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Announcing the rebirth of TandemTV…well not exactly

LOGFI :  a new name in the international Tandem world

Availability Digest Is Linking to You!

High speed and secure TCP links between your NonStop and other systems

Close the loop in the change management cycle

New IT Project Blog From NuWave Technologies

Gravic, Inc. - Announces Availability Modernization Success Story for a Large Canadian Bank

NonStop - A Running Commentary - April, ‘10

PROGNOSIS Announces ACI BASE24-eps Support

Meet comForte at EBUG in Madrid

Mediterranean Bank Selects Crystal Point to Modernize Core Banking Applications.

OPTA2000 Now Supports Base24-eps on Blades

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Announcing the rebirth of TandemTV…well not exactly

Carr Scott Software are taking the lead and hoping to start a movement to capture our collective favorite memories of Tandem Computers as well as tips, tricks and techniques from the HP NonStop server community.

For the lack of a better name, were are calling this project…TandemTV

          Why - We’re not getting any younger!

          What - Preserve and share:

        Tandem memories
Favorite stories, etc. about ‘the good old days’

        Tips, tricks and techniques
Things you’ve found helpful that others should know

        Product reviews or other things of interest
Again, let others benefit from your experience

          Where – On YouTube for everyone to enjoy!
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If you have any Stories email us

LOGFI :  a new name in the international Tandem world

For over twenty years, LOGFI provides its expertise of HP NonStop in the service of its French customers. LOGFI is now positioned on the international market for its products.

Today, we would like to catch your attention about ENABX :

Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly web interface, ENABX provides a fast, simple and flexible way to access to ENSCRIBE files content : a dynamic ENABLE of the third millennium.

This web tool provides continuous availability and access to the system data in real time using the Nonstop dictionary (repository for the DDL definitions). ENABX  was built to benefit from HP NonStop OSS and iTP Webserver environments, it implements AJAX architecture.

Access to the application is granted, through a process based on HP NonStop authentication standards, to valid user IDs.

The two main functions are:

·         Accessing the data file by records: this function provides a way to display data on a record basis. The input screen based on the most recent definition parameters (exclusions and redefines). It offers the usual file access functions. By scrolling down you will quickly and very simply have access to every data while keeping function keys on the same page.

·         Accessing the data file by lists. The List function provides you with a dynamically built search criteria box based on the record DDL description including primary and alternate keys. It gives you the possibility to read in an approximate or generic mode on any key in ascending or descending order.

To learn more about LOGFI products, please visit http://www.logfi.fr/en/prod/  or contact us at : logfi@logfi.fr


Availability Digest Is Linking to You!

The Availability Digest has added to its website a “Useful Links” page for use in the online research of products and services focused on high- and continuous availability and mission-critical systems. Companies, groups, and individuals with offerings in a variety of categories - Security, Business Continuity, Application Modernization, etc. - are invited to submit complimentary links for inclusion. Send your link and a brief description of up to 120 characters, including spaces, to admin@availabilitydigest.com.

The Digest, published monthly and free to subscribers, covers topics on high- and continuous-availability architectures.  Check out this month’s Digest at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Articles include The Twitter Earthquake Detector and Windows Server Failover Clustering


High speed and secure TCP links between your NonStop and other systems

Kapiti Technologies is a reseller & managed service provider of NetEx products in Australia and New Zealand.

HyperIP software optimizes and accelerates asynchronous data replication applications over Wide Area Network (WAN). HyperIP software is a cost effective transport solution that saves customers time and money versus adding more expensive bandwidth or other complex and costly WAN extension products. The HyperIP transport software operates on an appliance from NetEx or as a virtual appliance on VMware.

HyperIP allows any IT department to view the world as if it existed on your local area network. While accelerating IP applications, and bulk data transfers over your WANs; HyperIP mitigates network issues that degrade application performance, virtually eliminating latency and enabling extremely high data availability with guaranteed data delivery. HyperIP also helps mitigate network issues for remote SANs that are using FCIP, iFCP or iSCSI transport technologies.  Many of these issues are caused by bandwidth restrictions, latency due to distance and/or router hop count and packet loss/errors

HyperIP provides a non-disruptive, extremely scalable foundation through a time tested production-hardened transport to move data faster, in a simple, cost effective manner, providing the key for network professionals to extend the utilization of their wide area network (WAN) infrastructures.

HyperIP is used by banking and finance companies, government agencies and airlines across the world to improve existing bandwidth utilisation and help reduce IT management expenses.

If you would like to know more about HyperIP and/or have a free 3-month evaluation copy please contact us at info@kaptek.co.nz , knixon@kaptek.co.nz or call +64 49052400

Kapiti Technologies is an HP Business Partner


 Close the loop in the change management cycle

Many companies, especially Banks and Financial Service Providers, need to continually adapt their systems to comply with new legislation and regulations such as those imposed by Sarbanes Oxley and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Non-compliance of these new regulations and standards can incur serious financial and legal consequences..

The complex processes involved, however, are also a potential source of errors in data integrity. PROGNOSIS Change Auditor not only controls changes to your systems but also verifies what those changes were and completes the change management cycle.

PROGNOSIS Change Auditor provides a best-practice solution for all organizations required to meet compliance standards. It also provides a single change-auditing tool to complement existing system security and improve system availability on multiple platforms.

PROGNOSIS Change Auditor uses the proven PROGNOSIS architecture to perform change-auditing functions across the network, with the provision of off-board audit data storage. It has been built from the ground up to provide a single compliance auditing solution for multiple platforms including
HP NonStop, Windows, UNIX and Linux. PROGNOSIS Change Auditor features a fully customizable mechanism for auditing changes to targeted files, system configurations, application data and PROGNOSIS configurations. This provides an organization with a single, flexible, secure and easy to use solution to meet all compliance-driven change auditing requirements. For example, PROGNOSIS Change Auditor can be implemented on HP NonStop to keep a history of all SCF configurations and their changes, which is invaluable data when verifying systems after a cold load. The solution also fills a gap in security subsystems employed by many organizations which are designed to keep out external intrusions yet do not guard against subversive behaviour by trusted personnel. Nor do these systems prevent honest mistakes such as accidentally overwriting a file or modifying the wrong setting.

Key Benefits:

           Meet industry and legislative compliance requirements and avoid financial penalties

           Close the loop on the change management process and ensure a valid audit trail for all configuration item changes

           View and compare changes against saved baselines to ensure the validity and integrity of all changes

           Use a single, customizable solution for HP NonStop, Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms

           Store a comprehensive history of all modifications to configuration items and generate audit compliance reports

If you would like to receive more information regarding PROGNOSIS Change Auditor, please contact:


Julian Steinbichler

Siemensstr. 8-10

40885 Ratingen


Tel.: 02102 3004-0

email: julian.steinbichler@twinsoft.de


New IT Project Blog From NuWave Technologies

NuWave has been hard at word preparing for the launch of its IT Project blog, written by project manager Kathlika Thomas. Topics will include systems integration, business process management (BPM), application development and project management, among others. The launch of this exciting new blog is planned for Thursday, April 22nd, but you can sign up now to receive email updates. And, here is a special sneak peak:
5 Ways to Maintain Morale on an Aggressive Project
If anyone knows the feeling of anxiety that comes after making a promise and realizing that you can't possibly hold true to it, it's a newbie project manager.  okay, okay - politicians, too.  But in terms of this discussion, let's focus on eager-to-please PMs who are known for writing the proverbial check to IT project team clients that they are unable to cash without working 60+ hours per week.  Promises of functional bells and whistles can make life difficult for the green PM and for their team - from business analysts to testers, from system integration specialists to client SMEs.  
Once sponsors sign off on a less-than-comfortable timeline and are awaiting delivery, rescinding is not always an option.  So how do you keep your IT project morale high and your team working hard toward the common goal of meeting your ever-looming launch date?  Here are some tips:
1.Offer staff members flexible scheduling if possible.  If your IT project team can offer flex-hours, empower your employees by implementing staggered shifts.  
2.Beware of bribery.  Early morning donuts and coffee is always appreciated, but use sparingly!  Remember the adage:  "You can con a sucker into committing to an impossible deadline, but you cannot con him into meeting it."
3.Provide opportunities for growth and development.  To improve IT project morale, encourage teammates within the same functional areas but in different roles to spend time cross-training or getting involved in external committees to add variety and revitalize work efforts on a dragging project. 
4.Provide positive reinforcement.  Openly praise exceptional work, long hours, and top performers to fellow team members and clients.  Let your team know their work is recognized. 
5.Set aside time for team building exercises.  Pick a day for your team to get together for lunch ('brown-bag it if you're on a budget!) and collaboratively solve a problem together.  Check out www.teampedia.net for a long list of ideas.    
Newbies aren't the only ones who can benefit from suggestions on how to keep an IT project team engaged.  Even with a realistic timeline, risks and issues can raise pressure for experienced PMs and turn a comfortable schedule into an aggressive push to deliver.  Find ways that work for your staff to ease the tension and keep IT project morale running high.
Check http://www.nuwave-tech.com on April 22nd to see the full blog! 


Gravic, Inc. - Announces Availability Modernization Success Story for a Large Canadian Bank

Gravic, Inc., the makers of the Shadowbase® data replication product line announces an availability modernization success story for a large Canadian bank. Gravic is in the final stages of converting an active/passive - uni-directional DR replication environment into an active/active Shadowbase-based bi-directional continuous availability environment.

            The bank operates the largest ATM/POS network in Canada. The ATM/POS network is divided into five BASE24 processing regions and utilizes a dual data center network for potential disaster tolerance. The bank was motivated to modernize its active/passive DR architecture to take advantage of concurrent processing at both data centers while having the databases synchronized for full redundancy. After an extensive vendor evaluation process, the Shadowbase replication solution was selected as the replication architecture to satisfy the active/active requirement. In addition to achieving the goal of replacing the older model passive backup architecture, the network is now able to split the processing of the regions across the systems with two regions in one data center and three regions in the second data center while maintaining a single consolidated database. This availability modernization project thus utilizes the IT infrastructure at full active capacity with no dedicated idle backup required, and provides peace of mind in case of a datacenter loss, as the failover will always be to a known-working environment.

            The bank is the largest financial institution in Canada, measured by deposits, revenues, and market capitalization. The bank serves seventeen million clients and has over 80,000 employees worldwide. The bank serves approximately ten million Canadian clients through its network of more than 1,000 branches. It is listed as the largest Canadian company by revenue and market capitalization by The Globe and Mail and is ranked at number 55 on the Forbes Global 2000 listing. The company has operations in Canada, the United States, and 48 other countries.

            Gravic, Inc. is a privately-held corporation located in Malvern, PA, about twenty miles west of Philadelphia, PA, USA. Gravic makes a number of computer software products for data collection, transformation, and distribution uses. Customers of its Shadowbase data replication products include banks, financial and brokerage firms, insurance companies, stock exchanges, electric utilities, and telecommunications companies. For more information on Gravic and our data replication solutions for BASE24 please visit www.gravic.com/shadowbase/base24 or email us at shadowbase@gravic.com.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Shows:

NENUG Spring Meeting                                            

New England NonStop User Group

HP Facility

Andover, MA

April 15

User Group of ACI Worldwide Products

Hotel Puerta America

Madrid, Spain

April 27-30

VNUG Conference

Viking NonStop User Group

Gallofsta Country Manor

Stockholm, Sweden

May 26-27

MATUG Technical and Business Meeting

Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group

America Online Headquarters

Dulles, VA

June 2


            For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


NonStop - A Running Commentary
April, ‘10

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author 

I was reading an interview with Ian Callum who, following a career with Aston Martin when still in the hands of Ford Motor Company, became the chief designer of Jaguar.. For those not familiar with Callum’s work, it was his drawings that led to the Aston Martin DB7, before he penned the lines of both the DB9 and the V8 Vantage. Today, at Jaguar the XF as well as the new XJ represent a major refresh of the whole Jagaur look, yet their designs are immediately recognizable as Callum’s creations.

In the interview the journalist asked Callum whether he thought it was time to change the direction of Jaguar and whether he was worried about the potential outcome. Callum responded “my point of judgment is always: ‘what would Sir William Lyons think of this?’” It had been Lyons who had founded Jaguar and brought their first models to market, yet Callum appreciates the sense of history and the reality that, all too easily, a design element that fails to satisfy car lovers sense of what a Jaguar should embody could spell disaster for the company.

In the first two commentaries I have written this year for the TandemWorld eNewsletter, there was a common thread running through them. Marketing, and the messages coming from HP’s marketing groups, had surfaced repeatedly throughout these commentaries. The messages of “converged infrastructure,” and even “modernization,” have become expressions familiar to all of us who remained close to the NonStop platform.  

This past week I posted to the Real Time View blog a feature story that I simply called “HP’s halo product?” Check out the link:


And check out the discussion “NonStop; HP’s halo product?” on the LinkedIn group, Real Time View:


In the above referenced blog post, I make the remark “arguments will continue about the importance of NonStop to the rest of HP’s brands. With all the product rationalization that has occurred since the acquisition, I for one am very pleased to see the sizable investments that continues to be made in the NonStop platform.” This remark follows an earlier observation that I make where I suggest that “when it comes to providing the most available offering, right out of the box, NonStop remains unmatched. Certainly, in the context of unrivaled levels of availability, the success NonStop has enjoyed through the decades, and the challenges it has seen off the playing field, elevates it to the position of being a halo product.”

The strategy behind pushing the message of modernization is coming at a very important time for all users of NonStop. When the Integrity NonStop Servers were launched in mid 2005, one of the first reports to come out was in cnet news, an online publication, where on May 31st, 2005, it said: “as expected, HP is modernizing its NonStop models with Itanium.” Few of us anticipated, however, that as the Integrity NonStop Server product line matured, the NonStop system would become as well-integrated with the rest of HP’s product family as it has become.

AJB Canada has ported a .Net solution, originally developed for Windows, to NonStop where a Common Language Runtime (CLR) resided. Similarly, Opus Software Solutions has successfully ported an application written in a mix of C++ and Java, originally developed for Unix, to NonStop where even the Oracle access was successfully mapped to NonStop SQL/MX. Web services technology has been available from a number of vendors for some time and the NonStop server has been successfully serving up SOAP messages as often as it has been consuming them. Ready for Cloud Computing? NonStop surely is!

Converged infrastructure is a natural outcome of this push to modernize NonStop. Given how easy it has become to move Unix and even Windows applications to NonStop, the presence of middleware and infrastructure normally considered the property of other platforms is simply a reflection on what is required for convergence. It’s a very visible recognition that to modernize is simplifying, rationalizing, and unifying; these are all important sub-bullets of the modernization message.

Among the most recent comments posted to the above referenced discussion, “NonStop; HP’s halo product?” was one comment that noted how “it might be possible to get HPers to consider NonStop as a 'halo' product, but IMO it would require a smoother migration strategy … NonStop is a great product, but it requires more compatibility with the other 99.99% of the world.” To be honest, I am not all that clear on what are the barriers to smoother migrations today, but I am hoping I will learn more as the discussion continues, as the comments came from a well-respected former Tandem senior product manager.

There’s many issues facing NonStop today – but with every step that the NonStop Enterprise Division takes, I am seeing better alignment with the rest of HP. This is not to say NonStop will be indistinguishable from HP’s other offerings and it’s not a belief that in time, the NonStop messages will be watered down. But rather, with modernization the spirit of Tandem really does live on with NonStop and it continues to meet the needs of customers looking for the best availability option possible. NonStop continues to deliver on the promise of the original message for Tandem – fault tolerance to a T!

Recalling the response of Ian Callum of Jaguar, as I see HP evolving the NonStop to better position it with the rest of HP’s product line, “what would Jimmy T think of this?”

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Email:                                                      richard@pyalla-technologies.com

Real Time View blog:                               http://real-time-view.blogspot.com

Buckle-Up blog:                                      www.buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:    http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1878133&trk=hb_side_g

LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2396887&trk=hb_side_g

PROGNOSIS Announces ACI BASE24-eps Support

Integrated Research (ASX:IRI), maker of PROGNOSIS performance monitoring software, is pleased to announce the addition of support for monitoring of ACI BASE24-eps to the PROGNOSIS suite.

This addition allows PROGNOSIS to support the migration strategies of their worldwide financial services customer base.

PROGNOSIS for ATM and POS is relied on by more than 100 financial institutions worldwide, delivering extensive business and operational-level management solutions for banks, credit card providers, processors, ATM ISOs and retailers.

As the global technological landscape evolves, and companies migrate from ACI BASE24 to ACI BASE24-eps, they need the continued support that PROGNOSIS provides.

All PROGNOSIS products for ATM and POS are being released for the ACI BASE24-eps payment environment. This includes solutions for financial transaction management, transaction surveillance and ATM incident management.

Shaun Clowes, PROGNOSIS Product Manager – NonStop and Payments, said

“"PROGNOSIS can now bring the same detailed transaction insight it already provides to ACI BASE24 Classic customers to those using ACI BASE24-eps. The product provides complete visibility into the performance, availability and profitability of payments processing environments. For those migrating from ACI BASE24 Classic to ACI BASE24-eps, PROGNOSIS can even provide a view of transaction processing through both systems from a single pane of glass to help assure a successful migration."

Integrated Research provides multi-technology support for financial transaction management. Customers with a mix of payment engine technologies and platforms benefit from a single management view across all transaction services.  For further information visit www.PROGNOSIS.com

If you would like further information on how PROGNOSIS can support your migration strategies click here or visit us at EBUG on 27th April 2010 in Madrid.

Meet comForte at EBUG in Madrid

Spring is finally here and EBUG in Madrid is coming closer.  comForte is proud to be  a gold sponsor yet again and we are looking forward to talk to you about how we can help you to modernize your BASE24 NonStop system.

Come and see us and talk to us about ...

o    How to migrate off SNA to fully leverage TCP/IP across your network

o    How to GUI-fy your BASE24

o    How to SOA-enable BASE24

o    How to get your NonStop ready for PCI

Don't miss comForte's presentation "Sunrise! NonStop Modernization with comForte - CONNECT, PROTECT, STREAMLINE" on Thursday 29th April, 13:45 - 14:15. Brad Poole, Solution Architect, presents on how to modernize your NonStop environment.

Join us at the following events:

o    EBUG, Apr 27-29, Madrid, Spain

o    VNUG, May 25-27, Stockholm, Sweden

o    HPTF, June 21-24, Las Vegas, USA

o    Connect NonStop Summit, Sept 27-29, San Jose, USA



Insider Technologies Limited Visit us at the BASE24 User Group (EBUG)

Join Insider Technologies at EBUG, Madrid

Join Insider Technologies at the EMEA BASE24 User Group (EBUG) meeting for 2010 in Madrid, from 27-30 April, held at the Hotel Puerta America. The theme this year will be 'Beyond the Sunset'...

If you would like to see a demonstration of Insider’s RTLX Reactor real-time Transaction / Payments Monitoring product, or for any of Insider’s products, then please REGISTER here.

At EBUG, our Insider Consultants will be pleased to provide a demonstration of our products and if necessary, discuss any bespoke requirements you may have. Insider Technologies develop custom, bespoke software for HP NonStop, Windows, Windows Mobile, Unix and Linux platforms. If any of our off-the-shelf products does not cover any or all of your requirements, then we will be pleased to discuss your requirements in more detail, where we hope to provide you with a more rounded solution.

Please see the following links for further details:

RTLX Reactor (ATM &b POS Monitoring):  


EBUG http://www.ebug.net/index.php

Insider Bespoke Development: http://www.insidertech.co.uk/Solutions/BespokeDevelopment/tabid/105/Default.aspx

Kapiti Technologies New Insider Technologies distributor

Insider Technologies are pleased to announce a new distributor agreement for Australia and New Zealand, with Kapiti Technologies, NZ.

Kapiti Technologies was formed in April 2009 by Kelvin Nixon and Aaron Gibson. As a business, Kapiti Technologies are focused on three major streams; HP Non-Stop, VMware and Business Services. Kapiti Technologies is an accredited HP Business Partner and are based on the picturesque Kapiti Coast, less than an hour outside Wellington, New Zealand. 

Further details can be obtained via the following links:



Reflex 4.7M and MultiBatch 9.3G accreditation

Reflex version 4.7M and MultiBatch 9.3G are now accredited with Guardian Operation version H06.20.

Reflex 80:20 Version 4.7M Features

Individual Disk Monitoring (I/O Times):

Individual Disk I/O monitoring is now available, where this facility can obtain the count of timings that I/O took on each Disk (Primary, Backup, Mirror and Mirror Backup Paths), polling each Disk at regular intervals

If a specified monitoring value is exceeded then an EMS event is issued to alert HP NonStop personnel of the problem. When the Disk Paths return to specified I/O levels, then a subsequent EMS event is raised to clear the alert. All events can be forwarded to matching Disk Objects in Reflex Status Monitor, or escalated as with other types of Reflex monitoring and alerting

Disk I/O monitoring continues to take place for all Disk Paths, even if half of a mirrored volume is down and there is no need to run Measure Counters to obtain this information; you just need to specify the I/O values and polling period and let Reflex alert you to any issues with Disk I/O.

TCP/IP extensions for 4.7M:

Reflex 80:20 provides an auto-detection utility and status agent for comprehensive, real-time monitoring of the HP NonStop TCP/IP subsystem (both TCP/IP v4 and TCP/IP v6), where Process, Telserv, Route, Listner and Subnet components can all be monitored.

If a TCP/IP subsystem component fails, then an EMS event will be issued with the option to forward it to a variety of escalation tools, e.g.:

· Reflex Status Monitor

· Mobile SMS

· Email

· Enterprise Managers: Tivoli, HP Operations Center, BMC Performance Manager

· Restore the failed TCP/IP  component via a Reflex TASK (automatically, or by Operator intervention)

Graphical TCP/IP object trees can be generated automatically for instant monitoring or can be constructed and tailored by the user, grouping appropriate components together.

EMS alerts can be mapped directly against each graphical TCP/IP object and users can also request object detail where the equivalent SCF data is graphically represented.

From release 4.7M, TCP/IP Subnet M-State Monitoring has been included, where Reflex can monitor the M-State flag for autodiscovered Subnets, which can assist in identifying a problem with TCP/IP v6 Failover.

If a Subnet M-State flag is identified as DOWN, then an EMS event is issued to alert HP NonStop personnel of the problem. When the M-State flag returns to normal, then a subsequent EMS event is raised to clear the alert. All events can be forwarded to matching Subnet Objects in Reflex Status Monitor, or escalated as with other types of Reflex monitoring and alerting

For further details on Reflex TCP/IP monitoring, please visit the following link:


File-Metrics extensions for 4.7M:

The Reflex File Metrics monitoring facility can track a list of nominated files or subvolumes (including SQL, ENSCRIBE and Edit files) where numerous file attributes can be monitored and rules configured, so that if the monitored file / subvolume is not in a ‘healthy’ state, then a Reflex EMS event will be raised. As with TCP/IP monitoring, these alerts can be forwarded to a variety of destinations.

Some examples where users can benefit from Reflex File Metrics monitoring are:

· File is Corrupt, Broken or Crashed Open

· File has lost its Audit flag

· Timestamp of file has changed since last poll

· Saveabend files found in monitored subvolume

· File has lost its SQL Compiled status

· File no longer exists

· File upon arrival does not meet certain criteria, e.g. timestamp or security attributes are incorrect

From release 4.7M, several enhancements have been made to allow for increased flexibility, improved memory management and increased limits to the number of files that can be monitored.

For further details of Reflex File monitoring, please visit the following link:


MultiBatch 9.3G - Features

BCOM has been enhanced to provide a command history buffer and the FC command has been extended, allowing users to view up to the last 500 commands executed, e.g.:

0001: HELP





6>>FC 4


. 4






The MultiBatch MBSTREAM text to tokenised event program has been amended to support up to 30,000 alias names for your Jobs, Segments and Units.

A new utility – MBCSV - has been introduced to allow elements of the MultiBatch configuration to be exported into a CSV file for use in reporting and analysis. Users can select the BMON environment to be processed, together with the fields to be exported and the column order that they are to appear in the spreadsheet.

A new utility – MBUSERHK - has been introduced that allows the MultiBatch security database to be reviewed and report on obsolete Guardian user ids.

The WATCHER process has been enhanced to support alternate EMS collectors.

For further details on MultiBatch (Batch scheduler for Guardian & OSS), please visit the following link:



For information on any of our products, please visit our website at www.insidertech.co.uk where you can also sign-up for our FREE newsletter.

Insider Technologies Limited

Spinnaker Court

Chandlers Point

37 Broadway

Salford Quays


M50 2YR

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 161 876 6606

Website: www.insidertech.co.uk

Email: support@insidertech.co.uk

Insider Technologies Limited is Quality Certified to ISO9001:2008 and TickIT.

All Trademarks acknowledged


Mediterranean Bank Selects Crystal Point to Modernize Core Banking Applications.

Crystal Point announced today that its application modernization technology has been implemented by Hellenic Bank Group to migrate both their Retail Banking System (RBS) and their Financial Banking System (FBS) to the web, delivering a secure and modern experience to tellers and other bank employees. 

Hellenic Bank is a strong and expanding bank, with operations in Cyprus, Greece, and Russia. Their foresight and sound financial practices let them not merely weather the financial crisis of 2008-2009, but also achieve advances in services during that period.  Those advances were realized by implementing the AppViewXS-enabled modernization of their RBS and FBS.    AppViewXS helps Hellenic Bank Group leverage its IT investment by improving the functionality, accessibility, and security of its banking applications, while enhancing the user experience with a graphical user interface; all without significant change to the underlying applications.

The Hellenic Bank Group’s RBS and FBS were previously available to tellers and employees only in primitive ‘green-screen’ format. Using Crystal Point’s AppViewXS technology, the application is now a web-served, service-oriented architecture, poised for use by banks throughout Cyprus, Greece and Russia.  Bank employees access RBS or FBS through their Internet Explorer browser; receiving modern graphical screens over a secure communications link (https) that has been compressed for optimized response times. 

Constantinos Papadamou, the Supervisor for Networks, Systems & Technical Support at Hellenic Bank’s Information Technology Center in Nicosia, Cyprus says, “The key advantages of this approach are a friendlier, graphical interface for our employees.  They have been asking for mouse capability, dropdown lists and the like in our core applications.  Now we can make them happier and require less training while experiencing fewer errors, and fewer helpdesk calls.”

A key challenge to taking the Hellenic Bank applications to the web was allowing dynamic, host-initiated approval/authorization messages appear as ‘pop-ups’ in real-time to employees screens without any user interaction.  Crystal Point, in cooperation with Hellenic Bank, demonstrated the flexibility of the AppViewXS architecture by integrating it with a custom program that alerts bank employees and displays the approval messages as they travel through the organization in real-time.  As a 100% Java application, AppViewXS can tightly integrate Java technology with little or no changes to the legacy application engine.  

More information on AppViewXS and Crystal Point’s complete portfolio of host connectivity solutions is available at www.crystalpoint.com .

Crystal Point, Inc.

Since 1986, Crystal Point has delivered efficient, cost effective solutions to organizations looking to leverage their nonStop enterprise application investments. From traditional host access products performing terminal emulation, to SSL or SSH2 encryption of data communications and file transfers, to host publishing applications that rejuvenate, repurpose and integrate multiple legacy applications, Crystal Point offers a full range of host connectivity solutions. The majority of NonStop users worldwide use Crystal Point software.


OPTA2000 Now Supports Base24-eps on Blades

TANDsoft, Inc., provider of OPTA2000, a virtual clock and time-zone simulator, now supports Base24-eps payment engines on HP NonStop Blades.  This new TANDsoft capability joins the company’s Base24-eps support for S-Series and Itanium servers.  The full spectrum of TANDsoft products, all based on the company’s innovative intercept technology, works with Base24 and Base24-eps applications.


The power of Blades architecture encourages the deployment of consolidated, virtualized environments.  Add the power of OPTA2000’s virtual system times, and a single Blades server can host thousands of applications, all running in their own virtual system times and time zones.  One system clock, multiple current times, multiple time zones.  No application modifications are required. 


TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for OPTA2000 as well as for other TANDsoft solutions.  They include FileSync and our new Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits.  For more information, visit www.tandsoft.com.  Or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234.  Free trials are available

Ban Bottlenecks®


Application modernizations comes with challenges and risks.  The fact is that the new software technologies are less efficient than earlier generation software.  Java and scripted languages take more resource to do the same task than compiled languages.

Should you modernize?  Of course.  But you also need to pay close attention to the impact that it has on CPU, memory, disk and communications.

Can we help you understand your system, and correct problems before they hurt? Absolutely! Check our website and Jon’s blog for more information. Look for our most recent article in the Connection.

Contact us for a free Ban Bottlenecks® system evaluation:





BrightStrand International continues to deliver NonStop Services to its customer base. Its consultants have the skill and experience that make it the premier service deliverer in the sector. Services are tailored to individual customer needs.


BrightStrand has consultants skilled in:

·        Systems and Operations Management

·        Performance and Tuning

·        Database Design and Administration

·        Communications Subsystems

·        Web Services

·        Security Reviews

·        IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·        NonStop Integrity Migrations

·        System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com for more information.

Alumni Tandem Scandinavia/Nordic

The date is set! The venue is chosen! YOU are on the VIP list!
It's time to mark your calendar for a BeerBust week-end in Norway for Alumni Tandem Scandinavia (let's include Finland!) colleagues & friends from Tandem/Europe (or worldwide).
Date: 10-12th September 2010. Main event Saturday 911 !!!
Place: Larvik, Vestfold/Norway
Accomodation: Several options. More info will follow!
Activities: Yes! Time to relax, time to "compete", time to memorize!
Time to eat & drink! In short; time to meet & have fun!
Dress: Casual, sporty, Tandem T-shirts?

Combined LinkedIn and e-mail lists are used to reach as many as possible, but please spread the word! We'd like to you to register your interest (and get more info) in an e-mail to
kjell.larsson@hp.com SWEDEN
jesper.brixen@hp.com DENMARK
thallre@online.no NORWAY and other countries

You may comment on this announcement in our LinkedIn Group.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you all

Torhild & the Tandem/Norway team.

Tandemworld & LinkedIN

Tandemworld have created a Group on LinkedIN through which you can view the latest Tandemworld eNewsletter.

Please view this at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2602432&trk=hb_side_g

Tandemworld within EMEA

Tandemworld specialise in the recruitment of HP NonStop / Tandem specialists.

We Currently have a number of Highly skilled NonStop / Tandem professionals seeking new projects and assignments

within the EMEA Region.


Do you have Project Work that you need assistance on? Hardware upgrades to perform?


These professionals are available on a short or long Term Basis (1 Week to 1 year +) at Very Competitive rates.

We can also supply Permanent employees and other technical resources e.g. IBM, Unix, Unisys DEC/VMS etc.


If you have a requirement for Contract or Permanent Resources or require further information please contact us :-


+44 (0) 20 8304 7979




To place article(s) within our future eNewsletters please Email us.

For Future Sponsorship opportunities please Email us.


User Groups

Connect NonStop Symposium & Expo
September 26-29, San Jose, California
Save $200 by registering before June 30th. 
Call for papers OPEN until May 30th!  Submit abstracts at:


Connect, in partnership with it’s partners and HP, is pleased to present the one-stop-shop for all things NonStop!  We will be celebrating 35 years of NonStop. If you are a NonStop practitioner, novice, or just want to learn more about the proven technology of NonStop, get involved!
Benefits of attending
• In-depth NonStop technical content
• Experience technology at hands-on labs
• Unique opportunity to meet the developers
• Access to pre-conference seminars the day prior to the event
• Network with NonStop specific community
• Hear the future of NonStop from HP executives
• Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings
• myCommunity Lounge
• Expo hall
For more information, please visit the website at http://www.connect-community.org/?page=ConnectNonStopEvent.
Look forward to seeing you there!


Viking NonStop User Group Conference 

When: 25-27 May 2010
Where: Gällöfsta Manor
All information and agenda can be found on the VNUG website at www.vnug.biz


Mark your diaries - BITUG's Dates for 2010

21st-24th June   HP Technology Forum and Expo, Las Vegas

07 Jul                 Availability SIG

27th-29th Sep    NonStop Summit Connect Event, San Jose

06 Oct               Migration and Solutions SIG

01 Dec               Education Day

02 Dec               Big SIG


The Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group (MATUG) will be holding a technical
and business meeting on June 2, 2010, from 9am to 5pm. We can retire
to a local watering hole following the meeting to wait out the traffic

Meeting Address:

America Online
Geneva Auditorium (HQ Building)
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166

Topics include:

Technical Meeting

·          Keynote Presentation by Jim Johnson, The Standish Group – Trends in NonStop Application Modernization

·          HP Product Roadmap & Technical Presentation

·          AOL user presentation on migrating to an active/active architecture for AIM

Business Meeting

·          Connect Update, including an update on the NonStop Symposium & Expo in San Jose in September

·          Future role of MATUG

·          Solicitation for additional individual participation in MATUG

We are currently soliciting speakers (users, consultants, or vendors/
ISV) for 40-minute presentations for the meeting. Vendors that present
will be asked to donate a nice door prize or contribute to offset the
meeting costs, approximately $150-$200 value.

Please contact Susan Loeliger, MATUG Secretary/Treasurer, to register or for speaking and sponsorship opportunities.

User Group of ACI Worldwide Products in Europe, The Middle East, & Africa
2010 Annual Conference
Hotel Puerta America
Madrid, Spain
April 27-30, 2010

Further information will be available at www.ebug.org.uk


For More on Employment in EMEA Go Here

For More on Positions in the Americas Go Here (to advertise your positions here please contact us)

For More on Positions in AsiaPac Go Here (to advertise your positions here please contact us)

Looking for a Solution or an answer to a particular problem ASK Tandemworld. We will contact the vendors for you and find a suitable solution that meets for current and future needs.



+44 (0) 20 8304 7979

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