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 NTI and data integration; a path forward that includes
data integration with Splunk!

Have a Crisis? All Your NonStop Guys Retired? No Worries with BrightStrand’s Flexible Resource Program

TANDsoft’s FileSync Supports Qualified Expressions, Data Deduplication, and Incremental Synchronization


No Smoke !!

ETI-NET and HPE continued cooperation with Tape and Backup  

Gravic Presents at OZTUG, ATUG, CTUG, and MEXTUG Fall Events

Why are so many of the UK’s Banking services suffering downtime?



NEW DATE: Registration Open for the Rescheduled MATUG Fall Users Meeting

Availability Digest Says HP Has Launched Bug Bounty Program for Printers





NTI and data integration; a path forward that includes
data integration with Splunk!

Data rarely ever sits still. Once created, it is moved at some point as it’s backed-up, replicated, passed to customers, business partners or regulatory authorities, integrated and even enriched with data created somewhere else and, more often than not these days, winds up in a data warehouse, appliance or lake. In moving data, enterprises have turned to specialist data moving vendors and no longer are reliant on scripts, custom programs or basic utilities and this is a situation of which NTI is fully aware and is actively addressing. Looking at where data is moved to has Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI, openly talking to customers and prospects alike about “the elevated role for DRNet® in support of data replication, data integration and data transformation, all of which are being well served by DRNet® today.”

This was the focus area of article previously published on the web in early October, NTI – a strategy unfolding for data integration that includes support for Splunk! In this article, NTI acknowledges its support for the movement of data under these three headings - replication, integration and transformation. No longer to be viewed as just addressing a single business use-case scenario, NTI is electing to broaden its product offerings to meet the needs of all three use-cases for data movement. When it comes to the three scenarios depicted above, data replication remains the premier product within the ecosystem, but it is data integration that is generating the most interest within the NonStop community.

“It really has come down to behavior and expectations,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “It isn’t any good to know that a customer spent $10 or that he looked at your web site, but rather, how often are they spending $10 at that hour and yes, have they been on our web site a hundred times already and what is it that attracts them?” For more insight about what Splunk is and the value it is providing enterprises everywhere, read the rest of the article here :-

In the all-important world of big data and analytics, Splunk has risen to a position of dominance and this is fully understood by the NTI development team. The significance of the work in support of Splunk is that, according to Dunne, “There is hardly an enterprise we encounter today that hasn’t deployed Splunk in support of one application or the other, be it operations focused or addressing issues of security so it behooved NTI to ensure data generated by transaction processing applications finds its way into Splunk.” Furthermore, it’s not just the universal acceptance of Splunk but the value to enterprises of the ecosystem that has arisen in support of Splunk, as noted by Gartner, “Splunk has a large partner ecosystem that provides integration and Splunk-specific content that is made available through the Splunkbase application store.”

At recent Regional User Group (RUG) meetings, data integration generated the most questions and this has led to the development of DRNet® support for integration with Splunk. Such integration support is all part of NTI's vision for expanded Hybrid IT offering as it goes beyond simply replication to and from NonStop to include support for mainstream databases like Oracle and MS SQL Server. DRNet® for Splunk is among many new capabilities available from NTI about which you will be hearing a lot more in the coming months.

Should you happen to have attended the recent OzTUG RUG events or been present at the CTUG RUG meeting you would have gained the first glimpse of how our strategy is unfolding in support of the three primary use-case scenarios we have observed. At the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp to be held in November, expect to hear even more about the capabilities of DRNet® with respect to all three types of data movement – replication, integration and transformation. “We anticipate we will have a few surprises for the NonStop community,” said Dunne, “so make sure you come and talk with us as this is a message we would like all in the NonStop community to understand: DRNet® is about data and about serving up data to wherever it’s needed to meet the diverse set of requirements every enterprise is looking to address.”

If however, you have as yet not had the opportunity to talk with us then give us a call or email us as we would be only too happy to discuss how best DRNet® can address your needs for data integration, no matter what technology or solution is being targeted!

Network Technologies International, Inc.

635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209

Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000


N.T.I. Limited

Oakwood House



County Galway

Republic of Ireland

Phone: +353 (91) 463086




Have a Crisis? All Your NonStop Guys Retired? No Worries with BrightStrand’s Flexible Resource Program


It is a sad fact of life in the NonStop world.  Your NonStop Systems work forever, but your developers and support teams don’t. They retire, they migrate to other assignments, and their expertise is difficult to replace in your business-critical environment. That is why you count on BrightStrand International and its flexible resource program. Brought to you by the largest pool of HPE NonStop resources in the U.K. and quite possibly in the world.

Here is how our flexible resource program works. 

Not every company requires a year’s worth of support services. So why pay for a year’s worth? With BrightStrand, you have the option of contracting for a predetermined number of service days over a defined period. That way, all contractual necessities are in place. When an emergency or another unforeseen issue arises, we can act quickly to place the most appropriate resources at work on your behalf.  You avoid having to negotiate prices and terms while your systems – and your business – suffer.

Your costs are less than those of an annual contract, and you can add more days if necessary.

Beyond the obvious advantage of having access to our highly experienced NonStop team, BrightStrand’s flexible resource program allow us the opportunity to understand your system configurations and applications. Therefore, well in advance of your use of our services, we can anticipate the skills you may need and which of our BrightStrand colleagues are best suited to assist you. 

Just how far-reaching are BrightStrand’s skillsets?  When it comes to NonStop, we have centuries of combined experience spanning every NonStop platform and operating system. Our multiplatform support extends as well to IBM, UNIX, and Windows. Count on us to be prepared for any challenge your systems encounter because we have experienced every possible challenge.

Such deep expertise is a valuable commodity.  What it offers BrightStrand customers is peace of mind.

BrightStrand International is your go-to source for highly skilled IT professionals. In addition to our flexible resource program, BrightStrand offers a complete product lifecycle from initial planning through implementation to fully managed services.  We work onsite and remotely, and everything we undertake is tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.  The result?  Lower costs, reduced risk, higher availability and increased efficiencies.

We encourage you to contact us for additional information.

Tel: +44(0)141 204 4046


TANDsoft’s FileSync Supports Qualified Expressions, Data Deduplication, and Incremental Synchronization

Not all data replication/synchronization products are equal. Take the NonStop world, for instance. Only TANDsoft’s FileSync uses Qualified Expressions, a powerful language that can define thousands of files with a single command. Only FileSync offers Data Deduplication, which transmits changed data instead of entire files to a backup database. Only FileSync offers Incremental Synchronization (FS-Incremental), which minimizes processing time by analyzing and synchronizing only files that have changed or that are new since the last synchronization.

FileSync has been a NonStop staple for years. It automatically monitors, replicates and synchronizes application environments and non-database files (edit, objects, source, TACL, blobs, OSS, SQL/MP, SQL/MX) across all HPE NonStop servers. It reduces the errors associated with maintaining duplicate system and application environments. Customers use FileSync for disaster recovery, system migrations, upgrades, and backups. It supports all NonStop file types, and its affordability and ease-of-use complement other third-party NonStop replication products for a total business continuity environment.

FileSync Features and Benefits

• Available for NonStop X, vNonStop, and all other NonStop servers
• Supports - Enscribe files – audited, non-audited, structured and unstructured
• Supports - OSS files, SQL/MP and SQL/MX Catalogs, Schemas, Tables, Partitions and Indices
• Preserves node-centric settings
• Supports Expand and TCP/IP
• Automatic or scheduled file synchronization for Guardian and OSS
• Uses TCP/IP to migrate current system to new system with same node name
• Complements NonStop real-time data replication products
• Utilizes qualified expressions, wildcarding, and file exclusions to help define selected files

FileSync Data Deduplication (Client Deduplication) transmits only changed data, not entire files, to a backup database. It significantly improves file synchronization performance and bandwidth requirements for large files. The FileSync deduplication algorithm detects what changes have been made to an already replicated file and transmits only the unique data.

FS-Incremental minimizes processing time by analyzing and replicating only files that have changed or are new since the last synchronization. It will look for altered files within specified time parameters – 12 hours, one day, one week, and so on. Can be used in conjunction with FileSync Data Deduplication for very large files.

FileSync AppendOnly attaches changes made to a file to the end of the file. It is especially useful with large transaction log files that require frequent synchronization.

In addition to FileSync, TANDsoft flagship solutions include OPTA2000 and Sensitive Data Intercept. They are two of TANDsoft’s most popular products and represent TANDsoft’s expertise in interception technology.

OPTA2000 is the only NonStop solution available for time-critical simulation. It is a virtual clock- and time zone simulator that allows existing backup, test, development, and production systems to support worldwide consolidated applications. It is user-friendly, easily installed, cost-effective, and requires no application modifications. OPTA2000 provides date & time and time-zone simulation for all HPE NonStop Guardian and OSS applications and data bases, with no code changes. Date simulation and time simulation allow organizations to "time travel" their applications into the future or past to test all date- and time-sensitive logic, thereby eliminating the need to manually change the system clock. Time-zone simulation allows applications to operate in any virtual time zone on a single NonStop server.

Sensitive Data Intercept seamlessly intercepts HPE NonStop database access calls, then works with HPE, third-party, and in-house security products to protect sensitive data-at-rest by encrypting / tokenizing data written to disk and decrypting / de-tokenizing data read from disk. TANDsoft’s years of expertise in interception technology make it all happen without the need for any application modifications, of particular importance when the source code is unavailable. SDI supports Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX databases. SDI also masks sensitive data from unauthorized parties, audits who or what is accessing sensitive data, and logs the dates and times of access.

More TANDsoft products may be found at TANDsoft solutions are available for NonStop X, vNonStop, and all other NonStop servers. Check out TANDsoft’s Free Trial program.

Heading to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp? Visit TANDsoft at Booth #36 in the Partner Pavilion, 11-14 November, Hyatt Regency SFO Airport Hotel, Burlingame, California, USA.



Dear Members of BITUG,

Apologies, but we made some errors in previous email, they are corrected here. 

BITUG is pleased to announce an Education Day hosted and presented by HPE to be held the day after our Little SIG.

Details as follows:

Cost:       FREE to all registered BITUG members
When:     Wednesday 5th December, 2018
Where:    HPE Offices, 1 Aldermanbury Square, London, EC2V 7HR
Time:      10:00 to 15:30 
Registration closes: 30 November, 2018

Subject: Deploying Virtualised NonStop using VMWARE

Here's your chance to learn all about deploying vNS using VMWARE virtualisation software. Register below.


Please note:
Spaces are strictly limited to 20 attendees and end user customers of HPE will have priority. All those who register will receive an email informing them if they have been successful or not, after registration closes. 

To comply with HPE Security, you must register beforehand and have received an acceptance email. You cannot just turn up on the day.

You may be required to present Photo ID, so please bring this will you on the day. 

If you do register for the education day, are successful, but can no longer attend, please do let us know so that we can allocate your place to someone else. 

Reminder: Little SIG registration still open!

Don't forget, Little SIG is being held the previous day - Tuesday 4th December, 2018 at Lloyds Banking Group offices. More details and how to register below

Little SIG Event Info and Registration Page

Of course any questions or queries can be directed to anyone from the committee, via reply to this email, or from the BITUG website page:

For now, we look froward to welcoming you in December. 

On behalf of the BITUG Committee - Thanks and see you soon! 



No Smoke !!

No smoke, no mirrors, no snake oil.

Just NonStop Services to suit you


ETI-NET and HPE continued cooperation with Tape and Backup  



Plus ça change, plus c'est la męme chose! The more things change the more they stay the same. It was only a short time ago that the NonStop community was in Leipzig Germany for the GTUG event and right after that we visited the Porsche factory. There is probably no other car in the world as iconic as the Porsche 911.  If you need a comparison element, take a look at a the famous 1998 Porsche 911 and then glance across at the new and freshly released 2018 Porsche 911.  They might look the same, one could pick up body differences: a vent here, a wheel housing flare there.  Porsche engineers didn’t sit back and do nothing in the intervening twenty years even as they erred on the side of caution when working with the overall shape of the 911.


Pretty much the same can be said nowadays about Tape and Backup technology. As the requirements and objectives for Tape and Backup haven’t changed all that much over the past years, what has been evolving “under the hood” is anything but trivial details. Working with HPE and the NonStop team, ETI-NET has been all the time aware of the baby steps the technology itself was taking toward changing Tape and Backup.  Precisely because of that, the significant steps that have been taken by ETI-NET led to supporting much bigger block sizes than usual. Compared to the newer models of the Porsche 911 (bigger tires offering more grip, for example), the block size increase offered by ETI-NET comes as a transfer performance element to be leveled with the Porsche performance.  The positive outcome from the collaboration of HPE and ETI-NET engineers is an improved Backup product offering not only bigger block size, but also significant performance. Let’s take a quick look at the new and improved NonStop Backup?


With L17.08 RVU large block size support for Tape IOP (NonStop X) has been implemented. This feature increased the Tape IOP block size from the former maximum size of 56KB to a new maximum size of 1MB.  This feature improvement is only supported with HPE virtual tape drive (BackBox VTR and VTC). As we mentioned it at the beginning, the more things change the more they stay the same and when it comes to computer systems, they continue to change faster,  not only bigger memory and capacity, but also bigger I/O pipes to storage and communications. This combination of speed and big pipes was what led to the continuation of HPE partnership with ETI-NET, partnership that has been in place for a very long time.



BackBox enhanced capability comes with block size way bigger than 52K, which was the maximum block size for decades on NonStop.  On 52K, the backup had to be spread the backup across 8 -10 jobs to saturate one fiber. Nowadays, HPE is shipping 896K block size; 2 backup streams are now enough to get the maximum a Fiber Channel (FC) connection can provide. The need for this capability has come about following the sizeable uptick in number of transactions being processed – what represented a large file seven years ago might be just a couple of megabytes. Today it’s all about data size: moving and recovering gigabytes and terabytes of data requesting an efficient solution such as the one HPE and ETI-Net have jointly developed with BackBox.

It’s well known that this year, the entire IT industry has been affected by Meltdown and Specter, serious viruses that attack personal computers, servers, mobile devices, and even the cloud. exploiting critical vulnerabilities in modern processors, including x86 processors. It is important for NonStop users to know that all fixes that have been developed by Intel, Microsoft and HPE have been comprehensibly tested.  When it came to potential impact on performance, all these tests run by the vendors showed no impact or just a minor impact (<5%) on encryption, compression and multiple stream transfers.


We may not be able to spot a Porsche’s manufacturing year, but when it comes to today’s NonStop X systems, we should be able to admit that, as powerful and versatile as they may be, NonStops are mostly a combination of new software and vastly improved interfaces with different connectivity paths. If you have any questions about BackBox or our new vBackBox, don’t hesitate to ask. Furthermore, you can always email us or give us a call – we would be only too happy to respond to any questions you may have.


Said Hini (514) 663-0501



Gravic Presents at OZTUG, ATUG, CTUG, and MEXTUG Fall Events



Attendees enjoyed our presentation, HPE Shadowbase Update and Extended Use Cases, at the recent regional meetings for OZTUG (Sydney and Melbourne), ATUG (Atlanta), CTUG (Toronto), and MEXTUG (Mexico City). We described how HPE Shadowbase software works in several use cases and reviewed new HPE Shadowbase product features, including:

·        New SQL Repair feature for Shadowbase Compare

·        Support for DB2 as a source

·        Enscribe to SQL replication enhancements (featuring the new SBDDLUTL utility)

·        Further improvements that simplify migrating from RDF or OGG to HPE Shadowbase

·        Additional BASE24™ features, such as full refresh support


At ATUG, we toured the HPE office in Alpharetta, including the server room, which contained a physical system running HPE Virtualized NonStop. At CTUG, we attended several interesting talks, from Mission Critical Blockchain and COBOL to Cucumber (from a customer's perspective). Through several HPE presentations at OZTUG, we learned more about the Intelligent Edge, SQL/MX, Blockchain/R3 Corda, and NonStop OS Updates. We also gained insight from a Customer Experience presentation. At MexTUG, HPE presented an interesting talk covering the inception of Hewlett Packard to modern day NonStop. We also met with HPE in their Santa Fe offices and planned sales and business development strategy for NonStop as well as the greater MCS group in the region.


Please stop by Gravic Booth #11 at the Connect HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp on November 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from and interact with our NonStop peers on a more in-depth level at these events. Additionally, we thank all of the participants including customers, vendors, consultants, and HPE executives and technical staff for their support.


Gravic Publishes Article:

Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime – Part 3


Gravic recently published the third and final part of the article series, Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime in the September/October issue of The Connection. When it is necessary to change or upgrade to a new data replication engine version, a zero downtime migration imposes no downtime on applications or users, and the databases all remain consistent, complete, and up-to-date during the process. This migration technique is similar to the HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) technique used to upgrade applications, database schema formats, file and table locations (or indices), and operating systems. The ZDM technique results in greatly reduced risks for error, staff stress levels, and migration costs while still providing continuous availability during the conversion process.


This article discusses various methods used to switch replication engines without missing or re-replicating any data (solving the so-called replication jagged edge problem). For reference, the Version Independence approach discussed in Part 1 avoids interoperating between different software versions. Part 2 discusses an improved method that utilizes three nodes for partial hardware migrations or utilizes four nodes during a full hardware refresh, as well as bi-directional environments that keep all (new and old) nodes synchronized as the migration takes place (to aid in failback without data loss, should a latent issue develop).

To speak with us about your data replication and data integration needs, please call us at +1.610.647.6250, or email us at

Hewlett Packard Enterprise directly sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Events

Thailand NonStop Technology Summit—Bangkok, 26-27 October

Connect HPE Technical Boot Camp—San Francisco, 11-14 November

MATUG Meeting—Baltimore, 4 December

SunTUG Sunshine Summit—Tampa, 1 March, 2019

EBITUG—Edinburgh, 14-15 May, 2019



Why are so many of the UK’s Banking services suffering downtime?

Bank service outages are now so regular we’ve almost stopped caring. Unless you’re an affected customer of one of these blips, the chances are you shrug your shoulders and get on with your day. But why are so many banks continuing to let us down?

We in the Nonstop Tandemsphere thought we’d solved this problem back in 1976. 

Banks were then crying out for reliable systems that would tolerate failures and keep running. 

These systems we rely upon today date from before the days of the Internet, before the days of the iPhone, and certainly before the days when the words Dark Web and Hackers drifted into modern use.  Since then, we’ve been busy trying to adapt our legacy systems for the modern world, tacking on bits of software, plugging gaps, changing a few operational procedures, jumping through a few hoops to satisfy the regulators.  But what continues to happen? Systems fall over, or worse still freeze like rabbits in headlights.

OmniPayments takes a 21st century approach to e-payments.  We recognise that modern systems require a number of key characteristics:

  • Flexible APIs for enterprise integration
  • Simplify Digital Transformation 
  • Mobile Ready
  • Rapid implementation times
  • Robust Security
  • 100% availability 

Modern Banks freed from the legacy of sticky-tape IT systems, have built their infrastructure using modern practices, emerging technologies while leveraging the strength of solid underlying platforms.

OmniPayments transforms your payments infrastructure either on-prem or as a service enabling you to focus on your core business of generating profits and serving customers 24/7. 

 Contact us for more information


GDPR: On 25th May 2018, a new European Union (EU) data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), takes effect. The GDPR gives individuals in the EU more control over how their data is used and places certain obligations on businesses that process information of those individuals. We are updating our Policy to take into account the new requirements of the GDPR.

In accordance with this we need your permission to continue to send you emails relating to the Nonstop World (Tandemworld) Limited eNewsletter and the products and services that you can purchase from Nonstop World (Tandemworld) Limited


It is extremely important that you update your preferences with us, to comply with the new GDPR regulations – simply click one of the following links, to confirm your mailing preferences. 

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The Cybersecurity protecting our elections needs to reflect their significance with comprehensive security… and yet we are still playing catch-up.

There are over 50 different election systems and processes each with varying degrees of cybersecurity.

In early 2018, the Center for American Progress graded “The election security in all 50 states” and the results aren’t comforting.

Read about it here: Election CyberSecurity: Playing catch-up


NEW DATE: Registration Open for the Rescheduled MATUG Fall Users Meeting

 If you are unable to attend the Technical Boot Camp (TBC) in San Francisco next month, then the Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group (MATUG) Meeting is a great opportunity to see the HPE NonStop roadmaps first-hand and to hear all of the latest news from the TBC on NonStop development, product management, and sales.

Please register via EventBrite for the MATUG Meeting rescheduled for 8am-5pm on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Baltimore-BWI Airport near Baltimore, MD, USA. To book a room at the MATUG block rate:

MATUG provides members with the opportunity to participate in quality informational sessions, learn about new HPE products and services, and interact with fellow HPE NonStop users. Expect informative presentations from seven vendors and HPE on:

·        Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp Wrap-up

·        HPE Partnership with Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT)

·        Application Modernization: DevOps and Microservices

·        HPE NonStop HW/SW Product Roadmap

The MATUG meeting is open to all HPE NonStop customers, partners, users, consultants, or interested parties. Members are usually from the following states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia, although anyone can attend.

Please forward this announcement to others in your organization who may be interested in attending. Contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you!


Availability Digest Says HP Has Launched Bug Bounty Program for Printers

Congratulations to HP for its new bug bounty program for printers, the first ever in the industry. Historically, printers have not been treated as a serious hacking threat; and Chief Security Information Officers (CSIOs) have not been involved in printer purchases. However, in today’s environment, where hackers target endpoint devices, printers present a large attack surface. As a result, HP has made cybersecurity a priority for its Printer Division, which has the largest worldwide market share of printers sold. Today, a printer flaw that could compromise an entire network commands an HP reward of up to USD $10,000 if discovered. HP has partnered with Bugcrowd, a leader in crowdsourced security services, to manage vulnerability reporting.

The program now covers HP’s Laser Jet Enterprise printers and Page-Wide Enterprise edition printers.

“HP Launches Bug Bounty Program for Printers” is one of several articles in recent issues of the Availability Digest. In addition to this story, read the articles below as well as others.

Reducing Data Center Failures – Digest Managing Editor Dr. Bill Highleyman has written extensively on data-center failures. In this article, he explores the concept of a rackless data center. He also focuses on a product called ShareBackup, which allows backup switches in a data center to take on network traffic within a fraction of a second following a switch failure.

Leasing Dark Fiber – In our August 2018 Digest, we introduced the concept of dark fiber, which are strands of fiber-optic cable that have been installed in the ground but that remain dormant, or “unlit,” available for future use. In “Leasing Dark Fiber,” we discuss the increasing number of companies that are leasing dark fiber to create their own private networks instead of competing for bandwidth on some carrier’s existing network. The article offers examples of dark-fiber networks now deployed, the optical equipment required, and the common pricing models for dark-fiber leasing.

Active/Active AWS – Amazon Web Services (AWS) has invested heavily in multi-region active/active architectures. Why the outlay? Multi-region architectures reduce latency for end users. They improve disaster recovery. They satisfy business requirements for those enterprises that must store data in multiple distinct regions. “Active/Active AWS” discusses the benefits of active/active as well as what is essential to deploy services across numerous AWS regions.

The Availability Digest offers one-day and multi-day seminars on High Availability: Concepts and Practices. Seminars are given both onsite and online and are tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Popular seminars are devoted to achieving fast failover, the impact of redundancy on availability, basic availability concepts, and eliminating planned downtime.

The Digest provides a variety of technical writing, consulting, marketing, and seminar services. Individuals too busy to write articles themselves often hire us to ghostwrite. We also create white papers, case studies, technical manuals and specifications, RFPs, presentation slides, web content, press releases, advertisements, and so on.

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn. We are at 804 members and counting. Follow us as well on Twitter @availabilitydig.


Ask TandemWorld

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We are currently seeking skilled resources across the EMEA region,

contact us for More Info


XYPRO Technology, an integral part of every HPE NonStop server, secures fault-tolerant payment infrastructure and applications, protecting billions of payment transactions for companies around the world.

Providing a complete, secure and integrated solution for protected, mission-critical computing, this is the complete portfolio to meet customer needs for security, compliance, risk-management and database efficiency.

 Read our recent HPE Customer Case Study here: HPE Technology Partner, XYPRO, secures fault-tolerant payment infrastructure.



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