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Gravic Announces Itanium-Platform Continuing Support Plan

ETI-NET Solutions for Legacy Tape Challenges  

Announcing Modern NonStop Apps Consulting Services

XYPRO Company & Product News, Plus First Quarter iPad Winner Announced

Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) ported to the Guardian environment

CommitWork presentation “Moving from a J2EE Oracle WebLogic-based application to a NSJSP-based application“ at the HP-Discover 2011

Modernizing Information Services - with CAIL Client Solutions

Availability Digest Says IPv6 is Here – Like it or Not

NonStop - A Running Commentary - April, ‘11

Brightstrand Health Check Service – plus a new Website

comForte launches tokenization solution to address security audit requirements


ÖBB manages NonStop systems with TOP from comForte

New Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum on LinkedIn

A Matrix-Based Approach to the Creation of Security Policies

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Gravic Announces Itanium-Platform Continuing Support Plan

Gravic, Inc., makers of the popular Shadowbase line of data integration software and tools, announces continuing support of the Itanium-processor systems produced by Hewlett Packard. Paul Holenstein, Gravic Executive Vice President and head of the Shadowbase Products Group, states “Oracle’s announcement that they are planning to end support for Itanium-based systems made by HP will likely strand tens of thousands of customers on older versions of Oracle. We want to assure HP’s customers that our Shadowbase product line will continue to run on HP’s Itanium-based systems. If any customer wants to migrate off an older version of Oracle to another database, a fast and efficient way to perform the migration is using Shadowbase’s Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) technology.”

Shadowbase’s Zero Downtime Migration technology moves change data to a new platform or database shortly after it has been modified on the source database. This form of real-time updating means that the latency delay for a change on the source system to be applied on the target system is very small, often seconds to sub-seconds, so that once the new target database is built, all operations has to do is switch over the users to the new system or database to complete the upgrade. An example of this type of live, in-place migration may be seen in America Online’s migration of user accounts from 32 Sybase servers to a single four-node NonStop cluster running SQL/MP. Read more about AOL’s ZDM migration by clicking here.

Please Attend Our Update on High and Continuous Availability Architectures at HP Discover 2011

Come visit with the Gravic team at HP Discover 2011 and enter to win a Kindle. We will also deliver a presentation on “Advances in High and Continuous Availability Architectures for NonStop Systems” – Breakout Session 4500, Thursday, June 9, 8-9 am. Learn how technology is evolving to deliver continuous application availability with zero data loss in the event of a disaster.

HP Discover 2011
The Venetian/The Palazzo
Las Vegas
June 6-10

EBUG 2011 ACI BASE24™ Show

We just returned from the EBUG 2011 show in Berlin (April 12-15), and enjoyed speaking with many of you regarding your BASE24 data replication needs. If we missed speaking with you at the show, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

GE Centricity™ Healthcare User Group Show

We will be at the GE Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG) Spring Conference, April 29-30. Please stop by and speak with us about your data replication needs.

CHUG 2011 Spring Conference

Centricity Healthcare User Group

Sheraton Hotel & Marina

San Diego

April 29-30

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free white papers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.

ETI-NET Solutions for Legacy Tape Challenges

NonStop operations groups face similar challenges to those of other platforms in dealing with transitions in backup and archive tape storage technologies:  data content that must be retained for long periods for regulatory reasons, while the equipment required to read the tape storage media reaches vendor end-of-support-life.  This is particularly true for large tape silos and their drives, with tape technologies like 3480 and 3490E no longer supported by HP and the silos that hold them no longer supported by their manufacturers.  This is leaving a number of organizations, particularly large banks, with thousands of archive tape volumes and no future for how to read them.

ETI-NET can help with this in two ways:  virtualization of legacy media for efficient disk- or tape-based storage, and on-going support for reading legacy tape media.  Where tape silos and legacy drives are still usable for a limited time, automated tape migration to virtual tape gets the archive data off the old media and onto the ETI-NET BackBox™ platform, where it can be stored on de-duplicated disk, or sent to an enterprise backup system, such as TSM or NetBackup, for storage on modern tape subsystem such as LTO-5.  Data de-duplication, such as with EMC Data Domain equipment, provides highly efficient and reliable storage of data while allowing its rapid retrieval.

Where tape silos and legacy drives are not available for a migration period, ETI-NET can provide legacy tape equipment and software that will read older tape formats that were used by HP NonStop systems.  Stand-alone tape drives or autoloaders are available for a range of formats, and are covered by extended warranties. These units are connected to BackBox Virtual Tape Controllers and supported by ETI-NET software, so there are no issues with discontinuation of NonStop device support.  Tape cartridges can be inserted into the drives or autoloader stacker and automatically virtualized and cataloged. So operator tasks are minimized.

For some customers with large numbers of tapes, particularly where many are stored off-site, a hybrid approach may be best:  migrating as many cartridges as possible, where silos and drives are still available for a limited time; then using ETI-NET-provided Legacy Tape Drives to read on demand any of the remaining archive tapes.

To discuss this or other backup solutions for NonStop, contact ETI-NET by telephone at 1-561-395-2278 or by email at information@etinet.com.


Announcing Modern NonStop Apps Consulting Services

We are pleased to announce the formal launch of ModernNonStopApps a specialty consulting firm, lead by Dave Bossi. Dave is spinning-off from Carr Scott Software to form an independent but symbiotic consulting services business focused on helping NonStop customers modernize their application solutions.

“Given HP’s tremendous effort in bringing standards based development and infrastructure to the NonStop platform, it is now incumbent on the NonStop users to leverage the opportunities HP has provided to lower their costs, while leveraging the new, open technologies and we are here to help” said Dave Bossi, ModernNonStopApps Founder and Principal Consultant.

According to The Standish Group, every line of code costs organizations $0.25 per year to maintain. By replacing custom written code with off-the-shelf tools and technologies, there is tremendous saving to be had from modernization. “There is so much code in the average application that needed to be built at the time but just isn’t necessary to maintain today because these features are standard parts of either the technologies themselves or available via low/no cost products. We’ve seen many examples at Carr Scott Software where customers have entire programs of 1000’s of lines of code that can be functionally replaced with just a few lines of SQL code. Also very common is for customers to have huge collections of code to do Enscribe data extraction/transformation that just are not necessary once we modernize the application.” continued Bossi.

“While we are thrilled for Dave and our joint customers, it is not without some sadness that we see Dave leave our support group. For the last seven years, Dave has been a key contributor to our customer facing organization but we wish him well and know that ModernNonStopApps will be very successful” said Harry Scott, Carr Scott Software Co-founder. “We will be working together through referrals and joint projects so our association will be different but we expect to continue our close, collaborative efforts to help the NonStop customers to achieve database-first modernization to continue long into the future.”

Before joining Carr Scott, Dave was an independent consultant developing on NonStop and then Unix for over 20 years.  During his career he has worked on major development projects under Guardian, OSS and Unix including web-enabling of NonStop applications.  Dave brings to the table database experience that encompasses SQL work with MP, MX, Oracle PL/SQL, and Escort SQL.  His systems background includes extensive Disaster Recovery work from planning through implementation.

Who should contact us?

Organizations with significant portions of their production database running in Enscribe….We can help!

Companies that have recently upgraded to Itanium hardware and now desire to leverage the industry standard, Open software environment that HP has provided for the NonStop system…We can help!

Groups investigating what all these new technologies are and which ones best fit their environment…We can help!

Firms in need of an extra set of well seasoned, NonStop/Tandem, development / deployment hands to get a project out the door…We can help!

Visit www.ModernNonStopApps.com , email us at dave@ModernNonStopApps.com or call us at +1 609.848.8195 …We can Help!


XYPRO Company & Product News, Plus First Quarter iPad Winner Announced

XYPRO Company News:
XYPRO Announces HP CI-Ready Certification
XYPRO is pleased to announce its recent HP CI-Ready verification. XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) and XYGATE Compliance PRO have been validated in the HP Converged Infrastructure environment.

What Is HP CI?
The HP Converged Infrastructure helps businesses overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl to shift more resources to innovation and strategic initiatives – creating the ideal foundation for an instant-on enterprise. This is achieved through an architectural blueprint that eliminates silos and integrates technologies (e.g. servers, storage and network) into shared pools of interoperable resources – all managed through a common management platform and all based on standards and customer choice.

The result is a data center of the future, today, that delivers a whole new level of simplicity, integration, and automation whereby the IT environment is synergistically aligned to the needs of the business: Faster time to revenue; lower costs of acquisition and implementation; more quickly and flexibly respond to business changes; and, lower risks. And as your business grows, a Converged Infrastructure will accelerate your move to an Instant-On Enterprise. This type of organization shortens the time needed to provision infrastructure for new and existing enterprise services to drive competitive and service advantage.

What is Merged Audit & Compliance PRO?
XYPRO's Merged Audit and Event Monitoring module (XMA) collects data from multiple sources of Audit and intelligently merges them together to form a single NonStop SQL audit database. XMA will also deliver all collected audit data vis SYSLOG to remote logging devices or SIEMs.

XYGATE Compliance PRO enables you to easily research the state of security on your HP NonStop server, report on the information found, build policies that monitor the state of the security rules in your environment, compare your existing security against Best Practice and custom Policy recommendations, and verify the integrity of your system objects.

Discover More about Converged Infrastructure with HP NonStop technology at Discover 2011. View the  eBrochure now.

Contact Barry Forbes at barry_f@xypro.com for more information.

XYPRO Product News
Merlon’s SQLXPress:
Specifically designed to work with SQL/MX version 2.1 or later
With the advent of support for native tables, HP NonStop™ SQL/MX has become a fully functional, ANSI-compatible database system, while retaining support for legacy SQL/MP databases. It can be used in the most demanding mission-critical applications.

In a typical SQL/MX environment, there are complex relationships between hundreds or even thousands of application programs, SQL modules and SQL database objects. Any changes in this environment can result in unintended, negative effects. Managing this complex environment has ultimately become a challenge for database administrators and technical support staff. SQLXPress provides comprehensive support for managing large, complex database environments. The solution is an essential companion product for SQL/MX. It is an integrated set of tools specifically designed to work with SQL/MX version 2.1 or later, with support for both MX and MP tables.

Contact Barry Forbes at barry_f@xypro.com for more information.

First Quarter iPad Winner
Get Qualified to Win Your Own iPad
Thank you, to everyone who filled out our first quarter survey. We’re pleased to announce that Alain Giulieri, Head of development front office at SIX Card Solutions is our First Quarter iPad winner! Congratulations Alain!  You can win your own iPad this quarter by answering a few short questions at www.xypro.com/survey .  New questions have been added for the second quarter so please revisit the survey for another opportunity to win.

Barry Forbes
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) ported to the Guardian environment

The PCRE library is a set of functions that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl 5. More info: www.pcre.org

The PCRE library is free, even for building proprietary software.

It is available as standard C source code. After making some modifications and configuration settings it could be compiled in the Guardian environment, producing a linkable library.
In the PCRE package there are test files and a test program that could be used to test the ported library.

If someone would like to use this port, it is freely available. Send me an email (mail@audit-profit.hu) and I will send it to you as compilable source code with some instructions.

The PCRE library is integrated into the Stefi application in order to enhance its filtering capabilities. At the same time it is a simple way to apply regular expressions to your existing files, without any development.

Stefi is a client-server application providing a Graphical User Interface frontend to NonStop Tedit/Enscribe files and Sql/Mp tables to browse and edit them. It provides a new level to access Enscribe files and also acts as a great Windows client for Sql/Mp tables. It also supports filtered file copy into the windows environment providing txt, Excel (csv), html, MsSql server table output formats.

One of the features is the so called "Enscribe filter", that is constructed on the client and then passed to the server for execution. This way the records can be filtered based on any fields on it.

With the PCRE porting the filter can use Regular Expressions that gives a very flexible way to define comprehensive conditions.

It also has an extra support for BASE24 files, making it ideal for BASE24 developers, testers and operators. In this area the regular expressions are quite useful for filtering token existence and content in log file records.

 More Information at www.audit-profit.hu



CommitWork presentation “Moving from a J2EE Oracle WebLogic-based application to a NSJSP-based application“ at the HP-Discover 2011

CommitWork invites you to visit the presentation „Moving from a J2EE Oracle WebLogic-based application to a NSJSP-based application“ on June 8 at 3:30 PM (Room Titian 2305).


This presentation describes how a J2EE Oracle WebLogic-based application was ported to a NSJSP-based application on NonStop Server.

The session will start with a historical overview that explains why the porting was necessary, followed by a discussion about advantages and disadvantages of the NSJSP-based solution.

 Attendees will learn about technical preconditions, including project architecture, communication, type of J2EE beans and JMS, along with the corresponding solutions in a NSJSP environment.

The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the project results.



Modernizing Information Services - with CAIL Client Solutions

A. Interested in Modernizing NonStop Information Services – fast, with no risk ?

B.  Want to increase NonStop profile and expand relevance to the business ?

If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes”,  then the following examples provide insights on how organizations are leveraging their investment in current systems for business advantage -

1.     To Simplify Information Services and Save Time, enable Users to automatically login (after initial validation) and go to the correct screen / field / location immediately.

2.     Have a Single View or Consolidated Display with multiple sessions being dynamically updated, create sub-windows to prompt for information from multiple systems (including NonStop) and use Windows Controls to grab a Tool and drag information onto a form.

3.    Improve Business Processes and enable Users to perform services faster by validating information in real time with data from different systems before dispatching personnel, allocating resources, etc.

4.    Enhance System Security with encryption, authentication, etc. – either with NonStop, or in conjunction with an enterprise initiative with all platforms.

5.     Have a Single Icon on the screen to access all Host based applications including - NonStop, UNIX/Linux, Mainframe, Midrange, etc. systems to improve IT and User productivity, deliver business results quickly, make it easier for IT to manage change, plus enable NonStop to be part of the Corporate Standard for Host Access, Enterprise Security Compliance or  Modernization strategy.

For additional insights on embedding communications capabilities with your applications to modernize systems, please visit www.cail.com/modern or www.cail.com , or send a message to info@cail.com.

CAIL  –  The easy way to  Modernize                     905-940-9000

Availability Digest Says IPv6 is Here – Like it or Not

The 4,294,967,296 unique addresses of the Internet’s original 32-bit Internet Protocol (IPv4) are about to be depleted.  Up next are 128-bit IPv6 addresses.  IPv4 and IPv6 are incompatible; and translation between the two will impact Internet performance.  Several approaches exist for protocol conversion, and the Digest discusses them in its April issue.

Also in this month’s Digest:

-  The theft of several million £ British pounds of computer hardware and networking equipment from Vodafone’s offices in Basingstoke left hundreds of thousands (in some reports millions) of Vodafone customers in Southern England without voice, text messaging, or mobile Internet services.  “Vodafone Downed by Burglars” investigates why Vodafone’s disaster plans did not include theft of equipment and why Vodafone chose the path of minimal communication with its affected customers. 

- With their continually increasing importance to global communication, social networks are discovering that their availability and performance are becoming ever more critical to users.  The Digest examines user demands and those social media that are succeeding at matching expectations. 

-  EMC’s SRDF data-replication engine is a storage-array replicator that provides consistent target database copies kept current via either asynchronous or synchronous replication. SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) is the Digest’s Product Review in April. 

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn.  We’re at 241 members and counting. 


NonStop - A Running Commentary - April, ‘11

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author

Following my blogs? Check out:

Real Time View at http://www.itug-connection.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, Real Time View

comForte Lounge at http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, comForte Lounge

Buckle-Up at http://www.buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the SubGroup on LinkedIn, Pyalla Track Days

The other night, as I watched television, there was a commercial that at first I laughed at, and then, in a moment of sobriety, wondered how many others may have wondered if this describes them and in some ways, the work they do, not to mention their routine environment.

The commercial described that moment of shock a family goes through when they walk into their house only to find out that they have been burglarized. As awareness hits the father, he bemoans the loss of his big-screen TV and his expensive HiFi equipment. Then one family member points to their desktop PC, lying on the floor. “But Dad! They didn’t take the PC!”

Don’t wait until this happens before you realize you need to upgrade your PC!

Much of the message surrounding modernization carries with it a similar message. Almost as if we don’t really know what constitutes modernization and a modern computing environment until we find that we cannot attract any new recruits to work with us. Not for them are yesterday’s block-mode green screens! Not for them are line-at-a-time editors! Not for them are days predicated on waiting for “time on the computer!”

OK, so it may not be quite this bad everywhere, but as our ranks of developers continue to swell with college hires, who don’t even know what it’s like without Social Media Apps on our phones, movies on our tablet PCs, and full two-way video on our laptops – or indeed all of the above on any of the devices … yes, today, even what we mean by modern may be outdated.

However, what’s not outdated is our need to access the information we already have! Indeed, for many of us it’s all about turning disks full of data stored within various file and data base systems into information that’s useful and helps us grow our business. As crass as it may sound, we do have gold lying in the groves of all those disks we just don’t pay any attention to any longer - you know, those things that just round in the dark.

In a paper I just finished for Attunity (watch for an email from Attunity next month providing a link to where you can download it) I revisited the topic of modernization and, in particular, putting a modern face on data we have stored under file management systems that may not be as fashionable as they once were. Here I am talking about retrieving data from Enscribe files and turning it into useful information either alone, solely from single Enscribe files, or in combination with data from other file systems whether something a little more modern like NS SQL/MP or perhaps even data from other external servers, modern or not!

For years city planners have wrestled with modernization. How to protect a globally recognized city-scape, that often dates back hundreds of years, and yet, can be rescued in new and interesting ways to the betterment to the local community without resorting to bringing it all down. As another television commercial reminded me recently, and a message at odds with what most of us in IT favor, “before we can rebuild it, we must first tear it down!”

Attunity does a great job with their Attunity Connect and Attunity Federate products and I have touched on these before in other social media channels. But this month, there’s a little more impetus for me to cover this subject as along with writing a paper on this matter, Attunity have asked me to present a webinar they have scheduled for European users early in May. Under the title of “Don’t stop the NonStop!” I will walk through the material I covered in the paper, which so happens, carries a title by the same name.

Registration will be required and I sure would like to have you listen in and then email me later, so check out the link:


Before I leave the subject however, part of the motivation behind the modernization message is to help lessen the time we spend on maintaining legacy systems and to increase the amount of time we have to be creative, to be inspirational, and to innovate – to move our company not just into new markets that may be a bit of a stretch and indeed prove to be outside our box, outside our market quadrant, if you like! Yes, we all want to be seen working with modern platforms and with applications tuned to the needs of our new, modern customers and partners. Trapped into thinking about what we have always considered will not help us, or our companies.

With this very much on my mind, and involved as I was with posting to blogs and writing papers, from out of almost nowhere, Jim Tomaney, General Manager, Europe for FSS Technologies, emailed me with an update that included time he, a Gen-Xer was having with his son, a Gen-Yer, and how there’s really nothing new in the attitudes of the two. Mind you, as a baby-boomer, I didn’t have too much difficulty relating to either … all they wanted was a reliable service delivering selected movies to their TV. “This should JUST work!!’ his son had said, according to Jim who then became quite profound, proposing that “no matter how clever we get with multi-channel customer interfaces and access routes, the Gen Y consumer is as expectant on quality as Gen X - in fact more so, as he expects everything to work that way, not just payments.” 

“So while the industry gets seduced by payments started on my iPhone APP and completed at the ATM, or similar, we'd better stay focused on RAS - Reliability, Availability and Scalability - because consumers demand it.  That means, in the context of (the video delivery service) - context management is a NonStop application.  In 2011 your online film service needs to be as robust as your 1980s ATM system - is there still a place for the NonStop Server? I think you are going to find that there are more places than ever!”

I am now a lot more
clear-headed than perhaps I was late that evening when I first saw the commercial where the desktop PC was left behind by burglars. Modernization, however, carries with it enormous potential; so much so that I sometimes wonder if we really have dared to look behind to curtain for a taste of what’s yet to come. Jim may be right! Who can tell? All I know for sure is there’s a very long way to go before NonStop has played its last card and for that, I am very thankful.

Looking forward to talking to you all next month …and yes, again, I remain as bullish as ever on all things NonStop!

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC



LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:


LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:



Brightstrand Health Check Service – plus a new Website


Maximise your hp NonStopÔ Server environment.

The BrightStrand International Health Check Service has been created in order to provide users of hp NonStop Servers with a situation report as to the status of their NonStop systems and service environments.

The service has been designed by BrightStrand, to assure customers that they are getting the optimum from their current hp NonStop Server environments.  The Health Check will provide a guide to assist customers in making improvements to various service areas.  It can also be used as a tool to aid the decision making process in such key areas as hardware purchasing, system migration and Service Level Agreement (SLA) planning. 

The service will take into account a number of factors depending on the pre-defined scope of the service.  These may include - procedures, strategies, system performance, configurations and security.  The service will involve the monitoring of system metrics, an assessment of general procedures, review of software revision levels and a general check of the installation.

Service Objective

The objective of the Health Check is to provide a high quality review of service areas that have been identified, by the customer, as being of concern or of interest. The main goals of the service will be:

·        To advise on compliance with standards.

·        To report on efficiency and performance.

·        To identify possible problem areas and recommend solutions.

·        To advise on current or future strategy.

This will be achieved by engaging a fully qualified and experienced BrightStrand consultant that will work closely with the customer to agree the scope of the engagement and to identify areas of special interest or concern. BrightStrand tools and solutions will be used to gather and analyse the necessary information, a report will be delivered detailing the analysis and highlighting any recommendations.  Consultancy will be provided in the areas of Performance, Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Operations, Database Management, System Security, System Management and Hardware Maintenance.

New Website

Brightstrand International recently launched a new, updated website at www.brightstrand.com. Please take a look. We hope you will find it informative and we would be happy to receive any constructive feedback.


 For further details please contact Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com

comForte launches tokenization solution to address security audit requirements


comForte 21 GmbH, a global provider of connectivity, middleware, and security solutions for the HP NonStop platform, today announced the launch of a new software solution for the tokenization of sensitive data which will be marketed globally under the brand name SecurData. Using SecurData, sensitive data in ENSCRIBE-based applications such as BASE24 can be encrypted without requiring any application changes.


"We are very excited to launch SecurData at a time when security audits such as PCI-DSS demand that sensitive data must no longer be readable where ever such data is being stored," says Michael Horst, Managing Director and Chief Architect of comForte 21. "SecurData helps any organization going through security audits to achieve compliance, to reduce the scope of the audit and to lower the ongoing costs of such audits. All in all it mitigates fraud risk as the encrypted tokens are useless to fraudsters"


SecurData is a powerful tokenization solution which encrypts sensitive data such as Primary Account Numbers (PAN) converting them into tokens for use within payment systems and related applications. The solutions is not limited to converting PANs into tokens rather it can be used for any kind of sensitive data that needs to be rendered unreadable such as national insurance numbers, passport numbers, patient numbers and the like. SecurData creates tokens for sensitive data, maintains them in encrypted format in a highly secure database and returns the sensitive data to authorized applications only when needed.


For more information on SecurData please visit www.comforte.com/SecurData.


Visit us at these upcoming events in 2011

BITUG Modernization SIG, London, May 11

GTUG, Boeblingen, May 11-12

ACE, San Diego, June 5-8

Discover, Las Vegas, June 6-10

VNUG, Stockholm, Sept 5-7, 2011

CTUG, Toronto, October

GTUG, Germany, Nov


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Are you a European NonStop User?

Do you require a Full Time / Part Time Resource boost to Cover New Projects, Maternity / Paternity leave etc.?

Do you have NonStop Customers based in EMEA that require Local Support of Hardware and Software?

Nonstop World International (NSWi) can help.

We are currently providing Local Support to Vendors outside of the EMEA region for their NonStop Customers based in EMEA.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with highly skilled NonStop professionals, whether Long Term or Part Time on a 24*7 basis.


Launching Shortly



ÖBB manages NonStop systems with TOP from comForte


Offering transit services across Austria, the ÖBB Group transports more than 450 million passengers each year, and more than 180,000 tons of goods every day. Given the scale of its operations, the organization places a premium on reliability, service, and efficiency. In order to streamline and improve the administration of its NonStop platforms, ÖBB selected The Operations Pack (TOP) from comForte. With TOP, ÖBB was able to significantly simplify NonStop administration, which helps administrators save time and effort.


The Challenge

The ÖBB Group is responsible for delivering Austria’s passenger train and bus services, rail freight services, and more. Today, the organization employs a workforce of about 46,000. For years, the organization has relied on HP NonStop servers for a host of critical services. Over time, however, the organization’s team of system administrators was hampered by the NonStop system’s TACL command line interface, which was complex and time consuming to work with. Consequently, the organization’s staff sought to find a management solution that would help simplify ongoing administrative tasks


The Solution

After receiving recommendations from other NonStop customers, the technical team at ÖBB selected the TOP solution from comForte. TOP is a management tool that provides an Explorer type interface for managing HP NonStop networks, subsystems, and components. Using TOP, authorized ÖBB staff can use their Windows workstations to operate NonStop servers.


The Benefits

TOP makes managing NonStop servers much easier for the staff at ÖBB. As opposed to using the complicated, laborious TACL command line interface, administrators can manage NonStop servers much more intuitively and quickly. Rather than having to rely on manual commands, administrators can now use a simple point-and-click interface to view and edit files, and they can easily drag and drop files and other components to desired locations. With TOP, ÖBB can make system administrators more productive, while reducing the mistakes associated with manual, command line-driven efforts.


About ÖBB

The ÖBB Group started to operate on 1 January 2005. Based on the Federal Railway Structure Act 2003 (Bundesbahnstrukturgesetz 2003) one of the greatest change management processes ever in an Austrian business was successfully put on track. Today, the ÖBB Group employs a workforce of about 46,000. Based on its new strategy it aims at positioning itself among the top European railways.


For more information on TOP please visit www.comforte.com/TOP.


Visit us at these upcoming events in 2011

BITUG Modernization SIG, London, May 11

GTUG, Boeblingen, May 11-12

ACE, San Diego, June 5-8

Discover, Las Vegas, June 6-10

VNUG, Stockholm, Sept 5-7, 2011

CTUG, Toronto, October

GTUG, Germany, Nov


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New Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum on LinkedIn

Welcome to the new Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3876591) on LinkedIn.

 The forum is open to those individuals and HP NonStop customers who have made the migration from Enscribe to SQL, who are considering doing so, or who have decided for whatever reason to avoid the migration process. Here is an opportunity to discuss with peers both migration success stories and the challenges faced by those who make the migration effort. What is propelling your decisions? Staffing issues? Costs? Time constraints? The pressures of modernization? Are you perfectly happy with Enscribe? For those who have successfully migrated from Enscribe to SQL, did you accomplish it incrementally or through a “big bang” conversion? Did you use a third-party product, or was all the migration work performed in-house?

The Enscribe to SQL Migration forum is hosted by TANDsoft, Inc., creator of the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit. The Toolkit permits easy, unlimited conversion of Enscribe calls to SQL/MP or SQL/MX statements. It offers a flexible, affordable alternative to more expensive products or manual techniques with no program changes to the application. Supported are both file-by-file and application-by-application incremental migration.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. In addition to the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit, they include the OPTA2000 virtual clock and time-zone simulator, the TMF-Audit Toolkit, FileSync for automatic file synchronization and replication, and Command Stream Replicator, which automatically replicates DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail. TANDsoft products require minimal or no application modifications and are available for all HP NonStop servers.
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A Matrix-Based Approach to the Creation of Security Policies

As matrix management is a commonly understood business methodology, it becomes a logical extension to create a familiar matrix tool for use by security administrators.

The access matrix, or access control matrix, is a formal security model that sets the rights of users to access or be denied access to system resources and sensitive data.

Access matrices can serve as the user friendly, intuitive layers that interface with underlying software such as HP Safeguard.

For more information: http://www.tandemsecurity.com/service_trends_4.php

Recent Catches

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of hearing your pager go off, read no further.  If you would prefer a calmer, proactive approach to problem solving, here are some success stories:

·     Major NonStop batch site: We saw multiple CPUs drop to almost zero available main memory.  We identified the process and user, and the site is investigating.

·     Another NonStop batch site: We saw two batch jobs which were running in CPUs 1 and 2 and using a lot of memory, driving available memory to almost zero. We recommended moving the jobs to 4 & 5, who have lots of free memory.

·     Financial switches: At least three sites (two NonStop, one not) experienced significant slowdowns. In both cases we identified the offending back-end partners who were not performing to spec.

·     Bank: We’ve identified a pattern of the application going into stand-in mode when the back-end host starts to slow down.  We’re working with them to fine-tune their timings so that the app isn’t so sensitive.

Ban Bottlenecks®:

Dedicated NonStop performance /capacity experts.

1440x730 coverage (every minute, every day, with a 2-year historical perspective).

Implementing effective, disciplined, proactive capacity management programs.

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comForte webinar: Survival of the Fittest – Modernize Your NonStop Applications today!


Today, many organizations heavily rely on NonStop platforms for their mission-critical applications as NonStop continues to deliver the outstanding reliability, availability, and scalability that drove the initial hardware selection. However, within the NonStop installed base, some organizations continue to wrestle with ongoing challenges, such as lack of access to the application on NonStop from other systems, failure to integrate with corporate SOA initiatives, old-style text-based user interface of legacy applications, and more. On the other hand, a growing number of organizations have given new life to their NonStop platforms, modernizing them, broadening and simplifying system access so they can gain even more value from their NonStop investments and their infrastructure overall.


Attend this webinar and find out how to do the seemingly impossible for your NonStop applications:

-          Do more, more effectively, with less

-          Cut costs without increasing risk

-          Modernize mission-critical legacy applications which are vital to your organization

-          Better align the “NonStop box in the corner” with your corporate IT strategy


About the Presenter

This webinar will be presented by Thomas Burg, Chief Technical Officer of comForte, who has more than 20 years of enterprise computing experience with an impressive background in systems programming, networking and computer security. Thomas is a recognized leader in the NonStop business and a regular attendee of key industry events such as GartnerITxpo and Infosecurity Europe. As the CTO of comForte, Thomas is responsible for comForte's product solutions and product management.


It all sounds interesting but you have not got the time? Please pass this invitation on to the right people in your team and have them report back to you on the outcome.


Webinar Details

Choose from one of these two events:


Webinar for the EMEA and Asia region:

Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Time: 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM (GMT)

Register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/971488136


Webinar for the Americas and AustralAsia region:

Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Time: 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Pacific Time

Register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/909527081


There is a time zone calculator "Show time in my time zone" on the registration page to help you determine which webinar is most convenient for you.


Kind Regards,


Thomas Gloerfeld

User Groups

Information on User Group events can be found at http://www.connect-community.org


BITUG Modernization SIG, London, May 11 www.bitug.com

GTUG, Boeblingen, May 11-12 - Email for more Info

Discover, Las Vegas, June 6-10

VNUG, Stockholm, Sept 5-7, 2011

CTUG, Toronto, October

GTUG, Germany, Nov

Discover, Vienna, Nov 29 - 1 Dec

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