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Tandemworld Newsletter for August 2006


How do you empower your HP NonStop COBOL applications with XML processing capability?

BackBox® Certified by IBM as “Tivoli Ready” 

TSI Enhances its TE2000 Tape Encryption Product Line

Gresham Computing released v 4.4.0 of (TOP) - The Operations Pack at OZTUG show in Australia (July 2006).

Payments convergence is coming - ACI Worldwide

Second User Tandem / HP NonStop Computer Hardware

Marshall Resources  - August 2006 / ATALLA Used Equipment Policy

ITUG updates Connection


SUNTUG issue New Bi-Monthly BEAM newsletter

ITUG Summit 2006 will take place 15-18 October in San Jose, California

Other User Group News


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How do you empower your HP NonStop COBOL applications with XML processing capability?

The answer is with XML Thunder for HP NonStop! This innovative development tool let's you generate COBOL code that can create and parse XML documents.

When a COBOL application needs to get the content of an XML document for processing, the XML document needs to be parsed so the values of the XML nodes can be accessed using regular COBOL variables. And conversely, when an application has to create a XML document, the COBOL program needs to use the values of COBOL variables to create a well-formed XML document.

Key Features:

Extends the use of current COBOL assets and their ROI

Protects investment in existing COBOL production systems

Shelters developer from in-depth knowledge of XML processing

No language or platform change required

Requires traditional COBOL skills

Allows developers to focus on business solution and low level utility algorithms

Highly cost effective

Much improved productivity

All XML processing code is in fully available COBOL

Reduces risk associated with system rewrites

Automatic source code generation

CSP is the exclusive worldwide distributor for Canam Software’s XML Thunder for NonStop. Contact CSP at or visit us at


BackBox® Certified by IBM as “Tivoli Ready” 

ETI-NET announces that its enterprise integration solution, EZX BackBox®, has been certified by IBM as “Ready for IBM Tivoli Software”. ETI-NET's BackHome® product was similarly certified in 2003.

When used in conjunction with IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager, EZX BackBox deposits HP NonStop data directly into the Tivoli server, without requiring intermediate storage, thus allowing for a cost effective and robust backup and tape encryption solution.

Because EZX BackBox interfaces to the NonStop System as a collection of virtual tape devices, integration with Tivoli can be implemented quickly, without operational re-engineering.

For more information, contact ETI-NET at or visit

TSI Enhances its TE2000 Tape Encryption Product Line


Tributary Systems Inc. (TSI) through its partnership with NeoScale Systems Inc. has continued to expand its tape encryption appliance portfolio with products for both the Integrity NonStop™ and S-series servers.

With the addition of the TE2000 SCSI and the TE2200 FC products to the initially introduced TE2000 FC, a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Security Certified solution is available to satisfy the most demanding tape encryption requirements on HP NonStop systems.

For additional information, contact Larry Meyers at (817) 354 8009, ext. 32, or email TSI at

Gresham Computing released v 4.4.0 of (TOP) - The Operations Pack at OZTUG show in Australia (July 2006).

The new release of TOP adds support for configuring and running SafeArt reports through TOP’s user friendly interface. A query-by-example interface allows users to configure complex reports with ease.

TOP is a NonStop operations and management product that replaces the command line tools for most management and configuration tasks, improving productivity and safety for experienced and novice NonStop users alike.

If you haven’t had a chance to use TOP, you’ll be surprised at how much time it will save you, whatever tasks you perform on the NonStop, from OSS file edits to TMF configuration.

Please visit to download a copy of TOP and to obtain a free trial license.

ACI Worldwide and Enterprise Extender

Are your mainframe colleagues looking to improve their networks and reduce the computer room foot print with Enterprise Extender?  Are the IBM 3745s being retired?  Are you migrating away from Token-Ring?  By utilising the HPR-IP functionality within ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking you can assist them, while also improving network availability.

ACI's HPR/IP allows the NonStop to participate fully in a high-speed Enterprise Extender SNA network utilizing IP as the underlying network backbone.  HPR/IP fully utilizes the routing capabilities within the IP network to make SNA sessions more recoverable, as well as simplifying the overall network management and offering some significant performance benefits over classic SNA networking.  In addition, ACI has been working closely with a number of major customers to constantly improve the performance and fault-tolerance of its HPR/IP implementation.

For more information please visit

To find out more please contact your local ACI representative, or email

Payments convergence is coming - ACI Worldwide

With the pressures of increased competition and regulatory change, for example the EU initiative to combine national payments systems within its territory into a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the business of payments is rapidly moving up the banking agenda.

What is payments convergence? Payments convergence is the inevitable rationalisation of payments instruments and operations to remove inefficiencies and maintain profitability.  It will result in the removal of functional duplication between payment system silos and the integration of the different payment types which include retail, wholesale, national, regional and international functions.

Why is it important? Banks are struggling with unacceptable risk exposure as well as an extremely poor cost to income ratio in their payment services. McKinsey has estimated that the processing of payments accounts for almost a third of bank-wide operational costs in Europe although only a quarter of revenues is derived from payments and bundled products, resulting in a mere nine percent of pre-tax profits. Equally, corporate customers are demanding greater levels of transparency and real-time efficiency. Lastly, consumer expectations are rising with increased frustration at specific payment processing limitations and costs, especially in respect of international transfers.

What is happening to payments? Electronic payment volumes are increasing both in terms of traditional payment methods, but are also driven by the new ways of replacing cash payments that are being introduced. At the same time, banks are steadily moving away from the batch clearing of payments towards real-time authorisation and clearing. Finally, increasing amounts of regulations are being introduced which are affecting payment processing and the associated costs and revenues. Examples of this include the Faster Payments initiative in the UK and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

How can banks address convergence? Banks will need to take steps to ensure internal systems can handle payments and services across multiple delivery channels, both wholesale and retail.

Andy Brown, director of convergence strategy, ACI Worldwide says:

"Payments convergence is coming as banks seek to improve their cost management and risk management while also providing improved services to their customers. Transaction growth, competitive threats, customer demand and regulatory pressure are all factors driving convergence. Indeed, we can see the first convergence buds in the banks' race to meet the 2007/8 deadlines for both the Faster Payments and SEPA initiatives. However, these two initiatives are just part of the bigger convergence picture.

"Banks will no longer be able to operate competitively if they continue to separate their payment processing by regions and have systems that only support specific types of payments within that region. Instead, from a commercial and regulatory point of view, particularly SEPA within the Eurozone, banks must have systems that are standardised across all the countries within which they operate and are also open and flexible enough to be able to cope with M&A activity.

"At the same time, banks are struggling to cope with the increasing volumes of electronic payments as they realise that payments can no longer be seen as a back office function but as a crucial revenue-driving activity. Their legacy payment systems may simply be unable to scale to meet demand and worse than that, have significant amounts of redundant functions that all amount to increased cost for the banks. A knock-on effect is that banks are exposed to far higher levels of risk than they should be, principally because they are unable to accurately profile their debit and credit risk, because the systems are siloed and lack adequate reporting functionality.

"Leading financial institutions are already starting to prepare for consolidation of consumer, corporate, retail and wholesale payment systems.  "Payment tsars" have already been appointed in some cases, specifically to deal with convergence. By moving along the path towards enterprise-wide payments solutions, ACI believes banks will not only save time and money, but also improve the cost to income ratio on payment transactions and make wider operational efficiencies."

If you are interested in talking to an ACI Worldwide spokesperson on any of the above points, please contact Sharon Brennan on 020 7608 4628 or

Second User Tandem / HP NonStop Computer Hardware

Partners Remarketing, Inc. is located in Livermore, California near the heart of Silicon Valley. We have over fifteen years experience buying, selling, leasing and renting Tandem / HP NonStop computer systems and parts. With our extensive inventory including all K-Series and most S-Series equipment, Partner’s stands to deliver most orders immediately. We have many S7000, S70000, S72000, S7400 and S74000 PMF’s in stock. The S7600, S76000 and S86000 PMF’s are coming available in limited quantities. Whether you are planning to install a complete system or increase your existing disk capacity, Partners can help. All equipment is fully tested, guaranteed eligible for manufacturer’s maintenance and backed by our warranty.

Partners Remarketing, Inc. is interested in purchasing, trading or remarketing your surplus Tandem / HP NonStop equipment. We are currently paying good prices for S-Series equipment including PMF’s, disk, tape drives and controllers. We currently need S7600, S8600 and S86000 with 4GB memory at this time.

We have built a reputation based on honesty and integrity. We stand behind our products and guarantee customer satisfaction at savings from 50% - 90% off of manufacturer’s list price. Please contact us today


Marshall Resources  - August 2006 / ATALLA Used Equipment Policy

We would like to inform our Non-Stop Users of a policy which drastically affects the re-sale value of Atalla Security Products. The policy, below, has just been released by Atalla.

Marshall Resources has purchased and re-sold Atalla SP’s in the past. These units have also been placed under service contracts. This deviation from the standard policy for second user equipment is based on Atalla’s claim that someone could tamper with this hardware and break a “chain of trust”. Given that these products are tamper resistant, or even tamper proof, by design, we disagree with this claim.

As long as this policy remains in effect, all Atalla products will have no second user value. Marshall Resources, along with other equipment re-sellers, cannot invest in purchasing previously used hardware that will not receive any support in the second user market. No second user can accept a used Atalla SP if they are unable to receive support as well. You can see that this policy has a dramatic effect on your capital investment into Non-Stop Atalla.

The newly released policy is as follows:

June 2006

(c) Copyright 2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Issue 2006.1

HP service contracts for used Atalla Network Security Processor products.

Network Security Processor products such as the Atalla Axx100 NSP series products protect vital information such as PINs and keys and help set and enforce security policies. Customers of these types of products seek to minimize their risk.

In order to maintain the highest level of integrity of the Atalla Axx100 NSP series products, HP does not offer service contracts for used Atalla security products that utilize network security processors and have been sold on the open market. This is not a change or new practice.

Notwithstanding the HP position on providing service contracts on used Atalla Axx100 NSP series products, customers are free to sell their used Atalla Axx100 NSP series products to 3rd parties in accordance with their applicable agreements.

v1. 2006.06.30

Your concerns about this policy can be addressed by registering your opinion with ITUG. You may do this by either going to the ITUG website at and using the Advocacy Tab in the Discussion Forum section, or sending an email to With enough posted responses, ITUG will file a formal complaint with HP.

Please call or e-mail us if we can help clarify this issue. We have inquired numerous times about this issue, as it is very concerning to us, and our customers.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.


ITUG updates Connection


"As part of the program to bring a new look to ITUG products and services, we have updated the "look" of Connection. This follows on from the great work done in upgrading the web site. The changes to Connection are more than skin deep with new columns as well as the prospect of a "letters to the editor" correspondence section. For some time many within the ITUG community have been lobbying hard for the ITUG Board to fund these updates and so we would welcome any and all feedback!"
Further information can be obtained from contacting Richard Buckle



SUNTUG issue New Bi-Monthly BEAM newsletter

For more information on Forthcoming Suntug Events and news Click Here.

ITUG Summit 2006 will take place 15-18 October in San Jose, California.

Event highlights include:

·        A NEW conference format focused on two key areas of interest: Business Application Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions

·        Your choice of technical sessions presented by HP developers, managers, and product engineers; experienced NonStop users; and third-party vendors.

·      Hear from featured speakers:

    • Shane Robison, HP’s Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer
    • Craig Wagner, Director, NonStop Marketing NonStop Enterprise Division
    • Randy Meyer, NonStop Product Management, Strategy & Technology NonStop Enterprise Division
  • Pre-Conference Seminars
  • HP NonStop Systems Certification
  • Exhibition: Products and Solutions Showcase
  • Networking Opportunities:

o       ITUG Summit Welcome Reception in the Exhibition Hall

o       Customer-to-Developer Chat Rooms

o       ITUG Summit Closing Reception

o       Special Interest Groups

o       Networking Centers

Visit for detailed information on technical sessions, featured speakers, and more, including discounted registration packaging for the ITUG Summit and HP Technology Forum.

The two Regional User Groups that send the largest number of attendees will receive credits from ITUG toward food and beverage or attendee giveaways at their next meeting. 



BITUG: The British Isles NonStop Users Group will hold an OSS and SQL/MX SIG on September 13th. I For SIG sign-up information or to download presentations, visit the BITUG website.

VNUG: The Viking NonStop Users Group will hold a VNUG Conference on September 6-7. More information can be found here


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