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Increasing NonStop Appeal during Disruption


Lusis Payments Announces First North American Support Center

XYPRO Technology – 25 days into Quarantine 2020


The Power of Partnerships …

Monitor IBM MQ8 Events With MQ Gate

XYPRO Technology – 25 days into Quarantine 2020

NuWave Extends Helping Hand During COVID-19 Pandemic

TIC Software : How are NonStop Users benefitting from Rest

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HPE Shadowbase Compare – Unrivaled Capabilities





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Increasing NonStop Appeal during Disruption

Under the circumstances, hope everything is going as well as can be expected. All the best in getting through a very difficult time with the Coronavirus. 

To respect this while recognizing the need to keep things going, the following “ Topics “  are to encourage collaboration in the NonStop community during this unprecedented and very disruptive situation.

To explain, the list of  NonStop Topics is intended to create opportunities in the community to collaborate in conference calls or webinars on areas of specific interest or where you want to learn more about increasing awareness in enterprises that NonStop –

A.   Better positions organizations - Address the needs of very demanding applications that are very important to the business
                      - Satisfy expanding business requirements and growing User expectations
                      - Reduce risk in moving the business forward

B.    Is very appealing with a platform strategy, in a Cloud initiative, or in a Hybrid system environment

C.    Should be strategic for success in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world


While recognizing people have day jobs, one of the few good things about being in lock down from the Coronavirus is it’s an opportunity to think about the future – and how to make things better going forward.  

Suggested topics to share insights on enabling organizations get more benefits from NonStop and positioning IT to improve outcomes include –

 A.    Options to - better / centrally manage systems , modernize information services , improve system security , realize greater operational efficiencies, etc.

B.      Strategies to leverage NonStop fundamentals of very high availability, scalability and system integrity to uniquely improve outcomes in IT and for the business

C.      Increasing awareness that NonStop is a superior platform with Cloud initiatives or in Hybrid system environments

D.      Show how Aligning & Applications and Platforms with NonStop -
                      - improves outcomes … in IT and for the business
                      - expands NonStop relevance and opportunities

E.       Having NonStop included in a Corporate Standardization Strategy

F.       Making NonStop strategic in the enterprise to better position the organization to win in an on-line , real-time , all-the-time world

G.       Creating synergies and advantages by leveraging NonStop capabilities with your organization’s competencies and resources - in IT and for the business

H.       Make good on new business opportunities and changes in established markets, industries and enterprises (ie: in financial services, distribution, manufacturing, etc. regarding new - digital products / services, payments, regulations, business models, etc.), rising User expectations, the growing impact of start-ups (ie: FinTech, InsureTech, Payment Tech, RegTech, etc. companies)

I.        Developing Innovation competencies in enterprises to expand opportunities for the business, in IT, and for NonStop

J.        Utilizing AI, ML, Big Data, Sophisticated Analytics, Mobile, etc. and NonStop - to expand business capabilities, grow current markets, enter new markets, personalize services, improve the User experience, better manage change, reduce risk, etc.

K.       Being pro-active to improve outcomes to recognize the changing nature of the IT environment and the business landscape

L.        How to reduce the work and increase the rewards – within IT and for the business

M.       Knowing how to get what you want by –

                   - leveraging your knowledge of NonStop
                   - knowing what is needed to perform in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world
                   + collaborating for business, strategic, communications, networking, etc. skills

N.       Developing the entrepreneurial mindset to increase your value to the organization

O.       Leveraging your digital knowledge and skills for advantage

P.       Raising the bar from “ Mission Critical “ to “ On-line, Real-Time, All-The-Time “ that recognizes the increasing importance of meeting or exceeding User expectations and a successful enterprise digital transformation, to address more demanding business needs, the need to do more with less while being an agile / responsive / opportunistic organization, to reduce business risk and costs, etc.
…. to better position the enterprise to win and expand NonStop relevance

Q.       Articulating a compelling NonStop business value proposition

R.       Better managing change and reducing risk with NonStop

S.        Increase NonStop appeal and optics in the enterprise by Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop

T.       Have more communications between platform groups in the organization to become more familiar with other systems, applications, and people - to better position IT to address common issues and resolve differences

U.       Strategies to increase NonStop profile in your organization – internally (within the NonStop Dept, other IT groups, IT Mgmt, Business Managers), plus the NonStop community, and other parties

     + other topic suggestions ?

While some of these topics will include references to various tools available and your systems, the discussions are intended to be interactive forums to expand awareness and increase understanding of –

 1. How to make work more rewarding

2. Why things are the way they are

3. What can be done to improve outcomes

4. Your organization Getting More Benefits From NonStop

5. Opportunities


Given the advantages of building on the skills of those in the community, those interested in increasing NonStop appeal are welcome to participate in selected conference calls or Zoom sessions or a webinar by contacting –


Ron Thompson of CAIL at 905-940-9000 or send an email to



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Lusis Payments Announces First North American Support Center

Lusis Continues Global Expansion with Launch of Canadian Facility

SAN FRANCISCO & PARIS — Lusis Payments, a global innovator of mission-critical payments software and data science technology, is pleased to announce its first North American support center. The new office is opening June 1st in Toronto Canada.

Lusis is best known for its TANGO solution, an online transaction processing engine for mission-critical 24x7 solutions including payments, retail, loyalty, finance, fraud, utilities, and transport. TANGO delivers performance, availability, and scalability, with a rich set of functionalities, all from a single architecture. TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture providing agile delivery for business needs. Lusis has also made significant advancements in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, FX Trading, ISO 20022, Fraud and Blockchain.

“Lusis Payments is pleased to launch its first North American support center. The support center will be based in Toronto Canada and will be comprised of fresh talent and experienced expert engineers who are fully trained on TANGO. This will contribute to project success in local support for our production systems,” said Philippe Preval, President and CEO of Lusis Payments. "North America is now our primary market. The new support center is a major step in solidifying our footprint in North America.” Until recently, Lusis had only sales and consulting teams in North America. The addition of this facility and the team being assembled will dramatically accelerate new and current project deployments of TANGO.

“We are very happy to achieve this milestone which has been brought on by our success with North American companies. We look forward to new challenges with enthusiasm and determination," added Preval.

For more information visit:


Brian Miller
Lusis Payments, North America
(415) 829-4577


XYPRO Technology – 25 days into Quarantine 2020

Melodie Bond-Hillman, Ph.D.

Sr. Manager, Human Resources & Administration

XYPRO Technology


“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Day 25 of the quarantine and we are still adjusting to our new normal as a temporarily 100% remote workforce. For the first 2 weeks, there was adrenaline and lots of activity around getting settled in, while transitioning our homes into modern tech workspaces.   Many people dream of working from home, but that’s usually on their own terms. For some of us, working from home is already the norm, but for others, the transition has been more difficult and the reality of working exclusively at home can be somewhat disenchanting.

Many of our employees also had to adjust to this instant work from home situation combined with the challenges of multiple people working in one household, no private workspace, homeschooling, childcare, trying to follow CDC guidelines and perhaps take care of a relative or neighbor – all at the same time.

In a previous article, I described preparing our employees and company for a work from home scenario from a tactical perspective and although we anticipated the challenge would lie in keeping employees motivated, engaged, happy and productive during our “Safer at Home” compliance, we learned some valuable lesson through the process:

·        Stay Connected – We hold optional, daily “all-staff” office chats via video conference – a casual forum where employees can jump on with their coffee, socialize and connect.

·        Provide Ways to Keep Moving – Virtual Yoga is conducted live, twice a week, by our usual in-house yoga instructor to help employees relax, get some exercise and maintain some of their normal routine.

·        Celebrate Successes – XYPRO’s weekly, virtual happy hour, provides an opportunity to casually connect online and celebrate the week’s successes.

·        Solicit Frequent Feedback – We have sought feedback multiple times (via online survey) in these first 25 days to see how our employees are adjusting.  We will continue to survey and make improvements.

·        Provide Resources – We’ve made a point to share Financial, Healthcare, Mental Health and Retirement Planning information – so the employees know all the benefits available to them.

·        Ask Employees for Advice – Our ”seasoned” remote workers help by providing tips on working from home to our “rookies”.  It’s a chance for collaboration and unity. Additionally, it helps the usual remote worker understand “what is the big deal”.

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Ask TandemWorld

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Twitter @tandemworld

We are currently seeking skilled resources across the EMEA region,

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The Power of Partnerships …



For as long as NonStop systems have been sold and yes, dating back to the days when Tandem Computers made its presence known to IT markets, the message being delivered to global markets centered on the Power of Parallelism. It was the ability to run processes in parallel on loosely coupled processors that enabled NonStop to be fault tolerant. This message provided a compelling story in support of the value for business of even the earliest of Tandem computers. So much so, that it was the only message that appeared on Tandem stock certificates.

Today, this message continues to resonate with IT even as this approach has led to many other benefits, not the least being the ability of NonStop to scale out as well as being secure in terms of processes and data. However, the story of NonStop would not be complete if there was no reference made to the power of partnerships. When Tandem launched the Tandem Alliance program and backed it up with the industry’s largest compendium of partners and their products, it led credence that these fault tolerant systems came with access to products targeted at almost every industry – finance and retail, automotive and manufacturing, transportation and distribution and even newspapers. 

NTI has been among the earliest of NonStop partners to embrace partnerships. As a Silver Partner in HPE’s partnership program, this has brought considerable attention to the DRNet® product family. NTI’s partnership with Interception Technology Specialist TANDsoft Inc. began in 2003 and both parties have enjoyed considerable success through the years. According to Tim Dunne, NTI’s Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, “the partnership we enjoy with TANDsoft means that current and future users of DRNet®, NTI’s popular data replication solution, will have the option to deploy the latest product offerings from TANDsoft. The most recent TANDsoft product to be offered by NTI being the new FS Compare product offering we enthusiastically endorse. For some time, the NonStop community has been looking for a solution that would quickly identify potential synchronization concerns when replicating data to another site.”

The partnership between NTI and TANDsoft dates back to when first NTI added TANDsoft’s FileSync product to NTI’s data solutions. Of particular interest to NTI and its customers was FileSync’s ability to replicate and synchronize non-database files, including edit files as well as objects, source, blobs and TACL files. “Given the early success we experienced we have now added to our product offerings support for TANDsoft’s FS Backup and Restore and FS Compare,” said Dunne. Shortly, there will be further announcements coming as NTI adds FS Repair to its product portfolio.

“We have seen the power of partnership that comes from working with others to ensure a wider reach of the products we develop,” said TANDsoft’s Principal, Jack Di Giacomo. “In the case of FS Compare, its high-speed data comparison capabilities are due to data deduplication hashing, block-level analyses, and parallel processing.  As such, it will allow DRNet® users to replicate their data while at the same time deploying discrepancy reporting so rapid that it takes place within minutes, not hours.” Given our history with NTI and as NTI begins marketing our latest product offerings for data, “It is our expectation that FS Compare and indeed FS Repair further extend the great relationship that exists between our two companies.”

NonStop and earlier, Tandem, all saw the potential of partnerships. From the very beginning they recognized the power of parallelism in addressing fault tolerance. Today, that message continues but equally as impressive has been the way the NonStop vendor community has embraced partnerships. Partnerships are equally just as powerful. NonStop vendors strong on marketing and sales can tap the development resources of partners to accelerate the delivery of products that complement core products and solutions.

“Adding greater business value to what our customers currently enjoy with NTI products is always a win-win situation no matter which way you look at it,” said Dunne. As NonStop continues to create data and as business continues to analyze to derive all important business insights, the power of partnership is on display in a tangible and meaningful manner and this is of benefit to both NTI and TANDsoft. 

With FS Compare now available from NTI have you been thinking about the value this will add to your NonStop deployment, we encourage you to call or email us – we will be happy to tell you more about our strategy, products and yes, all that NTI does to bring a better data replication, integration and transformation solutions to your business.


Network Technologies International, Inc.

635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209

Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000


N.T.I. Limited 

Ard Mhuire

Camp Street


Co. Galway

H91 K5PE



Phone: +353 (91) 463086


Monitor IBM MQ8 Events With MQ Gate

Imagine all of these IBM MQ 8 EMS events occurring on your NonStop systems. 

Which one is alerting dead-letter queue full. Which one is alerting queue depth limit reached. How can you identify the issue that is putting your mission critical processes at risk?

They all look the same, right?

Within Reflex Console (below), the structure of the events are better presented. From here, you can see that ALL MQ events contain the same SSID, Event Number and Subject tokens.

All meaningful data is presented in large text buffers. Pretty difficult for the Business to distinguish important events.

Reflex Console

Monitoring MQ Events

·        How do you decide which ones require investigation

·        How do you decide which MQ event to escalate

The same event (SSID / Event Number) occurs for all your MQ Managers, Queues and Channels.  Not very user friendly.

If something critical does occur, it can be difficult to identify, e.g. dead-letter queue full; queue depth limit reached; channel has stopped; queue not serviced within a specified time.

MQ Gate

To avoid the risk of ever missing those important MQ events, MQ Gate from Insider Technologies, takes these IBM MQ events and generates alternatives:

·        Unique Event Numbers

o   created from the ‘AMQnnnn’ number in the text buffer

·        Unique Subject Tokens, e.g. Channel Name

o   extracted from the text buffer

·        Unique Manager Tokens, i.e. the MQ Manager Name

o   extracted from the text buffer


·        Much easier to view, escalate and manage.

·        No longer are you at risk of missing important events.


Using MQ Gate, you can identify the important MQ events that are critical to your business.

If no escalation, or graphical monitoring solution exists, then Insider’s NonStop complimentary systems monitoring product – REFLEX - provides a single pane of glass solution for all your NonStop systems, including IBM MQ.

The newly parsed MQ Gate events are received by individual Managers, Queues and Channels, where colour coded state changes occur for exception conditions.

As with other Reflex monitored subsystems, details on the MQ component can be obtained.



XYPRO Technology – 25 days into Quarantine 2020

Steve Tcherchian, CISSP

Chief Product Officer, CISO

XYPRO Technology Corporation


 During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we at XYPRO are concerned about the safety and health of our employees, their families, our customers and everyone who makes up our global community.

XYPRO is about problem-solving and we have been since the company’s founding in 1983. Like us, many of you have been in the process of keeping your business running and adapting to this new way of working. XYPRO started preparations in late January and you can review our process as documented by Dr. Melodie Bond-Hillman, XYPRO’s head of Human Resources.

The safety of your workforce, including their digital safety, is of paramount concern. We’ve seen a sharp uptick in the amount of cybercrime targeting the new “work from home” situation and there is no shortage of criminals looking to take advantage of chaos and fear–two things in abundance right now. It’s never been more important to continue being “security-aware” and staying vigilant.

It’s a good time to reach out to our partners and customers in the HPE NonStop space to remind you about the solutions readily available on your HPE NonStop servers to assist with the current challenges. You don’t have to order anything, or even leave your house.

Multi-Factor Authentication

According to Microsoft, 81% of data breaches occur due to weak, default or stolen credentials and 99% of these attacks can be blocked by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA is an authentication method where a user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more of the following pieces of information:

·        Something you know (password)

·        Something you have (security token)

·        Something you are (biometrics)

All it takes is one compromised account to one legacy application to cause a data breach. With the unfortunate increase in COVID-19 phishing scams targeting remote workers isolated from their day-to-day environments, there is no better time to implement multi-factor authentication across your critical applications, servers and services.

XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) is already included on your HPE NonStop servers and ready to turn on with no additional software or infrastructure investment. XUA provides strong, multi-factor authentication based on industry standards and extends NonStop security capabilities by integrating with enterprise authentication providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, RSA, Google Authenticator, and many others. This simplifies the protection of your NonStop servers using regulatory compliant, multi-factor authentication.

In addition to MFA, XYGATE User Authentication integrates your NonStop and application user IDs with Microsoft Active Directory, providing enterprise, global password policy enforcement. This ensures the same password policies within Active Directory apply to your NonStop servers and applications, removing the risk from weak or default passwords.

Click here to continue reading……….


NuWave Extends Helping Hand During COVID-19 Pandemic

NuWave Technologies has been extremely fortunate, as we haven't experienced a disruption to customer support or the rest of our business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, as we stay at home to flatten the curve, we have decided to offer additional help to our partners, customers, friends, and anyone who needs it.

Watch the video message from NuWave's CEO on YouTube (2min).

TIC Software : How are NonStop Users benefitting from Rest

We've all heard a lot about REST Web Services and how important they are to an organization's development strategy. You've probably also read about REST being used with Cloud services like AWS or Azure, and how API Gateways like MuleSoft and Apigee support RESTful API designs. Perhaps you might wonder, then:

  • Which NonStop applications are benefiting from using RESTful API's out there?
  • How practical is this for my NonStop environment?
  • What do I need to do to leverage REST on NonStop?

In this webinar, we will discuss how some NonStop customers are using the LightWave REST product suite to extend their applications, as well as share some additional ideas on what else you can do with REST and NonStop.

Date: Wed, May 13, 2020 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT


For more information about our solution, please contact

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How consumers are responding to the Virus.


 It’s interesting to observe how behaviour is evolving across our lockdown world. 

Setting aside for a moment all the bizarre hoarding practices around the globe and your favourite Netflix movie,  the key lesson we’re learning from the lockdown is the importance of e-commerce, or ECOM, the ability to conduct trade remotely using traditional payment mechanisms of Card, P2P payments etc using trusted 3rd party trading platforms.   Ebay, Amazon & other online merchant aggregators have seen their volumes sky-rocket during the lockdown.  With not much else to spend your money on and the choice of products and services limited, folks have focussed their spare time on home baking, exercise with personal gym equipment, growing their own food, and other pastimes.  Oh and buying enormous quantities of food.

While the Brits hoard all sorts of bizarre toiletry products, our Russian friends instead chose to hoard cash, while in many other countries panic levels are growing about the cleanliness of cash and how it could help spread the dreaded virus. I’ve had the same cash in my wallet now for weeks, with no idea when I’ll be spending it.  However, have you noticed how we’ve all turned into remote purchasers? In the supermarket, please don’t show me your money, it had better be contactless or mobile payment; on the web it’s your favourite m-Wallet that’s paying.  I’ve even paid for several products and services in the last few weeks using direct account-to-account transfer using a digital bank service, so some of that money never even touched the card schemes at all. What’s perhaps more interesting is that these habits are intensifying and will likely endure even after the lockdown.

Where are we spending our money?  Let’s look again at the Supermarkets.  The increase in demand has put considerable strain on supermarket delivery services. Even long-term existing customers are struggling to get a meaningful slot.  It has to be hard for the online retail market to scale up quickly.  Every element of the pick, pack and delivery chain needs to scale up virtually overnight with little notice.  How do you purchase and equip another 300% of delivery vans?  Where do you locate them in order to load the goods?   Nonetheless, online retailers will emerge from this crisis in fine fettle.  The ones that innovated and scaled quickly will be tomorrow’s leaders. These new consumer habits will tend to stick. 

Many countries where e-commerce is only just taking off will see the biggest changes.  Laws to help consumers will encourage this practice, and the early entrants to the market will see the early-entrant advantage.

Who is helping these countries innovate in the scope of remote payment?  OmniPayments of course!  Our e-commerce offering makes it easier than ever for merchants & acquirers to process e-commerce payments, pay for bills, pay for services, make refunds, secure and protect merchants from fraud, P2P payments, relay cross-border remittances, and ensure timely settlement. 

With a rapid time to cloud-service, OmniPayments is leading the way in e-commerce, enabling adaptable merchants to strike a lead in the new world.  Need an experienced payments provider to launch your payments service?  We’re OmniPayments steering payments to a better place. You can sign up with us tomorrow.  Always OmniPayments. Always-ON.

Tweet us at @omnipayments, find us on LinkedIn or email us at



HPE Shadowbase Compare – Unrivaled Capabilities

HPE Shadowbase Compare is designed to provide you with accurate information describing the consistency between two copies of your HPE NonStop data, regardless of the block or file/table structure, partitioning, index or alternate key layouts, etc. The data being compared does not require the files/tables to match in structure, which allows the data to be different and provides advanced availability when performing zero downtime migrations.

Shadowbase Compare provides information at the file/table aggregate level, as well as down to the individual records/rows, and fields/columns. It is impossible to resolve or repair data issues when you do not know the primary keys of the offending records/rows and the specific data content that mismatches!

Shadowbase Compare supports verifying your Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX datasets, and is most commonly used in business continuity architectures to provide assurance that the data is consistent. It works alongside any data replication product. It supports comparing active and off-line databases, in all BC architectures (active/passive, sizzling-hot-takeover, and active/active), regardless of where the data is being updated. It integrates with the Shadowbase data replication engine to eliminate any “false-positive” comparisons that can otherwise occur due to replication latency.

Shadowbase Compare is fast, using advanced data compression algorithms to reduce network traffic and improve efficiency. Our SQL/MP and SQL/MX features and comparisons are unrivaled, and we are working to enhance the performance of our Enscribe comparisons to incorporate the same technologies. Shadowbase Compare easily installs into database environments without application modification, and leverages NonStop fundamentals to provide parallelism and to scale even the largest of comparisons.

HPE Shadowbase Repair is a feature that assists with correcting or repairing SQL/MP or SQL/MX database discrepancies between two tables. It works on any two database tables, provided they are both of the same type (MP or MX), and does not require the Shadowbase replication engine. Shadowbase Repair is also particularly useful in BC data replication environments, where it reads Shadowbase Compare’s table of differences, and repairs the discrepancies when the data do not match.

Talk with us or your HPE account representative to learn how easy it is to audit your NonStop data and prove your data’s consistency.

HPE Shadowbase Solutions Available for Attunity EOSL Product Replacement

Customers recently approached us several times looking to replace their Attunity products that are reaching end-of-service-life (EOSL). Fortunately, HPE Shadowbase has a proven track record of successful Attunity replacements. If you are faced with this dilemma, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Gravic Publishes Cover Story on Shadowbase Synchronous Replication


Gravic published the cover story, Shadowbase Software: Synchronous Replication, in the March/April edition of The Connection. Jonathan Ziegler, Gravic’s Senior Manager of Product Development for the Shadowbase Products Group, discusses Shadowbase software synchronous data replication for Zero Data Loss (ZDL), as well as the business continuity continuum. Data loss is one of the main issues whenever an unplanned outage of an IT service occurs.

Enhancing asynchronous replication, Shadowbase ZDL uses a patented method of synchronous replication, which eliminates the possibility of data loss caused by a disaster – potentially saving a business a huge expense, preserving lives, upholding its reputation, preventing lawsuits, and satisfying zero data loss regulatory requirements. Jonathan explains how he and the entire Gravic team are working to overcome the challenges involved with such important technology to avoid the significant costs from data loss!

Please Visit the Latest Shadowbase News Stories

·        New Web Page Answers Performance FAQ

Shadowbase performance-related questions and answers for our customers and partners. We expect this information to evolve over time and encourage users to submit questions.


·        New Web Page on Switching Your Data Replication Engine to HPE Shadowbase Solutions

Numerous obstacles and challenges of switching are discussed, as well as the methods and architectures of migrating, and several important HPE Shadowbase solution features.


·        A Message from TIC Software: Leverage the Power of Shadowbase User Exits

TIC Software, a Gravic partner, specializes in providing consulting services and add-on products for special custom logic in data transformation to ensure that Shadowbase users optimize their user exit code performance.


Gravic and Shadowbase Support is Available During the Pandemic

We are concerned for all of our friends in the HPE and Connect communities and pray that they remain safe through this unprecedented and dangerous situation! For the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gravic and its Shadowbase Products Group are open and operating with remote support and access. To reach Shadowbase Support, please use your normal Support contact information or use Support. Please use Contact Us for all other inquiries.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:





Let me begin by saying that I hope you and your families are safe and doing well. We are living in an unprecedented moment in modern history. Fortunately, the “NonStop mindset” allows us to take on these challenges head-on. In these uncertain times, organizations and individuals will rely on essential businesses such as health services and financial institutions, many of which are current users of our solutions. Now more than ever, CSP is proud to support those essential businesses that rely on our trusted security solutions to protect the integrity of their applications.

What are some of the latest cyber-security threats affecting organizations?

Cyber-crime is a constantly evolving enterprise. Cyber-security threats are becoming more sophisticated, as cyber-criminals refine their methods of intrusion and attack. However, the past year has seen a resurgence in certain types of low-tech cyber-attacks that are nonetheless incredibly effective. Let’s discuss some of these resurgent types of attacks.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a type of scam that targets businesses working with foreign customers and suppliers, and/or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments. This scam is carried out by fraudsters compromising email accounts through social engineering or computer intrusion techniques to conduct the unauthorized transfer of funds.

BEC attacks take a variety of forms and target companies in many different industries, but the basic aim is the same: to gain access to a company’s network, often through a combination of phishing attacks and malware. This malware is then used to carry out surveillance on the organization and its senior executives. Later, at a time of their choosing, criminals can initiate the scam by sending emails, purportedly from senior executives, to someone in the organization (typically the finance department), and requesting an immediate transfer of funds.

Unfortunately, BEC scams are constantly evolving as fraudsters become more sophisticated and find new ways to carry out these attacks.

In 2019 Business Email Compromise represented $1.78 billion in losses, with $53.4 billion coming specifically from Corporate Data Breaches.

Phishing also remains one of the most effective entry points for cyber-attacks. More than a dozen banks in the US and Canada recently found themselves on the receiving end of a mobile phishing scam that claimed approximately 4,000 victims. In this case, scammers duped victims with messages containing links to phishing pages made to appear like legitimate mobile banking pages.

These fake banking websites were designed to look like the actual mobile versions of the institutional sites. They featured everything from the correct fonts, layouts, and sizing, to authentic links to related pages that users would expect on a banking website, including notices about security and privacy.

Consumers increasingly use mobile banking applications as their primary means to manage their finances, transfer funds, deposit checks, and pay bills. This makes the perfect target for cybercriminals who are starting to exploit these applications as a new attack vector.

Financial loss, reputational damage, time, resources, these types of attacks can create incalculable harm throughout an organization. Banks and other financial institutions have long been in the cross-hairs of scammers and these attacks are just the latest incident in a long line of cybercriminals targeting financial institutions.

What can you do to minimize these types of security threats?

These attack campaigns, whether via BEC or Phishing, are a low-risk/high-reward type of cyber-crime for hackers. This makes them a persistent threat to all businesses, especially financial institutions. There are many steps which can be taken to ensure that sensitive information is kept safe, including the use of strong passwords, the use of a mobile password manager to help keep passwords strong and unique across all of devices and accounts, locking applications when not in use, and signing out of accounts not being used.

The ability to verify a user's claimed identity through various authentication factors has become crucial for NonStop systems, especially for users that will be logging-on to business-critical applications. Ineffective authentication comes with significant direct and indirect risks, including compliance penalties, data theft, loss of customer trust, and significant loss of revenue. There is an over-reliance on insecure forms of authentication, such as passwords and security questions, this can lead to security gaps that create opportunities for intruders. 

By implementing additional security measures, such as strong passwords and the use of multi-factor authentication, users can prevent credentials from being compromised and avoid falling victim to these types of attacks.

Minimize security gaps with Multi-Factor Authentication

Modern authentication methods represent a more robust security structure, and also provide a better user experience when logging into applications. MFA also makes it easier for auditors to get answers to critical compliance questions; providing information such as which users are granted access to which system, and also how the access policy is being reliably enforced. Additionally, some of the modern MFA applications available today also include reporting capabilities, which ensure that compliance standards, such as PCI DSS, are being met.


CSP Authenticator+™ supports numerous authentication factors for NonStop. It provides a  RESTful interface that supports multi-factor authenticated logins on NonStop systems. CSP Authenticator+ resides on the NonStop Platform and uses an OSS “bridge” to connect to the RESTful interface of the CSP Authenticator+ web server.

CSP Authenticator+™ Dashboard

CSP Authenticator+ can provide authentication services via Safeguard Authentication SEEP, or Pathway and Non-Pathway servers. Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Authentication methods such as RADIUS, RSA Cloud, Active Directory and Open LDAP are supported. Additional authentication methods include RSA SecurID, Email, Text Message, and Google Authenticator. You can now enable MFA logins for different applications, making them more secure! 

CSP Authenticator+ Key Features:


·        Support for various authentication methods

·        Browser-based user-friendly interface

·        Standardized authentication across platforms

·        Configurable for all or selected users

·        Support for virtual addressing


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 Take a moment to read this informative brochure discussing the unique integration of TSI’s Purpose Built Backup Appliance, Storage Director, with Nimble Storage:

 Storage Director Backup Appliance with Nimble Storage is a backup solution that can be deployed as a PBBA (Purpose Built Backup Appliance) for all enterprise computing platforms running Windows®, Linux®, VMware, IBMi/iSeries, HPE NonStop™ and UNIX® (HPUX,AIX)operating systems, and is compatible with TSM/Spectrum Protect, NetBackup, Commvault Simpana, BRMS and other backup applications.

The Storage Director/Nimble Storage solution replaces Dell EMC Data Domain, IBM ProtecTier and all other dedup appliances with enhanced performance at a lower TCO. This synergistic solution can backup 300+ percent faster and restore 500+ percent faster per node and per given network connection than dedup appliances. Recall that deduplication appliances are performance constrained due to in-line deduplication of data, the need for rehydration of data upon restore, the mandatory garbage cleaning requirement, and a lack of high performance tiering to archival media such as tape, hybrid or public cloud. Independent performance test data is available for review.

So check out the brochure, there’s lots more worthwhile information included that we’re sure will be of interest.  

Also, visit for complete details on Storage Director, Back-ups to Public Clouds, Cloud Object Storage, and data security, and feel free to contact or our Director of Sales, Matt Allan at 713-492-7434



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