectable    -    Browser / Windows access to NonStop systems 

                              -    Windows, Plus and Java Versions for greater connectivity flexibility    

2.  Built-in security with the CAIL Security Facility  

3.  Supports "basic" to "demanding" communications and security requirements

          ....   including NSK Console system access

     4.  Extensive multi-session capabilities with  -  IndexView for multiple "live sessions"

 -  MDI and SDI Windowing  

     5.  Ability to consolidate and modernize displays 

6.     Integrate with applications using superior CAIL interfacing

.... with Java / Web,  AJAX, ActiveX,  HTML / XML,  Hllapi, etc.

- For more details,  please visit  www.cail.com/specs

With these capabilities,  you can address new IT and security requirements.   In addition,  you can also simplify the NSK systems environment for users by making information services seamless and easier to use.  

For an overview of advanced CAIL Security & Connectivity Solutions,  please visit   www.cail.com/adapt    

To evaluate CAIL,  go to  www.cail.com/demo

In closing,  for further insights on moving systems forward,  please send a message to  info@cail.com

Or you can call CAIL at  1-800-668-5769 X221  or 1-905-940-9000 X221.


47th ACI World Congress – 29-31 May 2008, Austria Center,Vienna.

For further information please Click Here


To Visit the ACI Worldwide Forum Click Here

Access is available to ACI Worldwide Customers Only


ITUG Summit 2008

ITUG Summit 2008 at HP Technology Forum & Expo, 16-19 June in Las Vegas, Nevada is the premier event for user training and technical information for the NonStop community.

ITUG Summit 2008 will again showcase an array of HP NonStop sessions. Download the track descriptions.

Stay tuned to www.itug.org for the latest program details. Registration will open in early March.

BITUG Education Day

Quick HP Integrity NonStop Application Migration

Date: Thursday 13th March 2008
Time: 09:30 for 10:00
Location: HP Offices, Wood Street, London


NRTUG Meeting 28 March 2008

TheAgenda for the Friday, March 28 NRTUG meeting is really starting to take shape!
Here are the highlights:

Friday, March 28, 2008 at the H-P office at 2 Penn Plaza in Midtown Manhattan.

Agenda items: ITUG update including ITUG Advocacy and Special Interest Groups, presentations from a number of vendors and users on SOA, Active/active systems, practical experiences in architecting, developing and deploying Java applications and Web Services targeting the HP NonStop platform,  Plus much more.

Don't forget that this event will provide an opportunity for networking with your fellow NonStop users and colleagues.
Important notice:  Attendees will need to pre-register for this meeting so that
security details can be completed with H-P in order to enter the building.  

R.S.V.P. as soon as possible, but no later than the Friday before the event by replying to this e-mail.  A nominal fee of $35.00 will be collected at the event to cover administrative expenses.

The coordinators for the upcoming meeting are:
Bert Walsh  :  Email 
Caroline Sklenar : Email  
You can also reply to this e-mail at the NRTUG general e-mail address

Next DUST Meeting - April 15th, 2008
The next DUST meeting will be held at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale on Tuesday, April 15th. More details to come...


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