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 TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 - The Only NonStop Solution Available for Time-Critical Simulation

Upcoming Webinar: "How to Securely REST-Enable Your NonStop Applications"

Multi-Factor Authentication on Nonstop Made Easy!

No Smoke !!

XYPRO Participates in ISSA Thought Leadership Series: Cybersecurity risk is a share responsibility


NonStop Tecnical Bootcamp 2018

Gravic Announces Two New HPE Shadowbase Utilities


Availability Digest Investigates the Increasing Use of Dark Fiber

Tributary Systems’ Storage Director featured in CIO Magazine

Visit the XYPRO events calendar


Visit the XYPRO events calendar

The Chinese are coming. Are Visa and Mastercard feeling nervous yet?



 TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 - The Only NonStop Solution Available for Time-Critical Simulation

As more NonStop customers consolidate their physical data centers into the smaller footprints of the powerful NonStop X and vNonStop, TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 grows increasingly valuable by allowing applications to operate in local dates and times, independent of the current physical locations or time zones of their respective data centers. There is no need to ever change the server’s system clock.

One System Clock. Multiple Current Times. Multiple Time Zones.

OPTA2000 is a virtual clock- and time zone simulator that allows existing backup, test, development, and production systems to support worldwide consolidated applications. It is user-friendly, easily installed, cost-effective, and requires no application modifications. OPTA2000 provides date & time and time-zone simulation for all HPE NonStop Guardian and OSS applications and data bases, with no code changes. Date & time simulation allows organizations to "time travel" their applications in the future or past to test all date- and time-sensitive logic, eliminating the need to manually change the system clock. Time-zone simulation allows applications to operate in any virtual time zone on a single NonStop server.

It is one of TANDsoft most popular products and represents TANDsoft’s expertise in interception technology.

TANDsoft’s OPTA2000

● Date and time testing with future time, past time and frozen time

● Time test critical applications - Pensions, Leap Year, Billing Cycles, Policies, Daylight Saving, Future Dates, End of Month/Quarter/Year Transactions

● Time-sensitive applications operate with virtual time zones in consolidated data center

● Applications sitting on a server in one time zone can accurately timestamp local transactions generated outside that time zone

● Applications run in “user” time, not “system” time, without interrupting normal system operation

● No need to ever change the system clock. Multiple virtual system clocks on a single NonStop server

● All Nonstop Guardian and OSS programs, programming languages and data bases (Enscribe, SQL/MP, SQL/MX) are supported

● Accommodates Daylight Saving Time (DST) transition tables

● Requires no application source-code modifications, of particular importance when the source code is unavailable

● Supports in-house, HPE, and major third-party solutions, even those where source code is unavailable

● Available for NonStop X, vNonStop, and all other NonStop servers.

In addition to OPTA2000, TANDsoft flagship solutions include:

FileSync software replicates and synchronizes application environments and non-database files across all HPE NonStop servers. Customers use FileSync for disaster recovery, system migrations, upgrades, and backups. It serves to complement third-party replication products for a total business continuity environment. FileSync also preserves node-centric settings. FileSync supports qualified expressions, discrepancy reporting, and SQL/MX filters as well as the synchronization of SQL/MX catalogues, schemas, tables, partitions, and indices. FileSync Data Deduplication transmits only changed data, not entire files, to a backup database. FS-AppendOnly reduces processing time from seven minutes with whole file synchronization to less than five seconds with AppendOnly. FS-Incremental minimizes the time by synchronizing only files that have changed or are new since the last incremental synchronization.

Sensitive Data Intercept seamlessly intercepts HPE NonStop database access calls, then works with HPE, third-party, and in-house security products to protect sensitive data-at-rest by encrypting / tokenizing data written to disk and decrypting / de-tokenizing data read from disk. TANDsoft’s years of expertise in interception technology make it all happen without the need for any application modifications, of particular importance when the source code is unavailable. SDI supports Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases. SDI also masks sensitive data from unauthorized parties, audits who or what is accessing sensitive data, and logs the dates and times of access.

More TANDsoft products may be found at

TANDsoft will exhibit at the upcoming Canadian Tandem Users Group (CTUG) event on 26-27 September in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The conference will take place on Wednesday the 26th, with a follow-up educational session on Thursday the 27th.

In addition, visit TANDsoft at Booth #36 in the Partner Pavilion at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp, 11-14 November, Hyatt Regency SFO Airport Hotel, Burlingame, California, USA.

For information about TANDsoft solutions, contact Jack Di Giacomo at +1 (514) 695-2234. Free trials are available. TANDsoft is an HPE Silver Partner.




Upcoming Webinar:

"How to Securely REST-Enable Your NonStop Applications"



REST services and REST-based APIs are becoming extremely popular and are a great way to allow your NonStop applications to participate in broader application and enterprise environments. In this webinar, Andrew Price of NuWave and Phil Ly of TIC Software will show you how to quickly and easily REST-enable your NonStop applications. They will explain how LightWave Server™ and LightWave Client™ ensure that the REST services they provide and access are completely secure. They will also demonstrate how to use the products to increase the value of your NonStop applications while maintaining a high level of security.




Register now for "How to Securely REST-Enable Your NonStop Applications". We offer two sessions for your convenience:

  • Europe & Africa: Tuesday, October 2nd, 11:00 GMT (12:00 CET)
  • Americas: Wednesday, October 3rd, 3:00pm EDT (12:00pm PST)


Multi-Factor Authentication on Nonstop Made Easy!

 Why is Multi-Factor Authentication so critical on NonStop?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is increasingly becoming one of the more critical security requirements to comply with regulations such as PCI 8.3 and GDPR, as well as to provide superior safety measures over easily compromised single password methods. Any application that has access to the cardholder environment must include Multi-Factor Authentication, from legacy Pathway applications to the latest RESTful interfaces, effective MFA must be provided for tools and applications that have the potential to access these environments

The authentication mechanisms used for MFA should be independent of one another such that access to one factor does not grant access to any other factor, and the compromise of any one factor does not affect the integrity or confidentiality of any other factor.

What does PCI say about Multi-Factor Authentication?

One of the key changes to PCI DSS is an update to requirement 8.3, which now calls for organizations to strengthen their access security with MFA instead of the previously stated two-factor authentication. By changing the terminology of requirement 8.3, two forms of authentication are now the minimum requirement.

As detailed in PCI DSS version 3.2, any individuals with non-console administrative access to  Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) must authenticate using MFA. “Non-console administrative access” means that the system is accessed over a network, as opposed to the system’s local screen and keyboard. This applies regardless of whether the individual is an employee or third-party IT support personnel.

An Exciting New Solution for MFA: CSP Authenticator+

Multi-Factor authentication has become vital in ensuring secure access to systems. The new CSP Authenticator+ provides a RESTful interface  to support multi-factor authenticated logins to NonStop systems.


CSP Authenticator+ can be used as a Safeguard Authentication SEEP or with Pathway and Non-Pathway applications. Methods supported include RSA SecurID, Email, Text Message, Google Authenticate and Radius. Many additional methods are planned for the future.


CSP Authenticator+ resides on the NonStop Platform and uses an OSS “bridge” to connect via a RESTful interface to the CSP MFA service.  Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support Multi-factor authentication.



Key features include:


·        Support for multiple authentication factors, including SecurID (RSA) tokens

·        Standardized authentication across platforms

·        Configurable for all or selected users

·        Certified for the latest RSA release

·        Support for virtual addressing

So... What's Next?

CSP has a major announcement regarding Multi-Factor Authentication and CSP Authenticator+, which will be unveiled at this year's Nonstop Technical Boot Camp in Burlingame, CA. Stay tuned for more information regarding this revolutionary solution for MFA.

For more information on CSP solutions visit

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit

We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security ®

Visit us at these upcoming shows to learn more about our exciting solutions for NonStop and beyond:


·        CTUG - Toronto, Canada - September 26, 2018

·        MexTUG - Mexico City, Mexico - October 4, 2018

·        Nonstop Technical Boot Camp - Burlingame, CA - November 12-14, 2018


The CSP Team              

HPE PartnerOne Insignia.jpeg+1(905) 568 - 8900


No Smoke !!

No smoke, no mirrors, no snake oil.

Just NonStop Services to suit you




XYPRO Participates in ISSA Thought Leadership Series: Cybersecurity risk is a share responsibility


About this webinar

As organizations increase the quantity and complexity of digital services they provide to their customers they are increasingly relying on partners, vendors and 3rd parties to support them.

This means that the old model of snapshot assessments is falling behind in providing the timely conversations needed in today’s dynamic environment where data sharing is assumed and partners are providing business critical services outside an organization’s infrastructure.

Join us to discuss how digital attack surfaces are expanding, what information is available to assess risk, the methodology on what makes up a score and where to use them, how to engage in constructive conversations with your partners and showcase results to leadership.

Ken Dunham

Vamsi Gullapalli, Product Team, RiskIQ
Steve Tcherchian, CISO, XYPRO Technology Corporation
Wayne Proctor, Vice President, Information Security, WestRock

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ISSA International



 Base24 user ? Low on resources , need some short or longer term assistance with projects ? 

Tandemworld have a number of highly skilled Base24 specialists that can assists you immediately within the EMEA region. 

We can provide you with 1 specialist or a team of specialists to Augment your IT Service..

Tell us where your pain is or what you are looking to achieve, we can help with the right specialist(s).

Contact us at




On behalf of the NonStop Partner Community - We look forward to seeing you at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp!

26 Vendors Exhibiting:

4tech Software



BlackWood Systems


Crystal Point

Computer Security Products







Marshall Resources

Network Technologies








Tributary Systems



Hewlett Packard Enterprise

See you soon!

Kathy Wood

NonStop Partner SIG/Vendor Chair

Example Breakout Sessions:

  • It’s the Hardware! It’s the Software!
  • Virtualized NonStop (vNonStop) and VMWare
  • Multi-factor Authentication on NonStop – Make it easy. Do it right!
  • Increasing Availability with the OmniPayments Hub and HPE NSX
  • Innovation: CCA Modernizes the Person to Person Real-Time Payments
  • Recovering a DR site using Shadowbase tricks
  • Delivering Business Continuity for Vital Applications

HPE NonStop Education Courses at NonStop TBC 2018!

Check out these pre-conference HPE NonStop Education Courses offered at the Hyatt Regency SFO Airport hotel on Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 11th.

HPE Integrity NonStop X Application Migration
2 Day Course ($999 per student)

HPE Virtualized NonStop on VMware
Half Day Course, Morning Session ($499 per student)

HPE NonStop X Architecture and Operational Management Differences
Half Day Course, Afternoon Session ($499 per student)






Connect has secured a great room rate for Boot Campers at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. Reserve your room before October 22, 2018 to get the Group Rate of $209 per night.

Reserve your room online now.




NEW IN 2018:

Join the Women of NonStop for a special mixer on Monday, November 12th at 5:30pm.
Hear more about the Future Leaders in Technology Scholarship program and network with the women who power the NonStop community.


NEW IN 2018:

Are you NonStop Under 40 (NSU40)? If so, don't miss out on the first annual

NonStop TBC Under 40 Pub Crawl!



Sponsored by CSP 

Pick up your Boot Camp badge and conference materials from 4:00-6:00pm on Sunday at a special Registration Reception sponsored by CSP! 

After the reception, join the Partners in the Partner Pavilion for the #NonStopTBC18 annual Beer Bust, sponsored by CSP.




Gravic Announces Two New HPE Shadowbase Utilities

Gravic is pleased to announce two new additions to the HPE Shadowbase utilities product suite in its latest release of NonStop Version 6.500 – Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (part of the HPE Shadowbase Data Management Utilities) and Shadowbase Repair (a feature in the HPE Shadowbase Compare Utility).


Many Enscribe users need to replicate their Enscribe data into external systems and environments, usually by converting the Enscribe information into standard SQL data structures and schemas. The HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (SBDDLUTL) simplifies this process by providing a powerful interface to convert and map the Enscribe DDL data structures (records, fields) into their SQL equivalents (tables, columns). SBDDLUTL supports a variety of target SQL databases, including NonStop SQL/MP, NonStop SQL/MX, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle MySQL, SAP HANA, and SAP Sybase. Typically, this manual process takes many hours to complete depending on the size of the Enscribe DDL definition. Instead, SBDDLUTL instantly flattens the definition, eliminating this error-prone effort. The SBDDLUTL feature is available as part of the HPE Shadowbase Data Management Utilities product bundle. For more information, please read our solution brief.


HPE Shadowbase Repair is a feature in the HPE Shadowbase Compare for SQL NonStop Utility to assist with correcting or repairing SQL/MP or SQL/MX database discrepancies between two tables. Shadowbase Repair works on any two tables in these databases, provided they are both of the same type (MP or MX). It does not require a Shadowbase replication configuration and can be used in any environment where a source and target table need to be verified. Repair is particularly useful in business continuity data replication environments to provide confidence (or certification) that the source and target data matches, and to repair the discrepancies when it does not. HPE Shadowbase Compare reports the discrepancies between two sets of SQL tables, which would be an error-prone and time-consuming task to correct if even only a handful of differences were found. With HPE Shadowbase Repair, the user can automatically and quickly correct these differences with just a few simple commands. For more information, please read our solution brief.

To speak with us about your data replication and data integration needs, please call us at +1.610.647.6250, or email us at

Hewlett Packard Enterprise directly sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Events

CTUG ConferenceToronto, 26-27 September

MEXTUG Meeting—Mexico City, 4 October

Thailand NonStop Technology Summit—Bangkok, 26-27 October

Connect HPE Technical Boot Camp—San Francisco, 11-14 November

MATUG Meeting—Baltimore, 4 December

SunTUG Sunshine Summit—Tampa, 1 March, 2019

EBITUG—Edinburgh, 14-15 May, 2019




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Availability Digest Investigates the Increasing Use of Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is a fiber-optic cable that has been installed in the ground but that remains dormant, available for future use. Cable installers often will lay more fiber lines than needed in order to control the costs of having to lay lines again and again. As fiber-optic networks grow more popular with industries requiring high bandwidth, scalability, reliability, near-zero latency, and enhanced security, some companies will lease unused strands of dark fiber cable to create their own private dark-fiber networks instead of competing for bandwidth on some carrier’s existing network.

“Using Dark Fiber” is one of several articles in recent issues of the Availability Digest. In addition to this story, read the articles below as well as others.

Writing Patent Applications – Digest Managing Editor Dr. Bill Highleyman received his first patent in 1959. Patent #2,978,675 – Character Recognition System. He went on to receive numerous other patents for function generators, data processing with controlled input, constant charge driving circuits, and so on. Bill has found over the years that many people interested in patenting their ideas never follow through out of fear that the application process will be too intimidating. Bill uses his own experiences to help individuals and small companies prepare patent applications. This article introduces the required formatting that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) expects of applications submitted.

Amazon Downed by Overload – Amazon’s Prime Day is an annual thirty-six-hour global shopping orgy offering heavily discounted merchandise to customers who are members of Amazon Prime, a paid subscription service. Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest non-holiday sales event, and this year it took place on July 16th. By the end of Prime Day 2018, over 100 million products had been purchased. One can only imagine how many more sales would have taken place if Amazon had not experienced multiple outages. The cause was insufficient server capacity to accommodate the millions of shoppers who attempted to access Amazon simultaneously.

Gatwick Airport Reverts to Whiteboards – Talk about “old school.” The U.K.’s Gatwick Airport was forced to communicate flight information via hand-drawn whiteboards after the airport’s automation systems went down. The problem was caused by a damaged fiber cable; and Gatwick officials blamed the outage on Vodaphone, which supplies the airport with IT support. Staff members used walkie-talkies to receive information, erasing and updating the whiteboards with the latest ‘live updated’ flight data as it changed. People crowded to see their gate numbers, but the huge crowds made it difficult for passengers to see. To help ease crowding, the whiteboards were accompanied by a projected Word document containing the gate information. However, sometimes the whiteboards and the Word displays did not match due to the staff having to shout the gate numbers across the concourse to each other.

In addition, The Availability Digest offers one-day and multi-day seminars on High Availability: Concepts and Practices. Seminars are given both onsite and online and are tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Popular seminars are devoted to achieving fast failover, the impact of redundancy on availability, basic availability concepts, and eliminating planned downtime.

The Digest provides a variety of technical writing, consulting, marketing, and seminar services. Individuals too busy to write articles themselves often hire us to ghostwrite. We also create white papers, case studies, technical manuals and specifications, RFPs, presentation slides, web content, press releases, advertisements, and so on.

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn. We are at 804 members and counting. Follow us as well on Twitter @availabilitydig.


Tributary Systems’ Storage Director featured in CIO Magazine

By Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business, Tributary Systems

CIO Review’s 2018 Storage Special cover feature details and explains Tributary Systems’ flagship Storage Director Enterprise backup virtualization solution. Take a few moments to follow the links below to read this interesting and informative article and also peruse the entire issue. Not only will you come away with an excellent understanding of the Storage Director product, and what significant advantages it will bring to your backup/restore processes, but you’ll also gain a little insight on our CEO, Mr. Shawn Sabanayagam, and his background and interests.

As always, if you’d like additional information on Storage Director, visit, or call Matt Allen at 817-786-3066 (office) or 713-492-7434 (cell).

Storage Director allows NonStop professionals to “augment what they have and use it in creative new ways!”


Visit the XYPRO events calendar to see where we will be and sign up for free webinars



CTUG 2018September 26, 2018 September 27, 2018Hewlett–Packard Enterprise Canada, 5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, OntarioEvent Website >

MexTUG 2018October 4, 2018Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel and Towers - MexicoEvent Website >

NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2018November 11, 2018 November 14, 2018Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport - BurlingameEvent Website >



SunTUG – 2019 Sunshine Summit  March 1 – 2, 2019  

The DoubleTree by Hilton, Tampa, FL



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The Chinese are coming. Are Visa and Mastercard feeling nervous yet?


So the two real dominant players in the UK Card Scheme market are about to have their cage rattled.  UnionPay of China whose cards are already accepted at merchants and ATMs across some 172 countries, are now planning to enter the Card Issuing market in the UK.

It is reported that the state-controlled group plans to partner with a UK company to issue virtual pre-paid cards for corporate clients travelling in the Far East. Travellers, pack your mobile.

UnionPay may look like a growing dominant player but they face strong competition in their home markets with the meteoric rise of AliPay and WeChatPay, and the move away from physical cards to mobile payment apps, where they do not share in a slice of the action.

OmniPayments is embracing this dynamic migration of payment tokens (Card/Mobile App) by accepting broad varieties of payment tokens and transaction types.  The growing choice offered to consumers is driving down the revenues for Card processors who need more cost-effective and flexible platforms to meet their demanding market requirements.

Card Processors can no longer wait six months or more for their provider to bring new functionality to market. They need it now, which is where we come in.

OmniPayments provides the infrastructure today, both in cloud and on-prem to get your card business up and running in today’s market. 

OmniPayments takes a 21st century approach to payments.  We recognise that modern systems require a number of key characteristics:

·       Flexible APIs

·       Rapid implementation times

·       Robust Security

·       Active/Active built-in

 Read more




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