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Migrating Enscribe to NonStop SQL when moving to Integrity NonStop server

HP NonStop AutoSYNC enhanced for system migrations!

Upgrade to Remote Analyst™ Includes Tuning Recommendations, ‘Top 10’ Reports, and a New Data Collector

OutsideView 7.3 released, many new features………….



CAIL positions NonStop based information services for new
enterprise initiatives

ETI-NET Introduces BackBox over Fibre Channel at ITUG Summit 2005

Insider Technologies Limited – Source Code Scan Utility

Stefi - A new version available

TSI introduces library management software for the new mid-range libraries

Integrated Research opens German Office

Integrated Research Announces Promotion

ComNet. Connecting any supported communications protocol to any other.

Prognosis User forum

ITUG User Group News


And Finally...........

Online Version

Migrating Enscribe to NonStop SQL when moving to Integrity NonStop server

Migrating an application to the newest industry-leading hardware platform supporting the latest compilers and open source tools is an exciting prospect, but does it really provide any benefit if your database is left in a less-than-open format?

Carr  Scott  Software  has created a step-by-step demonstration of how it is possible to transform an Enscribe file set on a NonStop S-series server into a well  designed NonStop SQL database residing on the new Integrity NonStop platform—without even so much as recompiling a program. This evolutionary step results in an industry-leading platform, along with the most reliable and scalable open-format database in the industry. See the full text of this document, including examples of data transformation, at

 Carr Scott Software Incorporated (
+1 (781) 934-0989 (Tel)
+1 (781) 934-8996 (Fax

HP NonStop AutoSYNC enhanced for system migrations!


The latest release of HP NonStop AutoSYNC now includes a REPORT feature to facilitate migrating to the new HP Integrity NonStop platform.

The REPORT feature provides the capability to quickly estimate the scope of a data and object synchronization effort. It is the only tool available to allow NonStop customers to confirm with just a simple command, that the source and destination systems are synchronized and to produce a detailed report.

For more information about the entire HP business continuity and disaster protection suite of products visit:

 Carr Scott Software Incorporated (
+1 (781) 934-0989 (Tel)
+1 (781) 934-8996 (Fax

Upgrade to Remote Analyst™ Includes Tuning Recommendations, ‘Top 10’ Reports, and a New Data Collector

Los Angeles, CA – October 14, 2005 – Today Idelji Corporation announced an upgrade to Remote Analyst. Remote Analyst is a web-based performance analysis service for HP NonStopServers. This latest upgrade includes a new data collector with PC upload capability, system tuning recommendations, and ‘top 10’ performance reports for IT professionals and their management.

                    • Top 10

New ‘top 10’ reports zero in on the busiest days, busiest CPUs, busiest processes, and busiest intervals for a given analysis. These reports focus on the computing resources and time periods of greatest concern to the system analyst.

System Tuning Recommendations

This report provides its users with specific recommendations on how to tune their system and balance their computing resources.

New Data Collector

The data collector includes a new method to perform automated uploads to Remote Analyst through a PC. This is most useful to customers whose security requirements prevent them from uploading directly from their NonStop Servers.

For additional information and a free trial of Remote Analyst, visit: or contact: or phone: +1 (310) 312-1432.

OutsideView 7.3 released, many new features………….

BrightStrand International supply and support the full range of Crystal Point products. Recently announced is the release of OutsideView version 7.3.

The 7.3 release provides features that address the improvements requested by the customer base and the computing industry as a whole – security, productivity, the importance of adhering to industry standards, and expanded hardware support.

OutsideView 7.3 New Features:

· SSL fully integrated

· Secure FTP

· Seamless OSS/Guardian support

· Enhanced Enterprise-Wide functions

· Enhanced text copy/paste features

· 3270 E Mode support

· Microsoft Windows Installer with SMS Support

Value your privacy?

· SSL technology is fully integrated into all terminal emulators, TN6530, TN3270, TN5250, and VT

· Secure FTP enables moving files between desktops and host platforms, including NonStop, safely.

OSS and Guardian?

· Transparently access Guardian or OSS files, editors, and utilities

Supporting users on a 1-by-1 basis?

· Choose between all-user or per-user operations

· Silent installs

· Central license management, permissions matrices, and configuration control

· Automatic end user updates and license collision avoidance

· “Release All” Enterprise-wide options

Working Efficiently?

· Copy and paste files easily

· Right click to change text selection

· Screen print from cursor to end of screen

For more information please contact BrightStrand

Tel: +44 [0]141 204 4046

Mail :

Web :


Outsource provides software applications, business consultancy, training, and services aimed at improving marketing and sales productivity.
Outsource Sales Training Ltd was founded in 1992 to provide skills development and courseware for sales professionals, developed by the company founder, Peter Donovan. Over 100 companies have used its methodologies and techniques to improve sales effectiveness with positive impact on revenue performance. This methodology is the Acid Test.  Now available as a comprehensive software application you can improve your sales productivity with this unique tool.  View your current pipeline at a glance and review your most urgent tasks.  Acid Test is available now for sales professionals and sales teams.

Improving ROI for sales and marketing

"Companies need to recognize that business process management is becoming increasingly important within marketing and sales operations. Contact management systems can help to track activity and provide important analytics, but fail to address the needs of sales professionals to develop competitive strategies and manage a complex selling cycle", explains Len Bullock, CEO of Outsource "Combining high value selling skills with the Acid Test enables a sales person to improve their sales success ratio and shorten the selling cycle, therefore delivering a faster, greater
ROI on sales and marketing activities."


For more information, please contact us on +44 (0) 870 088 7063 or


BrightStrand to help ACI extend coverage in the UK

ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise payment solutions, has formed a partnership with BrightStrand International Ltd to promote the ACI Proactive Risk Manager™ fraud detection and anti-money laundering solution in the United Kingdom.

BrightStrand will distribute ACI Proactive Risk Manager to its current and new customers in the UK. This will provide a one-stop hardware and application solution for fraud and compliance.

ACI has extensive experience of working with customers all over the world to address dramatically increasing fraud and compliance risk. ACI Proactive Risk Manager™ is a comprehensive solution to help card issuers, merchants, acquirers and financial institutions combat fraud and money laundering schemes. From strategic user-defined rules to powerful neural network technology using custom modeling techniques, Proactive Risk Manager provides the means to cost effectively reduce losses and limit an organization’s risk exposure.

"This is excellent news for ACI," said Steve Wright VP sales and marketing ACI Worldwide EMEA. "We have a significant global customer base for Proactive Risk Manager and in addition to providing BrightStrand with a market-leading risk management system to sell, this deal also extends and strengthens ACI's coverage for future sales of the product."

"As a market leader in risk management solutions, ACI is a natural fit with BrightStrand's integrated solutions," said Alan Muschett, managing director BrightStrand. "We continually evaluate the market and solutions to provide top quality products and complementary offerings to UK institutions."

About BrightStrand International Limited

BrightStrand Limited (formerly Sionet International Limited) was formed in 1999 as the first HP Business Partner to be accredited to sell the HP NonStop™ range of servers in the UK and Ireland. Since 2004, BrightStrand has brought its portfolio of expertise in business critical, fault-tolerant solutions to the Windows® and Linux markets via its partnership with Stratus Technologies. BrightStrand has formed strategic alliances such as the one with ACI, to take integrated solutions to its client base, building on its expertise in the financial markets. For more information visit,

About ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide is a leading international provider of solutions for consumer and wholesale payments and application infrastructure. ACI serves more than 800 customers in 84 countries including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, retailers and payment processors. Visit ACI Worldwide at

For more information contact:

John Walker

ACI Worldwide

+44 1923 81 2741

Jim Maxwell

ACI Worldwide


Alan Mushett

Tel:              +[0]141 204 4046



CAIL positions NonStop based information services for new
enterprise initiatives

CAIL enables NonStop based information services to be integral in IT infrastructure and be part of new business opportunities. 

Since NonStop servers typically reside in heterogeneous computing environments, an "Enterprise Connectivity Solution" improves information services with quick, easy access to all Host based applications - consistently across platforms (including NonStop, Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX/Linux and Windows systems).

Importantly, an Enterprise Connectivity Solution simplifies the systems environment, reduces training time and system administration, makes it easy to move systems forward, improves the user experience, and cuts costs.
Further, this is a strategy that increases the profile and value of NonStop in the organization.  This is supported by metrics from one Customer where $5,000,000. was saved over 18 months with a 10,500 seat license.   As a
result, they not only improved information services, but realized a significant business benefit too. 

For an overview of the advantages with an "Enterprise Connectivity Solution", please visit
or contact CAIL at


ETI-NET Introduces BackBox over Fibre Channel at ITUG Summit 2005

At the ITUG Summit 2005 ETI-NET was pleased to introduce BackBox over Fibre Channel, and demonstrate it live! For the demonstration, a BackBox in ETI-NET’s booth was connected to one of the HP NonStop Itanium show systems via Fibre Channel cables under-floor in the San Jose Convention Center.

The new BackBox FC version increases throughput, is compatible with Integrity NonStop and S-series systems with IOAMs, and can be shared among NonStop systems via a Fibre Channel switch. With this new feature, HP NonStop users have the flexibility to connect the NonStop system to the BackBox Virtual Tape Solution via either SCSI (HVD) or Fibre Channel connections.

BackBox emulates one or multiple native tape devices attached to HP NonStop systems, offers full functionality of the only truly NonStop-integrated virtual tape solution, and provides the same key fault-tolerant and scalability benefits as HP NonStop systems. The BackBox virtual device is seen by the NSK operating system as a standard tape drive connected to a SCSI or Fibre Channel controller. The BackBox has the advantage of being completely transparent to the HP Nonstop user because the standard NSK tape process is used and virtual volumes are managed with unmodified NSK media manager software such as the DSM/TC catalog, TMF or Q/TOS. Virtual tape media creation/labeling/cataloging or deletion is fully integrated, and can be accomplished for many volumes with a single command, coordinated with the appropriate catalog..

For more information, contact ETI-NET at

Insider Technologies Limited – Source Code Scan Utility

Insider Technologies has completed the development of a Source Code Scanning Utility, which can help users with the forward migration of their HP NSK applications.

Code can be checked that is compatible with later versions of the operating system, e.g. G06.25, or to check that it is compatible with the latest Itanium H06 architecture.

Utility overview

A specific Operating System, e.g. H06, can be chosen to display all known issues, up to and including the selected operating system.

Details of why each issue has been highlighted will be listed, along with statistics regarding the results. The results of all scans can be printed, saved to a file, or copied to Windows clipboard.

The Code Scanning Utility has approximately 400 rules configured and includes the following areas:

Itanium Migration Issues

Superseded Guardian Procedure Calls

Large DCT Migration Issues

The utility is PC based and will scan nominated directories containing your Tandem source, reporting on obsolete function calls and their arguments.

The output will highlight areas of risk, together with the module names and the code line numbers involved.

The tool can be used to investigate the amount of change required to migrate your source code to forward versions of the NSK Operating System, ranging from the use of old C-series based function calls and language constructs through to the HP Integrity platform at H06.

Languages supported: C, C++, COBOL, TAL, TACL.

Examples of the types of results a user can expect are provided below:

Critical problem:






Critical problem. Lines 95 to 99: Using the LDEVNUM parameter of FILEINFO in a large DCT environment could cause a trap error. Replace with FILEINFOLIST_.

Critical problem: Level 01 Renames is illegal on Itanium.



60 02 WS-VAR1 PIC X.

61 02 WS-VAR2 PIC X.



64 01 WS-TEST2 PIC 99.


Example of rules:

$LOCKPAGE and $UNLOCKPAGE are not supported in TNS/E native mode processors – TAL Itanium – H06 – Critical

Using LOOKUPPROCESSNAME with a DCT index as the PPD parameter in a large DCT environment could cause a trap error. Replace with PROCESS_GETPAIRINFO_ - COBOL – LargeDCT – G06_23 – Critical

Example of report statistics:

Number of files opened: 14

Number of files scanned: 13

Number of files skipped: 1

Number of files with problems: 13 (100%)

Total number of lines scanned: 1885

Total Number of lines with problems: 312 (16.55%)

Total Number of problems: 91

Scan Options used: SpecificOS: H06

If you think that there would be interest within your organisation for such a reporting facility, then please contact Insider Technologies at:

Stefi - A new version available

A few Newsletters ago, Audit Profit offered a free, personal version of Stefi, that is a good graphical interface for Tandem files.
For those who downloaded: there is a new version available.
The new version is downloadable as a complete install set, so new users can try it, too.
New features:
- You can right click on any field in the Table-viewer to get the "Field info" panel that shows the data field type/length and the hexa view of a Field, parallel with the normal representation. It is useful when you want to digest data that contains bytes that cannot be displayed meaningfully with ascii characters.
- A new datatype can be used: HexaStr. It is like a normal string field, but you get a hexa view of the bytes.
Some bugs were also fixed.
To download the install set click here  

TSI introduces library management software for the new mid-range libraries

Tributary Systems Inc. (TSI) is addressing the needs of entry configurations of the new mid-range modular libraries with the introduction of two new management software products.

Mid-range Silo Media Manager (MSMM) for the S-series servers and Mid-range Library Media Manager (MLMM) for the Integrity NonStop server offer the same robust functionality as the SMM and LMM products do today for the larger libraries but at lower prices for configurations up to 170 user tape cartridges. 

In addition, SMM and LMM have been enhanced to accommodate and manage the larger configurations of the new mid-range libraries and now offer a web-based user interface.

For additional information about these new libraries, contact Larry Meyers, TSI, at +1 (817) 354-8009, ext. 32 or email TSI at


Integrated Research opens German Office

Due to continued growth Integrated Research has opened a new sales and support office in Frankfurt. The company already has many blue chip customers in Germany, including Deutsche Bank & Deutsche Bahn. Integrated Research are the developers of the market-leading PROGNOSIS performance monitoring solutions.

For many years the company has successfully collaborated with Twinsoft in the German market place and this relationship will continue and be strengthened by IR's local presence. This new office at the heart of Europe will aid the company's expansion into the former Eastern European countries.

Integrated Research has also announced a partnership with T Systems (a division of Deutsche Telekom) to address the IPT market across Europe.

For more information please see or

contact Steve Douglas ( on +44 (0) 1344 386666.

Integrated Research Announces Promotion

Integrated Research, developers of the market-leading PROGNOSIS performance monitoring solutions has announced the promotion of Steve Douglas to Vice President, Europe.

Steve has managed the UK and European operations through two years of significant growth and development. During this time the number of staff in Europe has doubled and now includes the newly-established German subsidiary.

For more information please see

or contact Steve Douglas ( on +44 (0) 1344 386666.


ComNet. Connecting any supported communications protocol to any other.

What it does

ComNet converts legacy protocols to TCP/IP. This software provides instant TCP/IP connectivity to legacy Applications, with no code changes!

Eliminate SWANs

You will no longer require SWANs and the related legacy comm's software after you migrate your Applications' legacy comm's to TCP/IP using ComNet.

The fundamental difference

ComNet performs true protocol conversion, not encapsulation,  which brings you closer to truly migrating to TCP/IP instead of spending more on preserving a legacy-related environment.

No changes to your Application

ComNet performs protocol conversion without any programmatic changes to your Application.

Never write a protocol handler again

ComNet can also be used as a communications server.

Any application can simply open ComNet and use only basic write and read calls to send and receive messages in any protocol supported by ComNet.

Backup connections

ComNet offers multiple backup connections for every session.

Async, Bisync, Interprocess, SNA including LU6.2, TCP/IP, X.25
  Features & Benefits
Eliminate SWANs!
Converts any-to-any supported protocol
Multiple backup connections
Open communications server for any supported protocol
Communications loopback in software
Connects PC based test tools to NonStop legacy applications
Customizable with your own user-written routines
Dynamic configuration
Operator interface provides seamless global view and control over all ComNet sessions
Scalable architecture to support thousands of sessions
Quick and easy to install

Americas: +1 888 802-7370
Worldwide: +61 3 9533-2633

Prognosis User forum

There's a new forum in town folks. For you people who are regular users or just beginners of Integrated Research's PROGNOSIS product. Come join us in exchanging ideas and helping each other in support of the PROGNOSIS. 
For those who not familiar with this product. PROGNOSIS is a suite of some of the best system management and capacity planning/management tools for the HP NonStop platform and well as Unix and NT. 
The groups name is:   prognosisusersgroup

To join please follow this link :-

ITUG User Groups

ITUG Europe 2006
15-17 May 2006
Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition & Congress Centre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Call for Speakers is now live. Accelerate your HP NonStop career by presenting at ITUG Europe 2006.

Submit your abstract by 2 December 2005. All selected user presentations will be awarded one complimentary user registration.
Register for ITUG Europe 2006 by
31 December 2005 and save!

And Finally.........

Tandemworld’s proprietor took part in a Charity Event on 19th November 2005. The event was held by Back2Front (more information at as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Dave had his hair dyed Pink for the occasion and also meet with several colleagues and friends in a bar in the City of London. Over £1230 has so far been raised for this worthy cause.


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