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Tandemworld Newsletter for February 2009


Save Huge Amounts of time by Automating Security Configuration and Compliance Reporting!

NonStop - A Running Commentary – February, 09

Greetings from System Connections, Inc.

A very

GreenHouse introduces a new Security Event Exit (SEE)


NuWave Focuses on Making Businesses More Competitive in 2009

Ban Bottlenecks®

Availability Digest Unearths a 40-year old Quest for Higher Availability

Computer Services Inc turns to comForte for Security and PCI Compliance

Ross Systems International High Performance HSM Solutions

Merlon Software Corporation Completes Blade Certification

Gravic, Inc. Presenting at SATUG

TSI Expands its Portfolio of Tape Libraries for NonStop™ Servers

Storage Efficiency & Disaster Recovery:
Data De-duplication for NonStop

           Marshall Resources Inc. - General State of the Second User Non-Stop Market

CAIL Update – Spring 2009


Online Version

Current Subscribers 11,173

Save Huge Amounts of time by Automating Security Configuration and Compliance Reporting!

XYPRO’s Security Compliance Wizard (XSW) allows you to automate the collection, analysis, and report generation for security and system configuration information of your HP NonStop Server environment.  XSW is the ideal tool to establish, monitor, and report on regulatory compliance like PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and/or your own information security policy.

 The amount of time and effort saved by using a tool to gather, normalize and analyze the information is astounding.  For example:

1. For Guardian Reports such as PROGID, LICENSE, files greater than some size, etc. that can be generated by DSAP reports, each report would take approx. 5-10 minutes per disk for each report. So it would be safe to use your 3-4 hours per report per node.  That is only for Guardian and for things that DSAP can do. XSW has numerous reports and combinations of searches that DSAP would not be able to do, so the man-hours would doubled or tripled for any reports that DSAP couldn’t handle.

2. DSAP reports are only able to do one system. XSW can collect from multiple systems and generate combined reports. The effort to manually combine DSAP reports from multiple nodes is difficult and time consuming.

3. For reports on Safeguard Users and Protection Records information, the effort to generate anything close to XSW is huge.  There are no Tandem tools that provide any level of extraction except streamed text.  Once the data is collected, it has to be entirely rearranged and reformatted in order to be able to collate any useful information for reporting. This requires MAN-DAYS of MANUAL EFFORT.

4. Other reports that can be obtained from XSW, such as Pathway servers, assigns, and defines; network information and OSS information are virtually impossible to gather via any Tandem tools.

Using XSW provides other savings as well:

5. Any manual method of data gathering requires Tandem cycles for each individual report.  XSW is capable of generating hundreds of reports from a single collection of data from one or more nodes. This not only minimizes man-hours, it minimizes costly cpu cycles.

6. Manual Tandem tools each have unique export format; some in a report-type format but many as unstructured text, none of which can be shared.  XSW loads the data into a consistent, queryable format. This way many extractions can be made from the data in a standard printable format, regardless of whether the data concerns users, Safeguard, disk files, OSS information or Network information.

The consensus among XSW Users is that the tool ELIMINATES SEVERAL WEEKS of data gathering and manipulation for each node. In the past the security teams would spend the weeks (or even a month) prior to an audit doing the collection phase. And by the time the data is gathered and massaged, it's obsolete. With XSW the data is current. If the average company has 2 audits per year (banks often have 4), this equates to at a minimum of 1-2 man months of effort to just gather the data. That does not include monitoring the data or comparing iterations of the data for trends or to measure improvement.

XSW takes a couple of hours (or less) to gather much more information and create an infinite number of reports. The database can be updated at will and the same reports run against the new data and even compared against prior results or compared against customized internal standards or industry-wide best practice.

The effort for a company to actually monitor their systems on a frequent basis is staggering if it cannot be automated. With XYGATE XSW, the monitoring can be set up on a regular schedule and is totally automated. This means no surprises before an audit.

For more information on the XYPRO’s Security Compliance Wizard (Part of the Compliance PRO package), visit www.xypro.com.

NonStop - A Running Commentary – February, 09

The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author
and shouldn’t be viewed as reflecting any views
of his current or past employer

I have been exchanging emails with NonStop users and vendors of late, and I am impressed with their genuine enthusiasm they have shown for NonStop. Whether it’s after  installing the latest NonStop server, as I have observed following a couple of recent BladeSystem deployments, or after porting new solution to NonStop, there’s an increasing belief that NonStop will be around for years to come.

While HP executives tell the story of how big an investment HP has made in NonStop since the acquisition and how it exceeds $1 Billion, once you begin to dig beneath the hype and look at what we have today, the roadmaps are very different to what was offered before HP arrived on the scene. And NonStop hitching a ride on the blades-train has much to do with this renewed belief in NonStop.

In the presentations that I gave last year, one of the introduction slides I used included a quote from one of my most reliable sources – the car magazine Road and Track. The columnist Dennis Simanaitis can always be relied upon to come up with something relevant for IT. Back in October, 2004 he quipped “The Stone Age didn’t end because of a lack of stones!” He then added “new technology will succeed not because it’s forced on us, but because it’s better!” And I have this feeling this is why we are seeing continued user and vendor support for the NonStop platform – NonStop on Blades is just a better solution.

As reported in the Summer 2008 issue of the 24 X 7 magazine, when NonStop on Blades was featured, HP made it very clear that “fully bladed infrastructure defines HP’s long term vision.” With this explanation as a starting point, it requires very little imagination to expect the “real estate” on the blades to be standardized as well later this year and include a finite set of interconnect, channel, and communications pipes. The price for these new blades should drop even further, as a result, and it will broaden the appeal of NonStop on Blades and attract the attention of even more IT professionals.

The continued investment in the open story and, with the deep-port of SASH that includes a combination of well-known open source infrastructure components and provides a run-time environment for Java applications on NonStop, provides an even more compelling argument in favor of NonStop on Blades. It requires even less imagination to anticipate seeing Java applications moving easily between different platforms – perhaps even automatically, based on parameters such as the requirements for availability or for data base access! Particularly should shared-blade infrastructures see the light of day as a fully supported product line.

And talking of infrastructure, last weekend I returned to Simi Valley after spending a couple of days in Las Vegas. The highway that cuts across to the West, bypassing the major freeways of Los Angeles, goes through the small township of Mojave – where commercial airlines park their excess inventory. The two sets of traffic lights in the town brought the highway to a standstill, as vacationers returning from the ski resorts of Southern California were forced to merge with the traffic from the casinos of Las Vegas. The bottleneck that these traffic lights created, allowing only a few cars at a time to pass, was just plain ugly!

This reminded me of another comment by the columnist Dennis Simanaitis, who in the September, 2008 issue of Road and Track wrote “too many cars can screw things up, even without a bottleneck …. or, said more eloquently … multi-particle interactions display a threshold of fundamental instability!” Expressed another way, throw too many different types of servers into the data center, and you risk destabilizing it.

From the time I first saw the prototype of a hybrid, shared infrastructure, BladeSystem running a mix of NonStop and Linux on industry-standard blades, as showcased at last year’s HPTF&E, I realized that it had the potential to attract even more users to NonStop. This configuration was described in more detail in the blog posting of July 16, ’80 “Specialist! Am I still needed?” where I explained that the Engineering Prototype (EP) was “not a product, as people were quick to point out, and still requiring considerable input from Product Management before it ever made it into production – it provided generalists with the opportunity to have a cluster of specialty servers delivered to them by HP and functioning right out of the box!”

There will continue to be requirements for multiple platforms, supporting different transaction mixes at different price points - not all transactions or data are of the same value to a corporation – and having them integrated and transparent, managed via a single operator interface, significantly reduces the number of “multi-particle interactions!” No issues of instability from a package like this that I can see.

There are still uncertainties surrounding the future of this shared infrastructure product as HP Product Management develops the right marketing messages, and maybe it will never be released. But I am hopeful that it will, as I see a robust future for such a hybrid product – imagine the ability to support an application as complex as that at Sabre where routines with a disproportionate number of data base inquiries, versus actual data base updates, could easily be split between NonStop and a commodity platform like Linux. Data base “tiering”, seamlessly integrated and packaged as simply as this “out of the box”, could become a major marketing message that gains traction across a broad spectrum of the IT community.

This takes me to the final quote I will include from the columnist Dennis Simanaitis when, in the October, 2007 issue of Road and Track he complained bitterly how “there are plenty of maybes, a fair amount of hard news – and even more hype!” While he was referring to the introduction of a new car, you could almost believe he was writing about the new NonStop “open” and on blades!

There is no escaping the impact the downturn in the economy is having on us all – and vendors like HP aren’t immune to what is hitting the rest of us. In a blog entry that I posted last week to the Connect web site, I asked the question of whether all HP platforms will survive. Check out the posting of February 20, 2009 “What will miss the cut?” – the good news for the NonStop community is that I talked about the possibility of OpenVMS being vulnerable in these economic times, and how NonStop could be under a lot less pressure.

And it’s not just the fate of HP platforms either, there’s much the same issue at IBM where the System i is leveraging System p hardware and could end up just being another “container” supported within their Unix offerings. Even the mainframe may have to be redesigned to better share the commodity blades available to the Unix and Linux product lines and a circumstance that would bring the mainframe much closer to looking like the HP BladeSystem we see today.

Further evolving NonStop to share commodity hardware with other commodity platforms, unchanged, will certainly help it ride out the economic bad times we are experiencing today. When it comes to critical “forks in the road” and investment decisions have to be put under the microscope, it’s going to be very hard to ignore the value proposition we are beginning to see from NonStop on Blades.

It’s an amazing testament to the foresight of the early engineering teams that, more than 30 years later and, having survived the threats from numerous companies with maybes (as good as a NonStop), the NonStop platform we deploy today remains as relevant as it ever was. Technology lifecycles generate many product lifecycles within them – and when it comes to processing mission critical applications, the NonStop product has successfully reinvented itself many times. There have been many shifts over the years with the technology pendulum swinging back and forth between centralized and distributed approaches and between in-house development and outsourced services, but the NonStop continues to be at the center of many of today’s most demanding mission critical networks.

Simply put, nothing better “out of the box” has come along that has led to the end of NonStop – and its simplicity remains a reminder to us all of how future BladeSystem packages may lead to even better integration of NonStop with other servers in the data center. And that development is neither a “maybe”, nor more “market hype”. Watching the uptake of new BladeSystems by the user community, and the enthusiasm it generates, certainly suggests even better products and solutions to come.

Richard Buckle

HP – ITUG:            Board of Directors (2000 – 2006)    Chairman (2004 & 2005)

IBM – SHARE:      Board of Directors (2007 – 2008)

Real Time View blog:           www.itug-connection.blogspot.com

Greetings from System Connections, Inc.

In these current economic times everyone is looking for ways to save money, spend less and get the most from their investments. With the end of hardware maintenance support from the manufacturer for many NonStop products, like the K-series servers, we would like to take the opportunity to offer great savings on your HP NonStop hardware maintenance.

System Connections provides Tandem / HP NonStop hardware maintenance for your S-series and K-series servers. We offer comprehensive and competitively priced hardware maintenance, professional services and training for your legacy NonStop environments. We also sell fully tested HP NonStop equipment and will give you top dollar to purchase your equipment.

System Connections has an imbedded systems support organization in the field and we maintain a critical spares inventory on site. Our field support engineers have extensive Tandem experience with Tandem/HP accreditation. We can offer substantial savings on your present system maintenance costs. Details of our offerings can be found at our website, www.system-connections.com. Reference contacts for a number of our service accounts can be made available to you at your request.

If you would like to start saving and get better service please contact me at


or 1-800-925-5226.

Best regards,
Michael Branson
National Sales Manager
System Connections, Inc.
Phone: +1 678-990-1840

GreenHouse introduces a new Security Event Exit (SEE)

GreenHouse introduces a new Security Event Exit (SEE) based password management product named PWM to

-  synchronize passwords, and to

- check the password quality with extensive features, such as a dictionary.

Any password change is automatically captured, and sent to all remote nodes the user has remote password to.

Quality check:
The password is checked against a bunch of quality attributes, which exceed the standard SAFEGUARD quality features.
Up to 10 user specific quality schema can be defined, e.g. to differentiate the quality level between normal users, SUPER-Group users, and SUPER.SUPER.

These two features can be purchased separately.

The password is captured by the Password Quality SEE. The post-processing, such as quality checks, and distribution, is done by servers, which can be attached to any running PATHWAY system. An interactive command interface (PWMCOM) allows the management and distribution of configuration, and quality attributes from a central node. This makes changing a password, and maintaining the PWM system a breeze.

PWM is available.

Please contact us here for further information



NuWave Focuses on Making Businesses More Competitive in 2009

NuWave's tenth year in business is turning out to be a busy one. In addition to the release of a new product and attendance at more national and international trade shows, NuWave Technologies, Inc. is also doubling its professional services.

With companies struggling to become more competitive in a failing economy, NuWave has decided to make the best use of its resources by assisting these businesses. The software company's president, who leads each project, has decided to double professional services in 2009.

Unlike typical consulting companies, NuWave offers full turnkey solutions and takes full project responsibility. The company's unique approach involves two phases. Phase I: Requirements Analysis & Design is conducted at NuWave's main office in close cooperation with each client.

After the client's acceptance of the requirements, planning, prototyping, etc, NuWave moves to Phase II: Implementation. Most of this phase can also be completed from NuWave's headquarters (development, testing, and release management), but training is usually done at the client's site. NuWave also provides implementation and post-production support.

NuWave's professional services team has experience with a variety of technologies and platforms. Some of the services offered are project management, application design, system integration and business process management (BPM).

If you are interested in learning about how to make your company more competitive with NuWave's expertise, you can get more information at http://www.nuwave-tech.com/services or send an email to info@nuwave-tech.com.


Ban Bottlenecks®

Visit Us At the Electronic Transaction Association Show In Las Vegas

April 21-23, 2009

Be sure to visit us at the 2009 ETA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  We’ll be presenting our Payments-specific integrated service level and capacity management service.  The emphasis will be on how our Ban bottlenecks service mines your current application data for growth analysis, response-based service levels, and success-based service levels, and how it uses that information to advise you how to avoid processing slowdowns and bottlenecks.

For more information please contact us at www.banbottlenecks.com.


Availability Digest Unearths a 40-year old Quest for Higher Availability

The pursuit of ever higher availability in computing is not a new concept.  In its February issue, The Availability Digest publishes a four-decades old presentation given to IBM field engineering branch managers by Dr. R. A. Worsing, the director of Boeing’s Systems Administration and Computing Department.  In his entertaining 1967 speech, Dr. Worsing scolded the managers for placing processing power as a higher priority than system reliability and the elimination of downtime. 

The Digest’s semi-annual round-up of “Never Agains” includes a predominance of network faults, operator errors, cut cables, and backup failures that took down such companies as the U.K.’s National Lottery, Bell Canada, MediaMax, Dublin Airport, Westpac Bank, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and even Google.  In “The Geek Corner,” sizing a system to meet a performance Service Level Agreement is the focus.  Although the math is complex, the Digest reduces the calculations to simple graphics supported by an easy-to-use spreadsheet.

The Digest is free online and focuses on continuous processing architectures, with particular attention given to active/active technology. www.availabilitydigest.com 


Computer Services Inc turns to comForte for Security and PCI Compliance

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) provides services and software solutions to over 4600 financial institutions and corporate entities across the United States. These financial institutions rely on CSI for such business-critical services as compliance, security, fraud prevention, e-business, and payments.

Given the sensitive nature of the services offered, CSI needs to make security a top priority. Not only must they ensure compliance with PCI, they must do everything to safeguard data: a breach could endanger their very business—and that of their clients

When it comes to securing the NonStop systems used to handle vital payment authorization services for customers’ ATMs, CSI turned to comForte. Today, CSI relies on these comForte products:

  • MR-Win6530 — a high performance terminal emulation package for Windows with built-in support for SSL-protected file transfers and secure Telnet sessions.
  • SecurSH — a solution that offers secure shell connectivity to HP NonStop servers.
  • SecurTape — a software-based solution for encrypting the data stored on NonStop backup tapes.

Deciding on comForte products was an easy decision for the team at CSI.

“When I learned that MR-Win6530 was going to be the standard emulator from HP, I didn’t even contemplate solutions from another vendor,” says Chad Rodriguez, Card Services Operations Specialist, CSI. “The fewer vendors I have to work with, the better.”

“Plus, comForte products have proven they can deliver the critical capabilities we need,” Rodriguez continues. “For example, I wanted only one emulator application on the desktop of everyone in the Card Services department  that would work with any platform they were using -comForte’s MR-Win6530 completely satisfied this requirement.”

With MR-Win6530, CSI is able to provide NonStop access to the full range of BASE24 requester environments, such as ATM Terminal Data files and real time transaction monitoring applications. CSI secures communications and file transfers with SecurSH, and encrypts its tapes with SecurTape. And getting started with these products was a fast, painless process.

“Installing and running comForte’s products have been and continue to be painlessly easy and trouble free,” Rodriguez explains. “These factors have helped us dramatically speed up implementation and position us for our next PCI audit.”

For more information please go to http://www.comforte.com/

Ross Systems International High Performance HSM Solutions

Ross Systems International (RSI) have been investigating HSM Infrastructure with a view to increasing the reliability and throughput of NonStop Systems attached to Thales HSMs and getting the concepts discussed by APACS.

RSI have developed HSM emulation algorithms on the NonStop platform to find out exactly how many RISC instructions are required to perform such operations as PIN Translate and a certain amount of market research to identify the processors and their clocking speed which are used in the HSMs involved and thereby the maximum transaction rates possible.

RSI’s research into many different types of HSM raised the interesting point that some HSM manufacturers are not immune to the recent trend to use multi-cored processors to improve maximum transaction rates and/or padding the code is to slow them down again.

Ross Systems International have also discussed with industry leaders the matters raised in the white paper and found out that the actual cost of he HSMs themselves is a very minor component in the total cost of the cryptography infrastructure of most institutions. The majority of the expenditure being used to maintain secure procedures and connectivity to ensure that the solutions are both secure and reliable. However, the area of HSM performance and other reporting seems to be in its infancy in the industry at the present moment, which is a vital part of the management  infrastructure and a future growth area.

We hope you find The High Performance HSM White Paper interesting and look forward to your comments. For further information about us please visit our web site: http://www.rsi-ns.com/

Alternatively you can contact Rupert Stanley of Ross Systems International at rupert@rsi-ns.com or call +44-1206-392923 for additional information.

Merlon Software Corporation Completes Blade Certification

Merlon Software is pleased to announce that all products have successfully passed QA on the new HP NonStop Blade systems at the HP ATC.

These software solutions include

  • SQLXpress – Comprehensive database management software for NonStop SQL/MX with support for SQL/MP tables etc
  • SQLMagic – Comprehensive database management software for NonStop SQL/MP
  • MARS – Merlon Auto Reload System for reload detection and execution of SQL and Enscribe files
  • Discover – Continuously predicts and corrects potential disk and file full problems before they can cause an outage including reloads
  • Partner – Partition analysis for SQL and Enscribe files
  • MPress – Host based report writer for SQL/MP, SQL/MX and Enscribe databases

For further information, online demonstration or evaluation licenses please contact:

sales@merlon.com | info@merlon.com | www.merlon.com | 1-888-4MERLON

Insider Technologies Limited New website, new Newsletter

As part of the new look and feel for our website, you can now subscribe to our free newsletter where you will be kept informed of Insider’s latest news. If you wish to subscribe, or you just wish to view our wide range of our products, then please visit the following link:


Insider Technologies at EBUG, Prague 2009

Join Insider Technologies at the EMEA BASE24 User Group (EBUG) in Prague, from 5-8 May, at the Corinthia Towers Hotel, where the EMEA theme will be 'Transforming for the Future'.

Insider will be demonstrating their RTLX Reactor product which is a whole new extension to the BASE24 engine, containing a uniquely fast method of streaming data off your BASE24 host onto a dedicated Reaction Server, running Microsoft Windows SQL Server.

Further details of Insider’s attendance at EBUG are available from our website:


If you are unable to attend the EBUG Conference and you would like to see our RTLX Reactor product in ‘action’, then please visit the following link where a ‘flash’ demonstration can be obtained, including a White Paper, Product Datasheet and Case Study.


Insider Technologies “Tracking & Lifecycle Monitoring in the Finance Industry”

A presentation is available from our website where we discuss Insiders extensive experience for Financial Tracking, whether your financial transactions and payments take place via one or more of the following applications & platforms:

· BASE24


· LAPS (Logica All Payments System)

· BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

· Software Integrators STAR package

· RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

· Logica BESS (Bank Electronic Support System)

· WebSphere MQ

· HP NonStop

· Unix

· Microsoft

· Linux

In addition to our range of products being able to monitor the above applications and platforms, our experience has enabled us to develop solutions to interrogate the following interfaces:

· JMX Counters



· Messages meeting UNIFI Format (ISO20022)

Businesses and Financial Institutions need to know that a payment has passed successfully but how do you know, and based on your existing monitoring, can you be certain that payments have been passed successfully? Allow Insider to help.

By using our products, some of the benefits Financial Institutions can achieve are the provision of
real-time browser visuals for monitoring:

· Payments

· Transactions

· Currency Levels

· Networks

· Queues

· Platforms

· Infrastructure

Including alerts for when thresholds and rules break, such as:

· Payments not transferred

· Queues building up

· POS/ATM throughput dropping

These are just some of the benefits institutions can realise. For a copy of the full presentation, please visit the following link:


Insider Technologies Company Introduction

If the above interests you, then please visit our website for further details, or download our Company Brochure for all you need to know about Insider Technologies Limited.


Insider Technologies Limited

Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point,

37 Broadway, Salford Quays,


M50 2YR

United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)161 876 6606

Fax +44(0) 161 868 6666

Website: www.insidertech.co.uk

Email: support@insidertech.co.uk

Insider Technologies is Quality Certified to ISO9001:2000 and TickIT.

All Trademarks acknowledged.

Gravic, Inc. Presenting at SATUG

We look forward to seeing many of you at the South African Summit Annual General Meeting and Conference in Johannesburg next week. Paul J. Holenstein, Gravic’s Executive Vice President, will be presenting two talks, one on replication’s evolving role in continuous availability active/active architectures, and a 2-hour educational course on the current trends in data replication technology. We also will be sponsoring the Sundowner Riverboat Cruise and Dinner for delegates, and ITUG and SATUG board members.

Presentation Title: Advances in Active/Active - Asynchronous and Synchronous Replication State-of-the-Art

Synopsis: Active/Active replication dramatically increases application availability and provides many additional benefits (using all nodal capacity for productive work, totally masking nodal failures from users, providing disaster tolerance "for free"). We present Shadowbase in real-world asynchronous architectures and upcoming advances in synchronous replication for eliminating data loss and avoiding data collisions.

Educational Course Title: Current Trends in Data Replication Technology

Course Synopsis (2-hours):

1. Business Continuity At a failure, the trend is for zero data loss (RPO=0), which is evolving as regulation in some countries, and instantaneous (or unnoticeable) recovery time (RTOà0), which is being driven by market demands. We will review several case studies for active/active systems using asynchronous replication, and the future trend to enterprise-class active/active synchronous replication.

2. Zero Downtime Migrations, Upgrades, and Conversions The trend is to keep the application continuously available across the migration, upgrade, or conversion, and to mitigate the business risk with the classic outage-window approach. We will review various case studies of ZDMs.

3. Real-Time Business Intelligence The trend is to react in real-time, as events occur – not minutes or hours later.

4. Compliance The trend is to mine transactional data from the logs in real-time, archive it for future use, plus verify that the copies of the data are complete and correct.

For more information about Gravic, Inc. and the above talks, please contact shadowbase@gravic.com.

TSI Expands its Portfolio of Tape Libraries for NonStop™ Servers

TSI has long been recognized as the leader in offering direct-attached tape libraries for the HP NonStop family of servers. Now, with an expanded partnership with Sun Microsystems Inc., TSI is expanding its portfolio of libraries offered and enhancing its support for these libraries.

TSI will now be supplying a total solution of hardware, software, and support to meet your operational requirements. With the tape drive technologies of LTO and 9840, these solutions will include libraries such as the SL500, the L1400, and the SL8500, and TSI’s SMM and LMM library management software for entry, mid-range, and large libraries at very competitive pricing. 

Support for all these solutions has been enhanced with the “On-Site Spares as a Service” program available from the expanded partnership with Sun, satisfying today’s demanding response time support requirements.

For more information about the expanded library products or the latest information on all of TSI's product solutions now available for NonStop systems, please contact Larry Meyers at lemeyers@tributary.com or 817-354-8009 for any inquiries you may have.

Storage Efficiency & Disaster Recovery:
Data De-duplication for NonStop

Data de-duplication continues to be one of the “hot” topics in the storage area.  Its elimination of redundancy across multiple instances of data, such as a series of backups, results in typical 20x to 30x reduction in data storage requirements – an important factor in these economic times.

ETI-NET’s BackBox™ still provides the only data de-duplication solution available for the NonStop platform.  Standard applications, such as Backup/Restore, BRCOM and TMF can be used to backup transparently into the BackBox de-duplication subsystem.  There is no sacrifice in throughput. 

As important as performance is the ability to replicate storage contents to other locations.  A de-duplicated data repository requires only about 10% of the bandwidth that would be otherwise required for replicating between sites.  And replication can be asynchronous, throttled as appropriate according to time-of-day.  A very cost-effective solution for disaster recovery.

ETI-NET customers already employing the BackBox data de-duplication and replication solution range from one of the largest U.S. banks, with multiple sites around the country, to a major medical center with a development/DR site across town.  Some customers have been able to eliminate entirely the use of physical tape by efficiently storing many instances of backups and archives on disk – further reducing operational costs.

For more information call 1-650-888-8949, email us at information@etinet.com, or visit www.etinet.com

Marshall Resources Inc. - General State of the Second User Non-Stop Market

I would like to start this Tandemworld article with a wish of good health and prosperity to all of our readers.  I know these difficult financial times are bringing a lot of stress to all of our professional and personal lives, so I express my hopes for job security and happiness to all of you.

The world’s financial crisis has also influenced the Non-Stop market.  However, from the second user point of view, timing and market factors have had a positive influence on our activities.  Now is indeed the time to consider second user hardware solutions.

As budgets are reduced or frozen, many, if not most of our Non-Stop customers are being required to look at cost savings as they maintain production on their Tandem platforms.  We have indeed seen a surge in demand for items like S88000 and S7800 Processors, 36, 72, and 144 GB Disk Drives, and some Integrity Disk as well.  The last quarter of 2008 saw this demand, very limited supply, and a lot of pressure on increased prices and delivery delays.

The first quarter of 2009 has brought some positive changes.  Several very large migrations and restructuring plans for 2008 have been realized.  This has allowed Marshall Resources to purchase several large S Series packages and some Integrity Disk.  We are also closing on several other very large systems and peripherals through the remainder of the first two quarters of 2009.   Supply has caught up with demand, and we have some very attractive pricing on these S Series parts.  So again, now is indeed the time to look at keeping your current systems up to date. 

We do anticipate this supply to tighten sometime this summer as most users have little or no long term plans to change their status.

At Marshall Resources, we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment.  Our repeat customers are our greatest compliment.  Please visit our website at www.marshallresources.com for our company information, and find a sales representative in your area to assist you.  We can always be reached at 800-443-0128, or by e-mail.  We are looking forward to working with you.

CAIL Update – Spring 2009

CAIL Studio and products continue to be valuable to the HP NonStop world and CAIL continues to innovate with new products and capabilities.

Using CAIL Studio, any NonStop Pathway and Scobol based application – including Base24 Classic – can be quickly and effectively integrated into Open Web Services. Customers are amazed at the ease and comprehensive capability of CAIL software. Using iTP Web Services and Apache or, using an off-board Apache server, CAIL Studio can provide new business capabilities while keeping your existing NonStop software unchanged. Just think, CAIL Studio for Web Services / NonStop SOA and new capabilities with Base24 or any Scobol application to leverage the investment in current systems, open up the environment and simplify information services for users - with no added software or changes to the  application.  

Let us show you how easy this is.

An innovative new product from CAIL is CAIL Application Performance Factory (APF). CAIL APF provides end-to-end user experience monitoring and Customer Experience Index calculations using industry standard and open technologies, agent-less design and a combination of CAIL APF appliance and CAIL network Probe packet inspection. This is new for the NonStop community but is commercially available and at CAIL customers today. If interested, please contact CAIL for more information and expect more updates on CAIL APF in future articles.

To learn more,  please visit  www.cail.com/adapt or contact CAIL at  info@cail.com

In closing, all of us at CAIL say Happy (nearly) Spring to our valued customers and colleagues in the NonStop community.  

CAIL.... improving NonStop information access and system security  -  with more power, more choice, more value …..

HP Technology Forum & Expo 2009

Save the date!

June 15-18, 2009
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Subject areas to consider include: Business Continuity & Availability (Disaster Tolerance & Recovery), HP-UX, NonStop (including Developing Applications), Open Source and Linux, OpenVMS, Security, Service Oriented Architecture (including ITIL& ITSM), Servers (Blades, Integrity, Power Mgmt & Cooling), Storage (including ILM), and Virtualization

BITUG Education Day

Performance and Capacity Planning Workshop

Date: Wednesday 4th March 2009
Time: 09:30 for 10:00
Location: HP Offices, Wood Street, London

<<< Bookings being taken here >>>

<<< Check an existing booking >>>

The education day will cover the following topics: 

·       Current NonStop performance – S Series, Integrity and Blades

·       Online tools – Measure, WebViewpoint, ASAP, OVNPM

·       Offline tools – PM, SPAM, Remote Analyst, RPM

·       Business tools – Transaction analysers, Capacity Planner

About John Freeland our presenter

·       Based in the UK

·       25 years NonStop experience.

·       Works for HP EMEA presales

·       Joined Tandem in January 1983 as a System Analyst, worked in GCSC (Global Customer Support Center) and then for Professional Services in the area of performance, capacity planning and disaster recovery.

·       Moved into Financial Presales in 2006 supporting customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.      

Registration for this Education day is via this web site only:


SATUG Meeting  Monday, March 02, 2009 9:30 AM  to  Wednesday, March 04, 2009 10:00 AM

For more information, please visit http://www.SATUG.org

DUST Chapter of Connect

Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday 24 March
9501 E. Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Save the date for our upcoming meeting in March! More details will be provided closer to the date.


Australian OZTUG Chapter

Upcoming Meeting

When: Thursday 26 February 2009
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Topic: Open Source in the NonStop World

Location: Gresham office
(Level 3, 90 Mount Street, North Sydney)
Webconference (Details for conference call and WebEx link will be provided shortly)


General Introduction and OZTUG discussion

Open Source in the NonStop World

SIG Discussion

The first part of the SIG meeting will discuss anything and everything to do with OZTUG. Please feel free to raise any issues.

Following this discussion, there will be a presentation given by Andy Simpson of Gresham which will include the following topics:

Open Source Examples for Guardian Users

Filezilla - ftp, ftps, sftp client

SQLite - a lightweight relational database running on Guardian (compiled on OSS, but runs in Guardian)

Scintilla (Scite) - developing a custom editor for NonStop and contributing back to original open source project

Using stunnel to secure a TCP/IP client-server connection (running on OSS)
(The stunnel example is from the ITUGLIB port by HP.)

To register for this event, please contact Greg Swedosh.

Visit our official OZTUG Web site.


March 4, 2009 - Winter Conference - 2009

At this new half day session, we will have one of our more important users of HP NonStop in Spain (LaCaixa), as well as other important providers of products and services, which will present to us their last new (ESQ, AtosOrigin and AURIGAE).

09:30 Remote Connections, Welcome and Introductions
10:00 Integrador de aplicaciones de medios de pago en Arquitectura Itanium
Antonia Medina y Nicolás Sela – EDS/La Caixa
10:45 La tecnología al servicio de los medios de pago. De Seb10 a Worldline Pay
Jose Antonio Antón Pineda – Atos Origin
11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 Operations Business Intelligence
Paul Davies – ESQ
12:30 Novedades de Prognosis
Luis Pedroche - Aurigae
13:00 Presentación nueva web: wwww.i_nug.org
Encarnación Acedo - INUG

To receive the convocatory with all the details of the event, you only need to affiliate INUG, sending an email to alta@inug-connect.org, with the subject ALTA.

You can check at the "About INUG" folder the benefits of being part of our organization.

For all of them who already are members of INUG, a convocatory has been sent to their emails. If you haven't received it yet, send an email to info@inug-connect.org, and we will check your details in our data base

North Texas/Oklahoma Chapter - NonStop

Upcoming Meeting
Friday, 6 March
HP Office
930 E Campbell Rd
Richardson, TX
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Connect North Texas/Oklahoma Chapter will be holding an HP sponsored all day training course Friday, 6 March. This meeting will be focused on NonStop H-Series and J-Series Operating Systems Application Migration. Please take the opportunity and register for this meeting today


2009 mars 19

VNUG Årsmöte hos Amadeus, Gävlegatan 22

For More information please contact bjonsson@csc.com





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