Tandemworld eNewsletter for December 2012

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Tandemworld Newsletter for December 2012


Seasons Greetings and a Prosperous New Year from BrightStrand International

Happy Holidays!   from NuWave Technologies

New CSP product bundle offering available now !

Gravic Wins HP and Intel 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Award

WebCon - new powerful feature added to uLinga

CommitWork GmbH
recalling 2012


TANDsoft’s Participation in NonStop Boot Camp Results in Several Trials for Command Stream Replicator

XYPRO  - Investing in our Customers

Availability Digest Offers Technical Writing Services

Online Version

Seasons Greetings and a Prosperous New Year from BrightStrand International

BrightStrand International would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. We would also like to thank all of our customers for their business and continued support throughout the last year.

BrightStrand continues to deliver a full range of services that include:          

•           Systems and Operations Management

•           Performance and Tuning / Capacity Planning

•           Database Design and Administration

•           Communications Subsystems

•           Web Services

•           Security Reviews

•           IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

•           NonStop Integrity and Blade Migrations

•           System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

•           Specialist Consultancy

•           Disaster Recovery and Service Continuity Planning


All, or some of these elements can be brought together in a Fully Managed Service that can be tailored to the particular needs of the customer – including remote bridging, hosting or operations support, adding further value to the BrightStrand quality services.

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com for more information.

Happy Holidays!   from NuWave Technologies

We’d like to extend “Best Wishes!” to all of our NonStop customers, vendors, and colleagues for this holiday season. We look forward to working with you in the coming year to take advantage of the latest advancements in IT technology and applications.  Our collective commitment to excellence will help further position NonStop as the premier solution for business-critical services in 2013, and beyond.

SOAP/AM Version 3.0 – Beta Now Available

A quick reminder that version 3.0 of the SOAP/AM Server and Client products are now available. Version 3.0 incorporates feedback from customers who depend on our SOAP/AM products to execute millions of transactions every day through their NonStop systems; whether the need is for application-to-application connectivity within the enterprise, or to exchange information and services with customers and business partners running on diverse platforms and devices.

Download and try it here:

SOAP/AM Client V3 Beta


 SOAP/AM Server V3 Beta


For more information on SOAP/AM, visit:


New CSP product bundle offering available now !


Are you looking for enhanced Nonstop security at lower costs ?

More benefits, more functionality while paying less license and support fees ?


You now have the opportunity to select between 3 different product bundles combining various tools for Nonstop security addressing the most commonly asked customer requirements !


Learn more about CSP's new NSK Security Suite Basic, Enhanced and Premium.

Select the combination of functions and features, which fit best for your Nonstop security needs and get the right combination of security products at a special bundle price !


Details :

NSK Security Suite




ACL Management




Safeguard Management




Policy / Matrix View




Audit Reporting




Compliance Management




Intrusion Detection




Real time alerting




SIEM Integration




Priviledged User Restrictions



Command Control



Time based Access Control



Keystroke Audit



File Integrity Monitoring






Existing customers can easily upgrade to the new bundle offering.

For more details and an individual proposal for your specific system configuration please contact us at  sales@cspsecurity.com !


 Please get NSK Security bundles PDF here

Gravic Wins HP and Intel 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Award

HP and Intel announced Gravic, Inc. as the winner of the 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Award at the Mission-Critical Awards Celebration event held at Steinberger Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt, Germany, on the day prior to the start of HP Discover 2012. The award named the Gravic Shadowbase submission on its active/active data replication solution as the best in the New Application category. The awards are a worldwide competition recognizing organizations that utilize HP and Intel technologies to execute cutting-edge mission-critical solutions to address their data-intensive, large-scale applications. Gravic was honored for addressing mission-critical computing challenges while attaining new levels of availability, scalability and reliability for complex workloads.

An independent panel of judges from leading nonprofit and professional organizations, as well as research institutions including CERN openlab, Enderle Group, Pyalla Technologies and Secure64 Software reviewed the submission. Criteria considered by the judges included difficulty of the IT challenge, originality of the solution and results achieved. The judges awarded Gravic’s ground-breaking work in new software solutions that enable enterprises to improve the performance, flexibility and cost efficiency associated with mission-critical environments.

The award-winning case study involved HP Integrity NonStop NS1200 servers running Gravic Shadowbase software to establish a fault-tolerant architecture for a banking customer located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. With an active/active data replication solution in place, critical banking applications remain active and reachable even in the event of natural disasters. Gravic's HP and Intel based infrastructure allows the bank to avoid application downtime, both for planned and unplanned outages, as well as dramatically improves failover time. To read an article based on the winning submission, please click here. Additional information about the Mission-Critical Innovation Awards is available at www.hp.com/go/mcia.

Gravic wishes everyone a happy holiday season!

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Shows

  SunTUG Sunshine Summit, Tampa, 8-9 March


  SATUG 2013 Summit, Johannesburg, 11-13 March

For more information, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.




WebCon - new powerful feature added to uLinga


comForte's partner Infrasoft, developed a graphical interface for uLinga - WebCon - which is now available. uLinga is shipped with an embedded facility to allow management and control of the uLinga process through a web browser such as Internet Explorer™ or Firefox™. WebCon provides the user with an intuitive graphical interface to enable administration and management of the uLinga process.

It is an optional component. Customers can turn it off if they wish and continue to use the existing CCON facility.


Watch the video for an introduction to WebCon … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNWqAcyTe4E



Happy Holidays to all our customers, business partners and friends and all the best for a prosperous and successful 2013.


NEW: HP NonStop [Tandem] Security Group on LinkedIn - join the discussion.


Come and join us at these events in 2013

SUNTUG, Tampa, Florida, USA, Mar 8-9, 2013

HP Discover, Las Vegas, USA, June 10-12, 2013

PCI US Community Meeting, Las Vegas, USA, Sept 24-26, 2013

PCI EU Community Meeting, Nice, France, Oct 29-31, 2013

CONNECT Advanced Technical Boot Camp 2013, San Jose, USA, Nov 3-5, 2013

PCI AP Community Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Fall 2013



Stay connected and follow the discussions: 

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CommitWork GmbH
recalling 2012

In 2012 CommitWork had an extremely creative period. New products for modernizing HP NonStop applications were created and brought to the market, like OmnivoScreenCOBOL Wizard with its OmnivoSwing library, as well as OmnivoRSC for modernizing clients. The last product in this set for 2012 was OmnivoMobile, following the slogan “HP NonStop goes mobile”.

Because of this new set of products in combination with previous products, it was obvious that we had to introduce a new name for the entire product family and we found OmnivoTribe to be most suitable for it.

In 2012 we also successfully concluded a major HP NonStop modernizing project at “Elmer Dienstleistungs GmbH&Co.KG“. At recent German GTUG- and French FTUG events we reported about our very positive project experiences in detail.

CommitWork Developer Suite (CDS), for traditional NonStop software development on NonStop, was continuously enhanced. CDS is very well accepted among a bigger group of customers using it intensively. Simply ask for a demo license on our website and get convinced of the advantages of our integrated development environment.

Also our long term project business with our customers was providing stability. It delivered familiar continuity within our base line business.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity, wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy 2013.




TANDsoft’s Participation in NonStop Boot Camp Results in Several Trials for Command Stream Replicator

Thank you, Connect, for hosting the recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose, California. TANDsoft’s vendor participation in your well-organized event led to several trials now underway of TANDsoft’s Command Stream Replicator (CSR). The product automatically replicates DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail. CSR supports Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX DDL as well as such HP utilities as FUP, SQLCI, MXCI, SCF, TACL, SAFECOM, PATHCOM, and others. Efficient, command-only replication ensures uninterrupted processing for DR or active-active environments.

No application modifications are required for CSR, and the product works with all NonStop data-replication solutions. It improves failover reliability between systems, supports active/active configurations, increases application availability, and eliminates operator intervention for DDL updates. By replicating what database replicators cannot, CSR ensures a production system in complete synchronization with its backup.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. In addition to Command Stream Replicator, they include: the OPTA2000 virtual clock- and time-zone simulator; FileSync for automatic file synchronization and replication; the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits, which offer flexible, affordable alternatives to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques; and OPTA-Trace, a real-time tracing and debugging utility. New to OPTA-Trace is an early-warning feature that detects the approach of a stack limit and sounds the alarm to prevent a stack overflow.

TANDsoft products require no application source-code modifications and are available for all HP NonStop servers. Free trials are available. For information about TANDsoft solutions, contact Jack Di Giacomo at +1 (514) 695-2234. Our Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum on LinkedIn is at 145 members and counting. www.tandsoft.com.


XYPRO  - Investing in our Customers


To quote Jimmy Treybig at the 2012 HP NonStop Advanced Technical Bootcamp:  “The customer/vendor relationship is special.  What matters most is what the customer thinks.”  XYPRO was started by former Tandem Analysts and the philosophy that guided them to form XYPRO, still guides us today – 30 years later.


At XYPRO Technology Corporation, we are very proud of our reputation as the market leader in HP NonStop server security, audit, and compliance solutions. We are also proud of our reputation as a leader in support services.  Regardless of where you begin your support request, whether via email, our web site, or from a telephone, your needs are immediately acknowledged.


The mandate of the XYPRO Support team is to provide effective, high-quality support services to our customers.  In the last few years we’ve made some key investments in our Support Infrastructure to ensure we remain a leader in this area. Below is a summary of some of the tools put in place to improve the customer experience.

Cloud Based CRM

In the fall of 2010 XYPRO converted to a cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solution to handle customer support cases. The CRM solution chosen is certified under the TRUSTe® Privacy Program ensuring the protection of customer information.

Web Portal

Using a cloud based CRM means we can implement a customer support web portal that empowers customers to open, close, and review the status of their cases without the need to request a list from the XYPRO Support team.  Conveniences like this are just the tip of the iceberg and the portal will allow for this and much more.  The portal is expected to go live in early 2013.

Global Support  – Always Available
XYPRO’s support team is available 24/7/365 and we have support team members located around the world.  While the bulk of the support team is located in our Southern California Headquarters, XYPRO has technical support staff located in the UK, Eastern USA and South Africa.   XYPRO’s Australian Subsidiary, XYPRO Technology pty Ltd includes a support team in Melbourne, Australia covering the APAC regions. 

Robert Massa, Customer Support Manager, Robert_m@xypro.com


Back by Popular Demand

Our 2013 Webinar series schedule will soon be released. XYPRO's Webinar series is a premier information source for professionals from techies to strategists. These webinars will present our audiences with high-level concepts for planning to in-depth perspectives and training.  Presented by our highly trained staff and strategic partners, the 2013 XYPRO Webinar series will cover the trends, issues, solutions and tactics that may have a direct impact on the successful implementation of your business strategies.  As always, please feel free to contact us with webinar topics that would be most beneficial to you. Suggestions can be sent to barry_f@xypro.com.


Exciting news just in time for the Holidays!

Our two industry renowned books on HP NonStop Security are now available in electronic format through the Kindle store on Amazon. Snuggle up next to the fireplace this holiday season with your electronic version of our best selling books "HP NonStop Server Security" and "Securing HP NonStop Servers in an Open Systems World."  Get your copy today or "Gift it" for that special someone on your list! J

Read this complete story in its entirety at blog.xypro.com/


Happy Holidays!


Barry Forbes

VP of Sales & Marketing

XYPRO Technology Corporation




Availability Digest Offers Technical Writing Services

We Write for Others as Well as for Ourselves

The articles you read in the Availability Digest result from years of experience in researching and writing a variety of technical documents.  It’s what we do best, and we provide our services to others who value high-quality content created by IT specialists.  Our broad industry background includes banking, telecommunications, transportation, brokerage, technology, health care, manufacturing, gaming, and entertainment.  Our customers include HP, Dow Jones, FedEx, Amtrak, Chemical Bank, Intercontinental Hotels, New York Stock Exchange, Time Magazine, and Stratus Technologies.

We are especially adept at the following:  Articles – either for internal or external publication; White Papers; Case Studies; Editorial Services – for those who write their own content but who value the input of a strong proofreader; Patent Disclosures; Technical Manuals – user manuals, policy & procedure guides, operator procedures, system documentation, test scripts; Functional Specifications; Proposals – both business and technical; Slide Presentations; Web Content; and Books

The Digest’s Managing Editor, Dr. Bill Highleyman, is the holder and co-inventor of multiple U.S. patents.  He has four books in print and has bylined over 500 of his own articles.  That list expands greatly when factored in with the material he has ghost-authored for others, including HP NonStop partners.   


Our involvement in a writing assignment follows a structured format: You send us whatever information is available so that we can begin the research process. You identify the people we need to interview, and we will conduct those conversations either onsite at your location or via another communications method preferable to you.  We complete the writing assignment within the stipulated timeline and will send it to you for review, revisions, and approval. You or your company owns the resultant work.  We hold no copyright on it. 

Contact Bill Highleyman at billh@availabilitydigest.com for further information and price quotations.   

The Availability Digest offers one-day and multi-day seminars on High Availability: Concepts and Practices. Seminars are given both onsite and online and are tailored to an organization’s specific needs.  The December 2012 issue of the Digest will be online shortly and will look at the consequences of Super Storm Sandy.  Register today to receive your issue via email.    

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn.  We’re at 509 members and counting.


Season's Greetings from Tandemworld.


Find out more about us at www.tandemworld.net



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