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 Integrate Your HPE NonStop Servers With CyberArk

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Save the NEW date!

Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase Solution Updates at VIRTU-NUG

TANDsoft Will Showcase Two Blazing Fast Solutions at July 1st VIRTU-NUG

Mobile Payments are really taking off


1st July - Insider Technologies at Virtu-NUG


TIC Software:  How to safely run TCP/IP traces on your network CLIM?





 Integrate Your HPE NonStop Servers With CyberArk


Join CyberArk’s Brian Carpenter, Director of Business Development, and Steve Tcherchian, Chief Product Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for XYPRO as they discuss how the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution secures, manages, automates, and logs all activities associated with privileged access. They will detail current attack vectors and analyze real use cases on how your HPE NonStop servers can seamlessly integrate with CyberArk processes to help ensure complete visibility, traceability, automation, and security of your HPE NonStop servers.

“The largest security risks to any organization are the misuse or compromise of privileged credentials,” said Tcherchian. “Privileged accounts are a particular risk as they enable elevated access to your organization’s mission-critical data.”

“Because of the fear of ‘breaking something’ that could impact the ATM, POS, Mobile, or Payments infrastructure, many applications and systems were initially deployed, years ago, with passwords for privileged accounts that were and still are rarely rotated, shared, and improperly stored,” said Tcherchian. “This practice should be keeping CIOs and CISOs up at night, especially since there is something they can do about it.”

The compromise of privileged accounts is connected to nearly all targeted attacks. Proper credential storage and management are paramount for responsible risk mitigation. If you are still manually managing privileged access, you’re not doing all you can to protect your systems. It’s not news that anything manual is resource-intensive, error-prone, and leaves gaps in your security.

A Privileged Access Management solution provides the ideal capabilities for automating these activities. In this webinar, XYPRO and CyberArk will discuss how the HPE NonStop server integration can help with visibility, traceability, automation and security.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 8:00 am PDT


Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 6:00 pm PDT


Thursday, June 25, 2020, 11:00 am AEST




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Save the NEW date!

Dear NonStop Community,

please save the NEW date!

Due to the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic we had to postpone the originally in May planned European NonStop HotSpot 2020 to this fall.

As the Covid -19 infection rate currently goes down significant in many european countries the lockdown carefully is slacking.
On this we are now very pleased to announce the NEW DATE for the premier HPE NonStop Event in Europe 2020!

"European NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2020 - Conference & Exhibition"
     is now planned
Sept. 7 -9, 2020
     at the
Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany
A strong agenda with sessions and workshops combined with social events will allow you to meet customers, senior HPE management representatives and HPE solution partners. Further more the event could be a interesting platform to discuss new aspects and experiences making during the Pandemie and concernig IT-business.

The agenda is under progress. More details on the program will follow within the next weeks.

During the whole event we will take care to ensure the health prevention regulatories given by government.
Of course the event only can take place, if there will be a general approval for conferences like ours by government. 

For more information on the conference please visit our website at

We will keep you informed and hope - after the long Corona Covid-19 break - to meet you on September, 7-9, 2020 personally again in the exciting city of Berlin!

Kind Regards

Pamela Bogner
Conference Organization

Mobile +49 175/526 82 94

Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase Solution Updates at VIRTU-NUG



We presented Surviving Uncertain Times – HPE Shadowbase 2020 Solution Updates on June 17. We discussed recent macroenvironmental shifts due to COVID-19, how companies are reacting, and new HPE Shadowbase data replication releases. Other presentations given were from HPE’s NonStop Division, the global NonStop partner community, and customers with innovative solutions to NonStop challenges. We enjoyed the virtual exhibit hall, live questions and answers, and the virtual happy hour to end the day. If you are interested in discussing our presentation’s content or would like us to present this or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us.

Gravic Publishes Shadowbase Spring/Summer Newsletter

We hope you enjoy reading our recently published Shadowbase Spring/Summer Newsletter. Please take a look to see the latest news about Shadowbase including new and future features, and some of the exciting projects we have been working on.

HPE Shadowbase Solutions Available for
Attunity EOSL Product Replacement

Customers recently approached us several times looking to replace their Attunity products that are reaching end-of-service-life (EOSL). Fortunately, HPE Shadowbase has a proven track record for successful Attunity replacements. If you are faced with this dilemma, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Gravic and Shadowbase Support are Available During the Pandemic


We are concerned for all of our friends in the HPE and Connect communities and pray that they remain safe through this unprecedented and dangerous situation! For the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gravic and its Shadowbase Products Group are open and operating with remote support and access. To reach Shadowbase Support, please use your normal Support contact information or use Support. Please use Contact Us for all other inquiries.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:

Specifications subject to change without notice. Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2020.

TANDsoft Will Showcase Two Blazing Fast Solutions at July 1st VIRTU-NUG

A July 1st VIRTU-NUG presentation will focus on FS Compare and Repair and FS Backup and Restore, two new products from HPE Silver Partner TANDsoft Inc. VIRTU-NUG is a series of virtual user group meetings sponsored by Connect Worldwide and the HPE NonStop partner community.

FS Compare and Repair identifies, reports, and resolves inconsistencies in both live and offline databases. In a recent customer trial, FS Compare and Repair reduced data validation from 1 hour, 12 minutes to 4 minutes. It is the most rapid compare/repair solution for use in the NonStop environment and works with all NonStop data replication

Backup times that formerly may take hours can be reduced to minutes with TANDsoft’s FS Backup and Restore. Rather than archive whole files to disk, tape or virtual tape, FS Backup detects file data-block modifications and archives only the changes. FS Restore then can retrieve the saved file data-block modifications and will apply the changes to rebuild the original file. FS Backup and Restore complements the HPE NonStop Backup and Restore utility (including Backup and Restore 2) as well as all third-party storage solutions.


Both FS Compare and Repair and FS Backup and Restore require zero application modifications. Learn more about them and all other TANDsoft solutions at, or call us at (514-694-2234). TANDsoft’s flagship solutions include the OPTA2000 virtual clock- and time-zone simulator; FileSync for automatic file synchronization, replication, and data deduplication; and Sensitive Data Intercept (SDI) for protecting and masking sensitive data-at-rest in Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases. All are easy to install, easy to use, and are backed by exceptional support. They are certified on NonStop X, vNonStop, and all other NonStop servers.

Register for the July 1st VIRTU-NUG at


Mobile Payments are really taking off

 Everyone appears to be getting in on the Mobile Wallet act.  There are so many of them now and yet there are still new players coming to the market.  Let’s consider FaceBook for a moment, which launched Libra just twelve months ago.  Now even WhatsApp, themselves owned by FaceBook, has suddenly launched WhatsApp Money.  Although only available in Brazil though for now, they have plans to take it further afield.  Why choose Brazil as a place to launch you may well ask?  With some 120 million users in the country comprising some 50% of the national population that’s their second biggest market after India.  It is anticipated that Facebook won’t stand still - they are likely to expand this WhatsApp feature to integrate with FaceBook and FaceBook messenger before very long.    So the Mobile payment trend is gaining pace and an increasing allocation of spend, most likely at the expense of more traditional payment methods.

This trend fits nicely with our post-covid19 world too.   In our quest for cleaner payments, have you noticed how we’re being encouraged to pay as hygienically as possible?  Slowly but surely even the most traditional of us are slowly adapting to new payments methods, using our cards contactlessly and our mobile wallets to pay for goods and services.  Usage of Mobile wallets varies hugely across different geographies and cultures. Who uses a “Mobile Wallet” anyway I hear some ask?  Well if you use Amazon to buy goods, or eBay to buy goods, or Apple Pay or Android Pay to buy goods, or you’ve ticked a box to let a website store your credit cards details, then you’re already using quite a few mobile wallets without actually realising it.  Looking more globally, in the developing countries of Africa and Asia Mobile Wallets are already way ahead of the more traditional western countries.  Their consumers have much greater choice and it’s not uncommon to find their phones replete with mobile wallets.  By contrast in Europe, where banks play a dominant role in the management of our money, we have a reliance on these institutions to help us pay our bills.  In those emerging markets where banking penetration is lower, clients don’t have time for banks, so instead they are flocking to mobile payments providers; merchants are flocking to e-commerce providers to help them sell their products, and to online expense management, and online financial management tools. As we all return to work and eating out for lunch, restaurants are employing QR codes on their bills/receipts to simplify mobile payment, reduce the need for cash and help maintain touch-free environments. 


We at OmniPayments will process payments no matter how they are made.  In fact the more that cards or mobile wallets are used to pay for goods, the greater the benefit for our customers processing the payments. Because you see unlike many card processors out there with on premise systems, we make no additional charges to clients just because their volumes are increasing.  In fact we welcome the fact that they process an increasing number of transactions.  It means they are getting an even better return on investment than they originally anticipated.

OmniPayments processes all modern payment methods from QR codes to cardless to mobile, plus it helps distributes cash to the needy.  OmniPayments is helping to benefit consumers and helping governments to ensure those that need it receive it in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, take a look at OmniPayments for all your cards & mobile processing needs, whether you’re an Acquirer or an Issuer, whether you’re a Telco or a Bank, we can help you shape a unique solution to drive revenues for your organisation.

For up to date information, follow @omnipayments on Twitter, visit or email us at




We have all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in some way. Whether it’s unexpectedly switching to a work-from-home environment, canceling vacation plans or business trips, or having to relearn algebra, we’ve all experienced extraordinary changes in our daily lives.

However, our collective determination to endure circumstances such as these makes us stronger, and helps us find creative new ways to deal with changes. 

I hope that you and your families are doing well and that we can begin planning for a time when we get out of this situation and start to rebuild our businesses and family lives.

One thing that has become clear is that we have become even more dependant on the use of online transactions. Fraudsters and cyber-criminals are opportunists and they know that the confusion caused by this worldwide pandemic can be used to try to steal sensitive information from individuals and organizations alike.

Cyber-criminals have started to send text messages pretending to be organizations like banks,  tax agencies, or even the Government and, by using a technique called spoofing, they can insert messages into a chain of texts alongside previous genuine SMS messages from that organization.

The fraudsters then attempt to trick people into giving away personal and financial information or money. Avoid clicking on any links contained within text messages and always log into your bank account by keying the website address or using a saved favourite link on your device to update information or make payments.



Here are some specific scams fraudsters are trying:

·       Using the uncertainty around stock markets to advise transfers into higher-risk or alternate investments that are not legitimate

·       Pretending to be from the claims departments of banks or insurance companies, promising to cover losses for a small fee

·       Sending messages advising that your bank is in trouble and that you should send money to a new bank account that has been set up in your name

·       Tricking people into making a small payment to set up payment deferrals on existing products/services such as mortgages

·       Fake lockdown messages advising that you have been fined for leaving your home and must make a payment

For many, being away from the office means using personal devices or adopting new ways of working because normal processes have been disrupted by the outbreak.

Fraudsters can use the increases in businesses working from home to target individuals or employees to impersonate senior staff or executive management.

There has been an increase in Authorized Push Payment fraud across the banking industry. This is where individuals are tricked into sending money from their personal account or their business bank account to one belonging to a scammer. Businesses that are adopting new business processes and ways of paying are particularly vulnerable.

What can you do to minimize these types of security threats?

Individuals and businesses need to take appropriate security measures, including updated and patched software and secure network connections to prevent unauthorized access. Additional training to spot the signs of a fraudulent attack is also a good idea. In addition, any security software such as anti-virus and firewalls should be maintained to the latest release/patch.

The ability to verify a user's claimed identity through various authentication factors has become crucial for NonStop systems, especially for users that will be logging-on to business-critical applications. Ineffective authentication comes with significant direct and indirect risks, including compliance penalties, data theft, loss of customer trust, and significant loss of revenue. There is an over-reliance on insecure forms of authentication, such as passwords and security questions, this can lead to security gaps that create opportunities for intruders. 

By implementing additional security measures, such as strong passwords and the use of multi-factor authentication, users can prevent credentials from being compromised and avoid falling victim to these types of attacks.

Minimize security gaps with Multi-Factor Authentication

Modern authentication methods represent a more robust security structure, and also provide a better user experience when logging into applications. MFA also makes it easier for auditors to get answers to critical compliance questions; providing information such as which users are granted access to which system, and also how the access policy is being reliably enforced. Additionally, some of the modern MFA applications available today also include reporting capabilities, which ensure that compliance standards, such as PCI DSS, are being met.

CSP Authenticator+™ supports numerous authentication factors for NonStop. It provides a  RESTful interface that supports multi-factor authenticated logins on NonStop systems. CSP Authenticator+ resides on the NonStop Platform and uses an OSS “bridge” to connect to the RESTful interface of the CSP Authenticator+ web server.

CSP Authenticator+™ Dashboard

CSP Authenticator+ can provide authentication services via Safeguard Authentication SEEP, or Pathway and Non-Pathway servers. Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Authentication methods such as RADIUS, RSA Cloud, Active Directory, and Open LDAP are supported. Additional authentication methods include RSA SecurID, Email, Text Message, and Google Authenticator. You can now enable MFA logins for different applications, making them more secure! 


CSP Authenticator+ Key Features:


·       Support for various authentication methods

·       Browser-based user-friendly interface

·       Standardized authentication across platforms

·       Configurable for all or selected users

·        Support for virtual addressing


CSP - Compliance at your Fingertips™

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit


We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security ®


The CSP Team              




1st July - Insider Technologies at Virtu-NUG

We would be delighted to see you at our ‘Next Generation Reflex’ presentation.

Examples of a refreshed Reflex UI will be presented, explaining how we accomplished this with REST Services supplied via NuWave Technologies LightWave Server™.

See how the new Reflex UI is the answer to all your NonStop monitoring concerns, for systems, subsystems, events, applications and even the poorly structured IBM MB 8.1 events.

Reflex is used by some of the UK’s leading financial institutions and they’ve relied upon it to help monitor their NonStop systems and business critical applications.





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Catch Up with NuWave at VIRTU-NUG 2020


VIRTU-NUG, the first worldwide virtual HPE NonStop event, kicked off on June 10th, and so far the event is a hit! To add to the excitement, NuWave is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card--all you have to do is visit our booth and say "hi" to enter to win (you must be registered for the event to visit our virtual booth/Slack channel)!

NuWave and Insider Technologies will also be co-presenting on Insider's brand new LightWave Server use case on July 1st at 4:10pm EST. This is a great example not only of a partner using this NuWave product, but also of converting a green screen to a GUI in a very short time, so be sure to check it out!

VIRTU-NUG is free to attendees, so please sign up to participate in this community event. There are now two more days of HPE, customer, and partner presentations planned (see dates and times above), and a virtual exhibit hall to catch up with your favorite vendors and learn more about new product offerings. NuWave has been featuring its REST-based client-server middleware for HPE NonStop, which allows you to open up your NonStop with Web services.


We look forward to seeing you there!


TIC Software:  How to safely run TCP/IP traces on your network CLIM?

In the past two VIRTU-NUG sessions, there were two excellent presentations on CLIM by HPE and NonStop Academy. 

If you use CLIM, you would also be interested in this blog "How to safely run TCP/IP traces on your network CLIM" by Matt Riesz with some very useful tips on how to do CLIM tracing properly.   


If you couldn't attend the last two VIRTU-NUG2020, don't worry, we got you covered. Visit our website and you will find the information about the past presentations and the new one coming up this July 1st at 3:00pm EST!

For more information about our solution, please contact

Follow us on LinkedIn | Twitter | TIC Blogs





Take a moment to read this informative brochure discussing the only high performance, hybrid multi cloud solution on NonStop, TSI’s Purpose Built Backup Appliance, Storage Director:


In a nutshell, TSI’s flagship product, Storage Director, is the industry leading software defined, policy-based and tiered Enterprise Purpose Built Backup Appliance that enables data from any host, OS or backup application, to be backed up to any storage device, medium or technology. Today, HPE NonStop customers are demanding an enterprise class backup/restore/archive/DR solution with object storage or cloud capability. For these customers, Storage Director interfaces with IBM’s Cloud Object Storage, Hitachi’s HCP, or any S3 compatible cloud.  Storage Director has AES 256 bit encryption of both data in flight and data at rest with optional erasure coding (if an on-premise object storage archival platform is used).


So check out the brochure, there’s lots more worthwhile information included that we’re sure will be of interest.


Also, visit for complete details on Storage Director, Back-ups to Public Clouds, Cloud Object Storage, and data security, and feel free to contact or our Director of Sales, Matt Allan at 713-492-7434




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