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When did it get to be 2012?

XYPRO's Year in Review, From Sheila Johnson, CEO

Availability Digest Explains Why Slow Web Sites Are Worse for Retail Businesses than Downed Web Sites

Gravic Attends and Presents at BITUG and FR-TUG Conferences

XYPRO Product Spotlight:  Encryption PRO

Master your software with ITP-PANORAMA’s new reporting system

comForte - so much more than just Mister WIN

BrightStrand Health Check Service


Live webinar: Advances To Simplify NonStop Data Replication  - Featuring Richard Buckle

XYPRO in Your Neck of the Woods

Musings on NonStop! - January, ‘12

Marshall Resources – helping customers reduce the cost of NonStop Hardware Maintenance and extend S Series Support

Ban Bottlenecks® - Your Roadmap to Future Availability

SOAP/AM® User to Tell His Success Story at CTUG

HP BladeSystems Use TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 to Drive Time-Zone Consolidation


HP Modernization: Surf’s Up

Connect NonStop Conference Cruise

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When did it get to be 2012?

I woke up January 1st and it hit me. I’ve been working on the Tandem since 1979. That’s 33 years. I never imagined I would be working on the same platform when I first started out. I first started coding as part of the ACI Base24 team. There were 10 of us working “all nighters” to deliver the first prototype on one of the very first Tandems ever made. The founders of ACI may be long gone but the brand continues. Our invention of Online Transaction Processing back in 1979 now completely surrounds everything I do.

Every day, all day long, my life needs the Tandem. This morning I put fuel in my car, I bought a cup of coffee (triple caffeine), I booked a flight, and I booked a hotel. I no longer carry any cash, or use my check book. I do everything online with plastic. And every piece of plastic in my wallet uses the Tandem to make the magic happen.

I don’t get to have fun coding anymore. Today my job takes me all over the world, meeting Clients and discussing Disaster Recovery technology. We have an Engineering staff that’s a lot smarter than I ever was. We work on incredibly sophisticated projects on technology we never could have imagined 30 years ago. I can’t imagine ever working on anything else. I’ve watched a lot of technology come and go, but the Tandem keeps on going.

We are seeing the first NB54000’s going into our accounts. These are shockingly faster than the Tandem I started on. We are seeing more data warehouses being fed real-time transactions from Tandem engines. Imagine that fuel I purchased this morning. About 1/3 of a second after the gas pump said “yes” my data was already backed up thousands of miles away and sitting in a data warehouse for fraud detection research.

And, best of all, most of the companies that electronically surround my wallet use DRNet to guarantee my transactions regardless of the world condition.

Our business is pretty simple. We protect your valuable data.

  • DRNet/APS gives you Active/Active Tandem data protection.
  • DRNet/OPEN keeps data warehouses refreshed.

So, in a nutshell:

·       I’m pretty old

·       NTI has been around for over 25 years

·       New DRNet Release is just now rolling out

·       New Customers are coming online

·       New Partners are signing up to represent us

·       Our business is growing

·       New and creative uses for DRNet

·       Same Old Reliable NTI


Jim McFadden



XYPRO's Year in Review, From Sheila Johnson, CEO

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to write this column because of how busy we have been at XYPRO over the last year.  In part, this was fueled by the HP decision to bundle our XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) software with the HP NonStop Operating System Mission-Critical Edition software package. 

While we cannot speak for HP or the NonStop product group, I can tell you that we have seen tremendous growth in the market for our products.  So much so, that we outgrew our website, our staff, and even our building.

After 26 years in the same building, taking over more and more space as other tenants moved out, we finally took over the last bit of space that was available to us.  We had another challenge; because of the great range of NonStop servers we support, we were about to exceed the maximum weight that our second floor computer room could support.

So this past November, over the long American Thanksgiving weekend, we packed up our bags and our systems and moved to a 15,000 square foot ground floor suite with a larger datacenter capable of supporting our accelerated growth.  This office is twice the size of the old one, positioning us for the future.

Some old-timers may remember that Jimmy Treybig tried for years to get the city of Cupertino to rename Tantau Avenue to Tandem Avenue.  Well Jimmy, we hope we made you proud because our new office is located on Guardian Street.  Even better, our new datacenter is non-stop, with redundant power, dedicated climate control and connectivity.  Now how cool is that?

To read Sheila's BLOG in its entirety please visit http://blog.xypro.com

Sheila Johnson, CEO

XYPRO Technology Corporation


Availability Digest Explains Why Slow Web Sites Are Worse for Retail Businesses than Downed Web Sites


Pity the online retail businesses that suffered outages this past holiday season.  Worse off, however, are those businesses that lost millions in revenue due to slow website responses.  According to performance expert Lenny Rachitsky, “Downtime is better for a B2C (business-to-consumer) web service than slowness. Slowness makes you hate using the service; downtime you try again later.”  The Availability Digest looks at recent statistics indicating that today’s users lose patience with web sites whose page load times exceed two seconds.  Reviewed as well are the fastest retail web sites (Amazon, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, etc.) and  those that are slowest (Nike, Barnes and Noble, Sears, etc.)

The January Digest also includes Help! My Data Center is Down! Part 4:  Intranet Outages.  Large data centers can comprise hundreds, even thousands of servers that often are interconnected.  These internal networks, or Intranets, are critical to company operations.  Just like Internet failures, outages caused by Intranet faults can render useless otherwise operational data centers. The Digest examines the impact of Intranet downtime on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Air Canada, the U.K.’s National Lottery, and other enterprises.

The Availability Digest offers one-day and multi-day seminars on High Availability: Concepts and Practices. Seminars are given both onsite and online and are tailored to an organization’s specific needs.  http://www.availabilitydigest.com/seminars.htm.  

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn.  We’re at 344 members and counting.  Our most recent thread is entitled, “What Does HP’s Project Odyssey Portend for HP-UX, NonStop, and OpenVMS?”


Gravic Attends and Presents at BITUG and FR-TUG Conferences

Gravic wishes you all a Happy New Year! 

Gravic recently attended and presented new Shadowbase features and how to solve various business problems at the annual BITUG BIG SIG in London, England and the French-Speaking NonStop users’ forum in Les Ulis, France.  

Both forums were brilliantly managed by their boards, and we enjoyed speaking with the many customers and other attendees at the shows.  

If you missed our presentation and would like a copy, or have any questions about how Shadowbase can assist you in solving your business continuity, data replication, zero downtime migrations, or other real-time data integration needs, please contact us.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Shows


·        SunTUG, Tampa, Florida, 2 March

·        SATUG, Johannesburg, 12-14 March

·        DUST, Scottsdale, Arizona, March

For more information, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


XYPRO Product Spotlight:  Encryption PRO

The Best Solution for Encrypting Data in Transit and at Rest

From SOX to PCI to HIPAA, if you want to remain compliant with your industry’s regulations, you must encrypt personal information. Moreover, this data must be encrypted whether it’s travelling between two points (data in flight) or simply residing in a database (data at rest).

XYGATE Encryption PRO provides encryption for just about any type of data or communications, on or between computer systems. Encryption PRO is the ideal solution for protecting both data in transit and data at rest. The solution is easy to use and offers several immediate benefits:

·        Requires no knowledge of encryption algorithms, techniques or procedures; automates most key management functions.


·        Flexible, efficient, cost effective alternative to single-protocol mechanisms or hardware devices.


·        Protects the privacy of file data in-house and data in transit.


·        Allows extension of trust perimeter over public networks without risking the privacy of data.


·        Protects data files regardless of the number of computers or types of communications media encountered between sender and recipient.


·        Deploys the FIPS 140-2 validated XYGATE /EL encryption engine, which can serve as a single solution for many or all crypto requirements.


·        Scales efficiently to support high-volume file traffic and number of endpoints.

Read more about Encryption PRO: https://www.xypro.com/pdfs/EncryptionPRO.pdf

Barry Forbes

VP of Sales & Marketing

XYPRO Technology Corporation


Master your software with ITP-PANORAMA’s new reporting system

At SUNTUG convention in Tampa, Florida, March 2, we are going to show Version 4.2 with new stunning capabilities that are unique in application management.

> CRUD Reports that show access to tables. (CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE)

> PIVOT Tables show in two or three dimension relationships between entities.

> Report Generator that produces any report of data in the HyperCube Repository with some mouse clicks.

> Interactive CallGraph and Source Graph

> Data Flow Dependencies Report

> Call Path Report

> Info Flow Dependencies Report

> Dead Code Report

You don’t really know your source code without ITP-PANORAMA.

For more information meet us in Tampa or visit www.itp-panorama.com



comForte - so much more than just Mister WIN


We at comForte hope that you all had a great start into the new year and that you are ready to tackle all the challenges that lie ahead in 2012.


The end of the old year and the start of a new year is always a time to reflect, put things into perspective, and perhaps adjust direction (new year resolutions spring to mind).


When I look back to the early days of comForte our main product at the time was MR-Win6530, a terminal emulator for HP NonStop - well, Tandem at the time. MR-Win6530 became the leading terminal emulator and is known by many in the NonStop community as 'Mister WIN'. This product nickname still sticks and Mister Win is still very popular around the globe. Needless to say that a lot of users of MR-Win6530 know comForte as the Mister Win people, no more, no less. But there is so much more on offer.


Fast forward a few years and comForte established itself as one of the premier suppliers of data encryption solutions to the extent that today comForte's technology for SSL and SSH encryption is part of the HP NonStop Operating System. Whilst HPs decision to include our software in the operating system is a great credit to comForte's encryption products we are not resting on our laurels. comForte continues to invest in new products and solutions in the security space. The latest additions to the security family of products were a single sign-on solution and most recently a tokenization solution which replaces sensitive data like primary account numbers with secure tokens.


In the last 5 years, comForte has enjoyed significant growth by investing in products, by expanding the organisation internationally and by working closely with partners. This has enabled us to provide products and solutions to the NonStop space beyond connectivity and security, namely in the areas of application modernization and integration, disaster recovery, and operations management.


Today, comForte is very much one of the biggest NonStop vendors out there with the broadest set of products on offer. A trusted partner and supplier to many of you. Modernization is the overarching theme of what we do these days. So, if you would like to talk to someone about NonStop modernization in the areas of infrastructure, application, and security we are there to help.


Last but not least, I'd like to invite you to come and see us at events around the world, stop by our website at www.comforte.com or to follow us in the social media channels (see below) to see what's out there beyond MISTER WIN.


Thomas Gloerfeld

VP Marketing


Come and see us at these upcoming events in 2012

SUNTUG, Tampa, Mar 2-3, 2012

GTUG, Ratingen, Germany, April 17-18, 2012

HP Discover, Las Vegas, June 4-7 2012

VNUG, Stockholm, Sweden, May 29-30, 2012

International GTUG/CONNECT, Dresden, Germany, Sept 26-27, 2012


Stay connected:


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BrightStrand Health Check Service

Maximise your hp NonStop(tm) Server environment.

The BrightStrand International hp NonStop(tm) Server Health Check Service has been created in order to provide users of hp NonStop(tm) Servers with a situation report as to the status of their hp NonStop(tm) systems and service environments.

The service has been designed by BrightStrand, to assure customers that they are getting the optimum from their current hp NonStop(tm) Server environments.  The Health Check will provide a guide to assist customers in making improvements to various service areas.  It can also be used as a tool to aid the decision making process in such key areas as hardware purchasing, system migration and Service Level Agreement (SLA) planning. 

The service will take into account a number of factors depending on the pre-defined scope of the service.  These may include - procedures, strategies, system performance, configurations and security.  The service will involve the monitoring of system metrics, an assessment of general procedures, review of software revision levels and a general check of the installation.

Service Objective

The objective of the Health Check is to provide high quality reviews of service areas that have been identified, by the customer, as being of concern or of interest. The main goals of the service will be:

·        To advise on compliance with standards.

·        To report on efficiency and performance.

·        To Identify possible problem areas and recommend solutions.

·        To advise on current or future strategy.

This will be achieved by engaging a fully qualified and experienced BrightStrand consultant that will work closely with the customer to agree the scope of the engagement and to identify areas of special interest or concern, use BrightStrand tools and solutions to gather the necessary information and documentation, analyse the information and deliver the agreed reports. Consultancy will be provided in the areas of Performance, Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Operations, Database Management, System Security, System Management and Hardware Maintenance.

For further details please contact Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com.




Merlon Software is pleased to announce the availability of SQLXPress 3.10.

SQLXPress provides a comprehensive set of tools for users of NonStop SQL/MX and SQL/MP and now even more.

Version 3.10 includes support for data encoded in Western and East Asian character sets. 

Both MS Windows and ISO encodings are supported.

For more information please contact info@merlon.com or

visit the web site at http://www.merlon.com.

Live webinar: Advances To Simplify NonStop Data Replication  - Featuring Richard Buckle

Register Now at http://bit.ly/xVUsy6


Tuesday, January 31st


4:00 pm - 5 pm BST

11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

8:00 am – 9:00 am PT

Vital for your success: Access to data locked away in the HP NonStop can be the difference between

generating or losing business. Learn more here!

Join us for this special webinar to gain actionable insight from industry commentator Richard Buckle about

new advances in replication technologies for the HP NonStop to enable more efficient access to real-time data.

Attend this webinar to learn about:
* Best practices to overcome common obstacles to access and share NonStop data
* Cost-saving tips to access Enscribe files and NonStop SQL databases

* Why look to a new approach for data replication for the NonStop

* Enabling data replication in the data center and the cloud

* And a lot more!

In addition, Richard Thomas, Attunity’s Director Technical Services, will discuss Attunity Replicate for
enabling real-time access to this mission critical information. Plus, Jeff Cole, an Attunity Solutions Architect

will provide a live demonstration. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Register Now at http://bit.ly/xVUsy6

About Attunity

Attunity is a leading software provider for enabling the 'real-time' enterprise. Attunity's software solutions

include data replication, real-time change data capture (CDC), real-time data connectivity, as well as enterprise

file replication and managed file transfer offered through our RepliWeb division. Learn more at www.attunity.com,

email info@attunity.com or call 1-781-730-4070, 1-866-288-8648 or +44 1344 742805.


XYPRO in Your Neck of the Woods

We’re traveling the globe, spreading the word about all the exciting product plans and features we have in store.

Come visit XYPRO at:




March 2-3, 2012




September 25-27, 2012



South Africa

March 12-14, 2012


PCI Security Standards Council
North American Meeting

Orlando, FL

September 13, 2012



HP Discover

Las Vegas

June, 2012


PCI Security Standards Council

European Meeting

Location TBA

October, 2012



Musings on NonStop!

January, ‘12

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author

The start of any new year is a time for reflection, just as it is a time of much anticipation – thoughts about what will happen as the months pass by will fuel many of our endeavors and be the source of  much to be excited about. No more so than when it comes to usage of the HP NonStop Server. 2012 is looking to be a very interesting year!

What do I anticipate seeing? It should come as no surprise that I see the NonStop community continuing to embrace the latest packaging – the effort that the HP NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) has put into transforming what was once proprietary and closed into solutions based on standard, commodity, Intel chipsets, together with embracing open programming models is to be applauded. Yes, customers continue to demand that the Tandem Fundamentals – the availability, scalability, data integrity, the simple operations, SQL database, etc. – are retained even as the transformation brings with it all the benefits of lower costs and ease of use.

The objective of NED is very clear. With the skill sets you get in college, and the experience you have with languages like Java, continue to build new solutions, say using Eclipse, and then have them run on NonStop transparently and yet without any sacrificing of the fundamentals. And today, this is completely true – work done of late with Canadian vendor, AJB Canada, as well as with the port of Retail Decisions fraud detection product “Debit Protect Real-Time”. Anecdotal feedback from the Advanced Technology Centers in America and Europe indicate that there is considerable interest in having mission critical applications run on NonStop.

In a recent exchange with Attunity’s VP of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Itamar Ankorion, we discussed how increasingly, the NonStop community is relying on the NonStop Server holding data and files crucial to the maintenance of mission-critical applications that could be running on the NonStop or elsewhere. For nearly two decades I can recall frequent conversations about the value proposition that comes with inserting the HP NonStop Server into the transaction path as a pure data and file server – in financial, retail, healthcare and government utilities, having the data available 7 X 24 has become even more important than ever before. Ignoring the compromises to data and files being unearthed of late as outside parties continue to hack into systems, NonStop remains the ideal platform for playing such an important role. Yes, the information you require will always be there!

Of course, ensuring that the data remains accessible through any number of possible disaster scenarios – from weather extremes and natural disasters to civil disruptions, to being hit with infrastructure failures (yes, last night high winds took out power distribution along Colorado’s front ranges) puts an emphasis on just how prepared we are to ride them out and to keep on processing! I think many of us don’t do enough and it does bother me – it’s not just building a second data center and replicating data as much as it is designing a multi-site data center as a single seamless processing center where any node offline is unnoticed by business partners and customers. Today, there’s a good mix of solutions with a rich variety of features and capabilities and with a range of price points where no user in the NonStop community should feel that this is technology beyond their means (budgets) to purchase and deploy.    

For the next few days I will be completing slides for an upcoming webinar that I will be hosting on behalf of Attunity where I will be discussing much of this in more detail. Attunity has recently launched Attunity Replicate – I covered it briefly in the feature “New Product Choices Appear in NonStop Data Replication Marketplace” that I wrote for the November-December issue of The Connection – I quoted Ankorion when he acknowledged how “there’s now an opportunity to provide alternate offerings when it comes to replication and operational data integration. It’s very much a heterogeneous world where no single server platform stands alone …” The availability of Attunity Replicate means that as of now, Attunity product
offerings include software solutions such as replication, real-time change data capture (CDC) and real-time data connectivity, as well as enterprise file replication and managed-file-transfer (MFT) offered through the RepliWeb division. And I will be talking more of this at the end of the month – join me on a Webinar, January 31st, 2012 – check out this link for more information and to register:

The demands on the NonStop community for better access as well as the sharing of real-time data will only get more vocal. Providing access to information, no matter what catastrophes may befall it, will only lead to more robust multi-site deployments. And the expectations of all involved will not be sated by any explanations of “ooops, I am sorry, there’s been a computer glitch!” It’s the first month of a new year – isn’t it a good time to just take a look around and to make sure we truly have our bases covered and where our focus can return to how better to grow in an ever-competitive global marketplace. 

Following my blogs? My web publications? My discussion Groups?

Check out:

Real Time View at http://www.itug-connection.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, Real Time View

comForte Lounge at http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, comForte Lounge

Realtime.ir at http://realtime.ir.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, realtime.ir

ATMmarketplace at

Buckle-Up at http://www.buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the SubGroup on LinkedIn, Pyalla Track Days

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Email:             richard@pyalla-technologies.com


Marshall Resources – helping customers reduce the cost of NonStop Hardware Maintenance and extend S Series Support

I have spoken with several NonStop customers over the past few months who have asked me the same question about parts availability for the S Series.  There seems to be some confusion about how Marshall Resources acquires and maintains parts and how HP’s end of production will affect S Series availability.  Our exclusive source of Tandem hardware is from the End User who has decommissioned systems.  We are not tied in any way to HP’s manufacturing, and in fact, have always acquired more parts than what could be consumed by a shrinking number of customers on that platform.  I have been asked by many of you how long we could guarantee S Series parts availability.  The reality is that there is no end date for how long we could provide storage, testing, and availability of quality parts.  The demand for these services is the only factor that determines how long we offer these products.  In fact, we no longer have demand for TNSII and TXP parts, but we do have some for our own sentimental reasons.  Please allow me to explain further about Marshall Resources, and at the same time I will try and provide some helpful information as it relates to the general condition of the NonStop maintenance industry.

Yes indeed, Marshall Resources does maintain the world’s largest inventory of second hand Tandem / HP NonStop Computer hardware.  We have our primary refurbishing, repair, and testing facility in North Carolina, USA.  We also have a facility in Frankfurt, Germany with a large stock of parts and test systems.  We also have storage locations in France, England, and Singapore.  The purpose of these remote facilities is to support our global hardware maintenance business. 

Besides a large number of systems in the US, we also have NonStop systems under support in several UK locations, much of Europe, several Eastern European locations, and South East Asia.  We have hired many experienced Tandem engineers to cover these locations, and we have also established several key service provider relationships throughout the world.  All of this enables us to be truly global in our service offering. 

Another factor that has helped our service offerings is the availability of retired Tandem CEs.  We provide a wonderful opportunity for experienced Tandem people to continue using their skills, part time, at a very attractive hourly pay rate.  About 90% of our current Field Service Team has an average of 25 years Tandem experience.  With recent hires, we can also boast that about 50% of our team has Integrity and NS-Blade training..  Please call us if you are interesting in employment, or please refer us to any of your Tandem friends who have been ’retired’ by HP. 

Currently, the demand for S-Series maintenance is very high.  In 2012, HP is approaching end of life on many S Series components.  Even with some parts and CPUs extending EOL through 2013, all S-Series Users will have systems with some or a lot of components out of HP support sometime next year.   Many customers are not in a position to upgrade these systems to Integrity systems or Blades, so interest in third party support is very high at this time.  Marshall Resources continues to increase its resources and as it does so, this adds to our economies of scale and therefore response times improve and allow for better pricing and levels of service.  This interest in third party solutions has also helped us with an increase in inquiries for NS-Integrity service, which we are also able to offer.  We have already helped many customers make considerable savings in the NonStop hardware maintenance area.  We would be delighted to work with you to demonstrate what saving we can make for you.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment.  Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment.  Please visit our website at www.marshallresources.com for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you.  We can always be reached at +1 800-443-0128, or by e-mail cm@marshallresources.com .  We are looking forward to working with you.

Ban Bottlenecks® - Your Roadmap to Future Availability


n: The ability to process transactions correctly with excellent service levels.

Real time isn’t good enough.

When a real-time alert goes off, it may be too late.  Some things can’t be fixed in real-time.  That’s why Ban Bottlenecks specializes in “future-time” analysis, with a 3 to 6 month look-ahead by our analysts.  They understand your business, the business demand, how your systems respond to that demand, and where it’s all going.

A service and a discipline

Ban Bottlenecks predicts the future by analyzing the past.  Each month we create a detailed performance/capacity audit of your systems, and then discuss it with you. Our expert assistance will help to find and fix current problems, and prepare you for the future.  Our monthly web conference becomes the basis for an ITIL-style system of dialogue and feedback benefitting all team members.

Call for a free evaluation!





SOAP/AM® User to Tell His Success Story at CTUG

Although every SOAP/AM® user has a unique story, there is one company with an especially interesting use of NuWave Technologies' suite of modernization products.

This customer, one of the largest financial institutions in North America, uses SOAP/AM® to integrate one of their most crucial Pathway applications with a modern internet portal for external clients. SOAP/AM Server exposes the Pathway server functionality as Web services which are consumed by the portal, while SOAP/AM Web Service Client allows the Pathway servers to consume Web services provided by the portal.

At CTUG on March 2nd, this bank's senior technical analyst will explain how he created Web service methods to expose one of their business-critical NonStop applications to multiple front end portals.

He will discuss the selection and installation of SOAP/AM®; and will describe the design, development and implementation of the end-to-end solution.

He will also show the benefits gained and the post-implementation experience.

NuWave Technologies will be represented at the event by president Ernie Guerrera and director of sales Tom Grecco. Don't miss it!


HP BladeSystems Use TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 to Drive Time-Zone Consolidation

Product trials now underway by TANDsoft, Inc., involve migrations to HP NonStop BladeSystems. In all cases, data centers currently located in different time zones will be consolidated; and in all cases, some applications must continue to operate within a time-zone specification different than the consolidated environment’s configured time zone.

How does a BladeSystem host time-sensitive, globally distributed applications running in a consolidated, single-processing environment with a single system clock and time zone? For NonStop systems, TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 is the only product solution. OPTA2000 is a virtual clock and time-zone simulator that uses intercept technology to allow multiple applications operating in a consolidated environment to each have its own virtual system clock or to function in its own virtual time zone with date/time specifications that are different than that of the system clock. For time-zone simulation, the libraries create virtual times that are offset from a system’s actual time by an amount expressed as a deviation from GMT time (Greenwich Mean Time). For clock simulation, the virtual times can be offset to whatever time is required for the testing, maintenance, etc., of an application. No application modifications are required, and a single BladeSystem can host thousands of applications.

OPTA2000 also supports major applications such as Base24 and Base24-eps on the HP BladeSystem as well as on NonStop S-Series and Itanium servers.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. In addition to OPTA2000, they include FileSync for automatic file synchronization and replication; AutoLib, which automatically loads a user library or a DLL for executing processes; Command Stream Replicator, which automatically replicates FUP, SQL/MP and SQL/MX DDL structure, and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail; and the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits, which reduce the pressures of modernization by offering flexible, affordable alternatives to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques. The Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit supports both SQL/MP and SQL/MX and permits file-by-file incremental migration. The TMF-Audit Toolkit easily converts non-audited TMF files to audited TMF files. Its embedded Toolkit Trace captures and analyzes Enscribe activity to construct TMF transaction boundaries for custom applications.

TANDsoft products require minimal or no application modifications and are available for all HP NonStop servers. Free trials are available.

For more information about TANDsoft’s product suite, contact Jack Di Giacomo at +1 (514) 695-2234. The company is headquartered in Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada. UTC/GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time) www.tandsoft.com

Our Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum on LinkedIn is at 90 members and counting.

Our latest thread is “Within your company, what Enscribe functionalities are so important that they make the thought of migrating to SQL a difficult choice?”




Are you a European NonStop User?

Do you require a Full Time / Part Time Resource boost to Cover New Projects, Maternity / Paternity leave etc.?

Do you have NonStop Customers based in EMEA that require Local Support of Hardware and Software?

Nonstop World International (NSWi) can help.

We are currently providing Local Support to Vendors outside of the EMEA region for their NonStop Customers based in EMEA.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with highly skilled NonStop professionals, whether Long Term or Part Time on a 24*7 basis.


HP Modernization: Surf’s Up

by Carol Flaig

 The Beach Boys first released Catch a Wave to little fanfare in 1963.  The group was already established as an international musical force and had several hit records to their credit.   

Re-released as a single the next year “Catch a Wave” was now more rhythmic, the guitars crisp and hard driving. The perfectly synchronized harmonized vocals made a new blended choral effect now referred to as the unmistakable Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” sound.

Catch A Wave revived commercial sales for the band. The track is featured on the platinum selling box set Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys.  

Was the newer successful version of Catch A Wave an example of brilliant innovation that became and remains the Beach Boys signature sound? Or a less revolutionary modernization of an already expected legacy surfer sound?

The strategy sold records for 30 years and that’s what counts. The box set continues to sell.

1964 was an auspicious year for another new technical innovative offering. IBM announced the System/360, its first mainframe computer.

IBM has successfully re-invented itself arguably more than once and is now a successful software and services company leader, effectively transforming its mainframe into a web server (of sorts), offloading its hardware businesses, and migrating its legacy code (mostly) to run on open platforms and associated new industry standards.  One cannot argue that IBM stock price is at a record high and presently considered a sure bet by industry analysts.

HP did not catch a similar super surfer wave.

For purposes of clarity, this discussion is limited to the HP NonStop platform, not the entire HP Corporation.  

HP Nonstop (aka Tandem) renowned for its fault tolerance, became and remained the gold standard for reliability and availability since its inception in 1974. The problem today: HP NonStop is proprietary and it’s pricey.  Lower cost competitors are nipping at its heels, running similar functionality on open platforms and threaten to rival its uptime stats.  

As Information Technology (IT) moves to converged infrastructure it will require solutions that are designed with virtualization and cloud computing in mind. Choosing the right HP NonStop strategic solution is imperative in maximizing data center efficiency, business performance, and especially managing cost.  Modular, open standards-based infrastructure is more than just extending the reach of legacy components and data under a web-enabled umbrella. Management needs to be integrated into the solution and not an afterthought. The converged infrastructure must be modular, highly secure, and scalable as well to ensure shared resources operate reliably, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Apple’s new 500,000 square foot iCloud data center is filled to the brim with Unix and Linux servers, ne’er a HP NonStop. I don’t know that Apple ever utilized a HP NonStop, the point is – it’s not going to add the platform now.  

HP NonStop decision makers must confront their own unique set of strategic viability issues.  There will be no breakthrough in HP NonStop productivity or efficiency.

In fact, due to its uniquely proprietary platform, annual software license fees are sharply increasing. Surely, this unplanned expense is not lost on you special IT decision makers (personal disclosure: I am not one of you now but have previously held this enviable corporate position and associated responsibility). This one’s for you folks, or should I say your already overflowing plates and over stretched meat dollar.  

There are a couple of ways to reduce/minimize/stop the hemorrhaging of your NonStop budget. The most obvious being outsourcing. For those of you that have already done this, I hope you have negotiated good rates for specialist skills that might kill your budget when you perform upgrades. Multi-tiered skillset pricing for IT outsourcing has been very helpful to IBM’s bottom line success. It has been equally inversely damaging to IT budgets and decision maker’s careers who did not budget accordingly.

Another method of making your NonStop budget a wee bit more attractive is called HP Modernization. It is the current vernacular used to define extended HP NonStop value. The basic theory is to extend the front end or back end reach of NonStop using web-enabling standards. They can be IP screen scrapers with added impressive new GUI front ends, SOAP based messaging methods, or XML interfaces to 6530 legacy applications. I’m sure there are others on offer or in the wings .

Are these HP Modernization methods really viable as part of your long term cost effective IT strategies? Are they anything more than a tarting up of the ole gal? Will a face lift do? Or does this patient need a vital organ transplant?  Will HP NonStop ever be on offer as part of a virtual cloud data center, even a hybrid one?

I think not.

I am of the opinion that HP Modernization does have value if it is employed as part of the process to migrate away from the HP NonStop entirely.  Architecturally, the NonStop has dense often home grown business logic at its core that is not  “modernizable”.  Much of the expertise in this middle domain where knowledge resided in traditional, old-style IT organizations has vanished due to IT outsourcing.

The vulnerability and potential seriousness of a failure of such core systems is immeasurably costly. These systems will fail as they continue to age. The face lift does not apply to them and their brittle fragility becomes more risky with each hardware and software system upgrade.

This conundrum puts IT management on the spot. Yes, HP NonStop Modernization will kick the can and single extra points do win games.  But the larger issues remain.  What to do with the HP NonStop in your 5 year IT strategic plan, and more importantly your budget?

Decouple and re-engineer business logic and processing flows? Compliment the proprietary logic with modified existing solutions? This is a very difficult choice within any IT organization, and of course costly. Weigh the alternative.   

You can outsource a re-write of the entire platform and move 30 year old code to an open one. This is being done every day in India. Or you could consider evaluating the option of developing a functional equivalent to your NonStop on a lower cost platform, removing outdated code and function, and adding process improvements.  Indian IT outsourcing is getting more expensive, the lower end is moving to Malaysia. 

The clock is ticking; Cinderella is racing to her crystal carriage already less one slipper.

The Beach Boys are performing a worldwide 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour beginning in April, 2012. Many of its dates are already sold out. The Beach Boys say they are on top of their game and sound so good in rehearsal they can hardly wait to thrill their fans. While Catch A Wave is promised to be a featured number this tour, it’s uncertain whether future final world tours will be on offer.  The time to see the Beach Boys perform live would be now!

There exists a pool of brilliant, very experienced American Tandem software developers (not just good coders) that could possibly be coaxed out of retirement for a reunion tour.  These are the folks that wrote the original Tandem OS code in many cases. They know the logic inside out. These are the real deal folks, Tandem NonStop engineering rock stars.

I’ve spoken with a few of these wizards and they would love the opportunity to form a band.  I would be the lead singer, of course.  With 20 -30 years IT experience each I’d bet we could get tuned up in short order. We would build a model to rival the cost of Indian outsourcing of HP NonStop re-engineering. To be clear, we are not offering a re-write, not modernization, but a complete process re-engineering of your HP NonStop environment.  The result will be a perfectly synchronized open platform harmony that will be capable of running virtually over the cloud, good vibrations.  

Call me a fool, but every time I bring up the idea I get cheered onstage for a reminiscent song and dance, surf’s up!

This might be your golden opportunity to leave the ball as a princess and live happily ever after sans the threat of the pumpkin.  The princess may need to leave her legacy footwear behind this time, too costly to locate and recover the source (pun intended). Why not replace it altogether?

If you would seriously like to discuss an evaluation and preliminary scope of the effort to dismiss your HP NonStop environment and replace it with a new strategic alternative, please contact me.


Carol Flaig holds several publishing credits and awards, 20 years IT management experience & is available for consulting work.  Carol’s written dialogue for a commissioned performance art piece will be debuted at the Guggenheim performing arts center in New York City February 17th with public performances to follow.

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