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Tandemworld Newsletter for March 2006


Carr Scott Software Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Express Thanks to All!

ETI-NET’s EZX/Gateway Solves Carrier’s End-of-Month Problem

Marshall Resources - March 2006 / Second User Disk

Crystal Point  - NonStop Security + Connectivity Promotion

Insider Technologies and LogicaCMG partnership

Nexsion introduces no cost fully integrated SSL encryption for BASE/24


ITUG User Group News

EBUG User Group Conference


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Carr Scott Software Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Express Thanks to All!


As the saying goes, wow how time flies! In the summer of 1995, Richard Carr and Harry Scott brainstormed an idea for upgrading Tandem Enscribe customers to NonStop SQL, without the need to rewrite the customer’s applications. This new technology eventually became the highly successful Escort SQL product and the basis for our company, which remains 100% committed to the NonStop platform and customer base.


Now 10 years after our incorporation (officially 16 February), with five products and more than 350 customer installations around the world, Carr Scott Software remains a pure NonStop organization and more optimistic than ever about the future of the NonStop technology.


All of us at Carr Scott express our heartfelt thanks to all of our customers, partners and distributors across the globe, with a special thank you to all the HP folks who have made our partnership with NonStop AutoTMF and NonStop AutoSYNC such a great success.


For information about the Carr Scott Software products visit: and to send us a note, email us at


ETI-NET’s EZX/Gateway Solves Carrier’s End-of-Month Problem

What do you do if you are a major wireless carrier with 2.6 TB of month-end subscriber call records to transfer from your NonStop systems to an IBM MVS back-office system, but only a 2 hour window to do it in? And you need full automation, assurance of delivery integrity, fault tolerance, as well as expandability for future growth. This was the problem posed to ETI-NET by HP, on behalf of its customer. Fortunately all of the pieces to build a solution were readily at hand: ETI-NET’s BackHome virtual tape infrastructure, Fibre Channel capabilities of NonStop Integrity systems, HP’s DataExchange product for IBM 3390 disk access and sharing, HP StorageWorks XP disk arrays, and ETI-NET’s BCOM agents for job submission and file locking. The result was ETI/NET’s new product: EZX/Gateway.

EZX/Gateway was installed at the customer’s site in August 2005, and has undergone a thorough shakedown by HP and systems integrator personnel. The result: a product that delivers over 360 MB/sec sustained transfer rate, even if one of the EZX Controllers or fibre channel links involved has failed. With complete automation, dynamic re-routing around failed paths and job restart, and file delivery integrity assurance. Problem solved!

EZX/Gateway is available for NonStop Integrity and S-Series, using Fibre Channel or SCSI interfaces, connecting to IBM MVS systems via shared SAN disk volumes. Write rates are even faster than to NSK direct-attached disks or JBOD. It features fault tolerance, true linear expandability, and job management from either NSK or MVS. And stay tuned for support for other target platforms besides MVS.

For more information, contact ETI-NET at


 Marshall Resources -  Second User Disk

This is the first in a series of articles from Marshall Resources about the state of the Second User Market. As a beginning point, we will look at one of the most dynamic aspects of used hardware within the Second User Market – Hard Disk Drive availability.

2005 proved to be one of the most difficult years in recent memory regarding the availability of disk drives. While some 18GB, 36GB, and a very small amount of 72GB disk drives were available, the general rule in 2005 was that nothing larger than 18GB was reliably available throughout the year.

The market in 2006 seems to show more promise. 4619 (18GB 10K RPM) disk drives are now, and should remain, predictably available throughout the year. Prices have fallen slightly and we expect this style of disk to hold in value throughout the year. Both 4636 (36GB 7200 RPM) and 4637 (36GB 10K RPM) disk were very difficult to supply in 2005. Currently, the 4636 is still only available in very limited quantities, but the 4637 have become more available recently. We have a fairly good supply of 4637s, but these drives are very popular, and used equipment pricing actually increased last year on this product. We expect a reasonable, short term supply of 4637s, and pricing should remain stable throughout 2006. Plan ahead if you want these drives. Availability will likely fluctuate between 2 days and 60 days throughout this year. We continue to see 4672 (72GB 15K RPM) disk available from time to time. Again, plan ahead, and call on this product. The availability of 4672s will remain sporadic in 2006. Finally, we do not expect to see HP’s new 4638 (36GB 15K RPM) or 46144 (144GB 15K RPM) disk available in 2006 in the Second User Market. We have had a few 4638s in inventory, but that was our “lucky timing”. We are always happy to hear from our customers, so please call and check on availability of any products.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment. Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment. Please visit our website at for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you. We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail. We are looking forward to working with you.


Crystal Point

NonStop Security + Connectivity Promotion

Keeping your NonStop investment safe while saving on our current product offerings.

Purchase the NSSL product that best suits your requirements and also upgrade your OutsideView to 7.3 at 50% off*

Secure Telnet – Secure telnet communications between your NonStop and SSL-capable clients

Secure FTP – Secure file transfers between your NonStop and SSL-capable FTP servers or clients

Middleware – Secure SSL proxy for TCP/IP servers, clients (RSC) or ODBC

Expand – SSL tunnel to secure EXPAND over IP networks

MQ-Series – Client or server proxy to secure communications between NonSTop MQ 5.1 and remote MQ 5.3

With your purchase of NSSL also receive a 50% Discount off your first year NSSL Star Support

Start saving today! Contact us at

*This offer is valid through April 30th 2006


Insider Technologies and LogicaCMG partnership

LogicaCMG and Insider Technologies announce partnership for next-generation BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) tool interworking.

LogicaCMG and Insider Technologies have announced that they are working together on the creation of a BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) function for the LogicaCMG LAPS, LPM and LCM applications. LAPS, LPM and LCM are part of the LogicaCMG Payments Architecture which offers a component based approach to retail and international payments and CLS processing.

Insider’s BAM tool: SENTRA is being used as the core of the new functionality which will allow lifecycle tracking of transactions, building up a picture of business inference to enable customers to track and alert on, abnormal business patterns as well as trouble-shooting conventional operational issues such as a payment or a trade taking too long at one stage in its lifecycle.

Steve Tanham, Managing Director of Insider Technologies said: “This partnership enables both companies to contribute their respective best-of-breed technology to create a uniquely powerful payments and CLS processing suite. The SENTRA BAM products will complement LogicaCMG’s strong market understanding and excellent reputation. Both companies are engaged deeply with this development and nowhere else will you find this depth of integration or so seamless a mix of such powerful technologies.”

SENTRA will also provide a rules engine, so that graphical, real-time traps can be set by the end user without re-programming. The application is web-based and is being fully integrated with the LogicaCMG applications to provide a single, graphical operating environment.

Simon Bailey Director, Payments at LogicaCMG said: “A key challenge for our clients across the payments business is measuring and controlling the end to end payments process across multiple steps. Working with Insider we are able to extend the proven value to our clients of our strategy and approach by incorporating operational management tools into the systems we implement with our clients.”

See the following link for further information, including screenshots:

About Insider Technologies Limited:

Insider Technologies Limited is an ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certified company, privately owned and operating from its development centre in Salford Quays, Manchester. Insider has over 200 blue chip accounts the majority of which are high street or City names in the financial sector. Insider also provides strategic solutions for tracking and service management to the UK Government and the Military.

Contact Details

Insider Technologies Limited

Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point,

37 Broadway, Salford Quays,

Greater Manchester

M50 2YR


Tel +44 (0)161 876 6606



Nexsion introduces no cost fully integrated SSL encryption for BASE/24

Nexsion announces a new SSL encryption product. The NxSSLSRV product provides full support of SSL for BASE/24. This product is a direct replacement for the SSLSRV process and provides TCP/IP support with or without SSL encryption.

Based on the time tested NxLIB environment and the industry standard OPENSSL package, NxSSLSRV provides the performance and reliability required by mission critical applications.

Not to be confused with an SSL proxy, this provides full support of ATMs and other non-ubiquitous devices. A proxy typically results in double the TCP/IP traffic and less security as the TCP/IP downstream of the proxy is in the clear.

Because NxSSLSRV is based on the NxLIB environment, all the configuration and logging options from NxLIB are available in NxSSLSRV. The maximum number of connections supported by a single process is limited only by CPU processing ability and available memory. Depending on which encryption method and options are specified, this can be several thousand connections per process.

As we know you will be satisfied with this product, during this introductory period, customers who sign a license agreement will receive a discount equal to the first 12 months license fee. This means you can try it for 12 months at no cost and under no obligation.

Normal pricing is on a per CPU basis. The duration of the license may be specified by the customer with longer terms receiving discounts.

All this translates to the only direct drop in SSL for BASE/24 today.

For more information, contact Distributor inquiries welcome.



We are pleased to introduce you to SPECTRA, an international dealer that buys Compaq/Tandem Himalaya S7400, S7600, S70,000 S72,000 S74000, S76000, S86000. To that end, we are interested to purchase any surplus or residual Compaq/Tandem equipment you may have available.


Please call SPECTRA at (714)970-7000 or email ( ) a configuration of the available equipment you wish to sell and we'll respond to your request in timely fashion. To learn more about SPECTRA, please visit and print (.pdf spectra flyer 228Kb) (.doc spectra flyer 397Kb) for your files.


In closing, we respectfully request that you retain our contact information for future reference for any other data processing or communication equipment opportunities that may arise in the future. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call, otherwise; we again, thank you for your interest in SPECTRA and look forward to our future communication.


All the Best!

Johnny Tourino, VP
(714) 970-7000, X-309
(714) 970-7095, FAX

ITUG User Groups

ITUG Europe 2006
15-17 May 2006
Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition & Congress Centre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Call for Speakers is now live. Accelerate your HP NonStop career by presenting at ITUG Europe 2006.

Submit your abstract by 2 December 2005. All selected user presentations will be awarded one complimentary user registration.
Register for ITUG Europe 2006 by
31 December 2005 and save!


15 March 2006 Sarbanes Oxley SIG
3 April 2006 BITUG Golf Day - Manchester
4 April 2006 BITUG Roadshow Day 1 - Manchester
6 April 2006 BITUG Roadshow Day 2 - London
12 July 2006 Solutions/Middleware SIG
13 September 2006 OSS + SQL/MX SIG
16 November 2006 Education Day - tba
29 November 2006 S-Series to Itanium SIG, ITUG Announcements & BITUG AGM


2006 ITUG Australasia and OZTUG Conference
24 - 25 July 2006 Sydney, Australia

For more information Click Here


CTUG 2006 Spring Conference

April 5th, 2006 at the Holiday Inn on King, in downtown Toronto

For more information click here

FTUG Calendar 2006

30 Mars 2006 : Réunion FTUG chez PSA Peugeot Citroen à Poissy

15 au 17 Mai 2006 : Conférence Europe : Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition & Congress Centre

14 Septembre 2006 : Réunion FTUG

15-19 Octobre 2006 : ITUG Summit à San Jose, Californie

23 Novembre 2006 : Réunion FTUG chez HP France

For more information click here

2006 Prairie Summit
Hosted by Midwest Region Tandem Users Group (MRTUG)

April 6-7, 2006
Hyatt Regency O'Hare/Rosemont, Illinois

For more information Click Here


RMTUG Meeting:

Thursday, 9th March 2006, 2:00-5:00 pm

For more information Click Here


EBUG 2006 - Lisbon

EBUG are delighted to announce that the 2006 EBUG conference will take place on 25-28 April 2006 at the Corinthia Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal.
For Delegates   For Sponsors
The draft agenda is available here.
(updated 27/02/06)
   Click here for the floorplan.

The exhibition space is in the foyer directly outside the meeting rooms. This is where the refreshment stations will also be (shown in red).
Get the brochure as a PDF here (1Mb).  

1 Register with EBUG.
Click here to complete the registration form
2 Book your hotel room.
Hotel booking is being managed via the agent in Lisbon. To book your room, download the form here and email it to
 * Please note that all conference fees must be paid before the conference. Otherwise you will be asked to pay via credit card at the conference before being allowed to enter. This will incur an extra administration fee of 150Eur.
* Payment by credit/debit card online will be the only available option after 10th April.


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