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Achieving Century Uptimes

The Royal Bank of Canada Raves About SOAP/AM®

NonStop - A Running Commentary - November, ‘10

Survey for Executives that Control HP NonStop Systems

The PCI Security Standards Council Updates PCI DSS (V2.0)

comForte - Geographical Expansion and Execution of Corporate Strategy Key for Continued Growth

Converged Infrastructure Management – Prognosis is CI Ready

Data Transfer encryption introduced in the Stefi product

Command Stream Replicator Makes European Debut at BITUG and FTUG

Availability Digest Asks, “Does Data Replication Eliminate Backups?”

PAN Discovery Software for HP NonStop Servers



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NTI @ The “Big Sig”

NTI will be in attendance at the BITUG BIG SIG on 1st and 2nd December 2010

Come by and see us, enter our competition for prizes and discover all of the latest developments at NTI.

See NTI’s presentation by Jim McFadden on the 2nd December 2010 in the Court room at the Big Sig.

To contact us prior to the event please email us.



BrightStrand International continues to deliver NonStop Services to its customer base. Its consultants have the skill and experience that make it the premier service deliverer in the sector. Services are tailored to individual customer needs.

Also by working closely with customers BrightStrand develop products to address customers’ needs, such as BrightStrand Netbatch/DR. This is a product that allows the customer to create a simple, automated disaster recovery solution for the HP NetBatch environment.

BrightStrand continues to deliver a full range of services that include:

·       Systems and Operations Management

·       Performance and Tuning

·       Database Design and Administration

·       Communications Subsystems

·       Web Services

·       Security Reviews

·       IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·       NonStop Integrity Migrations

·       System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

·       Ad hoc skills and resources

All, or some of these elements can be brought together in a Fully Managed Service that can be tailored to the particular needs of the customer – including remote bridging, hosting or operations support, adding further value to the BrightStrand quality services.

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email Dave for more information.


Achieving Century Uptimes

Part 25: Is the Active/Active Topic Getting Stale? 

The November/December 2010 issue of The Connection contains Part 25 of the “Availability Corner.” Written by Dr. Bill Highleyman, Dr. Bruce Holenstein, and Paul J. Holenstein, the article analyzes if there has been too much coverage of the topic, and discusses answers to the following questions: Are the costs of active/active systems limiting them to just a few highly critical applications with million-dollar-per-hour downtime costs? Are non active/active systems today so reliable that the technology is not needed? The article points out that the current recession is one inhibitor of achieving continuous availability, but as it ends, the need for continuous availability will have progressed by several years. In order for companies to remain competitive, they should expect a resurgence of interest in active/active technologies.

To read the full article, please click here.

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Please contact us for the other shows that we are attending in 2011.

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


The Royal Bank of Canada Raves About SOAP/AM®

As you may well know, NuWave's SOAP/AM® products were featured in The Standish Group's white paper, Roadmap to the Megaplex. What you may not know is that this feature included a great new customer story from RBC, as follows.

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the largest financial institution in Canada, measured by deposits, revenues, and market capitalization. The bank serves more than 17 million clients and has more than 80,000 employees. The Royal International Money Management System (RIMMS) was designed to support wholesale high-value payment processing. RIMMS started out as an off-the-shelf application package in the early 1980s, but RBC purchased the source code and customized the features and functions. Over the years, RBC added a full range of wholesale and international banking instruments, including FX, MM, derivatives, synthetics, debt equities, loans, and facilities. Today, RIMMS is a core and vital part of the RBC treasury function. However, it was written in TAL and COBOL, making it difficult to change and add functionality. The user interfaces were green screens and the programming interfaces were custom code.

RBC wanted a web presence for RIMMS and a standard way of interfacing other banking functions, such as trading, to RIMMS. RBC wanted to contain RIMMS and create a service-oriented architecture to bring agility and flexibility to the treasury business. Since the treasury business changes constantly, the architecture would be designed to adapt quickly with minimal effect on RIMMS and the other applications. A web presence with modern GUIs would make using RIMMS easy and more accurate.

RBC called on NuWave to create its RIMMS SOA environment with the use of SOAP/AM products. RBC downloaded a trial version of SOAP/AM Server from the NuWave website and within 30 minutes was building SOA objects through standard browser screens that intuitively lead developers through the process. RBC quickly purchased a production version for client interfaces and replaced the green screens with new modern GUIs. Then RBC set out to interface the Unix treasury applications with RIMMS. In this regard, RIMMS would send services to the Unix platform for execution. RBC then purchased the SOAP/AM Web Service Client so that the Unix platforms could send service requests to the RIMMS NonStop platform for execution. Today, RBC has a fully functioning SOA treasury environment because of SOAP/AM. RBC had high praise for NuWave’s products and customer service.

To learn more about SOAP/AM Server and SOAP/AM Web Service Client, visit the NuWave Technologies website at http://www.nuwave-tech.com or email us


NonStop - A Running Commentary - November, ‘10

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author

Following my blogs? Check out:

Real Time View at http://www.itug-connection.blogspot.com/

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For those who still view their home countries as part of the colonies, I opened with in last month’s issue, that then led to some observations about the Commonwealth Games under way in India. I wrote of how for many readers, games like field hockey, lawn bowls and rugby sevens may be unfamiliar recreational pass times. I also wrote of how, no matter where you finally end up living, you still retain strong ties to the place of your birth.

It’s just a month later and now the serious side of competition between England and the rest of the Commonwealth begins as England entertains South Africa, New Zealand, and Australian rugby teams on its home soil. It’s almost certain that each fixture will draw a tremendous crowd to the rugby parks, as there’s nothing better than being part of the large gathering watching it all unfold live!

Nothing draws out national allegiances more strongly than a hard played international rugby match. Living in America, it’s hard to imagine the atmosphere inside some of the modern rugby grounds that have been built recently – my last memories of the great playing field at Twickenham, mind you, were from 1975 when the Wallabies went down to a much stronger England side and where the facilities were far removed from the glamorous stadium of today. And yes, you heard it here first – when it comes time for the Rugby World Cup, expect the finals to be played between the All Blacks and the Wallabies …

The internet has proved to be a boon for shared information between loyal fans, no matter where they live, and a constant barrage of “friendly” exchanges takes place routinely as competition gets under way. An injury to a key player, the arrival of a highly-reputed youngster, and the after-hours antics of fringe-elements of the team never escape the attention of the team’s followers. Drawn together in support of one objective, winning, whether an international trophy, a season’s final, or who pays for drinks, the team’s followers can’t help themselves when it comes to passing on comments and sharing opinions.

And there’s virtually no escaping the constant barrage of information from the professional writers covering the events!

If this sounds familiar then it shouldn’t come as a surprise – I have often used similar language to describe user community gatherings, whether an annual summit or just a regional event. If you need to know what is planned for the hardware, check out the product management presentations on the hardware roadmap. If you are anxious to hear what your peers are doing to better modernize the platform, check out the customer presentations.

There’s no better place to find out what’s to be expected than being a part of the gathering that assembles for each occasion!

I have spent time at the NonStop Symposium as well as at the Fall CTUG event. Colleagues have attended other events as far apart as the ACI user group meeting in tropical Bali and the DUST user group meeting in desert Arizona. And the feedback is very similar. NonStop is now a team sport! HP’s NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) is as dependent on its solutions providers and middleware and tools vendors as they are on each other. Nowhere is this more widely understood than when it comes to the key message of modernization and the role of modernization in pursuing convergence.

In last month’s issue I wrote about topics that would be subject to generating the most commentary and where opinions would be varied but plentiful. These included NonStop as a smart controller, and whether, when it came to the software, NED would develop any of it.

I have had numerous email exchanges since I made these remarks and one thing has become very clear. Whereas in the past, the NonStop development team paid close attention to the customers, and the requirements that they generated, looking ahead future technologies will be driven by the solutions providers.

Increasingly, we are witnessing a transition where it is these solutions providers who will be calling all of the shots and it will be these vendors who determine which infrastructure and middleware (even that of NED) will succeed or fall by the wayside.

Gatherings, such as we see at user events, only help to confirm that customers are writing less and less applications themselves. While it’s of interest to a small percentage of these customers that they can use modern client development environments to build business solutions and then have the infrastructure stacks on NonStop to run them, the majority of users develop “deer in the headlights” stares when hearing about the latest offerings.

It’s hard for most of them, still supporting COBOL applications, to fully grasp the freedom that the latest open technology provides as after all, they are far removed from the decision-making process as to what runs on NonStop and what’s run on some other platform.

There’s a new group of solutions vendors beginning to make an impact on the NonStop, driven for the most part by the vacuum temporarily created by the decision taken by ACI to change strategies and favor IBM mainframe deployments. New applications developed in Java and the .Net framework , dependent upon SQL data bases, are being ported to NonStop at a rate unlike I have seen in any previous years. It’s not a feeding frenzy, mind you, but there’s a definite expectation that modern solutions can run as easily on NonStop as on any other platform.

When I suggested that perhaps NonStop could become a smart controller within future hybrid clusters, clouds, and even “Megaplexes” what I was hinting at were the arrival of future solutions that would be deployed across a mix of platforms at price points greatly reduced from anything sold in the past. From all I have seen of late, this will be done almost exclusively by the solutions providers.

Almost no customer has figured out why they would use such a Megaplex – when  early hybrid NonStop and Linux prototypes were first given to users to play with and to test possible deployments, they led to nothing and I understand were politely returned. This is not a customer-driven technology and this was quickly recognized. Modern? Yes! Advanced and innovative? Yes! Yes!

User group events of all types will continue to draw the crowds and will continue to be the forums where new technologies will first appear. The role of the primary vendor and how far they can take the technology will evolve more dramatically in the years to come. Expect to see much of what can be done turn up first in the hands of your favorite solutions providers, ably assisted by a number of middleware and tools vendors.

Only then will we see the NonStop server magically disappear inside the data center. As Randy Meyer reminds us frequently, there will come a time when customers simply wave their hands across their data centers and say, “Yes, we run NonStop! It’s in there somewhere, I’m just not sure where exactly!”

And for this to occur, it will take partnerships and it will take leadership by solutions providers. But what a future it will be, and what a surprise for all others oblivious today to just how modern NonStop has become. Go team!

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Email:                                      richard@pyalla-technologies.com

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:   


LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:



Survey for Executives that Control HP NonStop Systems

Chances of winning an Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle are 4 times greater than completing a major software development project on time and on budget. 

That is of course, if you  participate in our survey on the modernizing their HP NonStop platform. 

The survey is only 14 questions and should take about 10 to 15 minutes to register and complete it. 

Just go here to do the survey:



The PCI Security Standards Council Updates PCI DSS (V2.0)

Changes are logging-focused & intended to help businesses improve compliance and security

The PCI Security Standards Council (XYPRO is a member) officially unveiled updated versions of compliance with changes meant to clarify the requirements organizations face. The changes are coming as a direct result of the feedback the PCI Security Standards Council has received, and should help your business with its security and compliance efforts.  

The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data.

The key revisions cover areas such as log management and scoping the environment to understand where cardholders reside.  In fact, the council is pushing hard for centralized logging, stating that:

“If you don’t use a centralized logging facility your auditors will have to look in more places, and chances are, if they have to look in more than one place...you’ll wind up missing some of this stuff.  It is a "proven fact that every time we find a breach, it’s always found in the log.”

This change also coincides with HP adding XYGATE Merged Audit Software with every new NonStop server order. 

This centralization of NonStop Audit can also be sent Off-box to a centralized logging facility like HP's CLW and Arcsight offerings, meeting the Centralized Logging Facility requirement at the Enterprise Level.

There were also revisions meant to enable organizations to develop a risk-based assessment approach based on their specific business circumstances as well as changes designed to appeal to small merchants to simplify their compliance efforts.

The new versions will become effective Jan. 1. For more information, you can click here

For more information about the XYGATE Solution, visit www.xypro.com.


comForte - Geographical Expansion and Execution of Corporate Strategy Key for Continued Growth


Neuruppin, Germany, November 15, 2010 - comForte GmbH, a global provider of connectivity and security solutions for the HP NonStop platform, today announced yet another fiscal year marked by profits and growth.

Over the course of the company’s fiscal year, which ended on September 30, 2010, comForte continued to execute on its strategic plans for growth and achieved its second best result in the company's history.


Over the course of the year, comForte…

·        Completed the integration of comForte Pty Ltd in Sydney

·        Founded comForte Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore

·        Forged new partnerships with International Turnkey Systems (distributor Middle East) and Network Technologies International (comForte markets DRNet internationally)

·        Intensified the partnership with Infrasoft and launched the uLinga product worldwide

·        Achieved its ambitious sales and revenue goals


Another important milestone during the last financial year was the selection of comForte's SecurSSH and SecurSSL products to be included in the HP NonStop Operation System Mission Critical Edition. comForte's products provide the operating system with enhanced security capabilities and will be available as standard component of the J and H-series systems.


"We are very excited about our continued financial and operational achievements," says Dr. Michael Rossbach, CEO of comForte. "During the last 12 months we have taken further steps to expand comForte's global footprint by establishing a subsidiary in Singapore serving the Asian markets and by teaming up with a number of select partners in order to better cover certain geographies and to enhance our product portfolio."


Come and see us at the following events:

·        GTUG, Nov 16-18, Wiesbaden, Germany

·        BITUG BIG SIG, Dec 2, London UK

·        France NonStop Chapter Meeting, Dec 6, Paris, France

Read our comForte Lounge blog and join the discussion in LinkedIn ...


Converged Infrastructure Management – Prognosis is CI Ready

The HP NonStop platform continues to represent the pinnacle of high availability for critical customer-facing interactions, and forms the centerpiece of many important business operations. However, growing adoption of distributed systems is contributing to increased complexity and IT resource sprawl.

Deploying HP Blade technology with multiple blades and different operating systems in the same rack can address both these challenges as well as bringing the opportunity of convergence to the data centre. In fact, Converged Infrastructure (CI) could deliver the optimal data center that matches the supply of IT resources with the demand for business applications.

Mission-critical loads can run on NonStop, lower value loads on HPUX, and the lowest value on Linux or Windows. If applications are written with modern standards like SOA and middleware like MQ, and J2EE containers, they can interact transparently across operating systems and even be migrated from system to system easily. And Blades can access supporting infrastructure like storage from SANs.

So what does this mean for CI management? A management solution should be Converged Infrastructure Ready and monitor converged infrastructures with ease in real time. It must help ensure maximum uptime for high value, mission-critical loads on HP NonStop as well as other workloads running on distributed systems. Advanced manageability with NonStop platform management  incorporated seamlessly into a mix of operating systems and software is vital to making the CI vision a reality and keeping it there.  

Integrated Research (IR), maker of Prognosis monitoring solutions, is the first HP NonStop Alliance Partner to be certified “Converged Infrastructure Ready”. Prognosis delivers correlated, integrated views of the entire NonStop and distributed systems environment, including support for HP Blade Systems, virtualization and storage. It provides insight to the performance of converged applications as businesses migrate to new middleware components and can help ensure application performance as workloads are migrated from operating system to operating system.

Shaun Clowes, IR Product Manager for Payments and HP NonStop, adds “The CI Ready certification indicates that Prognosis has been validated to support modern standards and can be used in converged infrastructure environments. As Prognosis provides visibility across operating systems into middleware, and deep into the business applications themselves, customers are not locked into looking at one system at a time, which is inadequate in a CI environment. Prognosis can peek inside important frameworks and middleware that enable CI such as SQL/MX and Java.”

For more about prognosis for NonStop, virtualization and distributed systems management visit www.prognosis.com/nonstop


Data Transfer encryption introduced in the Stefi product 

As security is an issue every day some developments has been made in the Stefi product to encrypt the data transfer between the Windows Client and the NonStop server. The option was always there to use third party tools to encrypt the data, now it is a built in feature.

As Stefi works as a client-server application, request and reply data can contain sensitive data. With this enhancement the NonStop server determines whether this communication has to be encrypted or not. If it is configured to require encoding, the clients must adapt.

DES and 3DES encryption is supported.

Many thanks to Greenhouse Software & Consulting (http://www.greenhouse.de/), the server uses their encryption library.

The same way thanks to David Barton (http://www.cityinthesky.co.uk/), the windows client uses his cryptography package.

With this enhancement it is more secure to use the software and security auditors will also be happy!

About Stefi:

Stefi, serving for years, is a useful tool to handle NonStop Enscribe/Sql files. It gives you a fast and user-friendly grapfical user iterface not only to Browse the files, but also to Edit them. For Sql tables you can construct Sql queries, for Enscribe files you can build a so called "Enscribe Filter". Primary and alternate keys can be also used. A separate converter program makes it possible to convert Cobol record definitions to Stefi's structure definition format. It is easy to copy your NonStop data into the Ms Office applications or into MsSql tables.

Stefi has specific features for BASE24 files. Lots of BASE24 files' structures are already converted, there is a built-in Token Browser, which makes it easy to take a closer look at all of those details packaged into the tokens of the log files. You can filter the records on the presence and also on the contents of tokens. Queries can be sent not only to one file, but also to a batch of files. Using alternate keys, we can query a monthly batch of log files in seconds. It can also use the LCONF to locate the B24 files.

A tool that can really ease the work of NonStop developers/testers/operators, with specialities for those working with ACI's BASE24 system.

Offline Demo can be downloaded from the home page.

There is a special edition (it is free): BASE24 PTLF/TLF Extract viewer, for you and your clients:


More information:

Command Stream Replicator Makes European Debut at BITUG and FTUG

TANDsoft’s Command Stream Replicator makes its European debut next month at two NonStop User events – BITUG’s annual Big SIG on Thursday, December 2nd, and the relaunch meeting of FTUG, the French HP NonStop User Group, on Monday, December 6th.

Command Stream Replicator (CSR) automatically replicates DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems – changes and settings that normally are not replicated because they sit outside the TMF Audit Trail. CSR supports Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases as well as FUP, SQLCI, MXCI, SCF, and TACL utilities. Efficient command-only replication ensures minimal requirements for operator intervention.

Also making a command appearance at both events will be several other members of the TANDsoft product suite. The popular OPTA2000 virtual clock and time-zone simulator allows multiple applications operating in a consolidated environment to each have their own virtual system clock or function in their own virtual time zone with date/time specifications that are different than that of the system clock. FileSync for automatic file synchronization and replication is used for disaster recovery, migrations, upgrades, and backups. FileSync-Audit replicates only Enscribe file modifications, not entire Enscribe files, in order to efficiently synchronize all files across the network. The Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit and TMF-Audit Toolkit offer flexible, affordable alternatives to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques.

TANDsoft products require minimal or no application modifications, and all products are available for the entire family of HP NonStop servers.

For more information at whatever event - BITUG or FTUG - you attend, stop by the TANDsoft tables; or listen in at the TANDsoft vendor presentations. TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. Visit www.tandsoft.com. Or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234.

Availability Digest Asks, “Does Data Replication Eliminate Backups?”

Data replication does not protect data.  Huh?  How can two independent copies of a database, one at the production system and one at the standby system, not provide data protection and therefore eliminate the need for periodic backups?  November’s Availability Digest takes a stand on the side of backups as being vital to the protection of company data.  The Digest’s Best Practices article identifies database corruption, dual database failures, point-in-time restoration, security auditing, archiving and other instances as critical reasons to back up data even if replication is also used. 

Other topics in this month’s Digest include:

- Never Again - Replicated corruption downed J.P. Morgan Chase’s online banking services for three days.

- Availability - System users, system operators, and company management have very different views about the importance of recovery times (MTR) versus failure intervals (MTBF).

- Recommended Reading - When it comes to data archiving and backup, what’s the best solution - disk or tape?

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Our new “Useful Links” page is a great resource for use in the online research of products and services focused on high- and continuous availability and mission-critical systems.  The Digest’s Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn now includes a thread on “Should hardware vendors provide hardware reliability commitments?”


PAN Discovery Software for HP NonStop Servers

4tech Software announces PANfinder: a new and inexpensive solution, which searches HP NonStop systems for hidden and unmasked/unencrypted payment card data.

In most data breaches, unmasked PANs are copied/leaked to secret locations – the consequences of which have been well documented. To help detect this, PANfinder has been created.

We all know where our PAN data should be stored and we all know it should be masked/encrypted. PANfinder allows you and your auditors/QSAs the piece of mind that this scenario is actually true.

PANfinder, automatically searches your HP NonStop servers looking for PAN data and produces clear, PCI compliant reports on its findings. With its flexible and easy configuration PANfinder allows you to reduce false-positives, it provides completely configurable report production, allows you to specify CPU usage and priority and has the ability to search open and locked files. PANfinder will search files of many different formats and can be configured to search just specific disks or volumes as system resources allow

Reports can be exported as CSVs, making storage, production and analysis easy. All reports comply with PCI-DSS requirements, in that suspect PANs are sufficiently masked.

In keeping with the ethos of PCI-DSS, PANfinder doesn’t store, copy, display, move or output any full PAN data.

PCI-DSS requirement 3.4 states “Render PAN, at minimum, unreadable
anywhere it is stored”. How do you know exactly where all the your PANs
are stored?

PCI-DSS requirement 6.3.4 states “Production data (live PANs) are not used for testing or development” How do you know there are no live PANS sitting on your test and/or development boxes?

PCI-DSS requirement 3.2.2 states “Do not store the card verification code or value (three digit or four-digit number printed on the front or back of a payment card) used to verify card-not present transactions.”  Are there Card Authentication/Validation numbers stored on your systems?

The fastest and most cost-effective way of searching for sensitive card data is with PANfinder.

For more information visit



“NonStop only”

BIG SIG 2010

(1st – 2nd December 2010)

Remember, remember the 1st & 2nd of December! 

Time to book now for this year’s BITUG BIG SIG. 

BIG SIG 2010 sees a return to a NonStop only event and a return the prestigious Trinity House, near the Tower of London and rapidly becoming the spiritual home of BITUG’s annual BIG SIG.

Once again, we have two packed days of information, Education, Certification vouchers, many prizes, end user presentations, and all things NonStop.  Oh, did I mention lot’s of prizes!

Even as you register this year, via the BITUG web site, you will receive an-email offering you the opportunity to participate in a 35-years of NonStop quiz.  The winner will be announced in the closing speeches on December 2nd and awarded……….yep, a prize!

BIG SIG 2010

Day ONE 1st December – A now traditional Education day, scheduled to cover  NonStop Essentials Management tools.  This is to be held at the HP offices in Wood Street London and registration is now available via the BITUG web site.  Please, be quick, spaces are limited! 

For those on the Education day and or those that are planning to travel and stay over night in London prior to BIG SIG day, BITUG has arranged a social gathering on the evening of the 1st.  This will in a private function area, up stairs at the Liberty Bounds refreshment establishment (code for PUB).  The “Liberty Bounds” is just outside Trinity House and opposite the Tower of London.   All BITUG members, NonStop Vendors and anyone NonStop, past and present are welcome to join us from 17.00 Hrs onwards.    

Day Two 2nd December – And so to the main event! 

Back at Trinity House, this is a pure NonStop overload day!  From 8.30 AM in the morning until 17.00hrs in the afternoon.

There will be three streams of presentations throughout the day:

Stream 1) Solely for HP themselves.  Speakers from HP include, Bob Kossler from HP USA and Eric Gomes.  Bob has over 20 years experience with the NonStop Enterprise Division.  During that time Bob has been in Hardware Development, Product Management and is now in charge of Strategy, which involves looking at industry trends and roadmaps, infrastructure solution requirements and overall HP direction.  Eric is sales manager of Communications, Media and Entertainment for NonStop Enterprise Division in EMEA. Eric has a deep understanding of directions in CME as well as links into the HP Software group responsible for developing CME applications.

Stream 2) A NonStop security track and Stream 3) A Major NonStop Application Solutions track. 

For details of all the Steams, the speakers and presentation titles, please look now at the BITUG web site. 

In addition to the above, during the day, we have the main Vendor area, where all day refreshments and lunch will be available and new for 2010, all the sponsoring Vendors have the opportunity to present to BIG SIG delegates.

KEY to BIG SIG 2010

Also, this year, we are very fortunate to have keynote speakers such as Jim Johnson from the Standish group.  Jim is flying over from the USA to the BIG SIG specifically for BITUG!  Jim Johnson is the founder and Chairman of The Standish Group Int’l.  He has been professionally involved in the computer industry for over 40 years and has a long list of published books, papers, articles and speeches.  He has a combination of technical, marketing, and research achievements focused on mission-critical applications and technology. 

Therefore, if you are involved in anything NonStop, you must register now for BIG SIG 2010.  Registration for the BIG SIG day and the Education day is now open and you can register in the normal way via the BITUG Web site at www.bitug.com.  Please, if you are unsure if you are eligible to register via the web site, simply email me at chairman@bitug.com and I WILL get back to you.  We endeavor to welcome all NonStopers!   

With an education day, social/networking evening event and a multi threaded BIGSIG all on offer we think you more than justify one or two days out of the office.

So go on, register now! Go to www.bitug.com and look for latest news and Signup for the BITUG BIG SIG 2010 and Signup for the BITUG Education Day.


BITUG - It’s been NonStop for decades!


David Ross

Chairman BITUG Committee



This meeting will be held at HP France in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, 80 rue Camille Desmoulins on December 6th 2010 from 9am until 6pm.

The main theme is application modernization including presentations on HP NonStop strategy and roadmap from Bob Kossler, HP Corp marketing and on application modernization from Jim Johnson, Standish Group.

Several partners will present their products and solutions

The meeting is opened to any french speaking customers and so should include customers from France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland and there should be discussion on restarting an official French Tandem Users Group.

For any information please contact Yves Tournier

Tandemworld & LinkedIN

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We cuurently have a number of highly experienced NonStop Specialists seeking new roles within the EMEA region. Should you have a requirement for a short term specialist (Contract) or a more longer term resource (Permanent) please Contact Us to enable us to assist you swiftly.

Please view this at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2602432&trk=hb_side_g

Tandemworld within EMEA


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