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Keystroke Logging. Are you in?

Please Enjoy All Three Gravic Shadowbase Videos!


Verify Elite: The Complete Solution for File Integrity Monitoring & Compliance

Why is my system running so slowly?

New LightWave Demo on YouTube

TIC Software: How are NonStop Users Benefiting from REST?

Leverage Blockchain, Geocoding, and More

Payments Monitoring - Case Study


TANDsoft’s FS Backup & Restore Reduces Hours-Long Backup Times to Minutes

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Keystroke Logging. Are you in?

When implemented properly, keystroke logging is a win for users, system administrators, security teams and auditors.  Users may feel like it is an invasion of privacy--it isn’t. System administrators often believe it will negatively impact performance--it won’t.  And security teams always ask if the data collected it searchable/usable--it is. Moreover, for many companies, it can be a compliance requirement.  XYGATE Access Control (XAC) brings transparent keystroke logging, as well as other features to the HPE NonStop while answering all the above questions in a way that pleases everyone.

The best way to implement keystroke logging

There are many ways to implement keystroke logging, for example, screen recordings to hardware devices attached to every terminal, and to intermediate servers that accept input and pass it on. The most effective means has always been to capture… Read More


Please Enjoy All Three Gravic Shadowbase Videos!

 Coming Soon…

Two New Shadowbase Solution Videos on Compare and Zero Downtime Migration


Gravic Shadowbase Overview

Mission-critical enterprise users rely on the award-winning Gravic Shadowbase product suite to distribute their critical data and information in real-time to target databases and applications.





Shadowbase Business Continuity

The award-winning Gravic Shadowbase Business Continuity solutions achieve high and continuous availability to prevent prolonged periods of downtime and data loss, which can be extremely costly to a business.




Shadowbase Data and Application Integration

Shadowbase Data and Application Integration software easily connects existing applications and databases to new applications and databases in real-time; data integration uses data replication to update target databases.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website.


Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming 2020 Events


SunTUG Sunshine Summit: Tampa, 28 February

MexTUG Meeting: Mexico City, 23 April

NYTUG Meeting: North New Jersey, 28 April

GTUG IT-Symposium: Berlin, 4-6 May

MATUG Meeting: Reston, VA, 12 May

VNUG Conference: Stockholm, 8-9 September

CTUG Conference: Toronto, 23 September

Connect HPE TBC: San Francisco, 15-18 November



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Verify Elite: The Complete Solution for File Integrity Monitoring & Compliance

File Integrity Monitoring is an important requirement of the PCI data security standard for securing confidential (e.g., cardholder) information, and is considered a crucial part of protecting business assets.

NonStop systems are now being used in far more dynamic situations and have more external connections than ever before. The ubiquity of payment cards for personal electronic transactions has changed the security equation in a fundamental way.

Any compromise in security is likely to have far reaching consequences, both in terms of financial loss, and for the wider damage to an organization’s reputation. Protecting personal cardholder information is paramount.

In this context, File Integrity Monitoring should be considered an important security necessity, not just for PCI compliance, but in order to preserve the integrity of all NonStop systems.


Verify Elite is a complete NonStop compliance and file integrity monitoring solution from CSP, which continuously ensures that your NonStop System's security meets industry standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, SOX and GDPR.

By performing regularly scheduled compliance checks, Verify Elite's Security Compliance Monitor can ensure your compliance with both regulations and internal security policies.

And by executing regularly scheduled file integrity checks, Verify Elite's File Integrity Monitor can quickly detect if any unauthorized changes occur to selected groups of files.

What’s New in Verify Elite 2.4

Two key new features included in the latest release of Verify Elite are the new “Binder Timestamp” flag for Guardian File Integrity Check and the EMS logging options.

 Security Compliance Monitor Key Features

·        Pre-built customizable compliance rules

·        Detailed reporting on regulatory compliance

·        Includes rules for PCI DSS, SOX,

·        Customizable reports

·        Intuitive GUI makes compliance checking & audit reporting easy


File Integrity Monitor Key Features 

·        Monitors both Guardian & OSS files

·        Meets PCI-DSS regulation 11.5

·        Captures file fingerprints

·        Full audit reporting capability

·        Alerts for unauthorized changes

·        Multi-Node Fileset Compare

·        Easily integrated with enterprise security tools


Multi-Node Fileset Compare

The regular comparison of filesets across nodes should also be a part of the process to ensure the integrity of your files. For example, files that are replicated to backup environments or remote nodes need to be regularly compared to production files to ensure their integrity.

Verify Elite’s Multi-Node Fileset Compare feature permits the comparison of filesets located either locally or across NonStop nodes. Using the file attribute information, Multi-Node Fileset Compare can compare selected filesets across any two nodes, identifying both the matches and differences between the file attributes in each. If a discrepancy is found, investigation and possible remedial action can then take place.


CSP - Compliance at your Fingertips™

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit


We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security ®


The CSP Team     

+1(905) 568 - 8900


Why is my system running so slowly?

Is this a question you’ve ever had to ask your team about your beloved NonStop?  How do you handle a performance question like this?   Aren’t our systems so powerful these days that we no longer have to worry about system performance?  While it is true that system performance per se is less of an ongoing concern, a drop in system performance is more like to be a red flag to tell you something more important needs investigating.  You may be lucky and possess a quiet predictable NonStop application that behaves all the time.  However many large-scale customers are pushing many hundreds of transactions per second through their systems, so any slow-down in transaction processing can be a large cause for concern. 

A number of novel approaches have been considered to address this.  In many case performance management has become a centralised function, part of the Operating Centre, where all their dashboards show their transactions rates and system performance.  To achieve this the NonStop systems are delegating the performance management data to other modern platforms that can combine performance metrics from across the enterprise into a single business view that provides executive management with the data visualised exactly the way they want it.

OmniPayments takes a similar approach with its Business Analytics dashboard.  Performance Management information in isolation may not inform you very much.  What a user needs is a broad application view of system behaviour.   OmniOffender and the OmniPayments dashboard provide a simply easy-on-the-eye method of viewing both system operation and transaction Data Analytics to illustrate graphically exactly what the system is producing for the business. 

How are all the interchanges behaving?  Is Visa or MasterCard processing fewer transactions than expected?  What’s the status of ATMs in different areas of the country?  Why are my fraud levels peaking?  Why has the Visa interchange suddenly stopped communicating?  These questions raise real revenue concerns for a business and need addressing quickly. 

This is where an application level dashboard like OmniPayments can really make a difference to maximising revenues. 

The OmniPayments Dashboard comprises OmniOffender system performance and gives you immediate information on the behaviour of your system, for example we include:

·       Interchange status in Red or Green

·       Transaction Approval rates in the last 20 minutes and 24 hours

·       Transaction denial rates over similar periods

·       Interchanges processing rates

·       ATM status across their different groupings?

·       E-comm traffic processing levels

·       Fraud level rates


For more information on OmniOffender and the OmniPayments dashboard please follow us on Twitter at @OmniPayments, LinkedIn, visit our website at, or contact us at


New LightWave Demo on YouTube

For the last NonStop Technical Bootcamp (TBC), NuWave put a new demo together showing how LightWave ServerTM and LightWave ClientTM might be used to modernize a typical payment engine.


This LightWave bank demo video goes through that demo in less than 6 minutes.

You can also find other short informative videos on NuWave's YouTube page.


TIC Software: How are NonStop Users Benefiting from REST?

We've all heard a lot about REST Web Services and how important they are to an organization’s development strategy.
You’ve probably also read about REST being used with Cloud services like AWS or Azure, and how API Gateways like MuleSoft and Apigee support RESTful API designs. Perhaps you might wonder, then:

  • Which NonStop applications are benefiting from using RESTful API's out there?
  • How practical is this for my NonStop environment?
  • What do I need to do to leverage REST on NonStop?

In this webinar, we will discuss how some NonStop customers are using the LightWave REST product suite to extend their applications, as well as share some additional ideas on what else you can do with REST and NonStop.


Tue, Mar 3, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

TIC's latest Blog: LightWave Client Connects NonStop to Financial Services

For more information about our solution, please contact

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Leverage Blockchain, Geocoding, and More


In case you missed some of the latest articles from the NonStop Innovations blog, here is a summary of the latest pieces that have people buzzing. Don't forget to subscribe for updates!


 How to Leverage Blockchain Technology to Benefit Your Business

There’s been a lot of enthusiasm around blockchain for a number of years now. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Corda to IBM Blockchain, there are many frameworks that we can consider if we want to implement a blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution. The NonStop division at HPE have put their weight behind the R3 Corda solution, and have a brand new reference architecture showing Corda in a hybrid environment...
Read more about NonStop and blockchain

LightWave ClientTM and Google Geocode


REST-based Web services have become massively popular: there is a Web service for just about anything you can think of. From credit card processing services, such as those available from Visa's VTC API, to blockchain services, real-time stock prices to address validation--there is probably a Web service that can help your NonStop application be more powerful and more relevant in today's world. But how do you enable your NonStop application to consume those services?...

Read more about using the Google Geocode API


GIT-ing It Done: NuWave Demos on GitHub

 NuWave's LightWave solutions can be used in a wide range of environments and provide a huge number of benefits for HPE NonStop applications. With so much on offer, where do you start? When doing a trial of LightWave ServerTM or LightWave ClientTM, you might find a demo in our GitHub repository that you can use to be up and running in a matter of minutes. This article shows you what's available...


Read more about NuWave's GitHub demos





Romain Soubeyran, Managing Director of CentraleSupélec and Philippe Préval, Managing Director of Lusis, launch the Chair "Artificial intelligence applied to the detection of payment fraud and trading". Through this partnership, Lusis and CentraleSupélec are strengthening their collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence applied to the banking sector.

The Chair supported by Lusis and CentraleSupélec provides a structured working framework allowing the two partners to carry out research work of specific interest by relying on a dedicated research team. It is housed in the Computer Science Research Laboratory (LRI), a joint research unit at Paris-Saclay University, CNRS and CentraleSupélec.

"Artificial intelligence is a game changer in the world of IT and business in general. It will completely redraw the landscape of whole sections of the industry. We want Lusis to be part of this revolution, particularly in our preferred areas of trading, payments systems, on-line banking, and customer-centric programs. For us, being an AI player means being a stakeholder in AI research. This is why we are happy and proud to be able to give a new dimension to our long-standing partnership with CentraleSupélec. Our teams like those set up by CentraleSupélec are enthusiastic about exploring these new universes,” declares Philippe Préval, CEO of LUSIS.

To read the entire article CLICK HERE.

Brian Miller
Lusis Payments, North America
(415) 829-4577


TANDsoft’s FS Backup & Restore Reduces Hours-Long Backup Times to Minutes


The new FS Backup & Restore solution from TANDsoft Inc. sends upstream only changed data blocks to HPE backup utilities, whose inputs normally are whole files from disk. It addresses the challenges of NonStop customers with hours-long backups that can create considerable delay and network overhead within their OLTP processing environments. With FS Backup & Restore, those hours are reduced to minutes.

FS Backup & Restore is efficient and blazing fast. Via backup deduplication technology, FS Backup minimizes required storage space and reduces network load by detecting file changes, copying them from disk to tape (or to disk or other), and then sending only the changed data blocks, not entire files, to HPE NonStop backup utilities. FS Restore performs the complementary function of copying back to disk the changed data blocks that have been stored via HPE Tapes or a variety of third-party storage solutions. FS Restore will then apply all file changes as the original file is being rebuilt.

Best of all, the use of FS Backup & Restore requires no application modifications. None whatsoever.

Features and Benefits

• Available on all HPE NonStop servers (including NonStop X and vNonStop)
• Complements HPE NonStop Backup and Restore and Backup and Restore 2 utilities
• Extremely efficient and fast. Sends only changed data blocks upstream to the HPE backup utility
• Supports Guardian files, SQL/MP tables (same as HPE Backup and Restore) and OSS files (same as Backup and Restore 2)
• Requires zero application modifications
• Complements all third-party storage solutions
• Incorporates HPE NonStop server fundamentals: fault tolerance, parallel processing, file selection by wildcarding & qualified expressions
• Supports trigger execution (A TACL script can be executed) before, after, or at the end of an FS Backup & Restore job
• Supports file compression
• Supports multiple concurrent users, each with their respective security rights

In addition to the new FS Backup & Restore, TANDsoft’s solutions include the OPTA2000 virtual clock- and time-zone simulator; FileSync for automatic file synchronization, replication, and data deduplication; and Sensitive Data Intercept (SDI) for protecting and masking sensitive data-at-rest in Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases. All are easy to install, easy to use, and are backed by exceptional support. They are certified on NonStop X, vNonStop, and all other NonStop servers.

Learn more about TANDsoft solutions at, or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234. We are an HPE Silver partner.



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