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XML-enable NonStop applications the easy way!

BackBox releases integrated encryption using HP NonStop VLE

ITP Software Systems - 20 years dedicated to Application Portfolio Management

High Availability Systems Co. Ltd. Named Japanese Distributor of Gravic Shadowbase

Maintenance and modernization of complex, heterogeneous software applications

NonStop Waste Basket

comForte webinar series - Understanding the benefits from modernizing the data center’s network

comForte GmbH becomes comForte21 GmbH

Availability Digest Says Your Computer May be a Skype Supernode


New Year / New System?

Access PRO:

NonStop - A Running Commentary

January, ‘11

CommitWork Developer Suite (CDS)

Carr Scott Software

Proactive Performance Management for 2011!

Are you getting maximum performance from your HP NonStop Systems?

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 XML-enable NonStop applications the easy way!

XML Thunder from TIC Software and Canam Software is a desktop visual design tool that generates COBOL or C code to be used by NonStop programs to handle XML documents. XML Thunder’s visual designer allows the mapping of XML elements and attributes to program specific data structures. The XML document structure can be manipulated easily in a visual design environment, allowing developers to design XML document handling subprograms without the need to perform tedious, low level programming or learn to use XML parsers and writing parsing logic. With XML Thunder, your developers can add XML document processing in their applications quickly and easily, avoiding any time-consuming manual programming pitfalls.

Solution Benefits

·      - Fully automate COBOL and C source code generation for reading and writing XML documents

·      - Add XML support to your applications in minutes instead of days

·      - Shelters developers from tedious XML programming so they can focus on the business logic

·      - Allows your applications to support XML industry standards like SWIFT, FIX, etc.

·     -  Easy –to-use intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) greatly improves developer productivity

Email:              sales-support@ticsoftware.com

Web site:          http://www.ticsoftware.com


Free eBook – XML Pocket Reference


XML Thunder


XML Guided Tour





BackBox releases integrated encryption using HP NonStop VLE

PCI compliance is progressively getting stricter about what is acceptable for storage of customer information. This includes backups of the data, which may actually be more vulnerable based on where and how they are stored, transmitted or transported. The only truly secure way to address these requirements is to use robust encryption and key management that meets government standards. HP has created an infrastructure on NonStop that provides the basic building blocks for such a solution, with their Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) product, and the Volume Level Encryption (VLE) option on NonStop Blade and NS-series systems. Together these products provided encryption of data at rest on disk drives connected to CLIMs.

However, for tape storage VLE simply passes keys from the ESKM to an LTO 4 tape drive for its application of encryption to data written to physical media. Until now there has not been a solution to apply the security of ESKM + VLE to virtual tape storage.

ETI-NET is announcing the immediate availability of the VLE-integration option for its BackPak™ virtual tape solution. Virtual tape images can be transparently encrypted in industry-standard format using keys securely generated and delivered by an HP ESKM via the VLE option in NonStop CLIMs. Once encrypted, these virtual tape images can be transmitted and stored on a variety of media and storage systems without concern for the security of their content.

The BackBox VLE integration option features:

• Integrates with the customer’s enterprise-wide key management

• Use of keys generated by HP’s FIPS 140-2 certified ESKM key manager

• Self-identifying virtual media for retrieval of the appropriate key from the ESKM

• Periodic key change is handled completely transparently based on user ESKM policies

• Use of the AES encryption algorithm in Galois Counter Mode with a 256-bit key

• Implemented on the BackBox VTC platform – no overhead in NonStop processors

• Negligible impact on backup or restore transfer rates

• Completely transparent to NonStop backup applications and catalog management

• Supports key-per-device mode or key-per-volume mode

• Groups of cataloged tape volumes can be configured to be encrypted, with guarantee that encryption is active, or uncataloged volumes encrypted by specific drive designation

This is the first virtual tape encryption solution for NonStop that does not involve proprietary key management, algorithms or use of external encryption appliances. So you can be confident both in satisfying your PCI audits and in on-going support by HP for the key management solution. To discuss this or other backup solutions for NonStop, contact ETI-NET by telephone at 1-561-395-2278 ext.23 or by email at information@etinet.com .


ITP Software Systems - 20 years dedicated to Application Portfolio Management

Founded 1990 in Munich, Germany, by Geza Gerhardt, Hungarian engineer and mathematician, ITP has been developing for 15 years, the fastest environment to analyze the impact of changes to complex, heterogeneous applications.

Efficiency and quality of software maintenance can be raised within a very short period of time.

The more individual written software a major IT user has, the higher is the gain of productivity with ITP-PANORAMA.

It only takes one or two days to install the software, scan multi-million of LOC, compile and cross-reference check all dependencies and build an OLAP HyperCube Repository.

All details of the software can be selected or searched for in less than a second, on average.

Developers learn to use ITP-PANORAMA in only four hours and save 90% of analysis time to find the impact of a change to the entire software system.

Find out more about this leading technology at: www.itp-panorama.com


High Availability Systems Co. Ltd. Named Japanese Distributor of Gravic Shadowbase

Gravic, Inc. welcomes High Availability Systems Co. Ltd. (HA Systems) of Tokyo, Japan as our newest distributor of Shadowbase software. HA Systems distributes and supports a range of complementary products for which it uses its extensive account management and technical skills to sell and support. The company was founded in 1985 and has over 200 employees. For more information on HA Systems, please visit: www.ha-sys.co.jp or call +81 3 5730 8870.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Shows

SATUG 2011 Summit and Conference
Southern African Technology User Group
Kopanong Hotel and Conference Centre
Benoni, South Africa
March 7-10, 2011

SunTUG Connect Florida Road Show

Florida HP Technologies User Group

Embassy Suites

Tampa, FL USA

March 11, 2011


EBUG 2011 Annual Conference

EMEA User Group of ACI Worldwide Products

Hotel Palace

Berlin, Germany

April 12-15, 2011

Please contact us for the other shows that we are attending in 2011.

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.

Maintenance and modernization of complex, heterogeneous software applications

A good deal of software running on NonStop computers is around for quite some time. Challenges are that developers, who created the software, are no longer in your company or will retire soon.  Documentation is very often not comprehensive or up-to-date. The knowledge of the software is in the brains of developers who know the applications for a long time. The loss of control over the software is an Operational Risk according to the regulations of BASEL III.

There is a solution to these challenges. In a day or two you can get:

·        A technical (re-) documentation of your applications

·        A check whether all programs can be compiled

·        The ability to delete no longer used modules and dead code

·        A HyperCube Repository that provides access to all details of the software

·        Ability to see the impact of a change to the entire system in a second

·        Capability to follow the value chain through applications

·        Chance to reduce your application backlog and shorten time to market

The name of this technology is ITP-PANORAMA. You can get references from small to large NonStop sites in the US and Europe. Without a risk you can license ITP-PANORAMA for one month and try for yourself how easy maintenance and modernization of software can be.

Find out more about this leading technology at: www.itp-panorama.com


NonStop Waste Basket

A Tandem system does not support the Norton Undo functionality: When a file is purged, it is gone at least in a way, that it is nearly impossible to recover it.
In contrast to this, Windows support a waste basket, where a deleted file ends up, and from where it can be retrieved.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this feature on Tandem as well?

GreenHouse has developed a Tandem based waste basket.

It is realized as library (WBLIB, available in all file code flavours), which has to be attached to e.g. FUP, TACL, FTPSETV and other programs performing a file delete. The library catches the file, and moves it to a waste basket.

To prevent the waste basket from filling up a disk, the waste basket watch dog program (WBDOG) checks the wasted files on a daily basis, and performs a final delete of over aged files; the file age is configurable.

The waste basket command interpreter (WBCOM) allows the file owner to retrieve a file (or set of files) from the waste basket.

More information, and a two month test version, can be requested from: Info@GreenHouse.de


comForte webinar series - Understanding the benefits from modernizing the data center’s network


Despite the swan songs of late and the dwindling support of SNA by the major vendors including IBM and Cisco, SNA continues to retain a presence within the enterprise. Aged equipment fulfilling a critical role, an application retained long after the knowledge to change it has receded, and links with partner networks that have proved difficult to upgrade, have all contributed to some elements of SNA being retained at considerably expense and vulnerability to the enterprise. Managing the migration to an open, industry-standard network technology, as is becoming necessary with the prevalence of TCP/IP, can now be considered for the first time.


Attend this webinar and find out ...

·        How to move away from SNA in your data center, and what is required?

·        Why uLinga is a universal solution on open platforms and what has been added to make it a better alternative than other approaches already adopted!

·        Where the product uLinga is heading (Quo Vadis?), and why this is becoming increasingly important in a world of rapidly changing network client connections?

·        Why this is good for your organization!

This webinar will be presented by Richard Buckle, Founder and CEO of Pyalla Technologies, LLC. Richard has enjoyed a long association with the IT industry as a user, vendor, and more recently, as an industry commentator.




For The Americas



Tuesday, February 8, 2011



9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Register here:




For EMEA and Asia Pacific



Wednesday, February 9, 2011



9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Register here:




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BITUG SIG, London, Feb 16

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GTUG, Boeblingen, May 11-12

Discover, Las Vegas, June 6-10

VNUG, Stockholm, Sept 5-7, 2011

Discover, Vienna, Nov 29- Dec 01

Read the comForte Lounge blog and join the discussion in LinkedIn ...




comForte GmbH becomes comForte21 GmbH


Neuruppin, January 24, 2011

comForte GmbH, a global provider of connectivity, middleware, and security solutions for the HP NonStop platform, today announced the formation of comForte21 GmbH based in Wiesbaden, Germany. comForte21 GmbH was founded by a group of shareholders who are mainly comForte GmbH employees. comForte21 GmbH will assume its business effective February 1, 2011 and will acquire all of comForte's assets, with the exception of those security software products which are part of the HP NonStop Operating System since September 1, 2010. The entire management team and all employees will transfer to comForte 21 GmbH effective February 1, 2011 ensuring that there is no change to the trusted cooperation with its valued customers and partners. The shareholders of comForte21 GmbH appointed Dr. Michael Rossbach (CEO), Michael Horst (Chief Architect) and Michael Weilbacher (CFO) as the directors of the company.


"We are very excited about this major strategic step into comForte's future as we begin the transition to comForte21.", says Dr Michael Rossbach, CEO of comForte.  "For quite some time the shareholders and management of comForte have evaluated various options to ensure the continued success of comForte and how we can mark the beginning of a new era for comForte, both in terms of ownership and management."


comForte21 GmbH will continue comForte's business model with a clear focus on growth as well as maintaining and expanding on the product quality and support that comForte's customers and partners are accustomed to.


About comForte

comForte is a global leader in the market for HP NonStop solutions — offering customers a comprehensive suite of proven and innovative middleware, connectivity, and security products. Organizations in all industries are using comForte products to more effectively leverage their investment in NonStop systems.


With comForte, organizations can …

o   Connect NonStop platforms with the systems, applications, users, and initiatives required to meet their business and technical objectives.

o   Protect mission-critical data as it is stored in and exchanged with NonStop environments.

o   Modernize their environment by seamlessly integrating NonStop with Web services and SOA initiatives.

o   Streamline administrative efforts through intuitive interfaces, and sophisticated, robust management capabilities.

Today, more than 500 customers around the world rely on comForte products to manage access to mission-critical NonStop server applications and data.

For more information about comForte please visit www.comforte.com.

Read the comForte Lounge blog and join the discussion in LinkedIn ...





 Availability Digest Says Your Computer May be a Skype Supernode 

Skype’s December 22, 2010, outage brought to light a little understood fact – Skype’s distributed peer-to-peer network utilizes hundreds of thousands of customer PCs as VoIP supernodes.  Your computer may be one of them.  Unless you read the fine print in Skype’s End User License Agreement, you probably have no idea that your computer may have been commandeered.  The Availability Digest’s January article on the Skype outage explores how a bug in certain Windows clients, many of which are supernodes, prevented the clients from assisting Skype in keeping its network operational.

Other topics in this month’s Digest include:

Hypoxic Fire-Prevention Systems – Fire-prevention systems that use hypoxic air (16% oxygen content vs. normal 21% oxygen content) maintain data-center oxygen levels that are safe for humans but that suppress fires.  Learn more about commercially available hypoxic fire-prevention systems and about the controversies surrounding this unique approach to data-center fire protection.

The Availability Matrix – the Availability Matrix simplifies the challenges faced by data-center system administrators in making informed decisions about the choice of technologies required to satisfy various availability service-level agreements (SLAs). 

How Do Your Readiness Plans Stack Up – The Standish Group’s annual Readiness Survey is now available.  It summarizes the input acquired from 300 senior managers about the status of their companies’ readiness infrastructures. How does your company compare in such areas as planned downtime elimination, getting the budget needed to implement an effective readiness program, and the frequency of failover testing? 

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn.  We’re at 210 members and counting. 



New Year/New System?

BlackWood Systems congratulates NonStop users migrating to the Blade and Itanium platforms!

BlackWood Systems does NOT charge a re-licensing fee when MOMI customers under Yearly Software Support upgrade their NonStop hardware! We simply transfer the existing MOMI license to the new NonStop and allow MOMI to run on both Systems simultaneously for a limited period of time while the migration is being made.

Performance Monitor – TCP/IP Activity – History – Spooler GUI – Expand – EMS Viewer – OSS – Client Access – GUI FTP – VHS Log Viewer – Time Sync – Ping/Trace Route – File Explorer – Alarms (option)

·       MOMI is Affordable!

·       Since 1997, customer support is provided directly from the Software Developers!

·       Easy installation and no special training to operate!

Contact us for a free 60-day trial password:  www.blackwood-systems.com

BlackWood Systems programmers will be visiting several U.S customer sites in 2011 to see MOMI performing in various dynamic environments.  Each visit will include a day of education/training for specific customer requests.  Please let us know if you would like to be included on our prepared list.

Kathy Wood

BlackWood Systems, Inc.


(00 1 ) 602-569-8766

Access PRO:

Experienced security analysts and auditors need tools that are specifically tailored to their needs. With strict compliance regulations and ever-changing security requirements specific to the HP NonStop, out-of-the-box solutions usually just can’t cut it. That’s why so many auditors have come to rely on Access PRO.

XYGATE Access PRO software addresses fundamental HP NonStop security requirements and eliminates the problematic issues most likely to concern experienced security analysts or auditors. Access PRO extends the native subject-object security model into the area of actions, where security is based on what a user does, rather than on the individual file reads and writes being executed.

With Access PRO passing your audits becomes a routine experience, freeing up resources to focus on other critical operations that affect profitability. Access PRO’s Access Control, Process Control, $CMON and Enhanced Spoolcom/Peruse functions provide the core of a well-secured HP NonStop system. With these modules in use, you will have:

•     Individual accountability, restricting each user to a list of authorized actions based on that user's job functions

•     Comprehensive auditing, as detailed as you need it to be

•     Controlled $CMON process,  which administers logon to logoff session controls and load-balances your system

•     Convenient single spooler and peruse utilities with advanced security and archiving functions. Users are granted the access and privileges required to do their jobs, and no more.

Learn More about Access Pro: Click here to download our product brochure.

Also, be sure to fill out our short five question survey and be entered into our quarterly drawing to win an iPad.

Lisa Partridge
XYPRO Technology Corporation
HP NonStop Server Security
and Encryption Solutions
Phone:  +1 805-583-2874


NonStop - A Running Commentary

January, ‘11

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author

Following my blogs? Check out:

Real Time View at http://www.itug-connection.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, Real Time View

comForte Lounge at http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, comForte Lounge

Buckle-Up at http://www.buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the SubGroup on LinkedIn, Pyalla Track Days

The celebrations behind NonStop (earlier, Tandem Computers) turning 35 are now behind us and the talk these days centers on what we can expect to see from HP for the remainder of the decade. It may be too early to speculate on recent news articles that suggest changes are coming at HP and that the new CEO, Leo Apotheker, will unveil his strategy for HP. but among the user community there’s been a pent-up expectation that change is about to happen.

However, my inspiration for this issue of Tandemworld.Net came from an unlikely source. Appearing in my inbox was an email from my good friend, Lyman that on first appearances looked like the typical circular we so often get these days – just a collection of snappy lines and humorous observations.

I usually discard these emails quickly but as I scanned the list, a couple of items stood out and have now given me a framework with which to view the future of NonStop as I see it!

“Nostalgia isn't what it used to be”

After 35 years as a system vendor, could NonStop be destined to become a pure software-play? Is it even imaginable that HP could consider NonStop as nothing more than a series of infrastructure stacks, complete with supporting utilities, libraries, and tools that will provide the highest level of availability, scalability and even the biggest data bases to those customers who demand something as robust as what we have all associated with running NonStop?

In my post to Real Time View on January 18th, 2011


I suggested that as software, NonStop doesn’t really have to rely on “specialized hardware just to retain the NonStop (or Tandem Computers) label!”

While I didn’t come out and say it, with the way the NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) R&D has handled the adjustments that had to happen with the switch of chip vendors to Intel, I have to believe NonStop could run on a pair of sardine tins, if there were any processors inside whatsoever! Nostalgia? It’s not the hardware anymore that differentiates today’s NonStop, so let’s not get hung up on this issue …

“I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you”

A bit harsh? Seriously, I take myself to task here, as I held on to the old ways for far too long – to the point now that when I talk to my development friends across the NonStop vendor community who are developing products in mixes of C / C++ and Java, I am often at a loss of understanding all that they are telling me.

TACL? TAL? Enscribe? All great products in their time, and like any computer system of longstanding, they will always have their place, but seriously, isn’t it time we just let it go? Today’s NonStop platform is as modern as any other, but unfortunately, when our managers see us writing TAL via our green-screen emulation, anyone wonders they throw the NonStop server in the same bucket as any other legacy product!

Virtualization? I continue to listen to my younger colleagues bemoan the lack of virtualization on NonStop when all they are talking about is off-the-shelf products like VMWare, Zen, etc – but for anyone with experience on IBM mainframes and knowledge of VM/370 (and its history), anytime you can divorce where routines run from the underlying metalwork, as is the case with TS/MP (or Pathway) you have virtualization. Get over it! You may not be at fault – but I will still come looking for you!

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target”

Why do we keep thinking of NonStop deployments as being associated with banks, retailers, telephone companies, and the likes. There are just so many more industries out there where NonStop is applicable. Perhaps it’s the lack of solutions?

Then again, with the work NED has done in supporting run-time stacks for Java (and more recently, the port of Mono in support of .Net Common Language Runtime, or CLR needed by one solutions provider) any modern application should be able to run on NonStop.

The world is changing, and quickly. Clouds, smart mobile devices, tablet PCs! NonStop should be anchoring cloud computing and supporting always-on, have to have it when I need it, and right now, information access of the kind business is beginning to tap into. Only recently, when it came to the iPad, according to a Reuters report on Apple following the announcement of it’s most recent quarterly results, four out of five Fortune 100 companies were now field-testing the device.

It’s only a matter of time before NonStop solutions are broadened to include support for such client devices and then, of course, we will all be quick to recognize that yes, this is a natural marketplace for NonStop!

“Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine”

It was also Reuters who commented on IBM’s most recent quarterly results, of how “IBM, which has been shifting its focus from commoditized hardware to higher-margin services and software over the past decade” is now reaping the benefits via increased services contracts.

This message is not lost on HP’s new CEO either, who has been reported to have said that he, too, “is eyeing a shift towards the more profitable software, networking and storage businesses” and to “downplay the less lucrative personal computer and server businesses.”

The move to commodity hardware at HP is almost complete and the hardware on which NonStop will run will shortly be indistinguishable from any other hardware HP ships. Yes, ServerNet remains as the only unique component required of NonStop, but this too will be dropped in favor of something all platforms can use, like InfiniBand (IB) as Intel’s chips get so fast that ServerNet becomes a bottleneck – likely somewhere between Poulson and Kittson chips.

In my most recent post to comForte Lounge on January 14th, 2011 (http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/2011/01/its-going-to-be-hot.html)

I wrote of how I’m often asked why I persist with positioning NonStop as the backend server in this mix, and yet “always on, always available, whenever I need it” has become the catch-cry of these executives, and I see few alternatives to NonStop when it really counts.

Change is inevitable but this time around, I see it as a situation not to be decried or where we should be moaning too loudly. After all, if the past 35 years has taught us anything it’s that there’s still no better option than NonStop if the service on offer simply has to remain available, no matter what! Not from IBM! Or from Microsoft! Or from Oracle!

And on that note, I look forward to watching the transformation of NonStop that I’m certain will happen during this decade!

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Email: richard@pyalla-technologies.com

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:   


LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:



CommitWork Developer Suite (CDS)

Maintaining is our daily business

The daily job of a COBOL programmer is bug fixes and implementing functional add ons. The original source code is 20 years old or even older, in most parts it is not documented, and often programmers who are expected to make the changes have never seen the source code before.
Diving into the source code in most cases takes much longer than making the necessary enhancements.

Using Eclipse and the powerful COBOL plugins CDS you can speed up your tasks.

Eclipse provides for you:

                              Historical comparison

Additionally CommitWork’s CDS is offering:

Syntax highlighting
Marking of compiler errors in the source code
Outlineview (showing procedure names and sections in a separate view)
Integrated Peruse(Spooler)
SQL-Statement generator
Comment toggle
Utilizing your existing compile macros
Supporting Tal, Cobol85, NMCobol, Screen Cobol, C (coming soon)

Developing for HP NonStop: Eclipse is your first choice!

HP is providing  NSDEE (HP NonStop Development Environment Version 2.0 for Eclipse).

CommitWork is adding CDS (CommitWork Developer Suite).

Here is a presentation showing the outstanding advantages of CDS Eclipse-Plugins:


If you expect speeding up your maintenance tasks, just download your 30 day evaluation copy:


For further information, please visit us at   http://www.commitwork.com/

Contact:              Hans-Fried Kirschbaum
                              +49 231 94116910

Thank You from Carr Scott Software to our customers!

With the launch of the New Year, it seems a fitting time to again say THANK YOU to all our customers, direct and through HP, for helping to make 2010 a resounding success.

From all the interest and excitement, clearly modernizing NonStop applications is a leading focus for NonStop customers where we are both happy and proud to play our part in starting those efforts through conversion and migration of Enscribe files and applications to NonStop SQL.

To ensure we continue to exceed your expectations, we carry on improving and enhancing all our products: Escort SQL, NonStop AutoSYNC, NonStop AutoTMF and NonStop SQL DDL Replicator (SDR).

We are also encouraged by HP’s continual investment in making the NonStop platform even more open with improved cost/value to our joint customers.

If your organization is still running Enscribe for your important data, please contact us to discuss how we can help with a very safe, incremental modernization effort that will provide dramatic cost savings and promote the long, effective use of NonStop well into the future.


Proactive Performance Management for 2011!

Now’s the time to get ahead of all of your performance and capacity issues. Please check out Jon’s Performance Musings column in this month’s The Connection magazine.

Ban Bottlenecks®:

30 years experience (combined) NonStop performance consulting.

 1440x730 coverage (every minute, every day, with a 2-year historical perspective).

Implementing effective, disciplined, proactive capacity management programs.

Contact Us For A Free System Audit.




Are you getting maximum performance from your HP NonStop Systems?

Get more out of your HP NonStop Systems with TCM Solutions®

Do you want to achieve real performance improvements for your NonStop infrastructure and applications?

Call the experts at TCM Solutions® and let us show how we can help you realise performance improvements of up to 25% (or more) reducing cost and ensuring that you get the best value from your HP NonStop infrastructure and applications.

TCM's Performance Analysis and Tuning Service provides a simple, low cost method of ensuring optimum system and application performance.

Using our unique Performance Analysis and Tuning methodology we will provide clear, concise performance reporting and an implementation plan enabling you to achieve optimum performance from your HP NonStop estate. Our reporting and project implementation services include the high levels of quality and reliability we are renowned for delivering.

We have industry leading Performance Analysis and Tuning experts - serving major banks and other NonStop platform users with imaginative and reliable NonStop Services.

We're the low-risk, low-cost way to gain reliability and business efficiency, while extending the life expectancy and performance of your NonStop estate.

TCM's Performance Analysis and Tuning Service covers the following core elements and can also include reporting on other specific areas of concern as required:

·        CPU and Memory Performance

·        Overall System and Application performance

·        System and Application load balancing

·        Database performance

·        Disc & file subsystem performance

·        Hardware configuration optimisation

TCM Solutions is the premier, accredited provider of specialist tailored IT consulting and support services for the HP NonStop platform. 

With a 14 year track record of delivering innovative, proven IT solutions, we help organisations, just like yours, deliver on their IT business objectives and customer promises. We guarantee it.

TCM Solutions® ... delivering fail-safe, complete HP NonStop Consulting and Managed Services to major corporations for over 14 years.


+44 (0)1592 770081

The smart choice for IT services and support of systems that cannot afford to fail!

Get a free Systems Healthcheck from the experts at TCM Solutions.  Our 15 point Healthcheck evaluates your current hardware and systems environment and could provide you with valuable information to avoid costly mistakes or failures.

Offer valid for single HP NonStop System.

A £1200 value - absolutely free!  Offer Expires: 28/2/2011

Tandemworld & LinkedIN

Tandemworld have created a Group on LinkedIN through which you can view the latest Tandemworld eNewsletter.

We cuurently have a number of highly experienced NonStop Specialists seeking new roles within the EMEA region. Should you have a requirement for a short term specialist (Contract) or a more longer term resource (Permanent) please Contact Us to enable us to assist you swiftly.

Please view this at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2602432&trk=hb_side_g

Tandemworld within EMEA


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