Tandemworld eNewsletter for November 2012

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Tandemworld Newsletter for November 2012


comForte 21 enjoys double-digit growth and healthy profits

Healthcare Provider Uses TANDsoft’s FileSync for Rapid, Accurate Synchronization of Thousands of Files

GreenHouse is proud to announce a new product: NSM/Guard

comForte exhibits and presents at BITUG BIG SIG

SOAP/AM Version 3.0 – Beta Now Available

comForte MR-Win6530 verified as Citrix Ready

Gravic Posts YouTube Videos of Jimmy Treybig’s Speech at Connect NonStop Advanced T.B.C.



XYPRO Webinars on Demand

CommitWork’s presentation tour - December 2012

CAIL : NonStop in the Enterprise

Musings on NonStop! - November, ‘12

Third Data Corporation

Availability Digest Examines the Outage That May Change History


Online Version

comForte 21 enjoys double-digit growth and healthy profits


comForte 21 GmbH, a global provider of connectivity, middleware, and security solutions for the HP NonStop platform, reported yet another fiscal year marked by profits and growth.

Over the course of the company’s fiscal year, which ended on September 30, 2012, comForte 21 continued to execute on its plans and achieved the best results in the company's history — recording double-digit sales growth. With increased business in regions around the globe, the company has realized robust profit margins, and is anticipating a very positive year ahead.

"We are very pleased with our continued financial and operational success," says Dr. Michael Rossbach, CEO of comForte 21. "With healthy, worldwide growth in demand for our solutions, we’ve experienced double-digit growth and strong profits. We remain focused on providing leading software products for the HP NonStop platform, and we continue to make strategic research and development investments so we can keep delivering the innovative solutions our customers need in the years ahead."


Read the press release on BusinessWire or on the comForte website.


NEW: HP NonStop [Tandem] Security Group on LinkedIn - join the discussion.


Come and see us at these upcoming events in 2012/2013

BITUG BIG SIG, London, UK, Dec 5-6 , 2012

FTUG, Paris, France, Dec 10, 2012

SUNTUG, Tampa, Florida, USA, Mar 8-9, 2013

HP Discover, Las Vegas, USA, June 2013

PCI US Community Meeting, Las Vegas, USA, Sept 24-26, 2013

PCI EU Community Meeting, Nice, France, Oct 29-31, 2013

CONNECT Advanced Technical Boot Camp 2013, San Jose, USA, Nov 3-5, 2013

PCI AP Community Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Fall 2013



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Healthcare Provider Uses TANDsoft’s FileSync for Rapid, Accurate Synchronization of Thousands of Files

Do you need to synchronize thousands of files in a matter of minutes and with reliable accuracy? One organization that required such speed and accuracy chose TANDsoft’s FileSync as the solution.

The healthcare provider backs up via physical tape to an off-site, third-party storage provider. Several years ago, it decided to augment this disaster-recovery effort by installing an in-house DR system. Two HP Integrity NonStop NB50000 Blade Systems, one used for production and the other for disaster recovery and QA, are located in data centers set miles apart. Three different jobs, all running under NetBatch, synchronize files throughout each day on predetermined schedules. FileSync is used for file replication and synchronization on all three jobs.

FileSync automatically monitors, replicates and synchronizes source files, program environments, application environments, configuration files, programs – anything non-database that needs to be kept current across the network. TANDsoft customers use FileSync for disaster recovery, system migrations, upgrades, and backups. Version 2.1 supports qualified expressions and referential integrity as well as the synchronization of SQL/MX catalogues, schemas, tables, partitions, and indices. In addition, Version 2.1 supports the SQL/MX filter and SQL/MX 3.1.

The healthcare provider counts on FileSync to replicate thousands of non-audited Guardian files in a matter of minutes and with reliable accuracy. In one recent example, FileSync required only minutes to review 101,307 production files, to detect 384 files with changes, and to replicate those files to the DR system. FileSync’s secret weapon? Qualified Expressions, a powerful language that can define thousands of files with a single command. In doing so, TANDsoft is able to offer its customers exceptional ease-of-use of the FileSync solution. The healthcare provider also takes advantage of FileSync’s qualified file wildcarding feature.

FileSync supports a wide variety of file types, including all Enscribe files – audited, non-audited, structured and unstructured; all OSS files; NonStop SQL/MP Catalogs, Tables and Partitions; NonStop SQL/MX Catalogs, Schemas, Tables and Partitions; program source and objects; and configuration and TACL files. FileSync-Audit replicates only Enscribe file modifications, not entire Enscribe files, in order to efficiently synchronize all files across the network.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. In addition to FileSync, they include: the OPTA2000 virtual clock- and time-zone simulator; Command Stream Replicator, which automatically replicates TMF-audited/unaudited FUP, SQL/MP and SQL/MX DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems; and the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits, which offer flexible, affordable alternatives to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques.

TANDsoft products require no application source-code modifications and are available for all HP NonStop servers. Free trials are available. For information about TANDsoft solutions, contact Jack Di Giacomo at +1 (514) 695-2234. Our Enscribe to SQL Migration Forum on LinkedIn is at 144 members and counting.



GreenHouse is proud to announce a new product: NSM/Guard

A secure system requires differentiation between individual and functional users.

Actually, differentiating between individual and functional users is THE key point to secure a system. The GreenHouse product SECOM (Secure Command Manager) satisfies this requirement and offers much more, such as:

  1. command and subcommand level security
  2. ID change control by time of day, and date
  3. user group support with group stacking
  4. generic commands (commands that behave differently based on date and time)
  5. generic users (SECOMknown users)
  6. GUARDIAN and OSS session I/O tracing

In short: SECOM enables an individual user to log on to the system once, and to perform tasks with functional IDs as needed, without the need to know additional passwords.

When access as a functional user to GUI applications, such as Visual Inspect, or NSM/Web is needed, the password of the target user must be used. This bypasses the security mechanism, provided by SECOM, and is a security breach related to PCI requirements.

Some years ago GreenHouse developed a library that permits the establishment of a Visual Inspect session without the need to know the password of the functional user to be used to run VI with.

We have now developed a product that allows the establishment of NSM/Web sessions for functional users without knowing the related password.

Both products, VILib and NSM/Guard, control individual user access and the ability to switch from individual users to functional users.

All access actions are logged to maintain security.

An iWAMS module to maintain the configuration is available as well.

The product is ready for shipment and can be ordered for a one month test period for free.

For more details please contact: Carl.Weber@GreenHouse.de


comForte exhibits and presents at BITUG BIG SIG


As in previous years comForte will be exhibiting and presenting at this years' BITUG BIG SIG at Trinity House in London on Dec 6.


Thomas Burg, CTO, will talk about 'Encryption of PAN data in BASE24 environments - a case study' and he will touch on a proof of concept that comForte did at a large credit card processor running BASE24 classic. His presentation will describe how the holy grail of “implementing PCI 3.4 without compensating controls” could be achieved: How does it work in principle? How did it play out in practise? What extra hurdles were found and how they were overcome?


If you're running BASE24-classic and protection of PANdata is an issue for you, then don't miss this session.


We are looking forward to seeing you on Dec 6 in London.



NEW: HP NonStop [Tandem] Security Group on LinkedIn - join the discussion.


Come and see us at these upcoming events in 2012/2013

BITUG BIG SIG, London, UK, Dec 5-6 , 2012

FTUG, Paris, France, Dec 10, 2012

SUNTUG, Tampa, Florida, USA, Mar 8-9, 2013

HP Discover, Las Vegas, USA, June 2013

PCI US Community Meeting, Las Vegas, USA, Sept 24-26, 2013

PCI EU Community Meeting, Nice, France, Oct 29-31, 2013

CONNECT Advanced Technical Boot Camp 2013, San Jose, USA, Nov 3-5, 2013

PCI AP Community Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Fall 2013



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 SOAP/AM Version 3.0 – Beta Now Available

NuWave Technologies continues to meet high standards in customer service and support with the new beta release for version 3.0 of the SOAP/AM Server and Client products. Version 3.0 incorporates feedback from customers who depend on SOAP/AM to execute millions of transactions through their NonStop systems to exchange information and services with customers and business partners running on diverse platforms and devices. Some of the new features in Version 3.0 …

       Ability to set default values for elements in the SDF or CDF, including special substitution variables which make information such as IP address, sessionid, etc available in the IPM

       Enhancements to the Service Definition Wizard providing more flexible parameter mapping

       TS/MP Large Message Support

       Support for 2048 bit server certificates, intermediary certificates, and alternative host names

       Diagnostic Logging Enhancements  

These enhancements to SOAP/AM make it even easier to use and increase developer productivity.

Download and try it here:
 SOAP/AM Client V3 Beta

 SOAP/AM Server V3 Beta

For more information on SOAP/AM, visit: www.nuwave-tech.com


comForte MR-Win6530 verified as Citrix Ready


Having supported Citrix products for many years, comForte now went through the process of becoming a member of the Citrix Ready Partner Program to ensure that it's MR-Win6530 terminal emulator continues to support Citrix technology.

As a result, MR-Win6530 has recently been certified to be compatible with Citrix XenApp, Version 6.0, 64-bit.

By verifying the compatibility of MR-Win6530 and by comForte becoming a Citrix Ready partner, customers can be sure that MR-Win6530 will complement their Citrix investment effectively.

To learn more about MR-Win6530 please go to www.comforte.com/mr-win6530.



NEW: HP NonStop [Tandem] Security Group on LinkedIn - join the discussion.


Come and see us at these upcoming events in 2012/2013

BITUG BIG SIG, London, UK, Dec 5-6 , 2012

FTUG, Paris, France, Dec 10, 2012

SUNTUG, Tampa, Florida, USA, Mar 8-9, 2013

HP Discover, Las Vegas, USA, June 2013

PCI US Community Meeting, Las Vegas, USA, Sept 24-26, 2013

PCI EU Community Meeting, Nice, France, Oct 29-31, 2013

CONNECT Advanced Technical Boot Camp 2013, San Jose, USA, Nov 3-5, 2013

PCI AP Community Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Fall 2013



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Gravic Posts YouTube Videos of Jimmy Treybig’s Speech at Connect NonStop Advanced T.B.C.

 Attendees are raving about the Connect NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp (T.B.C.) event in San Jose last month. NonStop technology engineers, executives, practitioners, analysts, consultants, and other industry professionals attended three days of excellent technical content and conducted peer-to-peer networking. Discussions about the capabilities of Shadowbase show that data replication and data integration solutions are on the minds of many participants!

Ø  If you are interested in discussing any of our three TBC presentations’ content or having us present these to your staff, please contact us.

·        Shadowbase Data Replication and Data Integration Solutions

·        How One Bank Used a Disaster to Jump-Start its Move into a NonStop-Based Active/Active Architecture

·        Pursuing Zero Data Loss and Avoiding Data Collisions for Business Continuity: Sync Replication Update

Ø  To see our series of three YouTube videos of Jimmy Treybig’s speech, please click: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

or click our home Facebook page.

Ø  Please click to see our event photos posted on our Facebook TBC photos page.


Gravic Attends and Presents at 2012 CTUG Fall Conference

CTUG held their 2012 Fall Conference at the HP headquarters at Hewlett-Packard Canada, Spectrum Way. It turned out to be the largest CTUG conference convened to date, with the customer attendance setting a new CTUG record with more than 90 direct customer representatives and a total of more than 140 combined registrants for the conference and education day. HP confirmed positive growth and strategic positioning of the NonStop platform message and showed its current and future commitment to the technology. We appreciate the efforts of the CTUG organizers for making this a very worthwhile conference. Congratulations to Kim Katigbak who won our Barnes & Noble Nook prize!

HP and Intel Nominate Gravic as Finalist for 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Award

HP and Intel announced that Gravic is a finalist in the 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Awards. The Awards formally recognize organizations’ successful delivery of implementing database, data warehousing, or line-of-business solutions that take advantage of the dependability and performance of Itanium-based platforms while producing impactful results. An independent panel of judges chosen by the sponsors nominated Gravic’s Shadowbase active/active data replication solution for improving a bank’s application availability profile from high to continuous availability as a top entry in the Best New Application category. To read this case study, please click here. Please contact us for more information regarding this case study and data replication solution.

This award category recognizes new software solutions that enable enterprises to improve the performance, flexibility and cost associated with mission-critical environments. Applications must be on HP systems powered by the Intel Itanium processor 9300 series. The award winners will be announced December 3, 2012 at the Mission-Critical Awards Celebration event, at Steinberger Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt, Germany prior to the HP Discover 2012 conference. Please click here for more information on the award.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming Shows


NENUG Meeting, Andover, Massachusetts, 6 December



BITUG Big SIG, London, 6 December



FTUG Meeting, Paris, 10 December


SunTUG Sunshine Summit, Tampa, 8-9 March



SATUG 2013 Summit, Johannesburg, 11-13 March 

For more information, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase.


Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.


 San Jose, CA: NonStop Technical Boot Camp – Oct 14 – 16 2012

XYPRO recently returned from the NonStop Technical Bootcamp, held at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, and it turned out to be a great event.  There were almost 200 attendees, of which approximately 60% were customers, with the remainder being HP staff and vendor partners like ourselves.  The San Jose location proved to be a major positive, with HP being willing and able to send a large number of technical resources to present, given we were “just down the road”.

 As a result, the agenda was fairly well packed with strong technical content.  XYPRO sent some of our own internal resources for training/general knowledge purposes, and all came away feeling like it was time well spent.

 The customer attendees were there to learn, and it was a great opportunity for us to provide information.  Our co-presentation with HP on XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) explained how a large number of customers now have XMA as a result of its inclusion on the SUT, and how those customers can start to use it to help with compliance, integrate with HP Arcsight or other SIEM devices, and increase their system security in general.

 The show opened with a bang, with a traditional Tandem “Beer Bust” in the Doubletree’s restaurant/bar, sponsored by XYPRO and Tributary Systems.  Jimmy Treybig, the CEO and one of the founders of Tandem Computers, joined in and many took the opportunity for a photo.  The following morning, Jimmy gave the keynote speech, which he terms a “love note” speech, given that it was mainly focused on the User community, and the value of groups like ITUG over the years.  An excellent, inspiring presentation, most of which was recorded and can be viewed here… (http://www.connect-community.org/blogpost/550209/153083/Jimmy-Treybig-s-Love-Note ).

 The majority of the conference consisted of session tracks, focussed on various technical areas, and all were well attended.  The breaks were an opportunity for networking, and for users to consult with the large group of vendors that showed their support for the event by exhibiting and sponsoring.  An important point – the food was generally excellent, and received many positive comments!

At this stage it sounds like a similar event is in the pipeline for next year, at the same venue, so look out for that, and see you there! 


PCI Europe 2012

We had a fantastic time at the Dublin based PCI show. The level off attendance was higher than expected, which along with a very well put together agenda and some very nice networking events, made for an excellent few days on the emerald isle. One of the agenda highlights for me was Mark Gallagher’s presentation that looked at Risk Management in Formula One. Although a far cry from the usual finance and banking look at PCI and Risk, the principles were most definitely the same. We had some great conversations with attendees regarding the current status of their PCI projects and it definitely underlined that XYPRO and its suite of compliance and encryption solutions, is supplying the functionality that people are looking for. The final evening networking event at the Guinness Brewery in central Dublin was superb and I would recommend it to anyone visiting this vibrant city. -  Sean Bicknell

Canada 2012 CTUG Fall Conference - Wrap Up

Somehow we managed to pull it off again with a successful CTUG Fall Conference despite a later than normal start to planning and timing that was a mere week following the HP NonStop Technology Bootcamp event in San José.

 For reasons beyond our control, we of the CTUG board could only deliver the annual conference in the allotted time which was in near direct conflict with the Bootcamp event. Coupled with a slow start, we worried we would not be able to deliver the quality and quantity of past events to all participants. Sometimes it is great to be so wrong!

Although we had a few less vendor partner participants, the customer attendance was a new CTUG record with more than 90 direct customer representatives and a total of more than 140 combined registrants for the conference and education day.

Read the complete story at: http://www.ctug.ca/Events/Current/Member/Wrapup.aspx 

Barry Forbes

VP of Sales & Marketing

XYPRO Technology Corporation



It is that time of year again. When most people are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, you are working desperately to complete projects before that perennial deadline – the end of the Financial Year. Days have disappeared and there are not enough man hours left to complete those tasks that remain outstanding.

This is where BrightStrand International can help. We have skilled and experienced NonStop consultants who can be drafted in to supplement your own staff. This can be to undertake specific tasks in a project or to undertake the day-to-day tasks in your business that will then release your staff to complete project work.

BrightStrand International’s service portfolio covers the full service lifecycle from initial design through to service operation and continual service improvement thereafter. The services include:       

·       Systems and Operations Management

·       Performance and Tuning / Capacity Planning

·       Automation

·       Systems Design

·       Solutions Architecture

·       Database Design and Administration

·       Communications Subsystems

·       Web Services

·       Security Reviews

·       IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·       NonStop Integrity and Blade Migrations

·       System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-Migration)

·       Specialist Consultancy

·       Disaster Recovery and Service Continuity Planning

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com to discover how BrightStrand can help you.

XYPRO Webinars on Demand

 From compliance to database management to the latest HP NonStop topics, our Webinars offer timely information and insight into the issues that matter most to you.  Click on any of the links below to access our Webinars.


Database Management


Compliance Assessment

Identity Forge - Identity Management


Witham Labratories - PCI DSS Lessons from the Field


HP NonStop PCI Compliance -The Solution

Simplify and Automate Database Reloads for your HP NonStop Servers


Centricity Enterprise Users: Simplify Database Management




CommitWork’s presentation tour - December 2012

 CommitWork at BITUG
Modernizing and BYOD (using smart phones) with NonStop

Meet CommitWork at the London BITUG on December 6, presenting "Modernizing an application on HP-NonStop Servers".

The first part will cover several alternative modernizing options by using Java and CommitWork's OmnivoTribe product family.


The second BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) part consists of an iOmnivoBase live-demo, featuring a native iOS app, using the iPhone’s built-in camera as a barcode scanner, communicating with a NonStop application.

Learn to deliver push notifications from your Pathway Application to smart phones or tablets via Apple APNS, Google GCM or Windows WPNS.

 CommitWork at FTUG

Breathtaking success story about Modernizing a 300 Dialogues NonStop Application

Please find CommitWork in Paris at the French Nonstop User Group on December 10.

With “300 at one blow” CommitWork will present an extremely short modernizing project course of a 300 dialogues HP NonStop Application. Details will be given about initializing such a project, which modernization steps were taken, and future options are discussed.

 For further information, please visit us at: http://www.commitwork.com/

Contact: Juergen Depping
               +49 231 94116912

CAIL : NonStop in the Enterprise

Want -

1.   To increase NonStop relevance in the Enterprise ?

2.   NonStop to be a Strategic platform ?

3.   NonStop included in a Corporate Standard ?

4.   To make it easier to get projects funded ?

If you responded “ Yes “ to any of these questions, there is good news – by having NonStop integral in the organization in conjunction with an Enterprise Standardization strategy. Why is this important ?  Because of the significant benefits - better positioning the business to move forward and manage change, enabling IT to be more agile, reducing support demands, simplifying systems, and saving millions. 

Further, since there are multiple ways that NonStop supports " Standards" (see the Solutions Chart at www.cail.com/nitewp), there are options to demonstrate NonStop fits in and can meaningfully contribute to improving business outcomes.  In conjunction with this, an " Enterprise Client Solution " (www.cail.com/adapt) enables organizations to leverage the investment in all platforms (including NonStop) to reduce risk in evolving information services and increase IT value to the business.

To learn more, please see the " NonStop in the Enterprise " Presentation at  www.cail.com/nitep  - that was given at the NonStop Boot Camp and DUST as well as at the upcoming NENUG meeting on Dec 6, 2012 in Andover MA  or SunTUG on Mar 2, 2013 in Tampa FL.  For more insights on expanding opportunities for NonStop, please send a message to  info@cail.com  or call  800-668-5769 or 905-940-9000 or comment on -

Description: cid:image001.png@01CDC40F.0D6DB6E0 Description: cid:image002.png@01CDC40F.0D6DB6E0  Description: cid:image003.png@01CDC40F.0D6DB6E0


Musings on NonStop! - November, ‘12

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author

What do you know?

Well, it’s certainly been an adventure these past couple of days and while you may have read about it in other postings, at the heart of the “excitement” was the loss of my venerable laptop. While in the middle of a business road trip no less. Yes, I have backups of varying levels of reliability, and yes, I carry a pen-drive with me that contain crucial files, or so I thought, but when put to the test I found I was poorly prepared. The laptop could not be brought back to life, a new one was acquired and happily accepted by Margo, and then it was to the hand-me-down laptop of Margo’s that provided the framework on which we built a new working environment.

Fortunately, I was able to recover the hard drive itself while in southern California and that helped, but the amount of time Margo was able to provide me was mitigated by the fact that her new laptop came with Windows 8 installed and that’s a story for another time. But what I now know is that the procedures I followed was neither disciplined enough or routine by nature to help me out – in the end, luck played a much bigger role than it should have, and I was fortunate to be back to a working set-up in only a week.

What do you know?

Last month I wrote of how Clouds and Big Data had become a much bigger influence on what I had been doing than any other topic and that for many with whom I work, this came as a surprise. When it comes to Clouds, I have a number of LinkedIn groups I support and they are never at a loss when it comes to NonStop community members expressing an opinion. On the other hand, when it comes to Big Data I am becoming more impressed by just how many vendors are embracing aspects of Big Data within their products – whether integration with Big Data or simply ensuring data on NonStop finds its way to a Big Data store that’s a part of customer’s business Big Data framework. In my most recent opinion paper for Attunity, “HP NonStop Transactional Data: An important ingredient for Big Data Success”, I covered the very topic of the importance of ensuring data from NonStop makes it into your Big Data framework. As I work to my closing remarks, it wasn’t an error when I closed the final paragraph with “What do you know!” – the exclamation mark replacing the question mark – but rather a reaffirmation that for many within IT and in particular many within the NonStop vendor community, what NonStop is providing today, is catching them by surprise.

This opinion paper is now available for downloads from the Attunity web site. Check out this link for a copy of the paper:
And take a look at the Attunity blog site for additional commentary in blogs already posted. This blog can be found at:

Working with a tier one vendor, such as Attunity, with deep ties to the community and to HP, it shouldn’t come as a surprise then to find out just how big an investment they continue to make in NonStop and in ensuring there’s no barriers to NonStop system’s participation in something as topical today as is Big Data.

What do you know?

This expression, or catchphrase, wasn’t used by accident either but came as a result of conversations I have had this summer – whether at user events, as I travelled on planes, or simply as I sat drinking coffee at my favorite Starbucks. When asked about what it was that I did for work, almost everyone was surprised to hear I had built a business around supporting the NonStop community via social media channels of every kind, including this eNewsletter, as I like to refer to it. For this audience, the very existence of systems apart from PC based servers came as a surprise.

Yes, they knew of IBM mainframes that some in business still relied upon and they knew of Unix and Linux. But NonStop? Still processing their credit cards, some of their airline reservations and supporting loyalty cards of various types – this comes as a surprise to the general population and they often respond with the traditional “why don’t we hear more about this?” And that’s where the question, what do you know so often translates to the exclamation, well, “what do you know!”

All too often as we go about our business we overlook the importance of telling those around of us what we are doing. The NonStop community has traditionally been far from bashful when it comes to acknowledging the merits of the NonStop system. But have we relaxed of late and let up on championing NonStop? Have we been too concerned about our own livelihoods? Have we been more concerned about making it into retirement? NonStop today is far removed from the Tandem Computers of decades ago, both in terms of hardware used and the middleware supported, there’s no downside today from running a mission-critical application on NonStop.

So, let’s hear more from the community and let’s be better prepared to challenge the response that comes our way, suggesting that those around us simply didn’t know. And who knows, NonStop may end up penetrating even deeper into our businesses that we could have ever expected.

Well, what do you know!

Richard Buckle
Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC
Email:             richard@pyalla-technologies.com

Following my blogs? My web publications? My discussion Groups?

Check out (copy and paste to your browser):

Real Time View at http://www.itug-connection.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, Real Time View

comForte Lounge at http://comfortelounge.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, comForte Lounge

Realtime.ir at http://realtime.ir.com/

…. And check out the Group on LinkedIn, realtime.ir

ATMmarketplace at

buckle-up at http://www.buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com/

…. And check out the SubGroup on LinkedIn, Pyalla Track Days

Third Data Corporation

High Performance Switching and Secure Data Storage


               Third Data Corporation provides numerous products which can reside on HP Nonstop and other HP hardware platforms.

SecureStore – If you are trying to become compliant (PCI, HIPAA, etc) then you know that you can not leave sensitive data readily viewable. SecureStore does three things for you. The data is encrypted so that you can become compliant. The data is compressed so that your hardware costs are reduced. As part of disaster recovery your data is sent to three (or more) locations so it will be available when you need it. As a bonus for those having trouble with Guardian 4K limits there is no record size.

FastBuild Switch – When building a switch be it ATM-POS, Wire Transfer, EFT, Medical, or any other type of data that needs to get from one place to another, you are usually faced with three choices. Take an existing package and modify your system to match it. Get the vendor to “enhance” their system to meet your needs. Write a new system from scratch. The FastBuild Switch integrates with your existing system, or if you are building from scratch gives you a good start. The switch is also built around the latest HP technology to maximize performance. It integrates several of our other products to maximize cost savings and security. In a cross platform environment it also runs on other non-Guardian HP supplied platforms.

NxFile+ – Provides compression and encryption to Enscribe structured files.  The files are configured through a GUI interface and the results are provided seamlessly to your applications, typically without any code changes.  In addition this provides for dynamic key changes on the fly so data stored at-rest may have it’s encryption keys changed as required.  Because the records can be compressed prior to encryption, it’s also possible to have records which significantly exceed the 4k record size limitations.   The savings in disk I/O typically pay for the overhead of the compression and encryption.

NxLib – NxLib provides a platform and utility libraries for developing a high performance multi-threaded applications on NonStop Guardian. The platform provides threading capability. This enables development of an application written single threaded style to perform as multi-threaded.   Extensible command processing and help are supported.  Development time can be cut to a fraction of the time it would normally take.  This results in fast  application development with consistent look and feel across multiple projects.  Includes logging, command processing, help file, compression, encryption, automatic multi-threading, NonStop, and web enabled.

NxNTP – Keeps your system clocks in synchronization.  Clocks which are out of sync by even fractions of a second can impact replication in an active-active environment as well as be confusing when trying to track transactions which span multiple systems.  Having the correct time is increasingly more important.

NxSSL – Is an SSL proxy which may be used to provide SSL encryption and authentication services to TCP/IP connections.  It provides full support for certificates and multiple encryption standards.  It has been carefully tuned to provide the highest performance available for any NonStop SSL connection.

NxVTape – Provides a high performance file backup facility using standard NonStop backup and restore.  The data is compressed, encrypted, and store on a Windows or UNIX based platform.  Tape drives are created dynamically as needed and any number of drives may be used simultaneously.  Communication is over TCP/IP eliminating the need for special hardware and allowing archival across corporate WANs.

NxWeb – A high performance web server which provides support for NxLib applications.  It also can be used without NxLib.  It provides for secure connections, virtual domains, full http support and interfaces to pathway and IPC communications.  Includes the new web based SYSBUSY.

NxRecover – Files accidentally deleted can be a real problem.  Even when a backup is available, it is frequently a significant effort to retrieve it from a backup tape.  NxUndelete implements a recycle bin function on the the HP NonStop system.  Files deleted may be easily recovered using its GUI interface.


Availability Digest Examines the Outage That May Change History

The recent U.S. Presidential election was predicted to have a close outcome, but Mitt Romney and his campaign team were confident that Romney would win.  Their secret weapon?  ORCA – a massive, technologically sophisticated tool that was designed to get out the vote in the critical U.S. states that would swing the election result in Romney’s favor.  Unfortunately for the Romney campaign, ORCA was not properly tested, campaign volunteers were not properly trained in ORCA’s use, and a backup system was virtually unusable.  On Election Day, ORCA crashed almost as soon as the polls opened. This prevented the Romney campaign from receiving accurate information about what they needed to do in order to get more supporters to the polls in states the campaign had to win.  President Obama’s campaign team had Narwhal, a system equivalent to ORCA.  Narwhal was well-tested prior to the election, and it worked perfectly on Election Day.  Learn more about ORCA and its challenges in this month’s Availability Digest. No one will know how a Romney win may have changed the domestic and foreign policies of the U.S.    

Also in the November 2012 Digest: 

How Google Does It – The Digest investigates what is known (or think we know) about Google’s largely secret data-center operations.

Amazon Web Services Downed by Memory Leak – Learn more about what happened on October 27th when Amazon Web Services (AWS) went offline for six hours. 

FBI Warns that Corporate Employees are New Targets – The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), and other organizations have sounded the alarm that cybercriminals are targeting individual employees and their login credentials.  Instead of hacking corporate systems, which garner large law-enforcement actions, the cybercriminals use the stolen credentials of individual staff members to initiate, for instance, unauthorized wire transfers of substantial monetary funds.

The Availability Digest offers one-day and multi-day seminars on High Availability: Concepts and Practices. Seminars are given both onsite and online and are tailored to an organization’s specific needs.  We also offer technical and marketing writing services and are adept at a wide variety of content creation. 

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Please visit our Continuous Availability Forum on LinkedIn.  We’re at 499 members and counting. Join the conversation in our recent thread, “What is the appropriate load-shedding policy when a continuously-available system becomes overloaded?


BITUG BIG SIG Conference, Thursday December 6th 2012

 The BIG SIG will be once again held at the historic Trinity House venue, 

 Trinity Square, Tower Hill, City of London, Greater London EC3N 4DH

BITUG BIG SIG (Thursday 6th December) 
The agenda is still being finalised for this event, however I can reveal that we are all very excited to welcome Gaye Clemson to BITUG for the first time. Gaye is an original Tandem employee and is author of the book “Tandem Computers Unplugged: A People's History” Gaye will be giving the morning keynote presentation and will be bringing signed copies of her book to be given away at the end of the day. 

Following the Keynote we will again be running 3 presentation tracks:

HP Direct Track.
It is once again my pleasure to welcome HP's Mark Pollens to BIGUG, Mark will be working with our HP liaison and BITUG committee member Iain Liston-Brown on the HP track to present the latest product roadmaps and more. 

Payments Solutions Track
We are pleased to present details of NonStop payment software offerings currently available, including Vendor presentations with Q&A. 

Compliance Track
We are pleased to provide the opportunity to concentrate on Audit and Compliance issues effecting the HP NonStop platform today and what solutions are available to help with these. 

Places for this ever popular event are limited to book early


Looking forward to seeing you all again

Damian and the BITUG committee. (www.bitug.com)

French Tandem Users Group Meeting

The next French Tandem Users group meeting will be in Paris on December 10th, all day.

This date has been chosen to let you attend the BITUG and HP Discover the week before.

The exact location is still not yet defined but it will be in Paris or in the very close suburb.

This event is dedicated to french speaking customers, with invitation to french, swiss, belgian, luxembourg customers but the presentations can be done in english.

There is not specific subject to cover, but experiences and references on modernizing customers applications will be welcome.

The format should be the same than previous years including formal presentations slots and booth space for you to meet the customers.

For your information, most customers in France are now running on small Itanium NS-Series servers some very few still running on S-Series.

Please let me know if you plan to come and I'll send you the details when available.

There is no fee to attend this event (HP France will be hosting the event) but your are welcome to carry some goodies for the customers. There should a prize draw for main ones.

 Yves Tournier

NSAS NonStop Availability Services



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