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Tandemworld Newsletter for August 2007


Data Replication Comes of Age

Non-Event launched at ITUG Summit

Automatic Transaction Management patent issued to Carr Scott Software

CSP enters into distribution agreement with Radiant Logic for NonStop servers

PCI Compliant – HP/NonStop Alarms via SNMP to Tier Two Data Collectors. 

August 2007 / Second User PMF CPU Modules

Gresham Computing released v 4.5.1 of The Operations Pack (TOP)

Availability Digest Becomes Available

Insider Technologies RTLX BASE24 & BASE24eps Monitoring – Visit us at the BASE24 ACE Conference, Washington, September 2007

comForte's MR-Win6530 now shipped on theNonStop console

Ross Systems International Releases IP Prototyping Suite


Charity Event


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 Data Replication Comes of Age

It’s my daughter’s birthday today. She’s 11. WOW… the years seem to be flying by. We have Customers that have been using DRNet since way before she was born. I also have a 22 year old daughter. She was born just a couple of years before we installed our first copy of DRNet.

In those early days you had to be a true pioneer. You had to convince management that you needed a duplicate copy of your “already very expensive hardware just in case something went wrong”. Imagine how that first meeting must have gone!

But YES, one of our Customers was brave enough to commission NTI to build the very first DR solution.

In the 1980’s we were implementing single direction replication for emergency data storage. We would intercept Enscribe data and replicate it to a backup platform.

By the 1990’s we were implementing smooth fallback/recovery solutions. Our Customers were a little more sophisticated. They needed to switch their applications from production to backup, back to production. DRNet grew along with our Customer’s needs.

By 2000 we were implementing full active/active solutions. Today our Customers regularly switch traffic from node to node. It’s fairly common for platform failure/recovery scenarios to be tested… with zero data loss.

One of the biggest benefits is freedom to upgrade hardware & software without a production outage. Imagine that! Replace your Authorization process in the middle of your day without dropping a transaction or impacting customer response times! But yes, our Customers do it all the time.

Today DR is probably the single largest driving force in hardware sales on the NonStop platform. As business volumes grow you consider a NonStop upgrade. You start thinking about the new Integrity line. Seems like a good time to consider finally implementing DR. Before you know it, you have a couple of shiny new Integrity platforms installed. We are seeing quite a bit of this across the NonStop install base, which is great because the NonStop footprint is growing again.

By our counts, almost 25% of NonStop Customers have DR solutions in place. Over the next 5 years we expect that number to grow to 50%.

These days you can download and evaluate DRNet in just a few hours. It downloads pretty quickly. It self installs. Application connections and configuration are very simple. Performance impact is almost negligible. Results are immediately apparent. You can test on the same module, so you don’t have to have the hardware in place to consider your DR solution.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a pioneer. With over a thousand boxes installed and millions of transactions protected every day, DR software has become a very seasoned and stable technology.

Give us a call and we can show you just how easy it can be to try DRNet.

James McFadden

Director of Business Development

Network Technologies International - Proven data protection

Mobile:  +1 (402) 968-3674

Office:   +1 (614) 794-6000



Non-Event launched at ITUG Summit

In the world of HP NonStop computing, it’s vital to not only know what’s occurring on your servers, but also to have insight into anticipated events that fail to either complete successfully, or within their expected timeframe.

Launched at ITUG Summit in Las Vegas, PROGNOSIS Non-Event Monitor is a highly customizable solution that monitors the state of anticipated business processes, and raises alerts when events within these processes fail to occur as expected.

Read about PROGNOSIS Non-Event Monitor now


Automatic Transaction Management patent issued to Carr Scott Software

As a result of their seminal research and development in the area of automatic transaction management, Carr Scott Software, developers of HP’s NonStop AutoTMF technology, were recently granted US Patent 7,246,123.

On the NonStop server platform, the patented technology allows non-TMF applications to use TMF files without reprogramming to include begin-end transaction coding.

CSP enters into distribution agreement with Radiant Logic for NonStop servers

Radiant Logic, the market leader in virtual directory solutions, and Computer Security Products (CSP), a leader in the field of NonStop® server data, have announced a strategic relationship to integrate NonStop servers with Radiant Logic’s RadiantOne. With this partnership, NonStop® users will now be able to leverage existing identity information, efficiently adapt to business requirements, improve speed of deployment, reduce integration costs, and support multiple identity initiatives.

For additional information contact:

CSP: +1 (905) 568 8900

Radiant Logic: Rachel Parr: , +1 (314)-645-4244

PCI Compliant – HP/NonStop Alarms via SNMP to Tier Two Data Collectors

Developed by Baker Street Software for USA

SafePoint Alarms provides real-time monitoring of HP/NonStop security events that are logged to the Safeguard audit trails.  This includes Safeguard, OSS, and audit client events.  BOSS and eBOSS events are supported as well.  SafePoint Alarms monitors the audit trails for any events matching custom-configured alarm criteria.  When alarm events occur, configured actions will be taken, such as showing the event in real time on a GUI console, reporting the event to the Event Management System (EMS) and logging the event to an alarm log file.  A new PCI compliance requirement is to gather and eventually process events in a single location, i.e., Centralized Event Collection. The Alarms product sends messages via SNMP to Tier Two Event Collectors like EMC’s Network Intelligence product. PCI now requires such an Enterprise Wide Events Management Console.

Product Highlights

Security alarms information can be gleaned from the Safeguard audit files, but it has never been easy to do so. The audit database in Safeguard is not a normal relational (i.e., SQL) database; specialized software like SafePoint Reports(R) is normally necessary to produce readable audit reports from Safeguard. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to perform SQL queries on the Safeguard data.

SafePoint(R) Alarms extends the capabilities of the HP/NonStop system and Safeguard to provide real time alarms of security events, as well as real-time porting of Safeguard audit data to a HP/NonStop SQL database.

Using SafePoint(R) Alarms, the user can configure alarm events. These can be very specific events – like SUPER.LEE accessing file $DATA.APPDATA.CARDFILE – to very general events, like anybody logging on to the system or typical alarm events like logons to SUPER.SUPER, security violations for productions files, and changes to the Safeguard configuration.

SafePoint(R) Alarms allows all desired alarm events to be configured, and just as important provides the capability of specifying actions that will be taken for each alarm event. Actions include generating EMS event messages, generating SNMP traps, writing SQL records, logging to a disk file, and sending email alerts (email alerts are available in SafePoint(R) Alarms release 2).

EMS messages generated by SafePoint(R) Alarms may be viewed using HP’s ViewPoint product or by any other NSK EMS-aware console product. Likewise, SNMP traps may be viewed by HP’s OpenView product or by any SNMP Manager that displays incoming SNMP traps.

In addition, the SafePoint(R) Alarms product includes an NSK Security Events Console that displays alarm events in real time, color-coded to easily distinguish different types of alarm events.

Please contact USA for a trial copy of Alarms

USA Inc., 318 East King Street, Malvern, PA 19355 | Phone 610-296-2633 | Fax 610-296-0511 | | |

August 2007 / Second User PMF CPU Modules

Marshall Resources

We continue our series of articles from Marshall Resources about the state of the Second User Market with a look at S Series Processor Boards. Availability of S Series PMF Modules is the single most important factor influencing this market.

Currently, there is significant demand for S86000 and S88000 type of CPU Modules. Marshall Resources is pleased to announce a health supply of both 2 GB and 4 GB S86000 PMF’s and there have been some rumblings in our market about the possible availability of S88000 PMF’s near the end of 2007. Prices for S86000 have fallen slightly due to availability and now represent a great opportunity for a cost effective upgrade. The S88000 should still be considered as being difficult to find. Please call for availability and pricing for these “high end” CPU Modules.

Both the 2 GB and 4 GB varieties of the S74000 PMF Boards are widely available and represent the best bargain in our market. Our availability is very good for these CPU’s, and pricing is very low and stable. These S74000’s Modules are still decent technology and the best value for any customer who is able to take advantage of this technology.

The mid-range CPU Modules, such as S7400, S7600, and S7800 remain difficult to find. S7400 PMF’s are readily available in the second user market, but quantities remain surprisingly limited. The S7600 is available, but in very limited quantities with delivery anywhere from 30 days to six months. Timing in the market is critical when placing an order for this type of product. Marshall Resources is thrilled to notify the market of a recent acquire of 2 Gb and 4 GB S7800 CPU’s. We have a decent quantity of these PMF Modules, but expect them to sell fast as demand and interest remains strong for these top end mid-range processors. Please call if you have interest in any of this equipment.

We also continue to see tight availability of S72000, S70000 and S7000 type PMF Modules. Overall, you can see that all CPU Modules have availability issues in the Non-Stop market. Even these older style Boards are scarce due to the effect of third party maintenance companies consuming them for replacements and spares.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.

Gresham Computing released v 4.5.1 of The Operations Pack (TOP) (August 2007).

This release includes support for functionality improvements made by HP in recent operating system releases, including OSS ACLs.

The new release of TOP also provides the facility for developers to use their favourite PC-based compare and merge tools on files in the Guardian or OSS file-systems.

TOP is a NonStop operations, systems management and development product that replaces the command line tools for most command, control and configuration tasks, improving productivity and safety for experienced and novice NonStop users alike.

Installation of both the PC and the NonStop server components can be performed in a few minutes.

Please visit to download a copy of TOP and to obtain a free 60-day trial license.

Availability Digest Becomes Available

Beginning with the August issue, all Availability Digest content, not just article synopses, become available online for free. You can now access at no cost every current and past article at Please take advantage of the great Digest content featured in such sections as Case Studies, Never Again, Best Practices, Active/Active Topics, Recommended Reading, Product Reviews, and The Geek Corner. The Digest focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology.

Our August issue follows up its recent focus on benchmarking with a look at mean time to recover as a better metric for commercial system availability. Also reviewed are the book Towards Zero Downtime, the probability of data collisions in active/active systems, HP’s explosive demonstration of fast failover, and a series of system failures that have plagued major enterprises in the last six months.

Digest editor Bill Highleyman will be visible throughout the upcoming ITUG European conference, this year to be held in Brighton, England. Make time to sit in on Bill’s talks on “Active/Active vs. Clusters” and “Advantages of Multinode Systems.” Bill also will serve as co-moderator of the Business Continuity SIG, will be running an active/active panel, and will host an active/active lunch table.

The Availability Digest is always looking for good article content. For more information, contact us at

Insider Technologies RTLX BASE24 & BASE24eps Monitoring – Visit us at the BASE24 ACE Conference, Washington, September 2007

Insider Technologies Limited are proud to announce a new release of their BASE24 monitoring product - RTLX  - catering for both the current release of the BASE24 product, or a more proprietary, customized version, where both the TLF and PTLF log file formats have been modified considerably to fulfil bank specific requirements.

HP NonStop EMS alerts can be filtered and relayed to the Windows server for reporting on any NSK, BASE24 and XPNET issues alongside transaction level data. This dual approach to BASE24 troubleshooting provides a comprehensive insight across the entire ATM and POS estate.  

Often, small decreases in transaction throughout are difficult to discern when viewing the BASE24 system as a whole but this may represent interchange processes turning away transaction traffic, even though each process is still visible on the system. Significant and more subtle fluctuations in throughput which trickle away revenue can be spotted as they occur, rather than when a key retailer contacts the bank’s helpdesk a few hours later.

RTLX is your dedicated transaction monitor for BASE24 (eps and classic), providing advanced web service graphics, anti-fraud alerting, real-time queries, service management and automated reporting. Transaction images for use by RTLX are streamed off the host onto the RTLX engine, thereby guaranteeing no impact on your BASE24 host. 

Coming soon: Special RTLX ACE flyer, describing Insider’s RTLX new version in more detail.

If you would like to see the RTLX Reactor product in ‘action’, please visit the following link where a ‘flash’ demonstration can be downloaded, along with copies of a Datasheet and White Paper.

Insider Technologies Limited, Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point, 37 Broadway, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 2YR, United Kingdom.  

Tel: +44 (0) 161 876 6606.

Quality Certified to ISO9001 / 2000 (DNV). All Trademarks acknowledged.


comForte's MR-Win6530 now shipped on the NonStop console

After a selection process among all emulation vendors, HP chose MR-Win6530 as the new standard emulation delivered with the NonStop System Console.

As the first 6530 emulation package, comForte’s MR-Win6530 9.0 enables full 6530 connectivity and secure file transfers supporting both of the two standard encryption protocols, SSH and SSL.

Another new feature is the "
session monitor bar” for easier session switching and monitoring, enhancing the productivity working with multiple session workspaces.

The following link on the HP web site has more details about the HP NonStop Console:
HP NonStop System Console & OSM

Ross Systems International Releases IP Prototyping Suite

Ross Systems International, has pleasure in announcing RSI IP Prototyping Suite (R-IPPS), the second major offering in RSI’s test and prototyping  product range.

R_IPPS has been developed to make prototyping IP applications as simple as possible for application developers who want to develop IP Client Server solutions with a simple $RECEIVE plugable IP interface.

The R_IPPS Product is a set of HP NonStop™  programs that provide a simple, easy to use, flexible and effective method of setting up a multithreaded IP communications environment which can be reconfigured without interruption of service for extra IP stacks or ports and application services.

R-IPPS consists of the following components:

1.    Universal IP Client.
This provides an interface between $RECEIVE and a set of IP Services. The switching is provided by the .#name extension when the client interface is opened by the application. It can be configured to provide automatic load balancing and service fall over on failure. TCP/IP and UDP/IP are supported and the product can be dynamically reconfigured at run time using the CONSOLE program. This product can also be used for HSM interfacing.

2.    Universal IP Listner.
This provides an interface between TCP/IP and UDP/IP Sockets and $RECEIVE or PATHWAY Application Services. The switching is provided by the port number used on IP connect. It can be configures to provide automatic load balancing and the product can be dynamically reconfigured at run time using the CONSOLE program.

3.    IP Test,
This provides a PIRA Script TCP/IP Test Interface and enables the testing of TCP/IP listners by the generation and transmission of IP transaction messages.

4.    UDP Term,
This is a UDP Terminal program which can be used to communicate with UDP terminal listners.

5.    CONSOLE,
This is the $RECEIVE CONSOLE interface used in the control of the Universal IP Client and Listner programs.

Please contact Rupert Stanley at Ross Systems International Limited at or
+44-1206-392923 for additional information.

Information on RSI’s other products can be found on


ITUG Europe 2007 Hosts First Ever Executive Finance Forum

Join us at ITUG Europe 2007, to be held 8-10 October in Brighton, England (UK). Register early to save 200 Euro off of the regular registration price.

ITUG Europe 2007 is proud to host the first ever Executive Finance Forum 2007 – Banking on the Global Electronic Society on Tuesday, 9 October. Presented in collaboration with HP and the ifs School of Finance, this event is designed for senior business professionals from financial service providers, including banks, building societies, insurance and investment companies, and their service providers.

Please encourage a colleague of yours in the financial industry to attend the Executive Finance Forum 2007 to hear experienced analysts and finance sector practitioners outline innovative insights in four key areas:

  • Who is my customer? Building collective knowledge and federated trust

  • Channels for ever closer connectivity and 24/7 mobile collaboration

  • Faster payments without e-fraud, in a world of rising, industrialized e-crime

  • Controlling risk to reap greater rewards.

Continue to check the ITUG Europe 2007 Web site for the latest updates!

ATUG Meeting in Charlotte
The next ATUG meeting will be on September 27th in Charlotte, North Carolina. On the agenda is presentations from The Home Depot and HP Software/Mercury.

More information at


12 September 2007 OSS, SQL/MX, MQ SIG more information will be available at

CTUG Fall 2007 Conference
CTUG FALL CONFERENCE Theme " SOA & HP NonStop" Location : Toronto, Canada Date : October 30th & Oct 31st,2007. October 31st is the Education Day.

More information at


Fall 2007 Meeting
Our next meeting will be located at Caremark (Scottsdale)on Tuesday, September 25th. Vendor will be Network Concepts, Hardware/Software Roadmap from ITUG, User update from ITUG Summit, and the Tom Perkins video. More details will follow.

More information at


Upcoming NRTUG Meeting
NRTUG is planning a meeting for Sept/Oct 2007 and would like to hear from you on topics you would like to see covered. Please write to with suggestions or questions.

VNUG Summit

12-14 November 2007, Stockholm - Helsinki in collaboration with HP and FINTUG

More information at


Tandemworld are working with Back2Front to raise funds for the Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital based in Central London. We will be participating in a Charity Day at the Salon on 23rd August 2007. There are numerous prizes on offer and further information can be found at

To donate online please go to All Online Donors to this worthy cause will be emailed Raffle ticket details so that they are entered in the Prize Draws.


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