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XYGATE is Profiled in the Roadmap to the Megaplex
High-profile guide by Standish Group highlights XYGATE’s sophisticated security features

(July 8, 2010) Simi Valley, CA – XYPRO Technology Corporation, a leading provider of security software and services for HP NonStop™ Server environments, today announced that it has been included in the Standish Group’s Roadmap to the Megaplex. The guide offers timely information to help organizations maximize their current investment in HP NonStop server applications. The Roadmap to the Megaplex also offers return on investment scenarios and provides compelling reasons to modernize the NonStop applications and environment.

XYPRO’s security and access control suite, XYGATE, is highlighted in the Roadmap’s Security Modernization section. XYGATE is a comprehensive security, compliance, auditing and FIPS 140-2 validated encryption software solution for HP NonStop environments. Security modernization is the process of changing the traditional security and protection systems from passive to proactive.  Government and industry regulations mandate much of this change. The Standish Group reports that 69 percent of organizations have an active and concentrated effort to meet regulatory compliance.  Investment in security is minimal when compared to the financial penalties levied for non-compliance or the monetary impact of a breach.  

The Roadmap to the Megaplex highlights XYGATE’s ability to greatly enhance an organization’s security environment and enable protection of their intellectual property and confidential information. “The security process is challenging and ever-evolving as organizations strive to protect our personal data, their corporate assets and meet regulatory compliance,” said Sheila Johnson, XYPRO CEO. “One way to make the process simpler is to deploy a centralized security management system with highly sophisticated security capabilities but that is straightforward to use, such as XYGATE.”

XYGATE’s implementation is simple and requires little training for the experienced NonStop security administrator.  XYGATE’s intuitive wizards are designed to help security administrators set up rules and roles quickly. The XYGATE suite has been efficiently designed to meet organizations’ goals to protect data and improve productivity while achieving granular security, audit and compliance mandates.

 “The Roadmap to the Megaplex is a critical document for organizations seeking to maximize their investments in NonStop applications,” said Lisa Partridge, XYPRO Vice President.  “We are thrilled that XYGATE’s rich security, audit and compliance features have been profiled as an avenue for organizations to enhance and protect their HP NonStop server environment.” 



Shadowbase® is Profiled on Availability Modernization in The Standish Group Report: “Roadmap to the Megaplex”

 We are pleased to announce that The Standish Group chose our product, Shadowbase, to highlight in its recently published research report, “Roadmap to the Megaplex.” The report provides a roadmap to move current NonStop stovepipe applications into the fully integrated data center – what it calls the “Megaplex” (definition below). The roadmap details six important NonStop modernization steps to attain the Megaplex. Each of the six steps includes: an introduction, a profile of a major vendor and the technologies that help implement the step, a modernization case study, a simulated return on investment example, a benefit checklist, and an alternative vendor product.

Step 4: Availability Modernization is the process of changing from the traditional availability and disaster recovery methods to a continuous-readiness program. Shadowbase software is profiled, which provides for active/active processing and zero-downtime migration and upgrades.

According to The Standish Group, the Megaplex, by definition, “is a collection of server blades acting together as a single system using multiple types of operating systems, databases, and other computer resources. The Megaplex is the cornerstone technology for the truly integrated data center where resources are acting in virtualized peer collaboration. The Megaplex will operate Linux, Microsoft Server, NonStop OS, OpenVMS, and various types of Unix, including NonStop OSS. The Megaplex will also integrate databases such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, NonStop SQL, and SQL Server.” (Click here for more information on the Megaplex.)

For a copy of the full report, go to: www.gravic.com/shadowbase/research.

If you would like a bound hard copy of this report mailed to you, please fill out this form.

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase

Announcing the Symposium’s Educational Sessions

September 26-29, San Jose

This year’s NonStop Symposium will be the first international, NonStop-exclusive event in four years. Not only is this a great networking opportunity, but it is an excellent venue to expand your technical knowledge and increase your value. There will be over 75 breakout sessions in San Jose this September. Below is a snapshot of the sessions that will be available…and many more to come!


NonStop Hardware Roadmap

S-Series to Multicore Migration

HP NonStop Software Roadmap

NonStop Manageability 2010 Update – What’s New and Exciting?

 SOA and Application Development

Introducing NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE)

Reinventing the Application Lifecycle to Save Millions

NonStop C++: The High Performance Alternative to COBOL

Converging Networks: Have We Finally Seen the Last of Legacy Architectures?

Bringing Cross-Platform Data Together - HP NonStop, Oracle, and SQL Server

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Motivation and Update

Business Continuity on NonStop:  Replication in Action on NonStop Systems

How to Solve Upcoming Challenges in a Complex Disaster Recovery Project

Active/Active Fast Failover 


NonStop Server Security Technical Update

NonStop Volume Level Encryption (VLE)

NonStop SSH and NonStop SSL

When Did That User Leave?

A full list of sessions, hands-on labs, and keynote speakers will be published on the event page in the coming weeks. Register for this exciting event before August 16 and save $200! There are even bigger savings available if you are a Connect member, so join today!

New Technical Support for XYPRO in Europe

XYPRO is pleased to welcome a new staff member to its European team.

Ian Pearce, our new Technical Support Manager, has over 30 years IT experience with over 25 of those in HP NonStop Systems Management, Security and Risk Management fields.

Ian, who is HP NonStop ASE certified, is available for everything from sub-contract work, to security reviews, to evaluations, implementations, configuration work and everything in between.

He joins the existing XYPRO full-time Technical Support members based in USA, Canada, Middle East/Africa, Australia/East Asia and South America.

For any European XYPRO enquiries please contact dan.lewis@XYPRO.co.uk or Sean.Bicknell@XYPRO.co.uk


Join NuWave In Their Upcoming Webinar: "The Path to SOA--Moving Beyond Web Enabling"

 NonStop customers have been web enabling their Pathway applications for nearly a decade with mixed results.  

Now that IT managers are pressured to increase ROI with every investment, is it time to consider SOA enabling your legacy applications?  

In this webinar, learn how SOA makes it easy to web enable your existing Pathway applications, minimizes project risks, and increases your IT capabilities. We will also present best practices for a successful SOA implementation.

"The Path to SOA" will take place on Wednesday, July 28th at noon EST, and will be presented by Ernie Guerrera.  

Ernie is the president of NuWave Technologies and has worked in the NonStop space since 1980. Since he founded NuWave in the 90's, he has fostered a result-oriented work environment that produces quality solutions like SOAP/AM and custom NonStop solutions. Register today to reserve your seat for this exciting event!

ETI-NET, HP NonStop and HP StoreOnce Deduplication Technology

ETI-NET is announcing the availability of the new HP StoreOnce deduplication technology for the HP NonStop.  HP has announced the HP StoreOnce deduplication technology at the HPTF 2010 last June.

HP StoreOnce reinvents data deduplication for the Converged Infrastructure.  Deduplication reduces costs by eliminating multiple stored versions of the same data  HP StoreOnce is the industry’s first solution to automate data deduplication across the enterprise with a single unified architecture. Built on patented innovation designed by HP Labs, the HP’s research arm, this new class of deduplication software delivers up to 20 percent improvement in performance and more than twice the price/performance ratio of a leading competitive offering.

Now available with HP’s line of D2D backup systems, including the new HP D2D4312, HP StoreOnce enables clients to spend up to 95 percent less on storage capacity. Available within virtual appliances, backup clients and scale-out storage systems, HP StoreOnce provides clients a single solution for all their deduplication needs. 

For more information, please contact Sylvain Tetreault at 561-395-2278 x 31 or at sylvain.tetreault@etinet.com

Putting in some words for Enscribe....

In the last Newsletter there was a nice article written by Harry Scott about the importance of SQL databases when it comes to modernize your NonStop application. I agree with most of the thoughts written and there are more and more situations when it is really important to open up our applications/databases to 3rd  party tools and query facilities.

 I also had a look at the description of that Escort SQL forward database gateway technology mentioned in the article and it is really great and helpful when you have to move from Enscribe to Sql.

 And I still want to put in some words for Mr. Enscribe, because reading that articele someone may eventually think that the Enscribe hierarchical database system is wrong and poor. And it is not true.

  1. First of all: this Sql – Enscribe comparison  is not a technical issue. The Enscribe is technically excellent and highly efficient. Within the NonStop platform it is easy to use. To prove this we have to mention that behind the Sql/MP tables there are Enscribe files. The Sql/MP brings a new layer to be able to access the Enscribe data with the Standard Query Language, making a big step forward the openness. But the fact that the developers of Sql/Mp chose to use/keep Enscribe to store the data, says us that it is a proven and efficient technology.
  2. The costs. It is true that you can save costs with modernizing your application and starting to use SQL. Yes, you may save costs in a long term period, but we also have to mention that you have to make quite a measurable investment in the beginning. I'm not a 'licencing' expert but as I know the Enscribe is bundled into the operation system, while the Sql/MP and Sql/MX have to be licensed separately, which means extra costs. That is also true for some additional modules that opens up the NonStop Sql to 3rd part tools. And you have to invest lots of work into the modernization, it will mean costs, even if you use excellent helper tools.
  3. ACI international has its BASE24 system on the NonStop platform for many-many years. It is a very strong player on the BankCard payment industry. Of course it was developed using Enscribe with TAL and (Screen)Cobol.
    ACI started to modernize it 7 years ago.
    On one hand they wanted to modernize the User Interface and change to  more commonly used programming language(s).
    On the other hand they wanted to make it a multiplatform system. They chose the C++/Java combo as modern and portable development environment for the server and client environments.
    To manage the database diversity they introduced a Data Access Layer that hides the underlying database system for the application. There are different database systems behind this layer by platform. On the new platforms (IBM system z and p, Sun Solaris) DB2 and Oracle are the oprions.
    And the NonStop platform? For some reasons it is Enscribe! Only ACI knows all the viewpoints they considered, but finally decided to use the Enscribe.

So there is no problem with Enscribe, it does the job it was designed for. The SQL is there to add value and open the platform to 3rd party tools.

If you are still using Enscribe, I recommend to have a look at our client server technology that opens a Windows graphical user interface to the Enscribe files. The server modules use the Guardian procedure calls to access the files, the clients can use the server through a windows DLL. Using this technology our Stefi product provides a so easy way to browse and edit the Enscribe files that has no real competitor (as I know). It can really ease your work. It is a very efficient, cost effective and user-friendly way to access NonStop files. You can even easily transfer the data to MsExcel, MsSql and other formats.

This technology can also browse and edit the Sql/Mp tables using the Sql engine. And – just for fun – the Enscibe files that store the Sql/Mp data can be browsed directly without using the Sql engine.

Have a look at our home page (www.audit-profit.hu), give a try to the offline demo and contact me if you need a demo of the server modules, and Stefi may become one of your good friends.

NetWeave – Use This Lean, Mean Messaging Machine to Modernize Your Applications

Successful application integration across a heterogeneous enterprise counts heavily on two features – performance and speed.  NetWeave offers both.  This lean, mean, multifaceted messaging middleware has a simple API, support for multiple messaging models, and a lightweight, low-latency messaging environment.  The result?  Speed of development, speed of deployment, and fast, light, trouble-free operation.  Once installed and working, NetWeave is invisible.  Little if any administration is required. 
NetWeave was born in the NonStop world as an early innovator of middleware services.  Its time-tested, value-added integration tools support both HP Nonstop and HP OpenVMS platforms as well as a wide variety of other proprietary and open systems.   In addition to selecting NetWeave for its integration capabilities, our customers also use the product for enhanced functionality; migration support; application, interface, and platform-version upgrades; encryption security; and web-based integration.

NetWeave is a product of NetWeave Integrated Solutions.  Our team also offers to both our customers and non-NetWeave customers a range of professional services that cover the life cycle of an IT environment.   Services include computing architecture reviews, enterprise consolidation, functional specification preparation, implementation and integration assistance, middleware strategies, programming services, project management, proof-of-concept planning, risk assessment/mitigation, software management consulting, system design, turnkey migrations and upgrades, and web integration.
When performance and speed count in your application-integration environment, choose NetWeave.  For more information, visit our new website at www.netweave.com.  Or call us at +1 732.786.8830. 

comForte's Application Modernization Suite features in 'Roadmap to The Megaplex' by The Standish Group

The  'Roadmap to The Megaplex' describes six steps to modernization of NonStop and the Megaplex. comForte's Application Modernization Suite plays a vital role in the user experience modernization, which is the process of moving from green screens to modern GUIs and a web presence. Nothing is more visible to users and management than a modern GUI. The impact of modernizing the user experience will change the perception of the users and management regarding the applications and the HP NonStop platform.

The comForte Application Modernization Suite (AMS) consists of two products: JPath and CSL. Both enable application modernization using different, complementary approaches. JPath helps build modern graphical user interfaces through a rules- based conversion engine for NonStop Pathway applications written in Screen COBOL. CSL, on the other hand, implies a rewrite of the presentation layer and thus can be seen as a strategic solution.

The paper profiles six NonStop vendors and their solutions in the respective steps to modernization of NonStop: Database Modernization, User Experience Modernization, Application Modernization, Availability Modernization, Security Modernization, and Operational Modernization.

For a free copy of the Roadmap to the Megaplex go to www.comforte.com/megaplex.

Visit us at the following events:

u   Connect NonStop Symposium, Sept 27-29, San Jose

u   CTUG, Oct 27-28, Mississauga, Canada

u   ACE Asia Pacific, Nov 2-4, Bali

u   ACE South Africa, Nov 2-4, Johannesburg

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 NonStop - A Running Commentary

July, ‘10

The opinions expressed here are solely
those of the now self-employed author 

HPTF in Las Vegas is behind us and now we are looking forward to the upcoming NonStop Symposium (the Symposium) in San Jose. There’s every indication that the Symposium will represent a return to the type of event so many of us associate with ITUG in the past, however, it will be different and I think, potentially surprisingly new in both, format and content. HP NonStop managers who were attending HPTF told me to expect a lot more NonStop content to be provided at the NonStop Symposium particularly in support of open standards and modernization!

From the outset, the Symposium has been well-supported by the ISV community – early gatherings during the 09 HPTF, and at a time when HP had no firm plans for the 2010 HPTF,  laid the groundwork for the virtual meetings that continued online and within LinkedIn. There are a number of parties actively working with HP and with Connect to ensure that this event gains the full support of vendors to ensure that the experience for NonStop users is typical of what NonStop users associate with events of this nature: the early and complete sell-out of the vendor exhibition space being the first indication that these community stakeholders are placing early bets that the event will be popular with the NonStop user community.

Comming so soon after HPTF, it will be interesting to see how many of the new messages generated at this years HPTF will be reflected in the vendors’ featured product displays and presentations. HP Enterprise Business heavily promoted the message “Converge! Transform! Innovate!” and front-and-center of this message was the move to the new Intel Series 9300 processor (code name “Tukwila”) and to Blades. Nothing reinforced this message more visibly than the new Superdome 2 servers that were on display throughout the exhibition, and even in the presentation provided by Martin Fink. (For more on this, check out my posting of Jun 30th Starting with a blank …”)

What I saw particularly well addressed by HP were the supporting messages for “Converge!” that included modernization and embracing open standards. The take up of Java, for instance, is gaining considerable momentum and for some, had surpassed the need to continue with C / C++ development. This was further reinforced as we heard from vendors who had successfully ported a C# solution to NonStop and were exploiting the presence of a Common Language Runtime (CLR) capability that had similar characteristics to Java “containers” – implemented as TS/MP (Pathway) server classes. There will always be the NonStop faithful quite content to program in TAL and COBOL and I always enjoy the opportunity to network with them but for the solutions providers at large, support for these modern programming models is going to go a long way in helping more solutions find their way onto the NonStop platform!

Today, NonStop has become a very modern platform, fitting in well with what populates a modern computer room – yes, report cards now reflect how “it plays extremely well with others!” The breadth of open standards supported on NonStop is now attracting solutions providers who may have otherwise balked at adding support for NonStop – there is no penalty for adding support for NonStop to a solution supporting a popular OS mix, as best as I can tell from talking to vendors who have successfully ported their products. Just talk to ElectraCard Services, for instance, whose Java solution initially developed for Unix deployment has been successfully deployed on a customer’s NonStop server. Not only was it designed for Unix but supported Oracle and Tuxedo and yet today, it transparently works with SQL/MX and TS/MP! And talk to AJB Canada as well whose C# solution, initially developed for .Net deployment. has been successfully deployed on NonStop as well. There are some configuration elements to be addressed obviously, but for these solutions providers, they are supporting a single code base oblivious to any NonStop considerations!

Perhaps the biggest question that hang over the HPTF audience’s heads was not so much the issue of whether modern solutions could be run on NonStop but rather, with the improvements made to the HP-UX platform with the arrival of Superdome 2, what continued to differentiate HP’s Unix from NonStop product offerings? Had HP-UX platforms approached the reliability of NonStop and eroded any further need to consider NonStop? The short answer to this question was soon supplied by HP and for the most part, HPTF participants were quick to understand the implications. Beyond mission critical, there was a recognizable marketplace that HP executives identified as continuity critical – where time was an important consideration.

It wasn’t good enough for an application to just be up and running, but rather, it had to be able to support the end-user with a responsiveness that met the end-user’s business need. Many of us have “clicked away” from web sights with very slow response times, just as many of us have walked away from a bank’s ATM or a gas station’s POS when the interaction has proved too burdensome. Nobody wants to just hang around to wait and see what happens and there’s no need to as the bank around the corner, or the gas station down the street, all look to be working faster! Continuity critical was used in association with Superdome 2 and with selected Storage devices. For knowing heads within the NonStop community, however, it’s easy to identify with this market category when viewed from a user’s perception of an application’s availability. NonStop remains the only “real” participant in this category, when this is factored into the equation!

Personally, I like the message of continuity critical and see the merit in defining this market segment. However, it still brings me back to the very essence of the converged infrastructure message central to the message of Converge! Transform! Innovate! Will we see the emergence of universal blades where just one blades package will be supported by all key HP platforms? Will we eventually be able to reuse blades purchased in support of a Unix solution in support of NonStop? And could unused capacity on NonStop be made available to Windows users? Readers of the Real Time Blog have likely see reference this pretty routinely over the past couple of years but now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching fast.

This is not a decision HP needs to make, I have come to realize. This is a decision HP users have to push for! Talking to different HP executives, the need for a “daughter card” to be added to a Blade package in order to support ServerNet keeps NonStop from using a standard Blade package. So, how much longer do we really need to have ServerNet remain proprietary? Shouldn’t we be all pushing for ServerNet/IP or ServerNet / Infiniband, or whatever open standard interconnect hardware is more readily available? Surely the magic of ServerNet is the software, not the physical media or connectors? For now, the ROI is simply not there for HP to pursue something purely on a speculative basis but should customers and prospects demand an open standard solution, I am convinced HP would quickly address the situation.

This for me is the reason why we continue to need user events and the value these events have for the primary vendor. HP NonStop management needs to have access to all the stakeholders that make up the NonStop community and it’s only at times like the Symposium where such large-scale interaction can take place. So, I’m making my plans already – and yes, I will be presenting a paper on Network Modernization (burying the need to keep on running SNA)! I trust I will see most of you there – let’s see what influence we all will have on the future directions of a platform that is now clearly designated to have a prominent presence in the market segment, Continuity Critical!

Richard Buckle

Founder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies, LLC


Real Time View blog

comForte Lounge blog        

LinkedIn - Real Time View user group:   

LinkedIn - Pyalla Technologies User Group:



Network Technologies

Following up on our Announcement that NTI is supporting regional User Groups and SIGS.

We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the forthcoming BITUG DR/BC Sig on 21st July 2010 in LONDON, please keep an EYE open for us!!.

For further information please email David Ross.

BrightStrand NonStop Services 

BrightStrand International continues to deliver NonStop Services to its customer base. Its consultants have the skill and experience that make it the premier service deliverer in the sector. Services are tailored to individual customer needs.

Also by working closely with customers BrightStrand develop products to address customers’ needs, such as BrightStrand Netbatch/DR. This is a product that allows the customer to create a simple, automated disaster recovery solution for the HP NetBatch environment.

BrightStrand continues to deliver a full range of services that include:

·       Systems and Operations Management

·       Performance and Tuning

·       Database Design and Administration

·       Communications Subsystems

·       Web Services

·       Security Reviews

·       IBM WebSphere MQ Series environments.

·       NonStop Integrity Migrations

·       System Healthchecks (Pre or Post-    Migration)

·       Ad hoc skills and resources

All, or some of these elements can be brought together in a Fully Managed Service that can be tailored to the particular needs of the customer – including remote bridging, hosting or operations support, adding further value to the BrightStrand quality services.

Call Dave Stewart today on +44 (0)7831 775115 or email him on dstewart@brightstrand.com for more information.

Gravic Announces Kapiti Technologies as the Australian-New Zealand Distributor of Shadowbase

Gravic announces Kapiti Technologies of New Zealand as the Australian-New Zealand distributor of Shadowbase software. Kapiti is an accredited HP Business Partner focusing on three major business streams, including NonStop. The company distributes and supports a range of complementary products for which it uses its extensive account management and technical skills to sell and support.

For more information, please visit: www.kaptek.co.nz, or contact Kelvin Nixon at knixon@kaptek.co.nz or

+64 (0)4 9052400. Kapiti will be present at the next OZTUG Conference.

Please Visit Gravic at these Upcoming 2010 Shows:

HP NonStop Symposium & Expo 2010

Connect Worldwide

Fairmont Hotel & Resort

San Jose, CA

September 26-29

Please join us at this symposium, which is similar to the ITUG shows of the past, designed specifically for NonStop practitioners and managers, to hone your technical skills, sample HP and partner solutions, network with your community, and celebrate 35 years of NonStop innovation. We hope you join us for the user presentation on “State-of-the-Art NonStop Replication Solutions for Business Continuity,” including commentary on the state of synchronous replication offerings on the NonStop platform.

CTUG Fall Conference

Canadian Tandem User Group

HP Headquarters

Mississauga, Ontario

October 27-28

BITUG National NonStop Meeting: The BIG SIG

British Isles NonStop User Group

HP Offices & Trinity House

London, England

December 1-2

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free whitepapers on how Shadowbase data replication solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: www.gravic.com/shadowbase

SOAP/AM Featured in The Standish Group's "Roadmap to the Megaplex"

Recently, the Standish Group released their research report on the modernization of HP NonStop applications. The goal of the paper is to show how users can move to a fully integrated data center by increasing efficiency and improving the user experience. The report, titled "Roadmap to the Megaplex", features SOAP/AM as the solution for application modernization.

Modernizing an application renovates it to include new features and functionalities--in this case:

  1. Reuse
  2. Integration
  3. Migration
  4. The ability to use the NonStop for components currently running on other platforms

As far as integration goes, NonStop applications gain the ability to share information using Web Services. With SOAP/AM Web Service Client, applications can securely access data like stock prices, currency exchange rates, or even pricing from suppliers. SOAP/AM Server, on the other hand, allows NonStop users to make certain information in their NonStop applications available to co-workers, partners, and customers.

With SOAP/AM, users lower the cost, risk, and time associated with modernizing an application in-house. It even allows them to continue using their application during the renovation. To read the white paper, just go to NuWave's SOAP/AM resources page.

CommitWork Developer Suite (CDS) now with TAL Support

 This new product allows traditional NonStop programmers to use the modern Eclipse IDE with COBOL85, Screen COBOL or TAL without changing their underlying development environment. This means that, customers can use their existing compile macros and commands.

Features and benefits

-       There is no need to change to native Cobol Compilers.

-       No need of OSS.
CDS can also be used in an only GUARDIAN Environment

-       Comfortable COBOL Editor with syntax highlighting, keyword assistant, folding regions, outline view of sections for quick navigation, customizable coloring.

Showing compile warnings and errors inside the editor. Error navigation is also possible.

-       Starting customers host compile process out of Eclipse.

-       Timestamp validation between local and host file versions.

-       Access and visualization of spooler entries and spool jobs.

-       Using all features of a modern integrated development environment, like
Software Repositories, History view of source code, task management like mylyn or bugzilla  and many more features of existing eclipse plugins.

-       Young people with eclipse experience can now enter quick into the traditional world of NonStop without start learning old stuff.

New features since Version 1.2

-       New TAL Editor with syntax highlighting, keyword assistant, folding regions, outline view of sections for quick navigation, customizable coloring.

-       Additional SQL/MP Support inside the COBOL Editor.

-       DDL Browser to find entries inside your Data Dictionary.

More Information

Have a look inside our booklet HERE


For a free demo license, please contact:

CommitWork GmbH
Hermannstrasse 53-57
D-44263 Dortmund, Germany

Fon: +49-231-941169-0
Fax: +49-231-941169-22

www: http://www.commitwork.de

 Insider Technologies Limited  “Products IV: A New Hope”

 Insider Technologies supply 3 core products to cover the monitoring and management of your HP NonStop network namely:

• RTLX Reactor (Real-Time Transaction Monitoring)

• Reflex (HP NonStop Monitoring)

• MultiBatch (powerful mainframe class NSK Batch Scheduler)

Together these products provide ‘A New Hope’ for HP NonStop users looking to finally consolidate their monitoring and scheduling software real estate into an integrated set of products and thereby lower their yearly maintenance costs.

Together, these products bring a much needed ‘Balance to the System’ as they have been developed using advised approaches and CPU friendly techniques. There is no constant polling or interrogation of your live applications for instance, e.g. BASE24 XPNET. There is not a constant reliance on multiple EMS message distributors. There is no need to look at busy, green-screen Matrix panels trying to decipher and discern the ‘Read World’ problem EMS events from the EMS message noise and nuisance value of software Agents and informational subsystem events.

An executive summary of these products is provided in the following PDF document HERE

To see how much you could be saving both in terms of CPU processor time (and NSK staff time) and money, just request a quote at the website link below Contact Us quoting ‘TandemWorld Newsletter’.

For information on any of our products, please visit our website at www.insidertech.co.uk where you can also sign-up for our FREE newsletter or why not follow us at our new TWITTER account at http://www.twitter.com/insidertech .

Insider Technologies Limited
Spinnaker Court
Chandlers Point
37 Broadway
Salford Quays
M50 2YR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 161 876 6606
Website: www.insidertech.co.uk
Email: support@insidertech.co.uk

Insider Technologies Limited is Quality Certified to ISO9001:2008 and TickIT.

All Trademarks acknowledged.

 ETI-NET, HP NonStop and the new HP StorageWorks D2D 4312 Backup System

ETI-NET is announcing the availability of the new HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System for the HP NonStop.  HP has announced the new HP StorageWorks D2D 4312 Backup Systems at the HPTF 2010 last June.


The HP StorageWorks D2D Backup Systems with HP StoreOnce deduplication provide disk-based data protection for data centers and remote offices.  All HP D2D Backup Systems feature HP StoreOnce deduplication software for efficient, longer term data retention on disk and enabling network efficient replication for a cost-effective way of transmitting data off-site for disaster recovery purposes. The D2D Backup Systems integrate seamlessly into your current IT environment and offer you the flexibility of both virtual tape library and NAS* targets. (*CIFS only on legacy systems)

·       The HP StorageWorks D2D4312 Backup System with HP StoreOnce deduplication delivers 9 to 36 TB of usable capacity (180 to 720 TB of backup data) , and can backup up to 2.4 TB/hr of data

·       The HP StorageWorks D2D4106 Backup System with HP StoreOnce deduplication, this 2U scalable solution offers from 4.5 to 9 TB of usable capacity (90 to 180 TB of backup data) using a simple and cost effective 2U capacity upgrade

·       Choice of targets for backup applications on all new D2D Backup Systems – virtual tape library (VTL) and NAS* (CIFS and NFS). *CIFS only for legacy systems.

·       Replication Manager**, an easy way for customers to manage a large number of D2D backup systems that are being replicated to a central site. **Not available with D2D2502 and D2D2504 backup systems.

For more information, please contact Sylvain Tetreault at 561-395-2278 x 31 or at sylvain.tetreault@etinet.com

 Availability Digest Announces Winners of Biannual Never Again Awards

It’s that time of the year when the Availability Digest highlights the latest miscreant outages that those companies and individuals affected in all likelihood would like to forget.  For our readers, however, it is education designed to avoid the pain of experience.  Our July issue focuses on outages caused by power, cooling, and networking.  Victims included Wikipedia, Amazon.com, millions of German cardholders and websites, and the entire country of Chile.

Also in the Digest’s July issue:

-  HP Systems/Software Engineer Keith Parris offers insights and tips for maximizing availability even on systems with little or no redundancy. 

-  The NonStop Symposium and the OpenVMS Bootcamp will take place in September. Learn more about these great opportunities to listen to HP executives, interact with HP technologists, and network with fellow users of the NonStop and OpenVMS platforms. 

-  Read the Digest’s review of the six steps needed to modernize Nonstop applications.  The steps were proposed recently by The Standish Group in its Roadmap to the Megaplex.

Published monthly, the Digest is free and lives at www.availabilitydigest.com.  Our new “Useful Links” page is a great resource for use in the online research of products and services focused on high- and continuous availability and mission-critical systems.  Our Continuous Availability Forum on Linked In includes such threads as “What Does Fault Tolerant Mean to You,” “Availability Sans HP NonStop,” and “Defining Active/Active.”

Visit the forum at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=2586333.

TANDsoft’s FileSync Complements All NonStop Real-Time Replicators

 They Replicate Databases. We Replicate Everything Else!

TANDsoft’s FileSync replication and synchronization software works closely with all NonStop real-time data replication products to provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining duplicate system and application environments. Used by customers of NTI DRNet, Gravic Shadowbase, HP NonStop RDF, and Oracle GoldenGate, FileSync automatically monitors, replicates and synchronizes source files, program environments, application environments, configuration files, programs – anything nondatabase that needs to be kept current across the network. Use FileSync for disaster recovery, system migrations, upgrades, and backups. It supports all HP NonStop platforms.

FileSync’s feature-rich offerings include:

- Enables synchronization of operating environments with same node name (e.g., /prod to /prod) for system upgrades.
- FileSync’s unique filtering capability utilizes qualified fileset lists to define files to be synchronized. The fewest commands possible are used.
- Can be operated in History/Report mode to obtain a complete list of synchronized files or in Verify/Report mode for a list of out-of-sync files or files designated for purging.
- FileSync Audit replicates only Enscribe file modifications, not entire Enscribe files, in order to efficiently synchronize all files across the network.
- Supports a wide variety of file types, including all Enscribe files, all OSS files, NonStop SQL/MP tables and partitions.
- Synchronization can be scheduled or automatic. Your choice.
- Supports Expand and TCP/IP.

TANDsoft’s “best of breed, best in price” philosophy offers highly competitive value for all TANDsoft solutions. They include FileSync, the OPTA2000 clock and time-zone simulator, and the Enscribe-2-SQL and TMF-Audit Toolkits. For more information, visit www.tandsoft.com. Or call us at +1 (514) 695-2234.

Come visit us this September in Booth #33 at the Connect NonStop Symposium & Expo in San Jose, California. The event will also include TANDsoft President Jack Di Giacomo and Royal Bank of Canada Manager Grant Lowe co-speaking on “Time-Zone Simulation Helps Royal Bank of Canada Consolidate Data Centers

Ban Bottlenecks®

Quality of Service Consulting

In our industry Quality of Service (QOS) is the mandatory mantra everyone’s reciting.  However, in practice many organizations don’t have time to figure out:

  • What Quality of Service are they receiving from their partners and/or supporting SOA services?
  • What Quality of Service are they providing to their clients?
  • Is it stable and consistent over time?
  • Is their computing complex adequate to handle the expected demand?

Quality of Service Process

We will put a Quality of Service process into place which will answer these questions and ensure that you are providing excellent QOS now, and in the future. One system or hundreds; NonStop and other architectures.

Contact Us For A Free System Audit

Can we help you understand your system, and show you how to fix problems before they hurt? Absolutely!  Call us. 




Visit us at the NonStop Conference in San Jose in September!


Tandemworld are please to announce the launch of their updated Website, still available at www.tandemworld.net.

All previous newsletters are listed on the site at www.tandemworld.net/newsletters.html

Should you wish to list on the Tandemworld website please contact us via info@tandemworld.net.

Also, please see us on clip_image002

Connect NonStop Symposium and Expo

September 27-19, San Jose, California.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet the NonStop experts, hear about the future of NonStop from HP executives and talk one-on-one to partners at the expo! The event will feature pre-conference seminars, technical sessions, keynotes, community lounge, expo and networking opportunities - all focused around NonStop.

For sponsorship opportunities contact Norm Wisler nwisler@mrvica.com or phone: 001.856.768.9360   

For more information, visit the website

BITUG Special Interest Group

“Disaster Recovery and Business continuity in the NonStop environment”

Date: Wednesday 21st July 2010
Venue: HP Offices. 5th Floor, 88 Wood Street, street, London EC2V 7QT

This ever-popular SIG topic continues to generate interest to the NonStop membership. As end of school terms and holidays approach, disaster avoidance/business continuity is crucial to both your business environment and for peace of mind during the holidays. We have two in depth presentations from HP covering both generic business continuity practises and in depth DR product updates and case studies and product and news updates from the leading DR third party vendors.

Time Agenda

09:30 - 10:00 Registration, coffee, tea, biscuits (kindly provided by HP)
10:00 - 10:10 Welcome and introductions to this BITUG SIG
David Ross, SIG co-ordinator
10:10 - 11:10 Business Continuity best practises
Ian Bowdidge HP
11.10 - 11:30 Coffee – Kindly provided by HP
11.30 – 12.00 BrightStrand NetBatch/DR
Dave Stewart Brightstrand
12:00 - 12.30 VOCALINK - Maintaining production in power downs!
Damian Ward VocaLink
12.30 - 12:45 Open floor discussion! – NonStop Hardware upgrades! Real life
experiences and lessons,
Damian Ward and David Ross
12:45 - 14:00 Lunch (kindly provided by HP)
14.00 – 14.30 Oracle/GG – update
Steve Roy
14.30 – 15.00 DR strategies and DRNet product update
Jim McFadden – Business Director NTI
15.00 - 15.30 Coffee – Kindly provided by HP
15.30 – 16.30 HP DR product update
Keith Evans HP
16:30 - 16.35 Round up and Close

Registration for this SIG is only via the web: -www.bitug.com


 “BITUG invites golfing “NonStoppers” from across the British Isles for a golf day at Wokefield Park on the 3rd of September 2010.   

Overnight accommodation is available, tee times are booked, format chosen and there are many prizes to be won!   

Further details to  follow but if you are interested and want to book a place early, please contact Committee member Stuart Taylor at stuart.taylor@tcmsolutions.com

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