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Save the NEW date!

HPE Shadowbase Solutions Available for Replacing Remote Data Access/Connections

New LightWave Server demo video

Gravic Publishes New Article on Data Replication and Integration – Applications in Financial Services

TANDsoft’s FS Compare is Now FS Compare and Repair

Gravic Announces HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers Version 6.600 Release


Interview with Gustavo Martinez from RedLink

QRcodes are already among us

Gravic and Shadowbase Support is Available During the Pandemic

Premier & Tailored

TIC Software:  How are NonStop Users Benefiting from REST?

NonStop Events: Efficient Monitoring

comforte and CSP Join Forces

Strong Q1 Positions XYPRO to Weather Pandemic and Project Growth for 2020




Save the NEW date!

Dear NonStop Community,

please save the NEW date!

Due to the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic we had to postpone the originally in May planned European NonStop HotSpot 2020 to this fall.

As the Covid -19 infection rate currently goes down significant in many european countries the lockdown carefully is slacking.
On this we are now very pleased to announce the NEW DATE for the premier HPE NonStop Event in Europe 2020!

"European NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2020 - Conference & Exhibition"
     is now planned
Sept. 7 -9, 2020
     at the
Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany
A strong agenda with sessions and workshops combined with social events will allow you to meet customers, senior HPE management representatives and HPE solution partners. Further more the event could be a interesting platform to discuss new aspects and experiences making during the Pandemie and concernig IT-business.

The agenda is under progress. More details on the program will follow within the next weeks.

During the whole event we will take care to ensure the health prevention regulatories given by government.
Of course the event only can take place, if there will be a general approval for conferences like ours by government. 

For more information on the conference please visit our website at

We will keep you informed and hope - after the long Corona Covid-19 break - to meet you on September, 7-9, 2020 personally again in the exciting city of Berlin!

Kind Regards

Pamela Bogner
Conference Organization

Mobile +49 175/526 82 94

HPE Shadowbase Solutions Available for

Replacing Remote Data Access/Connections



Several customers recently approached us looking for solutions to their remote data access/connection requirements. HPE Shadowbase uses a data replication/data integration architecture to meet these needs, and has experience successfully deploying these solutions at a number of customer sites. The following HPE Shadowbase architectures are popular and have significant advantages over alternative architectures.


  • HPE Shadowbase replicates the customer’s Enscribe data on-platform into an SQL/MP or an SQL/MX database. Remote applications can then use ODBC/MX, JDBC, etc. to access the NonStop-based SQL data. This architecture most closely matches several customers’ original remote data access/connection product approaches.


  • HPE Shadowbase replicates the customer’s Enscribe, SQL/MP, and/or SQL/MX data off-platform to another platform/database, e.g., to Linux/Oracle or Windows/SQL Server, and then the customer’s applications access the data locally through ODBC or JDBC interfaces.


Implementing these Shadowbase solutions is also very straight-forward, regardless if the data is being replicated NonStop/NonStop, NonStop to/from some other platform, etc. Shadowbase has powerful utilities to aid in the data format/schema conversions, for data cleansing, transformation, and filtering.


Please visit this case study, where a customer recently replaced an alternative remote data access/connection solution with Shadowbase software. If you have similar needs, please contact us or your HPE account team to discuss your requirements and timeline.


New LightWave Server demo video


LightWave Server can be used to provide REST-based access to Pathway applications, and once the REST service is available, it can be consumed from a wide variety of different client types.  Take a look at this demo where NuWave's Andrew Price shows how a Pathway Server can be accessed using voice commands from an Amazon Echo device.  


As always, if you'd like to know more, drop us a line!



Gravic Publishes New Article on Data Replication and Integration – Applications in Financial Services

Gravic published the article, Data Replication and Integration – Applications in Financial Services in the May/June edition of The Connection. This case study explains how a merchant provider gradually expanded its data replication and integration software to add new capabilities and features to its financial switch. The company used HPE Shadowbase data replication to provide active/passive business continuity for its CMA system, and active/active business continuity to its multi-node switch. It also integrated the switch with a remote heterogeneous application for a fraud detection system, and added data validation and consistency checks to confirm that all data was synchronized. A second case study reviews how a financial institution used HPE Shadowbase Compare in multiple parallel comparison operations – each against a distinct subset of the database – to dramatically shorten the time required to fully validate its backup.


TANDsoft’s FS Compare is Now FS Compare and Repair

TANDsoft Inc.’s blazing fast FS Compare now includes a Repair capability to fix data discrepancies between source and target databases. FS Compare and Repair identifies, reports, and resolves inconsistencies in both live and offline databases.

FS Compare and Repair analyzes and synchronizes just the changed data blocks, resulting in the high-speed reporting of discrepancies. Hours to compare can be reduced to minutes.

When discrepancies are detected, FS Compare and Repair is able to drill down into rows/records to determine which columns/fields are out-of-sync and offers the user the option to repair the target file. The product incorporates TANDsoft’s FileSync data deduplication technology, which significantly reduces comparison and repair times.

In addition, FS Compare and Repair efficiently performs multiple partition and index comparisons in parallel rather than sequentially. Between block-level comparisons, data deduplication, and parallel processing capabilities, FS Compare and Repair is the most rapid solution of its kind for use in the NonStop environment.

Best of all, FS Compare and Repair requires no application modifications. None whatsoever.

Features and Benefits

• Compares and repairs files at the block level for rapid results
• Supports Enscribe files, SQL/MP tables and OSS files (SQL/MX in next release)
• Compares live and offline databases
• Generates a report that can be used for auditing and internal verification
• Incorporates TANDsoft’s data deduplication technology for high-speed discrepancy reporting
• Provides partition-, index-, block-, record-, and column-level statistics
• High-speed capabilities due to data deduplication, block-level analyses, and parallel processing
• Requires zero application modifications
• Incorporates HPE NonStop server fundamentals: parallel processing, file selection by wildcarding & qualified expressions
• Works with all NonStop data replication solutions
• Certified on all HPE NonStop servers

Purchase FS Compare and Repair directly from TANDsoft or from its worldwide distributor network.

In addition to its new FS Compare and Repair, TANDsoft’s solutions include the blazing fast FS Backup & Restore, which sends upstream only changed data blocks to HPE backup utilities. TANDsoft’s flagship solutions include the OPTA2000 virtual clock- and time-zone simulator; FileSync for automatic file synchronization, replication, and data deduplication; and Sensitive Data Intercept (SDI) for protecting and masking sensitive data-at-rest in Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases. All are easy to install, easy to use, and are backed by exceptional support. They are certified on NonStop X, vNonStop, and all other NonStop servers.

Learn more about FS Compare and Repair and all other TANDsoft solutions at, or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234. Free trials are available. We are an HPE Silver partner.


Gravic Announces HPE Shadowbase for

Other Servers Version 6.600 Release


Features Include

  • Support for SAP Hana as a target
  • Improved replication into SAP ASE and Db2® target databases (utilizing the Shadowbase software statement caching ODBC engine)
  • Enhanced Db2 source replication (including z/OS environments) with new configuration options supporting MQCONNX security features
  • New SBFILE command options for displaying transaction information stored in a Shadowbase database of change (DOC)
  • Improved Shadowbase log source replication for Oracle (e.g., longer transactions spanning online and archived REDO logs)
  • Enhanced reload command for Shadowbase source replication for SQL server to allow DLL reloads while the database remains online
  • Improved Shadowbase DOC blocking algorithm and more efficient I/O processing
  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes


For more detailed information on this release, including the combinations of platforms and databases supported, please see our Shadowbase Product Releases (SPRs).




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Interview with Gustavo Martinez from RedLink

 RedLink is Argentina's largest national switch, processing more than 27 million transactions on busy days, driving more than 10,000 ATMs across the country. 

They are also leading-edge NonStop users, trialling new products and ideas in their R&D Lab. 

NuWave's Andrew Price recently sat down with Gustavo Martinez from RedLink, to get some details on the exciting work they're doing with LightWave solutions. 

This blog post, available in both Spanish and English, outlines that work.  

QRcodes are already among us


A few interesting announcements have emerged over the last month in the payments market - but with everything else going on you may be forgiven if it escaped your attention.  Paypal are continuing their march from the virtual e-commerce world into the physical POS world with the introduction across some 28 countries of QRcode code acceptance at the point of sale. A merchant can now display his merchant QRcode on his stall that the Paypal app can quickly read in order to process the payment.  This is of interest at a number of levels.

(a) it appeals to the merchant community and those micro-businesses that sell items at pop-up stalls.
(b) it is of appeal to consumers who will now see an easier way to pay contactlessly without even having to get their wallet out. Their mobile will process the entire payment.
(c) The merchant now no longer needs their own payment terminal - the payment happens over the air with no further interaction with the merchant.   The consumer does all the work.

I can think of a number of merchants in my home town who still take cash but would love to find a way to do without it, and who don’t necessarily want to the hassle of signing up with a POS or mPOS acquirer.

The other UK news to emerge was the reduction in ATM Cash withdrawals which are down by some 60%.  This is a significant drop in the movement and circulation of cash, and may well become habit-forming among the population.  A growing number of people have adopted new payment methods over the last month as the only remaining stores open are food stores with card-only or strong card-only payment preferences.  Are we seeing a rapid shift away from Cash to electronic payment that is unlikely to reverse?  Is this likely to result in yet faster decline of ATMs from the high streets?  Personally I haven’t paid cash to anyone for weeks now, and i’m rather getting used to it.  Natalie Ceeney is on a mission in the UK to save the use of Cash, save the ATM network to keep cash available to everyone.  It’s a strange banking market in the UK, because consumer banking is largely free. Banks would love to introduce fees, but no bank wants to be the first to introduce fees, without some valuable value-added offering in the process.  Despite this market model, we have new digital banks launching and gaining traction, who in my humble opinion offer a much more mobile-friendly service than the traditional banks.  The consequence of “free” UK banking model is that the banks have little incentive to distribute cash across unless they are paid to do it.  And the fees they earn are diminishing day by day.



We at OmniPayments will process payments no matter how they are made.  In fact the more that cards or mobile wallets are used to pay for goods, the greater the benefit for our customers processing the payments. Because you see unlike many card processors out there with on premise systems, we make no additional charges to clients just because their volumes are increasing.  In fact we welcome the fact that they process an increasing number of transactions.  It means they are getting an even better return on investment than they originally anticipated.

OmniPayments processes all modern payment methods from QRcodes to cardless to mobile, plus it helps distributes cash to the needy.  OmniPayments is helping to benefit consumers and helping governments to ensure those that need it receive it in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, take a look at OmniPayments for all your cards & mobile processing needs, whether you’re an Acquirer or an Issuer, whether you’re a Telco or a Bank, we can help you shape a unique solution to drive revenues for your organisation.

For up to date information, follow @omnipayments on Twitter, visit or email us at


Gravic and Shadowbase Support is Available During the Pandemic


We are concerned for all of our friends in the HPE and Connect communities and pray that they remain safe through this unprecedented and dangerous situation! For the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gravic and its Shadowbase Products Group are open and operating with remote support and access. To reach Shadowbase Support, please use your normal Support contact information or use Support. Please use Contact Us for all other inquiries.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:


Specifications subject to change without notice. Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2020


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No smoke, no mirrors, no snake oil.

Just NonStop Services to suit you.


TIC Software:  How are NonStop Users Benefiting from REST?

Thanks for attending our webinar "How are NonStop Users Benefiting from REST", we hope you enjoyed it! If you weren’t able to make it, we are sorry we missed you!


We covered a lot and we want to be sure you'll be able to access the information in the future. Below is a list of the topics we covered: 


Topics we covered:


·   REST and LightWave (2:40)

·   Modernize User Interface (9:10)

·   Financial Applications (5:12)

·   Cloud Services (3:24)

·   Enterprise Integration (3:08)

·   Internet Services (2:27)

·   Gateways, Database Access and Messaging Applications (9:04)

View Videos  |  View Presentation  | View Datasheet  | View FAQ 



For more information about our solution, please contact

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NonStop Events: Efficient Monitoring

 Your business critical applications are generating poorly structured EMS events.


When written to EMS without a sequence of tokens, EMS produces a default event on behalf of the initiating entity, all of which have the same SSID and Event Number tokens:

·       - TANDEM.12.0


·       - 0512

The filtering and monitoring of this information is therefore a costly processing exercise at best.  

Consider the following three unformatted events submitted to EMS:

·       - $RPC E0015 PC:020070 SDIV AB: msg to A0                                  


·       - $RPC E0014 PC:067700 ASSIGN missing for 02 UM process                    


·       - $RPC E0006 PC:001000 AREACODES shows 7 AORs; NUM^AORS is 8.              

 In the Reflex GUI Console, they appear as:

To recognise the critical business incidents, i.e. those that need to be escalated and investigated, the above examples are not easy to expand into business or network management approaches.

Reflex Gateway

Gateway gathers these events from EMS and creates new, fully tokenised events, based on specific preconfigured rules.

The converted events may be routed to the Reflex Reaction engines, or escalated as appropriate, e.g. to Tivoli, OpenView, email, SMS.  

Optionally, applications may write their poorly structure events directly to the Gateway process, where they are parsed and reissued as unique, fully tokenised events.

So now, the business can focus their monitoring on events which really matter.

Parsing Rule

For the first example event above, where event text characters:

    - “$RPC” appear in positions 2 to 5 

·      -  “E0015 PC:020070”  appear in positions 9 to 23

   -   “SDIV AB: msg to A0” appear in positions 25 to 42


Generate a unique event consisting of:

    -    SSID:                     RPCERROR.1.0

·          -    Event number:    2007

·      -    Subject Token:     RPC^ERROR   

    -     Event_Text:          <retain original and/or include additional user friendly text>

 In this example, the new event has been issued with the Emphasis token set to True:

You can modify the source event text via Gateway during the conversion exercise and if necessary, delete redundant information such as date and time, or add new data, including severity, name of the originating process for example.

Within Gateway, the text to EMS translation rules are easily constructed and do not require programming expertise.  

Reflex Gateway Use Cases

Within our financial client base portal, Gateway is used to organise their poorly structure event activities into more relevant warnings for their foreign exchange transactions, high value trades, and RTGS activities.

The effect of this is to constantly update their vital systems on the status of their business applications.

+44 161 876 6606



comforte and CSP Join Forces


Computer Security Products Inc. (CSP), a leader in HPE NonStop security solutions, announced a formal worldwide cooperation with comforte AG on May 14, 2020.  This partnership will make it even easier for NonStop users to obtain and benefit from CSP’s suite of NonStop security solutions.

Comforte is a well-established leader in the development, marketing, and support of innovative modernization, middleware, connectivity, and security solutions for HPE NonStop systems.  CSP has provided solutions for the security and compliance needs of NonStop customers for decades.  This partnership will allow comforte to distribute CSP’s suite of trusted security solutions for HPE NonStop systems.

On the announcement of the partnership, CSP Chief Technical Officer, Callum Barclay commented that “this partnership is a win/win for both companies and especially the customer base.  It allows customers one-stop shopping when it comes to NonStop security solutions.  With this close cooperation between the two leading solution partners, CSP will be bringing even more innovative solutions to the NonStop market in the near future”.

About comforte:

Comforte was founded in 1998 by the creators of a connectivity solution for mission-critical systems. A logical next step for comforte was to not only connect systems but to also make sure that communication is always established securely.  Organizations around the globe are running their ATM and Point-of-Sale networks securely thanks to comforte. Building on more than 20 years of experience in unlocking more value from systems that never stop, comforte has evolved into a market leader for data protection, digital payments, and empowering mission-critical systems.  To learn more visit

About CSP:

CSP has an outstanding 32-year reputation for delivering trusted security and compliance solutions.  Recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of HPE NonStop security management, CSP has many clients in the Banking, Telecommunications, Medical, and Financial service sectors.  CSP provides worldwide support and education services both directly and through its network of distributors and partners.  CSP is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective security management solutions for the NonStop system environment.  For more information visit

Strong Q1 Positions XYPRO to Weather Pandemic and Project Growth for 2020

Caution and uncertainty worries the world as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent us from going back to normal. XYPRO Technology Corporation, headquartered in Simi Valley, CA supplies mission critical risk management, real-time threat detection, and enterprise identity and access management solutions to Fortune 500 companies.


“XYPRO’s ability to continue providing 100% of our critical risk management and real-time threat detection solutions and uninterrupted customer support while ensuring our employees can enjoy the safety and flexibility to work from home has enabled us to thrive and excel in an environment of uncertainty for so many.” says Lisa Partridge, XYPRO’s CEO “I’m really proud, as a human, how we handled the preparation for and execution of our transition to remote work. From our long-time employees, to our brand-new interns, to our customers – no one was left behind”.


Electronic transactions, online ordering, payment processing, touchless POS, etc., have only become more important during this crisis, highlighting the role cybersecurity companies like XYPRO play on a daily basis. As a result of the mission critical nature of our industry and our choices as a company, XYPRO is privileged to have confidence in its long-term outlook.


Many are predicting that cloud applications that integrate enterprise solutions like CyberArkSailPoint, and ServiceNow will become more present than ever as modernization pushes corporations towards remote work. XYPRO uniquely functions as the only HPE NonStop security partner that has certified integrations for these critical, cloud based applications.

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