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Rain Rain Go Away

ETI-NET Expands in Silicon Valley

ECS Make Migration simple

Discover / CAIL  :  NonStop in the Enterprise

Musings on NonStop! - June, ‘12

Top Ten US Retailer Uses Shadowbase Streams™


comForte uLinga Fuels Efficiency and Cost Savings at Audi

XYPRO Technology to Distribute Voltage SecureData Encryption Solution


Less than 100 days left until the Pan-European GTUG/CONNECT kicks off in Dresden, Germany

XYPRO Announces Expansion Into Asian Markets

2012 Data Integration Strategies Report - Complimentary

HP Discover 2012 – Whatever’s happening in Vegas, it’s NonStop

Application Rationalization: What to modernize first?

XYPRO Webinars on Demand

Ban Bottlenecks®:  No-Surprises OLTP

XYPRO in Your Neck of the Woods

Make it Matter with MOMI!

Availability Digest Explores a Major Bank’s Decision to Replace BASE24 with Opsol’s OmniPayments

Opsol’s Yash and Janette Share a $1,000 Prize from TANDsoft

NonStop Technical Boot Camp


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Rain Rain Go Away

I opened up my wallet this morning and found $10. That’s not a lot of money but still I wondered what it was doing there. My wallet is the place where I put some money for when my kids need cash. If I have cash they usually find it and clean me out.

No worries. I use my plastic for everything. From my first cup of coffee in the morning, until I return in the evening, I use my credit cards for everything. I do everything electronically and I count on my bank to keep me connected to my money.

Most banks in the world use Tandems to drive their ATM and POS devices. It’s the Tandem that keeps my bank open for business. Almost all of these banking systems build in disaster recovery solutions. At the heart of these plans is the safe and constant access to current data. This is where we come in. We provide real-time data replication solutions for many of these banks. We synchronize your data; sub second, to backup platforms around the world. We make it possible for a bank to guarantee your constant access to your data when you use your plastic.

So I am comforted knowing that within about 1/3 of a second after the Tandem sees my transaction, DRNet has already safely secured the data on a backup platform. The data is safe and my bank is able to instantly process work on the backup platform if they are forced to shut down a data center.

Maybe you are wondering if banks really need this technology. Well consider Tropical Storm Debbie. Three days ago it formed in the Gulf of Mexico. It moved towards Florida at a slow 3 miles per hour. This allowed it to dump a massive amount of water on the state. One Tandem account I know of had 30 inches of rain at their data center. It flooded. They had to switch to their backup site. No worries because their data was protected. No lost transactions. No lost business. No lost customers.

I still have no cash in my wallet, but Tandem and DRNet keep me connected to my money. Let’s just hope my kids don’t discover my credit cards.




·       Real-time Active/Active Data Replication

·       Real-time Tandem to OPEN Data Replication

·       Real-time File Synchronization



ETI-NET Expands in Silicon Valley

Data Deduplication Demystified

Multi-vendor Deduplication Optimization

In July ETI-NET will open an expanded office and lab at 1885 The Alameda in San Jose, California - in the heart of Silicon Valley. We would like to invite any customers and prospects in the area to visit us for in-depth discussions of our backup technologies.  Just contact Phil Menzies at (408) 329-9229.

The May/June (Volume 33, No. 3) Issue of The Connection features a case study on use of data deduplication for NonStop backups, titled “Deduplication Eliminates Backup Sprawl for Major Financial Institution”.  Included are explanations of both the underlying technology and how it addresses the challenges of backups in real-world NonStop customer environments.  Its objective is to help NonStop backup users understand how to eliminate physical tape use, while minimizing the physical footprint and cost of disk storage.

Further to the topic of data deduplication, BackBox now features data stream optimization for the specific characteristics of all major deduplication products.  Supported are:  EMC Data Domain, HP StoreOnce, FalconStor and Quantum.   These BackBox Optimization Agents are available as options for installed BackBox customers, to deliver maximum throughput and optimal deduplication (compression) efficiency while still offering all BackBox functionality and reliability.

To learn more about BackBox or other ETI-NET backup solutions contact ETI-NET at information@etinet.com.


ECS Make Migration simple


Discover / CAIL  :  NonStop in the Enterprise

For those who attended the recent Discover conference in Las Vegas, we trust the event was informative.  As always, a great forum for learning new things,  meeting friends and colleagues,  networking,  sharing insights on developments with NonStop and in the community, etc.  From a NonStop specific perspective, while the sessions and exhibits were very good, the evening social events were especially popular. 

In conjunction with this, CAIL exhibited at Discover to highlight an " Enterprise Client Solution " enables NonStop to be more integral in the enterprise and included in a Corporate Standard. 

Being part of the Corporate Standard is an important strategy to enable NonStop to contribute to the significant benefits associated with -

A.   Supporting Enterprise initiatives pertaining to -  addressing new business needs ,   System Modernization  ,  Compliance  ,   Security  , Mobile ,  etc.

B.   Leveraging current IT infrastructure to  -  evolve information services,  expand services, deliver a better User experience, etc.

.... by utilizing information from  "all" or "selected" platforms to address new requirements,  facilitate a Windows 7 rollout,  support a new corporate strategy,  etc. 

C.   Improving business agility and responsiveness  -  while mitigating risk

D.  Realizing significant savings,  increasing productivity and business efficiencies,  simplifying systems,  reducing costs, etc.

To explore making NonStop part of a Corporate Standard and more integral in the business, please contact CAIL at  info@cail.com  or 905-940-9000.  And learn how a single icon on the screen enables you to access to all systems (including NonStop) - quickly, easily and consistently across platforms with  Reflection / EXTRA!  (integrated Attachmate / CAIL software).


Musings on NonStop!

June, ‘12

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author

It is now late June and all that transpired in Las Vegas at HP Discover 2012 has become just a distant memory for many of us. This time what happened in Vegas did not stay there, it has certainly shown up in many commentaries and posts as what was presented continues to be dissected and analyzed by all of us with an interest in HP.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when you read the discussions enveloping the NonStop community worldwide – from the first major keynote given by HP CEO, Meg Whitman, NonStop was given a lot of visibility. Of her first three marketplace examples, Financial Services, Mobile Phone Communications and Healthcare – it was a case of two out of three (or even three out of three, depending upon who you talked to) pulling from traditional NonStop strongholds. And the upbeat story of NonStop continued in subsequent presentations from Dave Donatelli as well as when Martin Fink gave us an update on Project Odyssey.

At a time when some of us are still a little unclear about the value of Clouds, when it comes to their applicability with applications running on NonStop, representatives of Bank of America (B of A) gave a presentation about what they were doing, as a longstanding supporter of BASE24, with Clouds. “Two scenarios were tested, one where the load was shared between all three nodes (NonStop-A, NonStop-B and Linux-A);  the other where the load was “bursted” to each of the other nodes, as the load dictated, and where change merely required the reconfiguration of TS/MP ACS,” was how one participant working closely with the bank  described it.

“In essence they fired off transactions through BASE24 that did look ups on an SQL database. When the load got to a certain predefined point they then launched through PCS another server on a different system and then when the next point was reached they offloaded it to a Linux server all handled by PCS,” was how one participant of the B of A presentation described it. “It was pretty basic stuff but they showed what happened under load and did manage to get quite good transaction throughput.”

Which brings me back to one thing I overheard at the event – “if it is of interest and works for B of A, then it has to be something everyone using NonStop needs to consider.” And that is the real value I always associate with events like HP Discover, there’s always something new being done by more progressive users about which you may have heard nothing if you hadn’t been present. It’s also the same thing for vendors – with twelve solutions vendors present on the exhibition floor, facing each other, it was hard to miss how many sidebar conversations were taking place among participants occupying adjacent booths.

Catching up with Attunity Vice President, Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Itamar Ankorion, he told me of how “my first impression was just how comprehensive this event appeared to be, bringing together everything from business critical systems to cloud computing.” But even as the size of the event, particularly when you came across the exhibition hall and the room set up for the general sessions, the opportunity to meet with HP people wasn’t lost on Ankorion either. “It was great to see how accessible HP NED executives proved to be, listening to customers and partners. Having the opportunity to sit down with them to discuss customer needs and how we can address them together was very valuable”

With the message coming from HP of “Make it Matter” it was very important for Attunity, Ankorion was to tell me later in the day, “to ensure that HP Business Critical Systems (BCS) was fully aware of just how aligned with the products of BCS Attunity had become and with Clouds, Big Data and Converged Infrastructure being so visibly promoted, making Attunity matter within the HP user community was now a priority.” With so much information being presented and so many products being demonstrated, there would always be choices and for Ankorion it was important to make sure Attunity would be a part of the HP community’s “must have” list as the event drew to a close.

In my musings last month I closed with the observation of how CIOs will always welcome choice and are always checking to make sure they have options – lock-in technologies and solutions rarely have long term future. I also made reference that for any platform to attract multiple, competing, solutions is a clear sign that there are parties having faith in the longevity of the server.

Fresh from HP Discover, and with only a week or two to mull over all that I witnessed, perhaps it was the words of HP’s Dave Donatelli that left the biggest impression – yes, he was talking about Clouds and the commitment of HP to open standards, but he did remark on how “for others promoting clouds, it’s (somewhat) dictatorial (depending upon) lock-in architectures. As for HP, everything is being built to open standards (where you) can move at will – we will be good enough to earn your business!”

Yes, choice is important and coming away from HP Discover, it’s not an altogether surprising take-away, as after all, for the NonStop community where running mission-critical applications has become a way of life for decades, it was by choice we came to NonStop and it’s through choice we continue to enjoy the benefits of NonStop’s fundamentals!

Richard Buckle
Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC
Email:             richard@pyalla-technologies.com

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“Improving HP NS Data Movement: On-premise and in the Cloud,
A New Approach To Optimize Intelligence for BI and Analytics.”

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Top Ten US Retailer Uses Shadowbase Streams™ for Major Data Integration Project

One of the ten largest US retailers (with over 4,000 locations) is now using Shadowbase Streams to integrate its receipt return tables on an HP NonStop BASE24™ database with an Oracle database running on Linux. Initially, only the NonStop application/database is actively being updated, and replication is one-way. Soon, the AJB-based Linux/Oracle application and database will come on-line and be active and the entire complex will run as an active/active distributed heterogeneous application environment. When running in an active/active mode, data collisions need to be identified and resolved, a task well-suited to Shadowbase’s extensible replication architecture.

The Linux system is a RAC (clustered) environment, and Shadowbase Streams is being installed to take advantage of that configuration. Shadowbase Streams will also handle the necessary data transformation and encryption. Shadowbase Streams for data integration and application integration provides the facilities for integrating existing applications, services, or database environments in order to create new functionality for the enterprise, typically without the need to modify existing application code. Click here for more information about Shadowbase Streams, or contact SBProductManagement@gravic.com.

Customer Attendance and Venue at HP Discover Impressive

The Gravic team was very impressed by the attendance and venue at HP Discover 2012 in Las Vegas. This year the event was definitely well-attended by customers (especially NonStop customers), HP NED execs and solution architects, and the ISV community. We had a great NonStop-specific partner area, with nice traffic flow and an energetic crowd as we were co-located with the NED Mission Critical booths. Kathy Wood of Blackwood Systems also did an outstanding job organizing the well-attended NonStop ISV Customer Appreciation Party, with Xypro providing the badging muscle to keep the event focused on NonStop-centric customers and HP personnel. There were over 40 NonStop-specific technical and business presentations, and some rather informative general sessions on topics ranging from HP’s overall focus (roughly paraphrased as “make everything you do matter”) to the legal situation with Oracle, to the Intel chip roadmap, to the hilarious (but certainly offensive) signs Oracle posted on the cabs (remember the “cash for clunkers” ads that ran in the WSJ?). Click here for show photos.


We had some great meetings with existing as well as potential customers, and even had a Venus-transit-across-the-sun viewing for those interested in exciting astronomical events. Much of our focus these days is on enabling replication users to break free from the chains of their existing (competitor) yokes. For those users suffering with breathtaking price increases and painful support experiences, we are providing strong incentives to look at Gravic/Shadowbase as a replacement solution. We’d certainly welcome discussing your needs with you, please contact us at +1 610-647-6250 or SBProductManagement@gravic.com to discuss your specific situation and to learn more about the solutions we offer.


Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Shows


  InNUG, Goa, September


http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwyYfGi0jGeQUaX-LQXZNi6dqm0yw7kYvluniEvd-oBtQkP4FQ3jZJtaTU2g  GTUG, Dresden, 25-27 September


http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/images/u/us.gif  Connect NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp, San Jose, 14-16 October


For more information, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.





BrightStrand International continues to deliver NonStop Services to its customer base. Its consultants have the skill and experience that make it the premier service deliverer in the NonStop sector. Services are tailored to individual customer needs to reduce costs and risk whilst getting the best from the environment.


Also by working closely with customers BrightStrand develop products to address customers’ needs, such as BrightStrand Netbatch/DR. This is a product that allows the customer to create a simple, automated disaster recovery solution for the HP NetBatch environment and incorporate it into an overall Disaster Recovery Plan.

BrightStrand continues to deliver a full range of services that include:


·       Systems and Operations Management

·       Performance and Tuning / Capacity Planning

·       Database Design and Administration

·       Communications Subsystems

·       Web Services

·       Security Reviews

·       IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·       NonStop Integrity and Blade Migrations

·       System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

·       Specialist Consultancy

·       Disaster Recovery and Service Continuity Planning


All, or some of these elements can be brought together in a Fully Managed Service that can be tailored to the particular needs of the customer – including remote bridging, hosting or operations support, adding further value to the BrightStrand quality services.


Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com for more information.


comForte uLinga Fuels Efficiency and Cost Savings at Audi


As one of the premier automakers in the world, Audi has established a track record of delivering technically sophisticated vehicles, and in realizing the operational efficiencies that fuel optimal profits. Toward that end, the company's IT team sought a new networking platform that could support integration between their HP NonStop servers and IBM mainframes. To maximize cost efficiency and reliability, the company chose uLinga for Enterprise Extender (EE) from comForte.

Click here to read the full story.



Come and see us at these upcoming events in 2012

PCI Community Event, Orlando, Florida, Sept 12-14, 2012

International GTUG/CONNECT, Dresden, Germany, Sept 26-27, 2012

NonStop Technical Boot Camp, San Jose, USA, Oct 14-17, 2012

PCI Community Event, Dublin, Ireland, Oct 22-24, 2012

EBUG Technical Focus Group, London, UK, Oct 22-23, 2012

BITUG BIG SIG, London, UK, December 5-6 , 2012


Stay connected: 

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XYPRO Technology to Distribute Voltage SecureData Encryption Solution

Voltage’s FPE, Tokenization, and Masking Solutions Added to XYPRO’s Comprehensive Security Offerings

XYPRO Technology Corporation, the market leader in HP NonStop server security, audit, compliance, and FIPS-validated encryption solutions, today announced that it would begin reselling the Voltage SecureData solution suite, to complement its existing NonStop security products.

“XYPRO is extremely pleased to bring the Voltage SecureData solution to our customers,” said Andrew Price, director, Product Management at XYPRO. “As PCI, GLBA, Basel III, OCC, HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP, FERC, NERC and other compliance regulations continue to demand protection of sensitive data, our customers need a range of options for that protection. Voltage SecureData, with its support for Format-Preserving Encryption, tokenization and data masking is the most comprehensive enterprise-wide solution for end-to-end data encryption.”  Read the full release at: https://www.xypro.com/xypro/resources/news_full/xypro_voltage

Barry Forbes

VP of Sales & Marketing

XYPRO Technology Corporation



Are you a European NonStop User?

Do you require a Full Time / Part Time Resource boost to Cover New Projects, Maternity / Paternity leave etc.?

Do you have NonStop Customers based in EMEA that require Local Support of Hardware and Software?

Nonstop World International (NSWi) can help.

We are currently providing Local Support to Vendors outside of the EMEA region for their NonStop Customers based in EMEA.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with highly skilled NonStop professionals, whether Long Term or Part Time on a 24*7 basis.


Launching Shortly



Less than 100 days left until the Pan-European GTUG/CONNECT kicks off in Dresden, Germany


Join us at this European NonStop Event from September 25-27 in Dresden, Germany.


The event will provide the traditional HP NonStop content that previous ITUG Europe attendees have come to expect while also offering educational and networking opportunities for users of other HP enterprise platforms.

We are very pleased about the strong support we are receiving from senior HP NonStop management, Connect, and the NonStop vendors which enabled us to put together a strong international agenda featuring a keynote from HP, one surprise keynote speaker, and vendor presentations to name but a few. All international tracks will be held in English. GTUG and Connect Germany tracks will be in German. A number of great social events will provide a relaxed and inspiring environment for networking with your peers in the NonStop community.


For an overview of the event please go to the Event home page.

If you are an ISV in the NonStop space and you would like to exhibit or sponsor the event please click here for Vendor Information.

To register for the event please go to the Online Registration.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Dresden.


Come and see us at these upcoming events in 2012

PCI Community Event, Orlando, Florida, Sept 12-14, 2012

International GTUG/CONNECT, Dresden, Germany, Sept 26-27, 2012

NonStop Technical Boot Camp, San Jose, USA, Oct 14-17, 2012

PCI Community Event, Dublin, Ireland, Oct 22-24, 2012

EBUG Technical Focus Group, London, UK, Oct 22-23, 2012

BITUG BIG SIG, London, UK, December 5-6 , 2012


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XYPRO Announces Expansion Into Asian Markets

XYPRO Technology Corporation, a leading provider of security software and services for HP NonStop server environments, today announced its further expansion into the Asia Pacific market. XYPRO Technology Pty Ltd in Australia will be the first fully incorporated office in the region, offering sales, support and around-the-clock customer service.

"Having a highly skilled and expert team in place that is dedicated to meeting the sales, support and professional services needs of the Asia Pacific region is a natural step forward for us in terms of our global expansion," said Lisa Partridge, President, XYPRO. "We have been actively marketing and supporting customers in the region through other channels, and expect to continue our growth through our new direct presence in the region. The APAC region enjoys a strong demand for the HP Integrity NonStop Server, on which our XYGATE Merged Audit solution is shipped, and we are now seeing a strong demand for other XYPRO products and services in this exciting market. Our stronger presence in the APAC region will serve that demand."

Read the full release at: https://www.xypro.com/xypro/resources/news_full/xypro_announces_expansion_into_asian_markets

Barry Forbes

VP of Sales & Marketing

XYPRO Technology Corporation


2012 Data Integration Strategies Report - Complimentary

Moving Data In Today’s Real-time Business

Register Now at http://bit.ly/KXKYGY


Get your complimentary Database Trends & Applications (DBTA) and Unisphere Research Report to learn valuable insights from how your IT peers

responded to a recent data integration survey. The results reveal four key findings, with supporting in-depth analysis, that you

can read about in the newly-released data integration report, including:

  • The impact of big data on IT infrastructure
  • Key obstacles impeding user access to timely information
  • The critical role of newer technologies
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • And a lot more!

These are a few of the key findings in the 2012 Survey on Data Integration Strategies based on research conducted by Unisphere Research.

The report is sponsored by Attunity, the provider of the award-winning Attunity Replicate high performance data replication solution that supports the HP NonStop.

 Get your report now at http://bit.ly/KXKYGY


HP Discover 2012 – Whatever’s happening in Vegas, it’s NonStop


I’ve just returned from HP’s biggest user event for the year, Discover 2012. 

As we from the NonStop crowd have come to expect, this years’ conference was large and impressive – similar to what we’ve seen in previous years. 

I for one was pleasantly surprised with the conference layout this year.  There’s no getting around the fact that, as a conference hosting towards 15,000 people, there’s going to be some significant distances (and crowds!) involved, but this year it seemed easier to find what you were looking for, with other things like registration and meals handled better than previously. 

One standout improvement was the location of the NonStop partners – we had our own signposted area, co-located with the HP NonStop group, which meant much less traipsing back and forth to engage with our HP colleagues.

Read the complete Blog at: http://blog.xypro.com/


Application Rationalization: What to modernize first?

If you are modernizing NonStop applications, an early requirement is to decide what should be modernized. Some evaluation of your application portfolio must take place. You will need to decide which application suites will provide the greatest benefit and/or cost relief from modernization.  The process of evaluating the costs vs. benefits of your application portfolio is called “Application Rationalization”. The “application facts” should be gathered and assembled impartially, but the results will need discussion and a meeting of the minds.  Invariably, application suites have their champions, and a facilitated workshop is an excellent vehicle for preparing a modernization project charter, and prioritized list of application suites for modernization.

Read more in the “Application Rationalization” blog by Stuart Selip of Principal Consulting, a business partner of TIC Software.



This is part of a blog and whitepaper series for the NonStop user community, focused on software development risk avoidance and quality improvement.


Stuart Selip has previously worked as the VP of Application Platform Strategies Research service at Burton Group, an IT Research and Advisory firm now owned by Gartner Research. He has also served as Technology Officer and Chief Architect of IT Consulting International (ITCI), a US-Russian software development-outsourcing firm later acquired by Luxoft.


XYPRO Webinars on Demand

 From compliance to database management to the latest HP NonStop topics, our Webinars offer timely information and insight into the issues that matter most to you.

Click on any of the links below to access our Webinars.


Database Management


Compliance Assessment

Identity Forge - Identity Management


Witham Labratories - PCI DSS Lessons from the Field


HP NonStop PCI Compliance -The Solution

Simplify and Automate Database Reloads for your HP NonStop Servers


Centricity Enterprise Users: Simplify Database Management



Ban Bottlenecks®:  No-Surprises OLTP

Real time isn’t good enough.

When a real-time alert goes off, it may be too late.  Some things can’t be fixed in real-time.  That’s why Ban Bottlenecks specializes in “future-time” analysis, with a 3 to 6 month look-ahead by our analysts.  We understand your business, the business demand, how your systems respond to that demand, and where it’s all going.

A service and a discipline

Ban Bottlenecks predicts the future by analyzing the past.  Each month we create a detailed performance/capacity audit of your systems, and then discuss it with you. Our expert assistance will help to find and fix current problems, and prepare you for the future.  Our monthly web conference becomes the basis for an ITIL-style system of dialogue and feedback benefitting all team members.


Visit us at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp In San Jose in October!

Call for a free evaluation!




XYPRO in Your Neck of the Woods   


We’re traveling the globe, spreading the word about all the exciting product plans and features we have in store.

Come visit XYPRO at:


KNUG-Korea NonStop User Group

Seoul, Korea

July 20, 2012


Dresden, Germany

September 25-27, 2012



CNUG- China NonStop User Group

Beijing, China

July 24, 2012

NonStop Advanced Bootcamp

San Jose, CA

October 14-16, 2012



OZTUG- Australian NonStop User Group

Sydney, Australia

August 6, 2012


PCI Security Standards Council
European Community Meeting

Dublin, Ireland

October 23-24, 2012



HP ArcSight Protect 2012

Nashville, TN

September 9-12, 2012


EBUG Technical Focus Group

London, United Kingdom

October 22-23, 2012 –



InNUG- India NonStop User Group

Goa, India

September 13-15, 2012



Mississauga, ON

October 24, 2012 –


PCI Security Standards Council
North American Community Meeting

Orlando, FL

September 13, 2012


ACI Asia Pacific Customer Exchange

Bangkok, Thailand

November 6-8, 2012























Make it Matter



 NonStop System Managers, Operations Support and Programming Staff need a superior real-time tool to aid in monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnosing System events. 

MOMI is a System Performance Monitor and Operations Utility, assisting NonStop customers in all industries all over the world. MOMI runs on all NonStop platforms: S-series, Integrity and Blade.

Our Performance Monitor is easy to use, informative, and affordable!  Features include: 

  • History
  • Spooler GUI
  • Expand
  • EMS Viewer
  • OSS
  • VHS Log Viewer
  • Time Sync
  • Ping/Trace Route
  • File Explorer
  • Alarms (option)

Our Client Access feature is sensitive to security needs and provides a logon function to protect certain operations. MOMI Client Access limits screens and features available to PC Clients.

Are you upgrading to a new NonStop?  BlackWood Systems does NOT charge a re-licensing fee when MOMI customers under Yearly Software Support upgrade their NonStop hardware! We simply transfer the existing MOMI license to the new NonStop and allow you to run MOMI on both Systems simultaneously for a limited period of time while you make the migration.

Make it matter with MOMI!  We invite you to use our free mini-MOMI (limited function) on any NonStop System.  To access all features of MOMI, please request a 60-day trial password.

We enjoyed reuniting with the NonStop Community at Discover 2012!  We look forward to seeing you at NonStop Advanced tbc, where we will continue to Make It Matter!

When Your System Demands Quick Attention…


Kathy Wood

BlackWood Systems, Inc.




Availability Digest Explores a Major Bank’s Decision to Replace BASE24 with Opsol’s OmniPayments  

One of the largest banks in the United States recently moved its debit/credit-card authorization network, running on HP NonStop servers, from ACI’s BASE24 to Opsol Integrator’s OmniPayments financial-transaction authorization system.  The move addressed two of the bank’s goals.  First, it allowed the bank to keep its highly available NonStop servers in operation following ACI’s announcement that it would ‘sunset’ BASE24 on NonStop.  Second, it allowed the bank to save millions of dollars in licensing costs. The June issue of the Availability Digest explores the bank’s decision to move off BASE24 and the follow-up ease of migration to OmniPayments. 


Also in this month’s Digest: 

First Stuxnet – Now the Flame Virus investigates this new cyber-warfare malware that serves as an extraordinarily sophisticated surveillance tool for use in espionage efforts against targeted systems.  Flame is not designed to do physical damage, yet its architecture allows it to easily be extended to embrace Stuxnet-like destructive capabilities.  Surprisingly undetectable in many instances, Flame is massive and comprises about 20 MB of code.  Once Flame has acquired the information it needs from an infected system, the virus deletes itself and moves on to the next targeted computer. 

Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) examines HP’s cloud-based continuity services, a flexible, easy- to-schedule continuity solution with predictable costs and with no upfront capital expense.

FalconStor RecoverTrac – A companion article to “Recovery-as-a-Service,” this product review describes RecoverTrac as a completely automated recovery solution for Windows and Linux platforms.  It can provide recovery times measured as just one or a few hours with data loss measured in minutes.

The Availability Digest offers one-day and multi-day seminars on High Availability: Concepts and Practices. Seminars are given both onsite and online and are tailored to an organization’s specific needs.  We also offer technical and marketing writing services and are adept at a wide variety of content creation. 

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Opsol’s Yash and Janette Share a $1,000 Prize from TANDsoft

It may have been Yash Kapadia’s winning ticket, but Janette Rosales did all the ticket scratching. Thus, these two senior members of Opsol Integrators decided to share equally in the $1,000 prize they won from TANDsoft, Inc., at the recent HP Discover conference.

Yash and Janette weren’t the only winners at HP Discover. The 200+ attendees at the NonStop Community Reception benefited from meeting others with common interests and shared history. As one of the twenty-one reception sponsors, TANDsoft discovered that the extra exposure generated overseas interest in the TMF-Audit Toolkit and Command Stream Replicator solutions as well as in FileSync, a TANDsoft flagship product.

The TMF-Audit Toolkit easily converts non-audited TMF files to audited TMF files. Its embedded Toolkit Trace captures and analyzes Enscribe activity to construct TMF transaction boundaries for custom applications. Like its companion product, the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit, the TMF-Audit Toolkit reduces the pressures of modernization by offering flexible, affordable alternatives to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques.

Command Stream Replicator (CSR) automatically replicates FUP, SQL/MP and SQL/MX DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail.

FileSync automatically monitors, replicates and synchronizes source files, program environments, application environments, configuration files, programs – anything non-database that needs to be kept current across the network. Use FileSync for disaster recovery, system migrations, upgrades, and backups. Version 2.1 supports qualified expressions and referential integrity as well as the synchronization of SQL/MX catalogues, schemas, tables, partitions, and indices. In addition, Version 2.1 supports the SQL/MX filter and the recently released SQL/MX 3.1.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. The company also provides the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit, which supports both SQL/MP and SQL/MX and permits file-by-file incremental migration. OPTA2000, a virtual clock and time-zone simulator, uses intercept technology to allow multiple applications operating in a consolidated environment to each have its own virtual system clock or to function in its own virtual time zone with date/time specifications that are different than that of the system clock.

TANDsoft products require no application source-code modifications and are available for all HP NonStop servers. Free trials are available.

TANDsoft already has secured its spot in the Partner Pavilion at the NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp, to be held in San Jose, California, USA, on October 14-16, 2012. In the meantime, for more information about TANDsoft’s product suite, contact Jack Di Giacomo at +1 (514) 695-2234. Our Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum on LinkedIn is at 125 members and counting. www.tandsoft.com.


NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Connect is pleased to announce (officially!) the 2012 NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp [T.B.C.]
on October 14-16, 2012 at the Doubletree Hotel in beautiful San Jose, California.   This year’s event
will feature a combination of eight half-day deep-dive technical seminars followed by two days of over 24
technical break-out sessions for you to choose from on topics important and relevant to NonStop users:

- Cloud: Integrate, Migrate, Participate
- NonStop Open Systems  
- SQL MX  
- Business Continuity  
- Security and Audit  
- Tuning and Performance 
- Migration  
- The Future

You will hear from HP engineers as well as your global peers on NonStop topics that will help you and your
organization gets the most out of your NonStop technology investments. There will also be a partner pavilion
and customary social events to maximize your time networking with NonStop partners and other attendees.  

Event at a Glance:

Sunday, October 14 (Pre-Cons)

Monday, October 15

Tuesday, October 16

Deep-Dive Pre-Conference Seminars (Choose 2 one-half day sessions with lunch in between)

Partner Pavilion Opens 

Partner Pavilion Opens

Sunday Evening – Welcome Reception/Beer Bust

Executive Keynotes

Executive Keynotes


Breakout Sessions (Four Concurrent Tracks)

Breakout Sessions (Four Concurrent Tracks)


Vendor Theaters

Vendor Theaters





Vendor Theaters

Vendor Theaters


Breakout Sessions (Four Concurrent Tracks)

Breakout Sessions (Four Concurrent Tracks)


Awards Night Dinner and Silent Auction

Closing Keynote (adjourn at 5:00pm)

Register Today

Pre-Conference Seminars (8 x 4hr Seminars Available): $195.00 each
Pre-Conference Registration Before 9/15/2012: $175.00
Boot Camp Attendee Registration: $795.00
Boot Camp Registration before 9/15/2012: $645.00
Pre-Conference Seminar and Boot Camp: $990
Spouse/Guest Pass to Evening Receptions: $200.00

Travel and Logistics:

Closest Airport – San Jose International Airport (San Francisco International Airport is approximately 1+ hr from San Jose) 
Hotel –
San Jose Doubletree Hotel (Free Airport Transfers)
Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided during the event
Internet – Included 
Parking – Free Parking Available

Important Links:

Event Page(Updated Frequently)
Event Registration
Doubletree Hotel Dedicated Booking Page
Awards Night Auction Memorabilia Donation Form
Sponsor Prospectus
Sponsor Contract
Sponsor Floor Plan (updated regularly)

Register Today

Please make sure to donate any NonStop, Tandem, ITUG memorabilia that you are willing to part with for our silent auction
(donation link above). This will take all attendees on a walk down memory lane and will benefit the Connect Future Leaders
in Technology Scholarship.

If you are a NonStop partner and interested in exhibiting/sponsoring this event please contact sales@connect-community.org .

We look forward to seeing you in October!

User Groups

Information on User Group events can be found at http://www.connect-community.org


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